Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 6 - The Tenth Planet: Episode 2 - full transcript

The Doctor's warnings are ignored and the Cybermen take over the base, hampering the crew's efforts to help Zeus IV.

That's the most fantastic
story I've ever heard.

I can only repeat, sir,
what I have already told you.

You will get visitors
from that other planet.


What's the position on
the capsule, Dr Barclay?

Full instructions have
been issued, General.

What's the range?

1250 miles, sir.

How much off course?

About 230 miles.

I don't like it.

Hello, Zeus 4.

Cutler, Snowcap here.

Now look gentlemen, everything's under
control, there's nothing to worry about.

We're going to get you down here
soon as God makes a little effort.


We'll be seeing ya.

All right, Dr Barclay, this
isn't a convalescent home.


Are you all right.

Yes. Ready?


Get me Polar base.

We are having trouble there, sir.

Keep trying.

Yes sir.

...and since it was first discovered
at the South Pole rocket base...

...reports have been
coming in from observatories

the world over confirming its' existence.

And here, straight from
Mount Polomar observatory,

is the first picture of our
new neighbour in space.

Some observers have
reported that it's land

masses resemble those
of Earth, but this is being

hotly disputed in top
astronomical circles,

and no general agreement
has yet been reached.

Jodrell bank, England, says the
planet is approaching Earth, but there

is absolutely no cause for alarm. It
won't come near enough to collide... I repeat, there is no danger.

Let's hope they are right. What
about Polar base? Are you through?

No sir, we can't get them.

What's happened?

There's some interference, sir.

What sort?

Well, that's the trouble
sir, we don't know. It's

enormously powerful, it seems
to be... coming from the base.

We must get in touch with them.

May I have your attention everybody.

This is very important
so please listen carefully.

Final orbit commencing
from base reference one

is four minutes,
ten seconds, from... now.

Now, we've got a
very difficult job on our hands,

and I want everybody to be on their toes

all the time.

If the capsule power falls too low, I
shall take over re-entry from here,

and for that I want the
entire team behind me.

Now, base reference
one commencing... now.

Yes, they must bring them down!

But why, Doctor?

Because they can't last another orbit.

It's imperative that I
talk to you, General.

Get away, old man. Can't you see...

You, will you pay attention? Will you?!

Get this man back into the observations
room. Sergeant, that was an order!

Take that man back to the obs...

Back to your places.

Oh no...

Come back Polly,
they'll blow your head off!


Now look, I don't know who you
are or what you are, but we've got

two men in space, if we don't act
now we won't get them back alive.

They will not return.

Why not?

It is unimportant now.

But... We must get them back! When...

There is really no point. They
could never reach Earth now.

But don't you care?

Care? No, why should I care?

Because they're people
and they're going to die!

I do not understand you. There are people dying
all over your world yet you do not care about them.

Yes, but we could avoid their deaths...

You will be wondering what has happened.

Your astronomers will have just
discovered a new planet. Is that not so?

Yes, that's right.

That is where we come
from. It is called Mondas.


Mondas? But isn't that one
of the ancient names of Earth?

Yes. Aeons ago our planets were twins then we drifted
away from you on a journey to the edge of space.

Now we have returned.

You were right, Doctor.

But who or what are you?

We are called Cybermen.


Yes, Cybermen.

We were exactly like you once but our cybernetic
scientists realised that our race was getting weak.

Weak, how?

Our life span was getting shorter,
so our scientists and doctors devised

spare parts for our bodies, until we
could be almost completely replaced.

But... that means you're
not like us. You're robots!

Our brains are just like yours except that
certain weaknesses have been removed.

Weaknesses? What weaknesses?

You call them emotions, do you not?

But... that's terrible! You... you mean
you wouldn't care about someone in pain?

There would be no
need. We do not feel pain.

But we do.


Ha, that'll fix ya! Europe will know
there's an emergency here now.

That was really most unfortunate.
You should not have done that.

Well, it seems to me,
that there is a pattern.

Number 1, a new planet appears.

Number 2, the Earth is losing it's energy.

Number 3, as the planet gets
nearer, the energy loss gets worse.

This, in my mind, connects the two.

Exactly how I don't know, but I...


Yes, what is it?

Emergency signal from the Pole, sir.

What did they say?

Well, nothing sir. It went off again.

Heavy static, emergency signal.
Get them on the emergency microlink.

Switch off the radio and tell Europe that nothing
further has happened and that all is well here.

I'll do no such thing.

That is an order.

