Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 5 - The Tenth Planet: Episode 1 - full transcript

In December 1986, a new planet appears in the Solar System which turns out to be a long-lost twin of Earth's named Mondas. Its inhabitants are the Cybermen.

Handing Zeus 4 to Polar base.
Will you take control now, please?

We have Zeus 4, thank you Geneva.

Snowcap to Zeus 4. Over to
local control channel J for Jimmy.

Over to J for Jimmy now.

Good morning gentlemen.
You lucky devils! Have a nice trip.

Why not come up and join us?

Ha ha! The penguins might miss me!

Take over, will you Barclay?

Dyson, give Texas tracking
the next orbital pattern will you?

Right, will do.

Snowcap to Zeus 4. Morning Blue,
morning Glyn. How do you read me?

Loud and clear Snowcap,
loud and clear. Hey, we have

a great view of your
weather. How is it your end?

There's a blizzard and an 8-force wind.

Repeat your velocity
for ground check please.

Well, let's see. We
have 18,250 at er, 0132.

Williams coming in.
Cosmic management is

now complete. Are you
ready to receive data?

Go ahead.

OK Bluey, let him have it.

Are you receiving it?

Yes, A1 OK.

Man, it's blowing like crazy out there. All
I can see is snow, snow and more snow.

Quite an arctic storm
blowing out there. Hmm!

Come along Polly,
my child, with my cloak.

Hey Doctor, you've got
the most fantastic wardrobe!

Yes, well I'm glad you approve my child.

These are gorgeous. Where do
you shop, Carnaby street?! Ha ha!

Who do you think you are,
Nanook of the North or something?!

Oh now, now, now. Tcha, tcha, tcha.
Stop being so flippant. We don't know

what we are in for outside there. Now
come along, come along, come along.

Here you are, Doctor.

Are you sure you're
going to be warm enough?

Oh, like toast my dear. Now,
did you find everything you want?

Yes thanks!

All right, well let's go outside
and investigate. Go along.

The Doctor was right about this being the

coldest place on earth.
I'm freezing already.


Hey, what's this?

Well watch it Polly!

It's some kind of an aerial.
There must be something buried

underneath there. Hey, look over
there, there's something moving.

Don't touch it Polly! It looks
like some kind of periscope.

Is there some kind of a submarine
or something down there?

Hey Tito, will you come over here?

Oh, what is it?

Come over here quick! I can see people!

Sure, sure, lots of people!

And there's a woman!

A woman... A WOMAN! Hey!

Hey, hey! Mama Mia bellissima!

Looks... looks like some kind
of a hut. Quick, take those small

arms, get upstairs and get...
bring them down. Get moving!

I think we'd better go with 'em.

Move it, come on, hurry it up, come on, let's go, let's go, come on
pops, will you move it, will you move it pops, let's go, come on!

Please stop that. Please, please stop that.

Just a moment pops. Now who are
you, and what are you doing here?

Oh, we just landed outside.

What in?

Well it's a sort of spaceship actually.

Ha ha! Some spaceship, box!

You can knock off the jokes.

She's not joking.

Look buddy, I want the truth, and quick.

Can you tell us precisely
where we are please?

You're at the South Pole base of international
space command, and frankly pops...


...Doctor, your story's
gonna have to be awful good.

So you mean we are on Earth?

Well you heard, the South Pole.

Oh boy. Tito, get the CO.

He's a-not going to like it.

Get him!

Why don't you speak up, I'm deaf!

Who's the CO?

The Commanding Officer, the boss.

Hallo... Sir? Er, Private
Tito, duty guard here.

Could you give a message
to the General please?


General Cutler, the CO.

Sir? I know, but this is an emergency!
What's that? The General's not there?

Well canna you tell me where he is then?

Right here, Private.

What is it Sergeant?

Ah, well sir...

Who are these people?

Well sir, they just appeared outside.


Yes sir, as I said they
just appeared, from a hut.

A hut?!

Yes sir. Never been there before.

That's a right General.
That's just the way it happened.

Well? Who are you?

Able seaman Ben Jackson sir, Royal Navy.

Then why aren't you with your ship?

That's a bit difficult to explain sir.

Yeah, I'll bet my sweet life it is.

We don't intend you any harm
General, I can assure you of that.

You can assure me of what you like but whether
I'll believe you or not is another question.

Huh, huh!

I haven't got time to deal with these now, but
when I do you'd better have a good explanation.

I don't like your tone, sir.

And I don't like your face, nor your hair!


Sergeant, bring him into Tracking and put
him under guard in the observation room.

I'll deal with them as soon as I have time.

Yes sir!

OK, come on, move, ivante, ivante, svarro.

Wahey! Ha ha ha!

All right, all right. Don't sit there
like a lot of frustrated penguins.

Get on with it.

Hey, this is smashing. It looks
just like that rocket place in America.

Yeah, but I wonder why there are so few people. I
mean it's not like what you see on the telly, is it?

I don't know what you see on your TV,
son, but this is General Cutler's outfit.

