Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 2 - full transcript

After the deaths, the expedition decide it is best to leave, only to find their ship has been disabled. Encouraged by Klieg the group finally gain access to the under city via the hatch dominating the control room In the city they find the cyber tombs. Klieg fired by ideological zeal begins to revive the cybermen in spite the protest of everyone else. Will the Doctor be able to stop the flood of cybermen pouring out from the now activated tombs, or will he be forced to join the ranks of the cybermen.

- Jamie, don't touch that control!
- I already have.

- What's the matter?
- Which one was it?



What exactly happened here, Jamie?

What did you do?
What sequence did you use?

How do you mean? You mean these?

I pressed that button,
then pulled this lever...

Doctor, if you could spare
a moment... Haydon! What's happened?

He's dead.

Don't you see? He's dead.

It's this damned building.

It's alive. It's watching us.
It'll get us all! We've got to leave!

All right. This is terrible.
How did it happen?

We've got to get out of this building.
They'll kill all of us.

- They?
- Cybermen! Didn't you see it?

A live Cyberman?
They've been dead for 500 years.

It was a Cyberman and it came
out of that screen thing.

- He's right.
- Keep back! You'll bring it out!

- What killed him?
- But you saw the Cyberman.

- I saw something.
- Well?

Haydon was looking at that screen.
In the direction we all were.

Must you state the obvious?

It's not so obvious.
He was shot in the back.

- In the back?
- Are you sure?

See for yourself.

Now, if the Cyberman
didn't shoot him, what did?

The answer, I think, lies over here.

- Jamie?
- Yes, Doctor?

Can you remember
exactly what sequence you used?

- I'm not sure.
- You must try.

- I want you to repeat it all.
- Very well.

You'll bring that thing out again!

Maybe. Jamie, when you're ready.

Any time, Doctor.

There is a distinct element
of risk in this,

so if anyone wishes to leave,
do so now... Not you, Jamie!

Can't you stop this?
He'll kill us all.

Not if you go back in that corner there.


Right, Jamie.

- Careful, Doctor!
- It's all right.

I think. I think it's all right now.

Yes. You see.
It's just a mock-up, a model.

Don't touch that!
That gun may be wired up too.

- It's a trap.
- No, I don't think so.

It's a testing room for weapons.

This is a purely robotic Cyberman.

There's no human material in it at all.

It's a target for weapons.

Let's get back to the control room
with this poor fellow.

What's that?

Some wee creature I found on the floor.

It's a fossil.

Victoria, be careful!
Let me see that.

Yes, it's certainly inactive,
but it's not a fossil.

Wait a minute.

Yes. Here we are.


It's a Cybermat.

What's a Cybermat?

It's one of those.
I'd leave it alone if I were you.


- It is done.
- Good.

I just don't understand this code.

The sequence doesn't make sense.

You, a logician, can't understand it?

- You must.
- But in the time we have...

We have plenty of time.
You will see.

- Lay him down there.
- What has happened to him?

There's been an accident.
He's been shot.

Right. We're all here.
Would you all sit down for a moment?


Mr Klieg?

Leave me alone.
Can't you see I'm working?

Have you forgotten
the purpose of this expedition?

This directly concerns my expedition.
Kindly take your place.

I'll come straight to the point.

I've reluctantly decided to abandon
the expedition and return to Earth.

- It's impossible!
- I feel just as strongly about it.

This expedition has been
my dream for many years.

Some, like Mr Viner,
said more preparation was needed -

more men and equipment.

I did not heed their warnings,
and the result is that two have died.

I'm sorry, but we must leave
at the first available conjunction.

We'll take back
all we can for further study.

But that is my decision
and that is what we must do.

- I insist that...!
- My decision is final!

We leave when the north hemisphere
is properly tangential,

which will be at 18.42.

Ah, Captain Hopper.
Can you blast off at 18.42?


I beg your pardon.
Did I hear you right?

You are paid to take orders.

Not impossible ones.

It's the fuel pumps.
Someone has balled-up the lot.

- What?
- Or someTHING.

Whatever it is, it's nearly wrecked
our chances of leaving this planet.

I don't care what any of you say.

I will not spend
the night on this planet.

