Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 5, Episode 38 - The Wheel in Space: Episode 4 - full transcript

The Cybermen instruct their human slaves to smuggle them onto the Wheel while the Doctor attempts to convince Bennett of the threat they pose.

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You will take us to the Wheel.

Obey. Inside the Wheel you will help us. You will obey.

And what's all that supposed to mean?

The Cybermen are threatening this space Wheel.

Cybermen!? Where did you dream up a name like that.

The study of a... a system. Control and communication in animals and devices such as Cybernetic machines.

What are you talking about?


I know all there is to know about Cybernetics. I don't need a lecture from you.

But the Cybermen exist. You've got to believe me, you've got to!

What, on the evidence of one faked-up X-ray shot?

It is not faked-up. I took it myself Controller.

Well... what are these Cybermen then?

They were once men, human beings, like yourself, from the planet Mondas. But now they're more robot then man.

You mean half and half?

Oh no, more than that. Their entire body are mechanical and their brains have been treated neurosurgically to remove all human emotion. All sense of pain. They're ruthless inhuman killers!

You really expect me to believe that rubbish!

It's not rubbish! They kill anyone that stands in their path. You've got to believe me. You've just got to!

You will ferry us to the Wheel. Obey. Inside the Wheel you will help us.

But don't you understand. The Cybermen will get inside this space Wheel.

Nothing just comes in and out of this Wheel. What do you think this is - a jet heliport?

They've already sent their Cybermats in to weaken you.

Look, listen to him. He's telling you the truth!

No, I'll tell you what he's doing, what too many people are trying to do. I don't know why - must be space sickness. They're spreading fear, alarm... terror. You think I can't see it?

He's sincere Jarvis. At least...

How can anything get inside the Wheel, Gemma? How? How can it get through the airlock? Perhaps it'll float through the loading bay in full view of everybody.

Still worth listening and taking precautions just in case there is anything...

Don't tell me my job, Gemma. I am still Controller of this Wheel and this will be run my way. Any orders to the contrary can come from Earth central. That's what...

Oh dear. How can you convince a man like that?

That X-ray. I think that Bill Duggan should see it. Go and find him, will you Zoe?

Isn't he confined to his quarters?

Have him bought here, under guard if necessary, but get him here - I'll be responsible.

Jarvis was right about one thing, Doctor. These Cybermen of yours can't just walk into the Wheel you know.

They will find a way.

Rainbow flux normal. That completes the advance weather information. This is Station W-3 signing out.

Thank you W-3. Thanks for the good news. Signing out.

Survey party calling in. Yes, come in survey party.

Coming in through loading bay, Control.

Ask why. Airlock five is all ready.

Is anything wrong? Airlock five is ready for you.

We found a whole crate of Bernalium on the rocket. Bringing it over with us. Approval please Control.

This should buck the old man up a bit.

Yes. I'll just check.

Just checking with control Armand, Await confirmation.


Survey party reports a find of Bernalium. They are bringing it over from the rocket. Can I give them the go-ahead?

Somebody using their brains as last. Yes, yes. We need it badly. Good work, good work.

All right, Enrico.

Hello, survey party. All clear on the cargo run. Am clearing the loading bay for your arrival.

Close off airlock five and clear loading bay...

Well, that's it all right.

What you called "billy-bug"


You're sure about this?

I'm definite. I thought that I had come across some strange space-creature.

It's an alien machine. Destructive. Capable of killing.

It seems like a space-rodent. Look, I know, you all think I'm crazy...

Course not Bill. After all, you discovered space flora out here. When you found the Cybermat, you obviously thought that it was space fauna.

Yes, it's a pity you didn't tell somebody sooner.

Maybe so, Doc, but look at what happened when I did tell the old man.


I'd better take you back Bill. I've got some new calculations to do on those meteorites. Half of the space-fleet might be flying straight into them.

Meteorites. Now the Cybermats must have been sent in to destroy the laser gun.

They nearly did.


Well, I assume they did. They seem to have taken a liking to all of the stock of Bernalium we have on board. The laser needs a constant supply of Bernalium rods.

You see, Jamie?

I see right enough. If I hadn't put the laser out of action, the Cybermats would have.

Yes, but why?

But that's obvious. Put the Wheel out of action and make it defenceless.

But the Wheel must have other defences.

Magnetic field deflectors. The messeng shield. They can counteract small meteorites.

No, I think the Bernalium was destroyed for another purpose but what? What?

Progress readings on the star Hercules 208 in Messia 13. Radar computes...

What are you doing?

Bank A-208.16, Bank B-321.64. Lateral...

Are you talking to yourself.

James Robert McCrimmon, do you realise what you have done?

What have I done?

Well I was recording some very important readings. Well now you're on my tape.


How did you do that without moving your lips?

That's me. Sorry have I ruined it?

No, not really.

Is there anything you want?