Come on, you'd better take a seat.

He don't like a lot of personnel, cuts down to the
bare minimum and works them right into the ground.

We only spend a couple of months on this
station anyway.

We can't stand more than that.

Ha ha ha!

I see. Hey, perhaps we can
catch a lift back to England.

Oh, I can't see the squire there
giving us a free lift to anywhere.

Well, I don't want to depress you both, but I'm
afraid we're not quite where you think we are.

What do you mean?


Well, just take a peek
at that. Huh huh! Hmm!

1986! Oh no, and I thought
we'd be able to get home.

Yeah, we're still at sea.

Here, but that'll explain the few people.

Them computers must do all the work now.

Here, I wonder if they got to the moon yet.

Sure, don't you listen to the news?

You mean you have sent people to the moon?

Yeah, an expedition just returned.

Well what's this flight then?

Oh, this is just a normal
atmosphere testing probe.

Yes, I see, a rocket testing site. Hum hum!

Hey, what's that?

An error? Where?

Looks bad. We're now over south isle of New
Zealand and reading a height of 1100 miles.

1100? But that's impossible! Dyson,
check what it should be, will you?

It should be 980.

No, it can't be, let me try.

Let me do it.

No, you're right. 980 miles... they're out
of position by more than a hundred miles!

Mmm, looks like it.

Snowcap to Zeus 4. Can you read me?

Zeus 4 to Snowcap. Strength 8, over.

Take visual checks on Mars to
establish position. Report back.

Will do, out.

Did you get that Dan?


OK, go ahead. Should be about 4-2-0.

No, it's 4-3-2.

It can't be. Try again.

I am.

Come on, shake it up, we'll
be back in sunrise in a bit.

Cut it out Glyn.

Did you read conversation?

Yes. We're getting a
Mars fix too. We'll call back.

Hey, Glyn?


Well er, take it easy but, er...

Come on, what is it?

It wasn't Mars I had.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Well that explains it,
doesn't it. Come on now Dan, try again.

No, listen Glyn, there's
something else out there.

What do you mean?

There's another planet out there!

Ano... another planet?


Yeah, you're right.

There is something.

I can't see properly but it reads as if it
was in orbit between Mars and Venus.

Yeah, that's it. Funny how I can't put me
finger on it but it looks kinda familiar.


Came the dawn.

Yeah. Well I guess we've had
any, huh, Earth observations for a bit.

Hello Snowcap. Hello Snowcap.

We're now in dawn over San Francisco.
Can you get the subject from where you are?

Snowcap to Zeus 4. You are very
faint. Put up your power output please.

It is up.

Reading you strength 3. Come in please.

Repeat, can you get the
subject on your retina scope?

Can do.

Hey... hey Dan. That's odd.


Fuel cells are showing a power loss!

Here we are. Well now, excuse me my dear..., take this to your General please.

Me? Are you crazy?

Very well then, take me to the
General. I think perhaps I can help him.

Oh I... I don't know.

Now look here Sergeant,
this is urgent, I insist.

General, sir.

Yes, what is it?

The old boy would like to have a
word with you. Claims it's urgent.

OK, bring him over. But make it fast.

I think I know what you are going to see.

How can you possibly?


Oh, get him back over there.

I've written down here what he will see.

Take your hands off me please!

Barclay! It's not very clear
but it's a planet all right.

How could it be? Planets don't just appear.

It must be on a weak orbit.

It's approaching quite
fast. Barclay, couldn't it be...

I know what you're thinking.

Zeus 4 is out of orbit and
a new planet has appeared.

Therefore the new planet
is influencing Zeus 4. Right?

That's about it.

We must get them down!

An emergency splash zone?


Snowcap calling Zeus 4, come in please.

Zeus 4 come in please. Do you read me?

Yes, we read you loud and clear.

You are strength 2 only.
Come in please, speak up.

Fuel cells are showing a power loss.

Power loss? How much?

Main tanks are down approximately...

...twenty percent.

We are going to bring you down.

Roger. We need
co-ordinates to correct orbit.

Stand by.

What the heck's going on Glyn?

I don't know. Let's get
down there and find out.


Snowcap to Zeus 4, corrected
co-ordinates are 0-0-4-8-2-0-8-2-3.

Right. We're now correct, out.
Ready to do an altitude thrust er, Bluey?


OK... go.


Look, look!

We're tumbling!

No! U... use the manual controls!

I can't, I've...

Come on. Come on.

What the heck's going on? I
feel absolutely clamped down.

It's like something's sucked
out all the power out of my body.

Zeus 4 will splash down at 14:45 your time.

Thank you, keep checking.

Yes? Yes, all helicopters
to area 6 immediately.

Hello, Rome computer base. Final
descent path please. Compute and report.

Snowcap to Zeus 4. Your
flight path is now correcting.

Power loss is increasing and
something's happened to our limbs.

We're both finding
great difficulty in moving.

Well you've you've been up there a fair
time. It's probably just space fatigue.

No, it's quite different. We had to
operate the manual controls together.

