Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 5, Episode 3 - The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 3 - full transcript

The Cybermen have been resurrected and the Doctor realizes that it was all a trap on their part to capture beings intelligent enough to interpret the codes and operate the equipment to do so. They intend to create a new race of Cybermen with the Earthlings as the prototypes. Meanwhile, Victoria turns to Captain Hopper for help and he manages to open the hatch. He rescues all of them except Toberman but the Cybermen unleash their secret weapon.

You belong to us.

You shall be like us.

How did you know we would release you?

You could have been frozen forever.

The humanoid mind.

You are inquisitive.

Ah, I see. A trap.

A very special sort of trap too.

What do you mean, special?

They wanted superior intellects.
That's why they made it complicated.

We knew that somebody like you

would come to our planet some day.

Yes. We've done exactly
as you calculated, haven't we?

Now you belong to us.

Now, quick! Find the opening device.
I don't know which it is.

I'm not pulling any levers
till I know what this is all about.

We shouldn't have left the rocket.
Not much wrong here.

Not much wrong?!
Are you blind, the pair of you?

- What about this?
- I can't see any change, Vic.

That's just it.
They're down there now.

So why close the hatch?
It doesn't make sense, Vic.

I didn't.
And please stop calling me Vic.

- She closed the hatch.
- Did she, now?

Are you going to help me?

They're probably freezing to death.

If you won't help, I'll pull
every lever and see what happens!

I wouldn't do that, Vic!
Come on, Jim. We'd better do it.

Were you here when they opened it?

- Yes.
- Then you must have some idea.

I don't know. I wasn't looking.

I think it's one
of those levers down there.

She thinks!

Can we not make a run for it, Doctor?

No. We wouldn't reach the ladder.
It's too risky.

What can we do?

Play for time.
Wait for our chance. Leave it to me.

Excuse me? May I ask a question?

Why did you submit yourself to freezing?

You don't have to answer that.

To survive.

Our history computer
has full details of you.

Oh? How?

We know of your intelligence.

Oh. Thank you very much.

Ah, yes. The lunar surface.

Our machinery had stopped

and our supply of replacements
been depleted.

So that's why you attacked the moonbase.

You had destroyed our first planet

and we were becoming extinct.

What does capturing us do?
You'll still become extinct.

We will survive.

We will survive.

Now you will help us.

What makes you think we'll help you?
That murderer doesn't speak for us.

You will become the first
of a new race of Cybermen.

You will return to Earth and control it.

Never. Never!

Everything we decide is carried out.

There are no mistakes.

A new race of Cybermen?
But we're humans. We're not like you.

You will be.

Oh. No. Keep away!

Keep away!

Keep away...!

Will you let go!

I'll stand still!

Please let me go.

Please, please let me go.

If you would let go of me,
I can stand still!

You're breaking my arm!

To struggle is futile.

- You're sure that's the one?
- It's the only one it could be.

Yeah. It leads up to that one there.

Please hurry, Captain Hopper.

Keep back, will you?
Leave this to me.

Jim, stand by the power cut-off.

Power...? Yeah, yeah.

Stand back just in case
we've got the wrong one.

Don't move!

Raise your hands.

- Look here, lady...
- I shall kill you!

Your own men are down there.
Why are you doing this?

Move away from that control board.
Over here.

I shall open the hatch
when Klieg gives the signal.

- Why close it?
- Klieg must remain undisturbed.

Your friends will not escape from there.
And you will not interfere.


Watch her, Jim.
If she moves, blast her.


You scream real good, Vic.
Thanks a lot.

Please, the hatch!

OK. We'll take a risk.

Stand by.

It's very quiet down there.

Yeah. Too quiet.

- Something must have happened.
- How long they been down?

About an hour.

That's too long. I'm going down.

Jim, what are those bombs loaded with?

- Smoke.
- Great. Give us a couple.

- Sure.
- Come on!

Yeah, yeah.

OK. Here we go.

- I'm coming too.
- Later maybe. Not this trip.

- Who'd be a woman!
- How would you know, honey?

Stay up here. We don't know
what's going on down there.

Is he always like that?

Most of the time, Vic, yeah.

We have decided how you will be used.


You are a logician.

Our race is also logical.

You will be the leader of the new race.

You will listen to my proposals, then?

Yes. We will listen.

But first you will be altered.


You have fear.

We will eliminate fear from your brain.

Yes. You will be the first.

And you will be the next.

No! No! Aagh!

You will be like us.

To die is unnecessary.

You will be frozen

and placed in our tombs

until we are ready to use you.

Your lives will be suspended.

Prepare the tombs.

They really mean it.
They're going to freeze us.

- Not me.
- No, they're coming back.

Come on, you guys. Run for it!

- Is he all right?
- I think so.

- Which way?
- That way.

- Are you sure?
- No, I'm not, but try it.

I'll be with you in a minute.

Captain, we've got to stop them.

- Block off this tunnel?
- No, we can't do that.

That hatch.
We must get there first. Come on.

This humanoid is powerful.

We will use him.

Prepare him.

Hurry up, can't you?
Get a move on!

Victoria! Victoria!


Look at that smoke.


Come on, Mr Parry. Come on, quick!

The Cybermen!
They're right behind us.

When the Doctor's up, close the hatch!

- OK!
- Stand by!