Go take a jump!

Trigger pack.

Stay where you are.

You've killed him!

I have not killed him. He will recover.

Now, someone must answer your
commander in Europe. He is waiting.

I refuse.



Which are the communication controls?

O... over here.


Stand aside.

What are you going to do?

You will see.

If you destroy those we shall be
unable to keep contact with the capsule.

Your commander is still
waiting for your report.

For God's sake Barclay, do as he
asks. Do you want the place destroyed?

All right.

Come in Geneva.

Snowcap. What's going on? We received
an emergency from you on the radio link.

I-i-i-it was a fault. We're, we are looking
at it now. I'm sorry about the false alarm.

Where is the static coming from? We
can hardly hear you, even on these bands.

It it it, well, I-I-I, er, I think it
must have been the reactor.

We had the moderator on, er, for a time this
afternoon and er, well, well, that's probably it.

I see. Contact us if you have any
further reports on this new planet.

Yes sir.

Well done, Barclay. Now the space
capsule will have another chance.

Now you must let us try and
get in touch with our astronauts.

I told you it is impossible for them to get
back now. The force on them is too strong.

But you must let us try, please.

It is a foregone conclusion.
You are wasting time.

However, if you wish to
contact them I have no objection.

He and his colleagues may use their equipment.
Any attempt at deceit, however, kill them at once.

Remove the soldier. I will carry on detail.

Snowcap to Zeus 4, come in
please. Zeus 4, come in please.

We have you, over.

Prepare to check orbital density.


As it was.

Right Doctor, while they take
him out we'll make a break for it.


Then we can get back to the TARDIS!

Well how can we do that, boy?

Well, we can make a break for it. Down that
corridor, the trapdoor and then bolt it from behind.

Nonsense, nonsense,
they'll burn it down in a flash!

We can do with that for a start!

No, Ben!

If they see you... Ben, for goodness sake!

Stop! Come here.

You do not seem to take us seriously.



Take him out and look after him.

It is quite useless to resist us.

We are stronger and more efficient than
your Earth people. We must be obeyed.

Uh! Locked... uh! Oh,
now where they put me?

Oh great. A projection room!

You begin exactly 60 seconds
from now. Are you ready to go?

Yeah, ready.

Our readings here show that you
need forward correction of 7 degrees.

Yes, that checks. We'll correct with
altitude control. OK Bluey, go ahead.

Hello, Snowcap. We've reoriented
capsule. Altitude now correct.

Retro rockets to go in 20 seconds.

After I give you the time check
you'll come in on your own. Right?

Will do.

Ready... 11, 10, 9, 8,
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, fire!

OK Bluey, check velocity,
I... I'll do ground check.

We're not down to re-entry velocity.


We're still at 14.5, we
should be down to 11.2.

We'll have to use the retros
again. Quick man, quick!

Fuel's gone!

Hello Snowcap. Hello Snowcap,
fuel's gone! Can't go back in! Any ideas?!

Look at the radar now...
they are accelerating!

Can't you do anything to help them?

No, the retro fuel's gone.

Terrible, terrible.

Emergency red and await
instructions. I repeat, emergency red...

Their course is changing now, they're
spinning out. The acceleration is enormous!

They're beyond escape velocity
now. They can't possibly re-enter.

What happened?

I'm afraid the spaceship exploded, my dear.

You mean they're dead?

Now, perhaps you can see that your
planet is in great and imminent danger.

In order to save you we shall require
information to be transmitted to Mondas.

Save us?

What about those poor men?

Perhaps you will co-operate. Mondas
drew the ship away. It was unavoidable.

Why? What is happening?

I will require your name.

Tell us!

The energy of Mondas is nearly exhausted, and now we
turn to it's twin, and will gather energy from Earth.

But... but!

Gather energy?!

Age, name and occupation.

But for how long?

My name is John Dyson,
supervising engineer.

Until it is all gone. Age.

But that means that
the Earth will... will die!

Yes. Everything on
Earth will stop. Age please.

But you can't calmly stand there
and tell us we're all going to die!

You are not going to die.

And how are you going to stop
this energy drain from Mondas?

Name and occupation please.
We cannot. It is beyond our powers.

How are we going to survive?!

Speak please. By coming with us. Age.

With you?

Yes. We are going to take you all
back to Mondas. Your age please.

His age is unimportant here!
You cannot for one moment...

That's the most ridiculous
thing I've ever heard in my life!

Oh, I can just imagine trying to tackle
one of them geezers with a screwdriver.