We've no choice.

At least we can get out
of this sinister building.

I've recorded the details. I suggest
we all go back to the rocket.

- That's a very bad suggestion.
- I insist.

You do a lot of insisting.
Well, I'll tell you.

The first guy that sets foot in my rocket

is going to stop
the repair work, just like that.

How long will it take
to get the rocket operational?

Working non-stop, without interruption,

maybe 72 hours.

That's impossible. We'll be out of
our minds! We must go back on board.

I can't afford to waste any more time,

but I'll give it to you once more.

We practically have to pull
the ship apart to fix the damage,

and there just isn't room
for all of you on board.

Especially with you
insisting all over the place.

- No room to work. Got it?
- Yes, of course. I see now.

It's all right for you.
You're not in this deadly building.

It's not exactly peaches
back on the ship!

Captain, you have another reason for
not wanting them back on the ship.

- Until I find out who broke in...
- Or what?

...Who broke into the rocket, I'm going
to keep a round-the-clock guard.

I see.

I'm going to get off this place
with my skin still fitting tight. OK?

All right.

In case it gets cold,
I've brought anoraks and some food.

I'll let you know
when I'm ready to take off.

As we have to stay, we can finish
our job and explore down there.

That is if the Professor
has no objection.

We have no alternative, it seems.

Can't we stay here? It seems
a pleasant enough room to me.

You speak for yourself.

You can leave
any time you please, Doctor.

Yes. I was forgetting.
I can, can't I?

But you're not going to?

No. Not just yet. No.

But you and Jamie
can go back to the Tardis.

- I'll stay with you.
- Jamie?

- I'll stay.
- Good.

I think it's about time
we gave Mr Klieg some help.

- Thank you. I think I can manage.
- Stay!

Let the Doctor pass or I'll...

Yes, well, let the Doctor pass.

It's all right, Jamie.

Your colleague has very strong hands.

Very strong.

Enough to do a good deal of damage
if let loose in the right place.

There's no doubt about it.
The major workings lie below.

There are metal caverns
down there, all interconnected.

If only we can get down to them.

That's it! I've got it!

Finally, a Boolean function
of symbolic logic.

- Logical, yes, but...
- Everything yields to logic.

- Our basic assumption.
- Really.

Six, cap, B4...

if and only if C

is cap function of 2A.

I think perhaps your logic
is wearing a little thin.

I must have made a mistake.
I'll do it again carefully.

Six, cap, B4...

if and only if C...

is cap faction of... Ah, that's it!

2F, not 2A.

I've done it! I've done it!

- Congratulations!
- But, Doctor, you...

Excellent. Now to work.

It'll be extremely cold.
We shall need to put on warm clothing.

Mr Viner, would you get the anoraks?

- Are we all going down?
- There's safety in numbers.

- The women as well?
- They will stay up here.

In case of trouble, contact the rocket.

- I'm coming with you.
- But my dear young lady...

- You heard me, Professor.
- Victoria.

You will be much safer up here.

- But, Doctor...
- And much more use to us.

- I don't see...
- By keeping an eye on things.


- All right.
- Thank you.

If we're all ready,
I shall lead the descent.

Be ready to go back
the instant I give the word.

- You know what to do?
- The hatch?

Mr Toberman?

He stays with me.

Then I stay here too.

Of course. I am being selfish.

His strength will be useful to you.
He must go down.

Go down, Toberman.

Remember what I said.
Be very careful.

It seems we are left alone to wait.

Captain Hopper brought food
from the rocket. You would like some?

Rather! I'm ravenous.

Roast beef? Veal? Chicken?

Oh, chicken, please.

What is this?

What you have asked for. Chicken.

Thank you, but I'm not very hungry now.

We've no time to linger!

It's extremely cold down here,
even with these anoraks.

You obviously knew what to expect.

Well, which way do we go?

I don't know. Let's try this one.


Hey, what on Earth?!

Behold, gentlemen,
the tombs of the Cybermen.

Tombs? I don't see any tombs.

There, Jamie.

Frozen forever.

All their evil locked away with them.

And so it must remain.

Like a gigantic honeycomb.

Like bees waiting for the signal
to arise from their winter sleep.