Oh! Aagh! He's got my leg!

Doctor, come on!

- Come on!
- It's no use.

Jim, close the hatch!

Got him!

It was horrible. It was so strong!

It's all right.
You're all right now.

That was a near thing.
Is anyone missing?

Yes. Klieg and Toberman -
they're still down there!

The humanoid has escaped?


Guard the passageway.


Don't open it.
It may be the Cybermen.

No. No, it's too soft.

- It must be Toberman and Klieg.
- You're crazy.

We can't leave them down there
even if they are killers.

They're probably frozen by now.

You must let them up.
They must be saved.

Yes, they're more dangerous
down there than up here.

What? OK. Jim?


Let her go.

Excuse me, please.

Shut it! Shut it quick!

- Where's Toberman?
- They've got him.

Still think you can form an alliance
with the Cybermen?

If only I'd been
in a stronger position to bargain.

- You must be out of your mind.
- You're in no position to bargain.

What are we going to do with them?

I'd feel happier if they weren't in here.

What about the testing room?

Good idea.

- Callum!
- Right.

Mr Klieg?

Miss Kaftan.

- I've got to get back to the rocket.
- We'll come with you.

I told you,
not till I'm operational again.

I'll let you know when that is.

I don't think
you'll have any more trouble.

We shall see.

Release the Cybermats.

We will use the power of Cybernetics.

Activate them.

The brain of this humanoid
will be their target.


These Cybermats are dormant
through lack of use.

Inspect them.

- What's that?
- Just me.

Oh, be quiet.

Sleep later.

Look at this.

What is it?

One of the weapons they were testing.

Look. Here's the connection.

Let me see.

Yes, you're right.

It's a Cybergun.

Look at that control.
See that everything is switched off.

All the sequences show negative.


Now they will have to listen.

The Cybermats are ready.

Stand clear.



A small X-ray laser.

What are you going to do?

Take command, of course.
What do you think?

With this, I can deal with those people.

Never mind them. The important thing
is to control the Cybermen.

- Yes, I know, but...
- Isn't it, Eric?

You haven't seen those vile things.

You're not scared, are you?

I have completely
underestimated their power.

But this time we have the power -
at least, you do.

The gun, Eric, the gun.

You have the Cybermen's own weapon
to turn against them.

Now they will have to obey.

If they refuse,
we shall destroy the opening device

and seal them in their tomb forever.
Now do you understand?

Yes. Yes, you're right.

I am invulnerable with this.
I shall be master.

Come, let us deal with these people.


Master. The supreme moment
of my life. It was logical.

Eric, we have work to do.

Yes, but hardly work - more a pleasure.


A pleasure to test this
on the Doctor and his companions.

The others are of no consequence,

but he will make a most precise target.


These humanoids are not like us.

They still have fear.

Place the Cybermats on the runway.

Cybermats will attack.


I'm on your side, remember?

Hey, why didn't you wake me?

I should have been on watch
half an hour ago.

- I thought you should rest.
- Why me?

No reason really.

Oh, I think I know.
Was it because I'm...?

Well, if you are 450 years old,
you need a great deal of sleep.

Well, that's very considerate
of you, Victoria,

but, between you and me,
I'm really quite lively actually -

all things being considered.

Are you happy with us, Victoria?

Yes, I am.

At least, I would be
if my father were here.

Yes, I know.

I wonder what he'd think
if he could see me now.

You miss him very much, don't you?

It's only when I close my eyes.

I can still see him standing there.

Before those horrible
Dalek creatures came to the house.

He was a very kind man.

I shall never forget him. Never.

No, of course you won't.

But, you know, the memory of him
won't always be a sad one.

I think it will.

You can't understand, being so ancient.

- Eh?
- I mean old.

You probably can't remember your family.

Oh, yes, I can when I want to.

That's the point.

I have to really want to
bring them back in front of my eyes.

The rest of the time
they sleep in my mind and I forget.

And so will you. Oh, yes, you will.

You'll find there's so much else
to think about, to remember.

Our lives are different
to anybody else's.

That's the exciting thing.

There's nobody in the universe
can do what we're doing.

You must get some sleep,

and let this poor old man stay awake.

Jamie, Victoria, Callum, wake up!

- Wake up!
- What is it?

Callum. Callum.

Those terrible things.

Don't move, Callum. Don't move.

Get back to the controls, all of you.

Don't make any sudden movements.
Parry, wake up.

Don't panic.
Come back with us. Steady.

We'll all go in the other room
and lock them out.


Let's get out of here.

The main doors.


Oh! Oh, Doctor, we're trapped!

Back against the controls, everybody.


Give me a hand, quick.

Lay this down on the ground.
Come on!

- Doctor?
- Come on!

Let's blast the filthy things!

You're wasting your time. There are
too many of them! Come back!

- There you are.
- What are those creatures?

Well, they're...

They're a form of metallic life.

They home on human brainwaves and attack.


Are they safe now?

Quite safe now. The power cable
generated an electrical field

that confused their tiny metal minds.

They've had a complete metal breakdown.

- Ooh.
- I'm so sorry, Jamie.

What about Klieg and Kaftan?
They've probably been attacked.

- The testing room.
- Come on. Mind your feet.

Most ingenious, Doctor.

Now let's see
what you can do against this.

Watch out, Doctor!