Hey, wait a minute! If I
was to turn this on the door... might blind him! Yeah.

Hah! I saw that film 20 years ago.

Oy, come in here mate, you're
wanted! Oy, come in here!

Blemmy ehny ah fu! Uh!

Now then, Fred!


Do not resist. Give me that weapon.

No, I'm sorry mate, I'm giving the
orders here. Now look, get back.

Look, I'm telling you, get back!

You didn't give me no alternative!

There's no scientific certainty
that this is a dying planet!

Perhaps we would prefer
to take our chances here.

You must come and live with us.

But we cannot live with you, you're...
you're different, you've got no feelings.

Feelings? I do not understand that word.

Emotions. Love, pride, hate,
fear. Have you no emotions, sir?

Come to Mondas and you will have no
need of emotions. You will become like us.

Like you?

We have freedom from disease, protection
against heat and cold, true mastery.

Do you prefer to die in misery?

But look, surely I... it's possible
for us not to lose Earth's energy?

It is inevitable.

Then you don't mind if we all die.

Why should we mind?

Why? Why?!

Because millions and millions of people
are going to suffer and die horribly!

We shall not be affected.

Don't you think of anything
except yourselves?!

We are equipped to survive.

We are only interested in survival.

Anything else is of no importance.
Your deaths will not affect us.

But I can't make you understand, you're
condemning us all to die, have you no heart?

No, that is one of the
weaknesses that we have removed.

All right, get me Geneva, quick!

Come on, let's have some
action. Get rid of these... things!

I don't think you should have done that,

We may have learned a very great deal.

Yeah, we may have lost
a very great deal, our lives!

Put me through to the general secretary.

Is Zeus 4 down yet?

I'm afraid we lost them, General.

We followed Zeus 4's last orbit
from here. A terrible tragedy.

Yes sir, but I'm afraid that's not the
hassle, it's... we've had more visitors.


Yes sir. They're part man, part robot.
They come from this new planet, er, Mondas.

Three of them broke into the
base here and overpowered us.

What's happened to them now?

Well, we overwhelmed them sir,
but, er, there'll be more on their way!

Hold on, Cutler. Military bases all round
the world must be put on immediate alert.

Cutler, could you deal with another
attack, with your limited resources?

Yes, we can handle them.

Good. Now, Cutler, we've
got a special task for you.

We sent up a single astronaut to
help Schultz and Williams down.

When did you send them up?

They were sent from Woomera at 14:59 hours.

Yes. You want me to take over the tracking?

Yes. Establish contact
immediately. But... one other thing.

This is a dangerous mission. We needed for
a brave man, so we asked for volunteers.


Your son volunteered.

Cutler? Are you there?

Yes sir, yes I'm here. You've... sent my
son to his death, you realise that I hope.

We'll bring him down.

What about the loss of power?

His spacecraft has double
the reserves of Zeus 4.

He's gonna need it.

Good luck, General.

If Cutler is right, then we are probably
going to fight the first interplanetary war.

All right, that's the, the information, gentlemen.
Now get cracking, and establish contact with it.

But surely, sir...

No buts. Get the information from computer,
and let me know when you've got it.

Right sir.


Major, I want the, er, guard
doubled on the main entrance.

Use section 1. Yes, and section
2 to the flight exit and tracks.

Section 3 to the fuel tanks, check
them over, and double the guard on them.

What's that?

I don't care what sort of a rest they're
on! Get them out there, and do it quick!

I'll get some action here yet.

Missile control? Program all Cobra
anti-missiles for launch imminent.

Stand in readiness and await instructions.

What a ghastly man.

Yeah, I wouldn't want him on the bridge.

We'll soon have this
place sealed up like a bottle.

I think you rather underestimate
the Cybermen, General.

Oh, that's what you reckon is it, old man?

Well, you're entitled to your opinion
so long as you keep them to yourself!

You did well, boy, to kill that soldier.

I had no choice.

Oh, don't apologise. He's dead, isn't he?

He seems to be enjoying all this.

What's that? What's that you said?

I said you seem to be enjoying all this.

Look missy, I've got a
personal stake in this emergency.

That's my son, up in that capsule. And
you know what happened to the last one.

I... I'm sorry.



General Cutler, sir!

Yes, what is it?

Strong signal on the
early warning, unidentified.

Well, identify it, man!

Yes sir, it's er, er... There
are hundreds of them, sir!

Hundreds of what?

Spaceships sir. In formation!