Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 37 - The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 1 - full transcript

The Doctor and Jamie are stranded in 1966 London when the TARDIS is stolen, driven away in the back of a lorry. The Doctor uses his keen sense for clues and deduction to track the TARDIS back to a very unusual antique shoppe owned by the even more unusual and mysterious Edward Waterfield. As it transpires Mr. Waterfield and Victorian scientist Theodore Maxtible have devised a method of time travel with the help of some rather sinister associates - the Daleks. The Daleks have taken Edward Waterfield's daughter, Victoria, hostage. Using her life as a bargaining piece the Daleks force the terrified men to serve them and assist in capturing the Doctor. When this is accomplished the Daleks soon force the Doctor into their service by threatening to destroy the TARDIS if he does not aide them by experimenting on Jamie...

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The TARDIS! Doctor!

Excuse me!


I wonder if you could help us?

My mate likes the wireless turned on at full blast.

I have to keep this turned down.

Oh, I see.

Who's taken the TARDIS?

He means the police telephone box.

He said 'TARDIS' or something.

Yes. Well, TARDIS... That's, uh... That's another name for it.

Oh, foreign is he?

Me, foreign? You're the one that's foreign! I'm Scottish!

Uh, that's right. TARDIS is a... is a Gaelic word. Jamie, hush!

It's getting further away all the time!

Yes, I know.

Well anyway, it's... it's our property and we've come to collect it.

Oh, you mean the...

...uh, the police box?


Yeah. Well, uh... Well, that's gone.

Oh, we...

...know it's gone. That's the whole point. Its ours and somebody's stolen it!

Ah, well, I don't know about that. I got a note here somewhere.

Yeah, here we are. There. "Police Tel. Box. Collection: 3 o'clock".

Let me see this please.

Been signed for.

Oh, yes. So I see. Er... "J Smith". Doesn't really help us, does it?

Yeah. Well, I just do what I'm told. Better see the airport commandant or someone.

Oh, no. I... I don't think we'd better do that. Um, Jamie, I think we'd better talk to the police.

Of course I, um... I do know the name of the firm what picked it up.

You do?!

Yeah, firm name of, uh... Leatherman.

Thank you very much. You'll be hearing from us.

Leatherman. Now that's a clue. Just a minute. Now, what street do they...? Doctor, wait!

Did you get all that?

Every word. We'd better get going. Get your money back at the warehouse.

We should have followed that clue he gave us.

Perhaps. I think we'd better keep an eye on him.


Well, didn't you notice his overalls? They were much too small for him, and the top sheet of his clipboard was different to all the others, and when we mentioned the police, he became friendly!

Aye. Hey, may...

Kennedy to base. Kennedy to base. Do you read me?

Kennedy to base. Do you read?


The Doctor and his friend are following Bob Hall.

I knew they would suspect him.

I'll go on to the warehouse.

Very good, Mr Kennedy.

That's him. There he goes.

Oh, no!

For hire!


Follow that car!


Perry, sir.

Oh, uh... One moment Mr. Perry.

It's here.


Like me to open the shutters, sir? Lovely day outside.

I have a choice between the sun or noise, Mr Perry. I regret shutting out one, but at least I keep out the other.

Yes. I say! That's very good. Just come in, eh? Mint condition. Eighteen, uh, seventy. Is it?


Don't know who your contacts are, sir, but this is marvellous!

Well, Victorian timepieces are my speciality, Mr. Perry.

Wish you'd tell me who makes them for you, sir.

But then you would be as wise as I, and that wouldn't do at all, would it?

Whoever makes them, Mr. Waterfield, they'd fool an expert. If I didn't know it was impossible, I would say it was absolutely genuine.

And, uh, there was no trouble with the box?

Apparently not. A bit out of our line, isn't it, sir? A battered old police box?

The whims and caprices of our patrons is our line, Mr Perry.

Hmm. Odd though.

Mr Perry, I pay you the sum of 50 guineas per week, do I not?

Pounds, actually sir. 50 pounds.

Yes, uh... I hope I may be forgiven if I believe that entitles me to demanding less curiosity of you.

Sorry, sir.

It is, I think you will agree, a princely salary.

No complaints on that score. Long as I'm not asked to do anything dicey.


Crooked. Illegal.

Your candor is refreshing, Mr. Perry, even if your judgement of character is somewhat questionable.

I didn't mean that...

I know perfectly well what you meant. You may rest assured, I shall not ask you to do anything "dicey. "

No, sir.

I think you are wanted in the shop, Mr. Perry.

And the, um... the telephone box, uh... What do we do with it?

Do? We do nothing.

Oh, right.

Nothing, except wait.

This is his car. He must be around here somewhere.

You sure you weren't followed?

No! Course I wasn't. Hey, you haven't told me what this little caper's about yet, uh, Kennedy.

Counted the money yet then, have ya?

No, not yet.

Or do you think I made a mistake giving ya two-fifty instead of seventy-five? We thought you might like a little extra.

What for?

You know those two at the hangar?


They're outside.

You weren't followed!

We'll be ready for them, won't we? That's what the extra's for.

Now listen...

You on one side of the door, me on the other. Right? Straight over their heads. They won't even know what hit them.

Ah, not me, mate.

It's a bit late to argue, isn't it? They're outside.

Now listen, I'm not getting mixed up in no kidnapping, and that's flat!

