Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 7 - The Tenth Planet: Episode 3 - full transcript

With the Doctor out of action, it is up to Polly, Ben and Barclay to stop Cutler using the Z-Bomb and devastating half the world.



Hello. Are you a Silurian?


Do you understand me?

Well, what do your people want?

How can we help you?

How many are there of you?

Tell us what we can do.


No, wait, wait!


Unless you Silurians
tell us what you want,

the humans will destroy you!



-Are you still standing guard over me?
-Sorry, sir. Brigadier's orders.

I see, well, as long as you're here,
you may as well give me a hand. I...

Will you help me off with my jacket?
My arm's still a bit stiff.

Certainly, sir.

Oh, steady now, steady.

-It's still a bit painful.
-Yes, of course, sir.

Thank you.

And you just let him walk away?

-Yes, but...
-Sergeant Hart,

you were told to see that Major Baker
remained in the sickbay.

-I know, sir, but he jumped me.
-You should have been prepared for that.

But I thought he was ill, sir.
He said he couldn't use his arm.

He seems to have
used it on you all right.

Yes, sir.

Do you want me to set up
a search party, sir?

No. Dismissed.


Surely you're going to
look for Major Baker?

He'll be in those caves,
looking for those saboteurs of his.

We'll find him when we move in.





You're still going ahead with your plans
to invade the caves?

-Look, where is the Doctor?
-I'm not quite sure. I...

I believe he mentioned visiting
Dr Quinn.

I didn't bring him down here
to visit the sick.


Was Quinn any help?

No. No. I'm afraid not.

What's Dr Quinn got to do with it?

Well, he was...
Well, is rather interested in potholing.

I thought his experience with the caves
might have been useful.

May I remind you, Doctor,
that your business here

is to investigate these power failures?

Now, do you have
any suggestions to make?

Oh, yes.

That this establishment should be
closed down completely.

Not much chance of Dr Lawrence
agreeing to that.

And a planned, cautious,
scientific investigation of those caves.

Not an invasion by a lot of
big-booted soldiers.

There are times, Doctor,
when you sorely try my patience.

What's wrong, Doctor?
What happened when you saw Quinn?

Sit down, Liz.

Quinn's dead. He's been killed.

Oh, no.

-By a Silurian.
-A Silurian?

Probably the same creature
that attacked you.

-You saw it?
-I spoke to it.

-And it understood me.
-What was it like?


-Biped. A completely alien species.
-And it didn't attack you?

Liz, these creatures
aren't just animals.

They're an alien life form,
as intelligent as we are.

Why... Why didn't you
tell the Brigadier?

Because I want to find out more
about these creatures.

-They're not necessarily hostile.
-Doctor, it attacked me.

Yes, but only to escape.
It didn't kill you.

It didn't attack me
when I was in Quinn's cottage.

Well, don't you see?
They only attack for survival.

Well, human beings behave
in very much the same way.

What are we going to do now?

Well, I'm going back down into
those caves, see what I can find out.

-Then I'm coming with you.
-No, Liz.

Either I come with you
or I go straight to the Brigadier.

All right. Have it your own way.

But the fate be on your own head.

-Here, you take a look at this.
-What is it?

Well, it's a map of the caves
that I found in Quinn's office.

And look here, he's marked
a special route to somewhere.

I think this is right.

-Hang on a minute. I'm not so sure.
-Well, what about this way, then?

No. Quinn's marked
a completely different route. Look.

Yes, but look, that's far more direct.

Yes, let's try that.

Here, wait a minute.

Look at that. A cartridge.

-Just been fired, too.


-Well, that's Baker's.
-We've got to find him.

Liz, wait a minute.

Oh, no.

Yes, well, from now on, I think we'd
better stick rigidly to Quinn's route.

-Come on.


-What's the matter?
-It's this heat.

Yes, I know. It's very odd.

Doctor, look!

Well, well, well.

It's a doorway.

Yes. Well, anyone can see that.
The question is, how do you open it?

Doctor, a Silurian.


I can't understand why it didn't see us.

-What's the matter?

Why's it so hot?

Well, the Silurians are reptilian,
you see.

They've presumably created

an environment inside there
that suits them.

I wonder how many of them there are.

I wish I knew.
There's only one way of finding out.

That's to get in there and see.

We can't without
one of those things it was carrying.

Yes, of course.

I suppose you just happen
to have one in your pocket.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have.


How long are you going to be
leaving me in here?

They'll be coming after me, you know.


How did you get in here?
Where are the troops?

I'm sorry, but we're alone.

Well, you've got to get back.
Tell the Brigadier.

-Can't we get you out of here?
-No. There's not a chance. There's...

-There's some sort of electronic lock.
-Have they harmed you at all?

No. They just keep asking
a lot of questions.

They can talk to you?

