Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 8 - The Tenth Planet: Episode 4 - full transcript

The Cybermen take over the base again, apparently to stop the humans using the Z-Bomb, but then the Doctor realises they intend to use it themselves to destroy Earth.

We'll know if you succeeded
in just a few seconds.

7 minus 20 seconds.

T minus 15 seconds.

T minus 10 seconds,

nine, eight seven,

six, five, four,

three, two, one. Blast off!

Ben, you made it! The rocket
hasn't gone off, it didn't work!

And now we've all got a chance of life!

Your Cybermen friends
may have a chance of life

but not you, sailor!

Nor that old man.
Now, go get him up here.

But he's ill!

He's gonna get worse. Get him up!

No need. I'm here.

Doctor, you all right?

Yes, yes, yes. Your plan is foiled, sir.

You cannot fire the rocket!

You've just arrived in time.
Get over there.

I must protest!


Dyson, get through to Zeus V!

What's happened to you, Doctor?

Oh, I'm not sure, my dear.

Comes from an outside influence.

Unless this old body of mine
is wearing a bit thin.

What do you mean "wearing a bit thin"?

Oh, don't worry, child, don't worry,
don't worry.

Oh, let's have a look, dear boy, eh?


That rocket was sabotaged
with your help.

Now, you're gonna get it
off the ground again.

I'm gonna give you one more chance
or you're gonna get killed with them.

I can't fire this rocket
and neither can you.

How long will it take you to refuel?

Long enough!

All right, if that's the way
you want to play it. Get up.

Get up! And get over there!

I'm getting a signal, sir.
From Lieutenant Cutler, sir.

I'm tumbling bad and there's
little control left of the capsule.

I must speak fast!

Yes, go ahead, son!

This new planet there's something
strange happening.

What do you mean?

Well, it seems to brighten up like a sun
and then darken again.

It cannot absorb much more energy!

Sir, Cyberman spaceships
on approach path.

Shut up, will you? Go ahead, son.

Okay, controls gone again.
Energy loss severe.

It's like...
It's like being on a switchback.

I can't... I can't seem to...

Get that signal back!

It's gone. Could be a power failure.

Come on, man!
Come on, Dyson, get that signal!

Sir, Cyberman ship on descent now!

I'm afraid it's hopeless.

-The enemy will landing at any moment.

The enemy?

The enemy?

I'll tell you who the enemy is.

You are the enemy. You.

The Cybermen, sir.
They must have landed.

You! You killed my son.

- But, sir, they've landed!
- My son!

The only person I gave a care about
in this whole world

and you killed him.

So now I'm going to kill you

and I'll start on you, Doctor!


Anyone who moves
will be killed instantly.

We owe you our lives.

That man was going to have us shot.

Go with the others down there.

There's gratitude for you.

We save their grotty planet Mondas
for what?

Saved Mondas?

We do not believe you.

We have seen a rocket missile
aimed at Mondas.

That is so.
We prevented it being fired at you.

We helped you.
Therefore, I suggest you help us.

It's no use talking to these geezers.

And what do you ask in return for this?

Your planet is finished.
It will disintegrate.

We know why you came here.

So why not stay
and live with us in peace, hmm?

We will confer. Keep your places.

Anyone who moves
will be killed instantly.

-Can we trust them?
-No, of course we can't.

We have no chance.

We must play for time. Be quiet!

Well, sir, what have you decided?

We cannot talk while that missile
is aimed at Mondas.

It must be disarmed first.

A moment, please.

Are you able to disarm this rocket?

Well, yes, but, uh...

It will give us the time we need!

The time for Mondas
to burn itself out, you mean?

Yes, now, quiet!

We accept your terms.

The warhead will be removed
from the rocket.

It must be removed
to below ground level.

Well, there's the Radiation Room.
It's the deepest in the base.

That will do.

And to make sure you do this,

we will take two hostages.

That girl will go to the spacecraft.

You will stay here with us.

You three must go to the rocket.

You must do as they say.

Look, if you want a hostage,
what about me?

You are needed to help with the warhead.

Now, look here,
you're not taking Polly!

Let me handle this, my boy!

-But, Doctor...
-All of you.

- Go with Barclay.
- But Doctor,

-I do think that...
-Go. I think it is wiser.

-Very well. Come on, Dyson.

You give me your word that
this young girl will be returned to me

when that bomb is safely stowed away?


Very well, child, off you go.

And don't forget your coat,
I don't want you to get cold!


What are you going to do with me now?

What kind of a chair is that?
It's horrible!

Look, keep back! Keep away from me!

Geneva calling South Polar Base.
Geneva to South Pole.

Didn't you hear?

Geneva calling South Polar Base.
Geneva to South Pole.

Geneva to South Pole.
Geneva to South Pole.

Hello, Geneva. Geneva.

Secretary Wigner
to speak with General Cutler.

I'm afraid the General
isn't here at the moment.

And I...
I've been put in charge temporarily.

Who is that speaking?

I have no time
to discuss it now, sir.

Tell General Cutler

there have been mass landings
of Cybermen in many parts of the world.