No. I'm all right.

Well, I've got some calculations to do on those new readings.

Aye, everybody's so busy. Not that they would talk to me anyway.

Well, you did get off to a bad start.

You mean ruining the laser. Aye, I suppose I did. Hey, anyway I had to do that.


Because the...

Well, I can't really tell you.

Will you hold that light still, Flannigan.

My arm's getting tired.

Oh, you are a great help.

Just another few seconds, sir.

Will you get me that driver.

Come on, hurry up.


Ah, my beauty.

How's it going?

Ah, hello sir. All right Penny. Well, the boys can do with a break, they worked non-stop.

I'm giving you Bill Duggan, No reason why he can't make himself useful. You others take a break. Keep up the good work.

All right sir.


Oh boy, am I glad to see you Bill.

How's it look?

Oh, we've just had a bit of luck. The central deployment didn't get any plastic.

Oh, that's great. What about the Bernalium?

I haven't got around to that yet. Go on you two, hop it.

If it's all the same with you sir, we'll just grab a snack and be back in five minutes.

You take 45 minutes and like it.


What about you - you look done in.

Oh, I can't leave you on your own. It needs at least two to handle this thing.

Some people have all the luck. The Controller said that you needed some help. Of course, I have only done two watches in a row.

Congratulations. I've done three.

Oh, go and shove off Leo, Chang and I can handle this.

Well, I...

Come on, I know how to get the Bernalium done, hey.

It's an extraordinary X-ray.

Extraordinary! Extraordinary?

I dare say your head will ache for a quite a while yet, but at least there's no damage.

Oh, I am so glad there is no damage. Miss Corwyn.


Oh, oh forgive me.

My husband died in the asteroid belt three years ago.

Oh. I'm so sorry.

My name's Gemma.

Gemma... How nice. Hmm, Gemma. Tell me... tell me about the Controller, Jarvis.

Tell you what?

He is a strange man to be in a position like this?

In ordinary circumstances no.

Are there any ordinary circumstances in space?

Jarvis is simply a man that can't accept phenomena outside the laws of physics.

Yes, that is a very accurate...

Were you going to say diagnosis?

You're very perceptive.

You see in this failing of his a medical weakness.

Don't you?

Normally he is more than capable of commanding this station. It's a continuous and merciless responsibility.

Exactly. One does wonder what a man like that will do when faced with a problem for which he has no solution.

I must confess I have been concerned. Jarvis shows sign of blocking off his mind. He can't face the truth.

Everything in order here?

Yes, yes. I see it is. Good, good.

But you need rest, you really shouldn't get up yet.

Of course I have to get up.

Can you persuade him to rest?

Och, there's no good trying to stop him.

But it's much too soon.

Gemma, be reasonable. I know the dangers. The Cybermen need to colonise. They must have the treasures of Earth.

You can't leave this room. Jarvis has given orders.

He is not in control of himself.

I'm sorry, Doctor. I can't counter-command any order that the controller has issued.

He is as stubborn as you are.

Everything in order here? Good. Good.

Up and about already eh? That's better. I've done a tour, Gemma. Everything running like clockwork.

Fine. I'd like to talk to you about the rocket.

Yes, everything is going rather well. Very well indeed. You must want to stretch your legs. Get someone to take you round.

Oh, oh thank you. Er, you will tell the guard, won't you.

Off you go. Everything is in order here.


You might want to make a note about morale, Gemma. It's excellent. Never been better.


Yes, there is nothing we can't handle. Nothing.

Tired now. Turn in I suppose and get some sleep. Yes that's good. I need you first watch. Yes, keep up the good work. Keep up the good work.

These are no good anyway. They're covered in plastic.

Laleham and Vallance bought back a load of Bernalium from the rocket.

Well just don't stand there, go and grab a dozen sticks. With a bit of luck, we can replace these and reassemble in a couple of hours. Well, go on. Chop Chop

I'm on my way.

Help me!



Oh, hello Leo.

Hello Chief.

Have you any notes of anybody using the waste incinerator in the loading bay.

No, I don't think so. I'll check.

What's the problem?

Someone has just used the incinerator in the loading bay.

No, no, there's nothing here.

Hmm, you better put it in the log, Tanya. Someone for the high jump.

Hello boys, hey good on ya. Where's Chang?

Cut his hand - gone to the Medical bay.

Trust him.

Anything to be done?

Yea, you can open up a box of rods.

Got this problem licked. I just hope that the rods are the right dimension. That's all.

They are.

Since when have you been a expert.

The laser has to be made operative. Or the meteorites will destroy the Wheel.

No! Why do you think I'm sweating my back off here.

Here, what's up with him?

They're the right ones.

Yes, so they are. You must be psychic. But don't tell the old man. He doesn't believe in ESP.

Hey, this is perfect, marvellous.

When will the repair be finished?

Won't be done at all if you keep nattering.