-What did they ask?

The population of the Earth,
what weapons we use,

what food we eat. Don't you see?

They are trying to gather information
for an invasion.

Look, if they speak to you again,

cooperate with them a little.
Find out all you can about them.


What's that?

Let's have a look.

What are they doing?

They're trying to revive a Silurian
from some sort of deep hibernation.

Maybe that explains the power losses
in the research centre.


-Look, this is your chance. Get moving.
-We can't just leave you here.

Go on, get out of here, will you?
Or we'll all be their prisoners.

All right, we'll get back for you
as soon as we possibly can.

-Good luck.

There's three of them in there now.
One of them is bound to see us.

-BAKER: Try.
-Let's try this way.



That's the creature
that attacked me in the caves.

They must turn it loose sometimes
and use it as some kind of a watchdog.

Those creatures died out
millions of years ago.

Apparently not, Liz.

Close down sector 3.

MAN 1 : Sector 3 closed down.
TRAVIS: Electron voltage reading.

MAN 1 : Two thousand million. Falling.

Close down sector 4.

MAN 2: Sector 4 closed down.

Stabilise all sectors,
maintain closedown.

MAN 3: All sectors stabilised.

-What is it, Travis?
-Another power loss, sir.

We were making the hourly circuit check
when it registered.

Have you stabilised
the nuclear reaction?

Yes, sir. We shut down at once.

Lawrence here.
Get me the generating area.

I've already checked, sir.
Nothing wrong there.

I see. All right, forget it.
Get me, uh, Dr Quinn at his home.

I've tried that, sir. There's no reply.

Cancel the call.

Where's Miss Dawson?

-Isn't this her shift?
-She didn't report in, sir.

-And there's no reply from her quarters.
-Oh, this is absurd!


Excuse me, sir. Travis.

Yes. He's here.

All right, I'll tell him.
The Permanent Under-Secretary, sir.

What are you doing, man?
Let me speak to him.

There's no need, sir. I meant,
he's actually here in the centre.

-He's on his way down in the lift now.
-That's all I need.

-What's he come here for, sir?
-I sent for him!

-Hello, Charles.
-Oh, Edward.

What's all this about?

I didn't expect to see you
till much later.

I've got to report to a meeting
in London tomorrow.

-Any chance of some coffee?

I have been travelling
most of the night.

Oh, yes, of course. I'm sorry.

Ah, let's go to my conference room.
It's this way.


As you can see,
they're well established.

Lethbridge Stewart is asking
for more troops.

Yeah, to go chasing about
on some sort of manhunt.

Nothing's been done
about the power failures.

We've got to get this sorted out,
you know.

I'm under very heavy pressure
from the Minister.

The future of this centre
is very much in question.

Ah, but surely...

You've made great promises
for this project, Charles.

Nuclear power into electricity,

limitless supplies
of cheap, safe energy.

And we can do it, too.

Millions of pounds
have been poured into this place

with no results to show for it.

But if this research centre
is abandoned,

all of that money will be wasted.

It would mean
the end of your career, Charles.

That's why I'm doing my best for you.

What does your security man
have to say about all of this?

Major Baker is convinced
there are saboteurs in the caves.

-And are there?
-Well, of course not.

-How can you be so sure?
-Well, the whole thing's ridiculous.

The Brigadier and Baker
talk of saboteurs

and that Doctor believes
there are monsters down there.

I beg your pardon.

Oh, didn't the Brigadier
put that in his report?

He was a little vague about
the precise nature of the menace.

That's scarcely surprising.

Look, Edward, I admit we've had
a number of technical setbacks.

-Mine is not an easy job, you know.
-I realise that...

Our problems can only be solved
by scientists,

-not by security men.
-What do you want me to do?

Get all these UNIT people out of my way.
Let me get on with my job.

The Brigadier is only trying
to help you.

Help me? He's exaggerating this
whole business out of all proportion

-merely to magnify his own importance.
-I hardly think that's justified.

-You don't know him as well as I do...
-I'm not siding with anyone.

I'm simply trying to
find a solution to the problem.

The Brigadier and his team...

-His team?
-...have come down here with...

-What, that girl and that crazy Doctor?
-The Doctor is supposed to be brilliant,

in his own way.
He may be a little eccentric.

The man's a raving lunatic.
He's insolent, he's impertinent.

He shows no respect for my authority.

Ah, Dr Lawrence.
Just the man I wanted to see.

Now tell me,
have you just had a power failure?

-Yes. How did you know?
-I see, thank you.

Now, just a minute.
This is the Permanent Under-Secretary.

I've got no time
to chat to under-secretaries,

permanent or otherwise.
I must find the Brigadier.

-May I ask who you are?
-You may ask. Ah, there you are.

I've only just heard that you were here.

I've been trying to get in touch
with you.