Neither of us could have done it alone.

Well, I, er... we have
your descent path now.

You'll have to bring us in this time
round. We can't hang on any longer.

You must! We can't bring you
in this time, you'll overshoot.

We'll never make it, Glyn.

No... yes we will Bluey.

Come on now. We we...
we'll check the re-entry controls. Ready?


Retros 1 and 3.


Main chute cover.


Field sheet bolts.


Hey... hey Bluey, what
do you make our position?

We're swinging out again!

Emergency! Emergency! We've lost flight
path again, give correction please, urgent!

Will do, stand by.

It must be the planet. Its
gravity is affecting the capsule.

What shall we do about it?

Well first of all we must give Zeus 4 a
new correction path. Will you do that?

Right away.

You try and get a better fix on that
so-called planet and see what it is.

Right sir.

It's better now.

You say you know what
this planet is. Well what is it?

Well I'm not quite sure sir. Let me
have another look into this instrument.

Zeus 4, Zeus 4, can you hear, over?

Feed the retina scope into
the observations room's monitor.

Look Dr Barclay, let's
just get those boys down.

Er, er, General, General,
yes, it's just as I thought.

Come and have a look at these land masses.

Land masses? I don't
see... I see what you mean.

Now, doesn't that remind
you of anything, hmm?

Remind? No, I don't think so.

Yeah, it looks familiar somehow.

Yeah. Hey Ben, look, that
bit looks just like... Malaysia!

Oh, give over.

No, hang on, isn't that... well it looks
like South America, but it can't be though!

But there is a similarity.

Nonsense, how could there be?

This is unbelievable. That's surely Africa?

Yes, certainly and that is Malaysia!

Ridiculous. There must
be some reflection off Earth.

No it can't be, there's
nothing to reflect on!

And now, my dear Dr Barclay, I suggest
you look at that piece of paper I gave you.

Paper? Oh yes...

You knew!


Knew what?

He has correctly written down what we have
just seen and he did it before we saw it.

Oh, it's a... simple
confidence trick, that's all.

No, I know when he gave me the paper.

Now, you clearly know something more about
the situation. Can you be more explicit?

Yes sir, I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can.

You see, millions of years ago
there was a twin planet to Earth and...

Oh, for heaven's sake!

Roger, Zeus 4. We will give you
more information. Over and out.

Get me Geneva on the radio link.

I do think we ought to
take the old boy as well.

We'll see what Wigner
has to say about this.

You're looking terribly worried Doctor.

Am I my dear? Yes, I'm
afraid I am rather worried.

What is it Doctor? What's up?

Well you see Ben, I know what this
planet is and what it means to Earth.

And what does it mean to Earth?

Well, that pretty soon
we shall be having visitors.

Visitors? What, here?

Well who do you think's bringing
'em, Father Christmas on his sledge?!

Oh quiet boy, quiet!

ISC Geneva... Put me through to the general
secretary. Immediately. Yes, that's right.

Er, may I ask who that was?

You're late serge, I was due
for my break five minutes ago.

Doctor, you don't know
nothing about what's going on.

That's the secretary general of
International Space Command, Mr Wigner.

This is very hard to believe
General. Are you quite sure?

Yes sir, there's no doubt at all.

Very well. Just a moment please.

Get onto Mount Polomar. Ask them to provide
us with a picture as soon as possible.

Contact Jodrell bank, and ask
them to get an exact fix on this.

We must have data, and quickly.

Let me know the moment you
have any more information General.

I'll do that sir but
there's one more thing.


We have three intruders.

Intruders? At the pole?
Where did they come from?

Well, I haven't interrogated yet, sir, but, er, one of
them seems to know a good deal about this new planet.

How can he possibly know?

I don't know but I'm going to find out.

Do that. Relay at once
any further information.

I'll do that sir.

Now, suppose you tell me
how you really came here.

Yes, well I'm afraid all that's
going to be rather difficult.

Now just a minute.

You turn up out of nowhere, a routine space shot goes wrong,
a new planet appears and you tell us you know all about it.

That puts you slap bang
in the hot seat, right?

Hot seat?

But we've got nothing to do with it.

That you're going to have to prove.

Well, I think if you allowed us to
return where we came from, huh, huh! I...

You're not going anywhere.


Yes sir?

Have you searched that hut yet?

No sir.

Well why not?!

Look, I don't want any excuses,
get out there and do it immediately.

Now, perhaps we'll
get to the bottom of this.

Come on Tito, we have
to go break into a hut.

What, that thing out there?

Yeah, that's right. Come on,
hurry up and get dressed up.

Oh, mama.

It's no good Tito, we'll need a
welding torch to get inside this thing.

Get back inside and bring me out
one. You'll need some help, OK?


Hurry up will ya, before I freeze to death!

What the heck? Huh, Tito! Is that you Tito?

What's going on here? Who is that?

Who the heck are you?!

OK Joe, that should do it. OK, let's go.

Hey, this is where it is guys.

Hey sir, what's going on?