Who are you?

I am now controller of the Earth.

Resist us and you die.

You must proceed
with your second objective.

We are proceeding
according to plan.

Report to me
as soon as you are ready.

We must have time to evacuate.

Unit Delta Plus calling.

Unit Delta Plus calling.

-Unit Delta Plus calling.
-I do not understand your friend, sir.

Evacuate? Surely you're not going
to return to Mondas now?

We will not discuss our plans with you.

What is your second objective?

It's quite obvious, isn't it?
The destruction of the Earth!

Ben! Barclay! Do not help them.

They're going to use the Z-bomb
to destroy the Earth!

-Did you all hear that?
-Of course, it all makes sense now!

We've allowed ourselves
to be fooled by them!

We've just set them up nicely.

Cutler was right, wasn't he?
We should have used the bomb on them.

No, that might quite easily have led
to something far worse.

Worse? We're just about to be blown
to bits along with the entire population

of the Earth
and you talk about something worse?

Give over, mate! What he means is,
while there's life there's still hope.

Seems to me we've just signed
our own death warrants.

Check progress on the bomb.

Quick! All look busy!

Bring in number two line!

Half a mo'.

The Doctor told us to play for time,
right? And I've got an idea.

-Well, you might at least hear it!

I don't hear any bright suggestions

- coming from you two guys!
- Go on.

Well, any idea how strong
these Cybermen are?

A rough idea.

Yeah, well, they could lift a man
like he was...

- Well, like he was a wrench, right?
- Yes, well?

Well, they're also pretty advanced
geezers, way ahead of us.

What has this got to do with it?

Well, that just it. With all this,
why should they need us?

Well, they could shift that bomb
in half the time!

So why get us to do it?

Also, you'll notice that they remain
outside this door,

looking at us all the time
through the door. Well, why?

This is just a waste of time.

No, wait a minute,
I think I see what he's driving at.

They use us because
they daren't handle it themselves.

Yeah, but the point is why?
Well, you're the scientists.

Don't you see, Dyson?

It could be that they're afraid
of radioactivity.

Let's get this one inside
and see what it does to him.

Now, look, all lie down on the floor,
play dead.

This is ridiculous! Games!

Well, maybe, but it's worth
giving it a try. Come on, lie down.

Help! Help! Come in here, mate,

there's something up! Help!

You see?

What did you do that for?
We could have escaped!

To where? We're okay right where we are.

And they can't set off this bomb
while we defend this room!

Right! So all we've got to do
is sit tight

until Mondas breaks up
like the Doctor said!

Well, we've got them!

But they've still got
the Doctor and Polly.

Well, gentlemen?
Stalemate, I think, don't you agree?

Well, now, what about
a little talk, hmm?

You forget, we can do what we like

with all of you and the girl.

Oh, quite so, but I'm afraid that won't
help save your planet, will it?

Listen to me.

This close proximity of our two planets

means that one has to be eliminated

for the safety of the other.

The one to be destroyed will be Earth.

We cannot allow Mondas to burn up.

If you help, we will take you all back
to Mondas with us.

There you will be safe.

Yeah? For how long?

It could be our only chance.

The answer is no!

We'll just sit tight here
until Mondas breaks up.

Now, then, you'd better release
the Doctor and Polly

and send them down here.

You're gonna need our help
when Mondas is gone!

Mondas will not burn up.

Take the old man out to the spacecraft.

You will regret this.

Now, we give you three minutes
to start fusing the warhead.

If you fail, you will never see
your friends again.

That's really done it.
What do we do now?

This is hopeless,
we must do as they say!

- Well, it could be a bluff.
- Yeah, how do we find out?

We must stick to our plan and sit tight.

There are millions of lives at stake.

Yeah, but there must be something
we can do!

What did you do that for?
Now we can't communicate with them.

No, and they can't spy on us, either.

Now, look,
this is what I think we should do.

Doctor? Doctor?

-Hmm. What is it, child?


They're not gonna take off, are they?

No, no. Wait!

The vibrations.

Perhaps it's coming from Mondas!

What do you mean, Mondas?

This spacecraft receives its energy
from Mondas.

Perhaps it's absorbing too much.

You don't mean
it's gonna blow up, do you?

No, I don't know, child.
It is an unknown power.

Doctor, I'm scared!

What's it weigh, then?

You're not thinking of carrying
that thing around with you, are you?

I'm not asking you.
Can it be shifted, Dr Barclay?

No, it would be an impossible task
to use it as you intend using it.

Well, just what is there in this room

that is radioactive
and that a bloke could carry?

You're wasting your time and ours.

And our three minutes
is nearly up, anyway.

Look, think, sir.

Is there anything behind here
that's radioactive?

Well, yes, of course.
That's the base nuclear reactor.

It supplies all the power.

Well, what's it like? Is there anything
that could be moved by hand?

Well, if we extracted the reactor rods,

they could be carried
for a short distance

but it'd be a very tricky operation.

Well, it's our only hope. Come on!

Are you both quite mad?

Look, Dyson, we're the sane ones.