The meteorites must not strike the Wheel.

Sheech, that's all that worries you doesn't it. Oh, don't worry, don't worry. It'll be a close call, but I bet I'll have this laser ready and in operation in six to seven hours. So you can sleep in your bed like babies; the pair of you. Daddy won't let anything happen to you.

Now, if you really want to make yourselves useful...

The Wheel must be protected from the meteorites. We will assemble your laser defence rays. You will go to Central Control.

Central Control?

The Operations Room

These are your orders.

Oh Zoe, it's you. What do you want?

Well, it's rather difficult to explain.

What is it?

Well, I've done a report. Some calculations I've been doing. I was ordered to forget them.

Ordered?! By whom?! What report!?

My calculations on the orbital path of the meteorite storm. I found a new element which indicated a critical state and I reported my findings to the Controller.

And he ignored them.

Yes. You don't sound very surprised.


He said that it was all perfectly normal but it isn't.

He's getting worse.

Is he ill?

I don't know yet.

Well, if he is he has chosen a rather inconvenient time hasn't he?

Do you ever feel anything emotional, Zoe?

Emotional. You know that's the second time I've been asked that in the last couple of hours. Leo Ryan said that I was "all brains and no heart. "

Yes, it's your training. I wouldn't worry about it.

But I do. I don't want to be thought of as a freak. Leo said that I was like a robot, a machine. I think he's right. My head has been pumped full of facts and figures which I reel out automatically when needed, but I want to feel things as well.

Good. Unfortunately the parapsychologist at the city tends to ignore this aspect in his pupils. Some of them never fully develop their human emotions.

You don't think I'll be like that, do you?

No. You seem to have survived their brain-washing techniques remarkably well.

Oh good.

Now about these calculations...

And this last one is how we check everything.

I see.

Anything that uses energy on the Wheel, however small, is registered on this wall. From a coffee-grinder up.

Do you have any coffee?

Would you like some?

I'd love some, I really would.

A coffee pellet. Would you like one?

That's very kind of you.

Excuse me Doctor. Tanya.

Doctor, don't forget we need that mercury stuff for the TARDIS.

No, Jamie, I haven't forgotten. I'm worried about the TARDIS. If I'm right and those Cybermen are...

What's going on?

Let's find out.

What's going on Zoe?

I ran some new calculations on the orbital path of the meteorite storm. They're heading toward us faster than we thought.

Don't you have any cheerful news?

These are facts. And these are irrefutable.

I wouldn't dream of contradicting you. Can... Can you repair the laser gun in time?

Well, that's not the worry. The Controller. I went to him with the new data on the meteorites and he just bashed the whole thing aside.

Oh dear, he's getting worse.

That what Dr. Corwyn said. He is ill isn't he?

Why aren't you worried about the laser gun. I thought that all of the Bernalium has been destroyed.

Oh no, some more turned up.

Oh good.

Yes, two of the men bought a crate of it over from the rocket.

Ah. What?! What did you say?

Well, that's what Flannigan said. I met him when he was going off duty.

Gemma! Gemma, did you know about this Bernalium from the rocket?

Yes, Tanya told me.

But don't you see what it means. The Cybermen are here. They came over in that crate.

But how can our two men have bought them over.

But they didn't know what they were doing. They were obeying orders.

The Cybermen hypnotised them.

Yes, something like that.

We're not exactly children, Doctor. All space-men are protected against brain-control by drugs.

Yes but... but a neurotropic drug is only effective against a known enemy. Have you induced repulsion in all parts of the brain yet?

No but there are the planted Silenski capsules. It gives off a signal when there is an adverse influence against the wearer.

How can we check?

Tanya, I want to check the Silenski circuit.

But I shall have to activate the whole defence network.

I'll authorise the extra power.

Watch the lines. If there isn't, everything is normal.

I see.

Try this room first.

Yes, yes. Is that all right?

What's he hanging around for? I thought that he was under guard or something.

So did I. Bill, has the Controller...?

Here, Wait a minute. Look.

Someone is affected, Doctor. You were right.

Someone in this room.

Er, can we pin it down to an individual.

I cordoned the room off.

Over there.

In the direction of...

Oh, stop him.

He's dead.

Now listen... listen everyone, the Cybermen are here, in this Wheel. They took over this poor fellow to stop you sending to Earth or signalling for help.


Just a minute. Gemma, you must alert the whole Wheel and you need something stronger than drugs to stop your people from being taken over. It doesn't matter how crude it is. A metal plate and a transistor will do. Tape them to the back of the neck. It will absorb the Cyber control signal.

I can do that.

Yes. Good.

I'll help you.


What do we do?

We're going hunting Jamie.

Are you sure who is going to be hunted?

That is a very good question. Come on.

Can I do something?


Is there anything I can do?

Well, all right...

Doctor, there it is.

Jamie, I know, now shush.