A signal they are never going to get.

We'd better get busy. Everything
must be recorded. It's too cold...

Unless we find some way
to warm things up.

You have hardly touched your coffee.

It must be cold by now.

You would like some more?

No, thank you. I'm much warmer now.

That's good.


feel so sleepy.

- What was that?
- It sounded like the hatch.

It's closed!

What's the use?
We're trapped down here now.

We'll never survive in this cold.

Better get back.


It's closed.
What are they playing at up there?

Maybe it wasn't them. Where's Jamie?

He went up the ladder to try it.

Professor. Professor,
listen to me, for heaven's sake!

The hatch is down.
We're trapped down here.

But some of my party
are up there. Are you sure?

Of course. You know how heavy it is.
It's down now.

We must do something!

I give us a couple of hours
in here at most.

Mr Klieg doesn't seem to be very worried.

No, I'm not, Doctor.

It won't open and I can't make them hear.

There is an easy way
out of our situation.

- You've found something?
- You forget logic.

If it closes,
it can be opened - from here.

Conveniently labelled
in symbolic logic, I notice.

Right. Are we ready?
I shall now operate the sequence.

If it is the opening device.

It's an opening device
of some kind, Doctor.

I don't know
how you can be so blasted calm!

I'll see if it works.

Go ahead!

Nothing happening out here!

It doesn't work.


- It's getting warmer.
- The ice is melting.

Hey, look behind you!


Look at the honeycomb.

There's something inside.

They're... They're Cybermen.

Jamie, come back!

It is them.

Gentlemen, they are perfect.

This is unique in archaeology.


No! They're moving!

We must shut it down.

What are you doing?
Keep away from that!


- What are you doing?
- Keep away!

- Keep away from those controls.
- No!



Viner. You've killed him!

- He's mad.
- Jamie!

Haydon dead, now Viner.

What kind of man are you?

Back! Keep back!

Let's see what happens.

As the Professor says, this is
a unique archaeological event.

It would be such a pity to miss it.

- What's happened?
- What?

The hatch is down. Are they back?

They are still down there.

Then why is the hatch down?
They won't be able to get up.

I shall open it when we are ready.

When who's ready?

- You closed it?
- I did.

- Then you'd better open it.
- No. It shall remain closed.

- The Doctor warned me about you.
- Clever of him.

- Out of my way!
- Why?

I'm going to open the hatch.

Stand back!

That's better.

Let's move away from those controls.

We shall be more comfortable
over here, I think.

But why? Why have you done it?

You've trapped your friends
as well as mine.

I shall open it when Klieg
has completed our plans.

Meanwhile, it is better
that they remain undisturbed.

If you touch those controls,

I shall have to kill you.

Doctor, I have a feeling
that man's planned it all.

He knew that wouldn't open the hatch.

- So did I, Jamie.
- You knew?

I wanted to know what he was up to.

- And now you know, Doctor.
- We know nothing.

This is the action of a lunatic.

Lunatic? Not at all, Professor.
A necessary detail, that's all.

But why?

Logic, my dear Professor,
logic and power.

On Earth, the Brotherhood of Logicians

is the greatest man intelligence
ever assembled.

But that's not enough.
We need power -

power to put our ability into action.

The Cybermen have this power.
I have come to find it and use it.

So that was your motive
in financing my expedition!

Precisely. Your lack
of administration made it ideal.

You think the Cybermen will help you?

Of course.
I shall be their resurrector.


- Keep still!
- Behind you!

That thing! It's come alive!

You are so simple. You expect to
take me in with a trick like that!

It's true! Look!

- Will nothing keep you still?
- Will you please look?!

Any more trouble
and I'll take drastic steps.

We won't allow
a little girl to interfere!


I don't know!

Captain Hopper!

What is it?

I think it's their leader,
their Controller, Jamie.


am Klieg.

Eric Klieg.

I have brought you back to life.

We of the logicians have planned this.
You are alive because of us.

Now you will help us.

We need your power.

You need our mass intelligence.
Are you listening?

Do you understand me?
Now that I have released you...


Let me go!

I set you free! It was our plan!

You belong to us.

You shall be like us.