Do you really think those Cybermen
intend to let us live?

They gave us their word.

They just said anything
they thought we'd listen to.

They've got no feelings, remember?
They told us that.

So what's to stop them?

Anyway, you might as well face it, mate.

Your number's up either way.

So why not try, eh?

We need your help anyway, okay?

Records, Krang.

Our planet is nearing
saturation point.

We must lose no time.
Switch on the monitor.

Their three minutes is up,
we must hear their decision.

What has happened?

Hold them away from yourselves.

Gently does it, very gently.
Stand by the emergency power switch.

The lights will be fading
any second now.

I suppose you realise
there's only about an hour's supply

of lighting and heating
in the emergency batteries?

Then we shall all
freeze to death.

If this don't work, mate, you needn't
worry about the cold any more.

Okay, it's all clear. Quick!

Dyson, you go up this end
of the corridor.

When you hear the Cybermen coming,
come out behind them.

Haines, you go round that corridor
and do the same.

Now, look, I'll draw their fire,

so when you hear the sound of this gun,
start coming forward.

Do you really think
there's enough radiation

in these two rods to trap them?

- Just.
- Okay, come on.

Do not use this gas unless you have to.

We need them alive and conscious.

They're coming.
Quick! Behind the door.

Your three minutes is up.

What is your decision?

We shall be forced to kill you.

We will give you one more chance

to come out and give us the bomb.

Come in and get it!

There's something else
down by the door!


I can't hold on much longer!

Where's Dyson
and the other bloke got to?

The humans are behind the door.

Let the gas do its work.

Quick, Dyson!
Help get Barclay out of here!

What happened, Dr Barclay?
Are you all right?

He's all right.
Here, get in the chair.

Back to your desks, all of you.
The emergency's not over yet.

Philips, there are two reactor rods
out in the corridor.

See that they're put back at once.

Hey, they've still got
the Doctor and Polly.

No, wait! If you try and tackle
the spacecraft on your own,

you don't stand a chance.

We don't know how many
Cybermen there are left.


Well, here's one of the things
they use to contact each other.

I don't know how it works.

Well, then, do anything,
make a signal!

- Draw them here.
- Is that wise?

Well, if that spaceship takes off
we're never gonna see 'em again.

You may bring them all in on us!

Well, that's a risk
we've got to take.

That should do it.

Any idea how long it'll take
for them to get here?

- You stand by with those guns.
- Now, look, we must all get down

-to the other side of the room.

Opposite the door, so we can face them.
Use the guns.

What now?

The emergency battery's
running out, I suppose.

We can't face them in the dark!

Now we shall freeze to death.

They must get
those reactor rods back!

- Hang on, they're coming back.
- Ah.

- Look!
- Here they are.

Resistance is useless.

Drop your weapons.

Just look at Mondas!

I can't believe it!


It looks as if it's melting!

It's falling to bits!

The end of Mondas.

Hey, look!

What's happened to them?

They've disintegrated!

They must have been entirely
dependent on power from Mondas!

Zeus V to Snowcap,
are you receiving me, over?

Quick Dyson, get that!

Zeus V to Snowcap.

Snowcap to Zeus V,
reading you loud and clear.

What happened? Where have you been?

Here, let me have that.

Snowcap to Zeus V,
what is your fuel position?

It's okay, everything's
suddenly working normally.

And what about getting me down?

We've been on emergency power.

We'll handle your splashdown
as soon as we get full power back.

Start checking
the base main units.

Yes, right.

-Hello, Geneva? Geneva?
-Hey! The Doctor and Polly!

Snowcap here.

Hello, Snowcap.
Who is that Barclay?

Yes, we're just getting full power back.

The danger is apparently over.

The Cyberman menace
has ended all over the world!

Let me have a full report
as soon as you can.

Sir, will do.

Did you hear that?
He wants a full report.

Where exactly shall we begin,
do you think?


Oh, please, Ben, help me.
Get me out of this thing!

All right, don't panic,
I'll have you out soon!

Oh! My hands were stuck
and I couldn't get out!

Oh, Ben, I've been so scared!

Take it easy, love, take it easy.

And that Cyberman thing,
it just fizzled into nothing,

Ben, it was awful.

What's the matter with the Doctor?

I don't know. When the lights went out,
he just seemed to faint.

Hey, come on, Doctor, wakey-wakey!

It's all over now.


What did you say, my boy?

"It's all over. It's all over."
That's what you said.


But it isn't all over.

It's far from being all over.

What are you talking about?

I must get back
to the Tardis immediately!

You all right, Doctor?


I must go now.

Aren't we gonna go back
and say goodbye or anything?


No, I must go at once.

Oh, well, you'd better have this.

We don't want you
catching your death of cold.

Ah, yes! Thank you.

It's good.

Keep warm.

What's happened to him?

Dunno. He seems to have
lost his sense of humour.

Well, I can't wait
to get out of this place!

Good-looking guys, aren't they?

Wait for us!

Open the door!

Hey, let us in!

You can't leave us here,
of all places! Open up!


Doctor! Quick, help him!

No, leave him!