Look, sir, what's happening
about my reinforcements?

That's one of the reasons I'm here.

I'm afraid you're not going to get
any reinforcements.

May I ask why not?

I can't go to the Ministry of Defence
and request regular army support for you

on the basis of a wild tale
about monsters in caves.

Sir, we have overwhelming evidence
that there is something in those caves.

-Do you mean saboteurs?
-I don't know, but the caves are vast.

To cover them properly,
I must have more men.

I'm sorry, that's out of the question.

Then I have to go in
with the troops I have.


You are not to take your men
into those caves.

I've been down there
and I know what's happening.

Well, if you do,
perhaps you'd be good enough to tell us.

Yes, Doctor. I think you'd better.

You must answer our questions.

I am not refusing, am I?

Is your species
the only intelligent life form?

Only intelligent life form?

Oh, I see what you mean.
Yes, of course we are.

You were carrying
a simple projectile weapon.

Do all your species carry these weapons?

Of course not. Only soldiers.

What other weapons
do your soldiers carry?

I refuse to answer
that sort of question.

You must answer.

You can do what you like.
I will not tell you anything.

I will not tell you anything!

The creature is becoming
aggressive again.

I will force it to answer.

I do not wish it to be damaged.

This creature is less intelligent.

Quinn should not have been killed.

But he tried to keep one of us prisoner.

This strange species
has developed some kind of civilisation.

We need to study it.

The species is dangerous and hostile.

We should kill them all!

And are you suggesting
that these Silurians

are responsible for the power losses?

Some of them are still in hibernation.

The others use the power
to bring them back to life.

-What weapons do they have?
-Ah. Spoken like a true soldier.

It is my job, Doctor.
How many are there?

We don't know.
Maybe there are thousands.

Then you must deal with them promptly,
Brigadier, if they exist.

Look, Mr Under-Secretary,
surely this is a government matter.

-It cannot be decided at this level.
-Doctor, whether I believe you or not,

I can't go back to the Minister
with a story like this.

-There's no proof except your word.
-I'll find all the proof you need.

Look, Doctor, I'm not going down there
to start a war,

but I must know what's going on.

If you go down there
with a party of armed men,

-there's bound to be fighting.
-What is your alternative, Doctor?

Well, leave them alone.
Let me try and make contact with them.

Are you really convinced
these Silurians aren't savage?

So far they've only attacked
in self-defence.

At least, let's give them
the benefit of the doubt.

Miss Dawson,
where on earth have you been?

-What's the matter?
-Dr Quinn.

-He's dead.

He didn't answer his phone. I...
I went there and found him.

The Silurians killed him.

What do you know about these creatures?

Dr Quinn found out about them
when he was potholing.

He said they had
great scientific knowledge. He...

He cooperated with them
and they killed him.

Now, Doctor, do you still maintain
these creatures aren't hostile?

-I'll continue as planned.
-I think you're right.

We'll move in first thing
in the morning.

Oh, Miss Dawson.

I'd like a full statement from you,
everything you know about this business.

Will you come with me, please?

Miss Dawson,

did these Silurians tell Dr Quinn
anything about their intentions?

-(SCOFFS) Intentions?

Well, that's obvious, isn't it?

We must destroy them
before they destroy us.

Charles, we'd better have a word.

-Now, what are you going to do?
-There's only one thing I can do.

I've got to get down into those caves
and warn the Silurians.


If the Brigadier won't listen to reason,
Liz, maybe the Silurians will.

Please be careful.


-I'm sorry to burst in on you like this.
-How did you enter our base?

Why have you come here?

I came here to warn you that humans
are about to enter your caves.

-Shall I destroy him?

Take him to the cages.

No. You don't understand.
No. I've come here to...

I've come here to warn you.


What happened?
I thought you were going to get help.

Don't worry. Help's on the way.
I only wish it weren't.

I repeat, why have you come here?

I came here because I want to help you.

Just a minute,
what do you think you're doing?

Quiet! How can you help us?

Look. People are coming,
many people are coming here.

-I want you to meet them in peace.
-Who are these people?

Well, they're soldiers,

but they won't attack you
unless you attack them first.

Why do you want to help us?

Because... Because I want there to be
peace between you and the humans.

-This is their planet now.
-This planet is ours.

It always has been.


Well, there should be
a way through here.

Well, either this map's wrong, sir,
or we're lost.

We'd better go back.

We've just come through this way.
This wall.

It wasn't there.

You had no right to tell them about
the Brigadier's plans.

I was simply trying
to prevent a massacre.

What guarantee have you got
that these creatures

-aren't going to set an ambush?
-I had to take that risk.

At least there's a chance
they won't start killing each other.

Have you seen the humans yet?
Have you spoken to them?

I have destroyed them
and now I shall destroy you.