Oh, dear...


Well, have you tried the door?

Man in the overalls! It's all right. He's alive.

Oh, dear... Where's Ken...

Ken? Ken who?

Make him tell us where the TARDIS is!

No good, he's out cold. See if we can find some water somewhere. Hello, this is something. This really is something.

But, why pay him to help steal the TARDIS and then knock him on the head?

Well, why steal the TARDIS anyway?

That's what's been bothering me, Jamie, too.

There's no water here. Hey, that looks a lot of money, Doctor.

It's between two and three hundred pounds. Yes, it is a lot, at least for what he had to do - put on a pair of overalls and just hang around. Come to think of it, why hang around? He was obviously planted. Why not just go off in the lorry?

You found something else?

I don't know.

Yes, this man rolled his own cigarettes, so these must belong to somebody else. That's a fair assumption.

What's that?

It's all right. It's only a train.

A what?

Well, it's a train. There are carriages and they go on wheels, on rails, and they're drawn by a stea...

Hey, come back!

Well, give us a hand!

Aw, not a sign of him. The only chance we had.

There is this...

"The Tricolour". It's a coffee bar apparently. And that's not all.

Well, what else?

Well, normally people pull out their matches from right to left. These have been torn out from left to right.

What does that mean?

It means we've got to find a coffee bar called "The Tricolour" and look for a man called Ken or Kenneth - someone who's left-handed.

Now we've got something to go on!

But it's so little, Jamie. It's too little. He might only have been there once. There's no guarantee he'll ever go there again.

Now, don't give up Doctor. Remember Bruce.


Robert Bruce.

Look, I told...

They were not aware that you were watching?

No, they were too busy trying to work it all out.


That Bob Hall was a bit of a problem. I didn't think he'd turn nasty.

You didn't hurt him?

Him? You're joking.

I can assure you that I am not.

He's a lot bigger than me, you know. No, I just baggered him one and that was it.

That was what? Kennedy, I must know precisely what has happened. How badly injured was Hall?

Well, a bit dazed, that's all. He just mumbled something and made a run for it when they weren't looking.

And where is he now?

Well, I went round to his place later. There he was coming out the front door, zip bag and everything. He got in a cab and went to Euston.

Were you able to find another hansom and follow him?


Did you follow him?

Yeah, yeah. Don't worry about him. He's gone up north.

That disposes of that. Now, this is extremely important: you did leave the matches?

Don't worry about it. The Doctor found the cigarettes and the matches.

And you are certain they were the ones bearing the name of the coffee shop?

Coffee bar.


Yes. I told you, it worked like a charm. I never thought it would, but you were quite right. He got onto the name on the matches straight away.

Well, just one last thing, to make quite sure: now you are certain that these are the people that you saw?

That's them, yeah. Yeah, definite.

Right. Well, I shall want you to keep out of sight. You'd better stay in the house, and on no account are you to talk to Mr. Perry about any of this.


"OK."? What does that mean?

What? Yes!

Oh, I know that my attitude may appear strange to you on occasions, Kennedy.

You want to play the part of the Victorian grandfather, that's all right by me. Must be a pretty good gimmick. You pay me well enough.

It, uh... helps to sell to our customers.

Yeah, sure, sure. You've, uh... never told me what it is exactly you've got against this Doctor and his friend. Some kind of vendetta or something?

Explanations are not part of our arrangement.

Oh, just wondering.

Imagination is a virtue, but it can become a vice.

Mind me own business, yeah. I get the message.

Ask Mr. Perry to come and see me, will you, please?

He wants to see you.

Oh, thank you.

Who is it?

It's Perry, sir.

One moment.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Yes, I have an extremely important and delicate task for you to perform.

Oh, yes?

I say, you got a new delivery.

Y... yes.

I didn't see it arrive.

It was delivered last night. I've only just brought it in myself. It is, uh... for a new customer.

Oh, yes?

A Dr. Galloway. He's extremely wealthy and an ardent collector...

Of, uh... Victoriana, sir?

No less. I do not know the Doctor personally, but we have arranged to meet in the coffee shop, uh... bar, nearby.

Oh, the Tricolour, sir?

Yes. Unfortunately, I am unable to keep the appointment, so I want you to go instead, Mr. Perry. Here is a photograph of Dr. Galloway.

This is his assistant and secretary, Mr. James McCrimmon. Now I want you to ask the Doctor to come to the shop tonight, say at, uh... ten o' clock.

Ten o'clock, sir?!

Yes. Oh, don't worry, Mr. Perry. I shall be attending to him myself. You needn't wait.

Oh, right sir.

The Doctor is notoriously unpunctual. I fear you may have a long and tedious wait.

I shall find him sir. Do you want me to go now?

If you please, Mr. Perry.


And what are you doing?

I... I can't make Mr. Waterfield hear me. I knocked.

He's busy.

O.K. I'll try later.

Don't look so depressed, Doctor.

If only we knew what he looked like, Jamie.

We'll ask one of the lasses in a moment, when things get quieter.

We've got to untangle this, you know.

It's all quite obvious to me. They're just robbers. Thieves, you understand.

No, no, there's more to it than that. Why leave that man in the hangar to give us a clue?

Which we haven't followed up, you know. "Leatherman?"

There is no delivery firm of that name. Not in the London area, anyway. I checked in the phone book.

But surely there's more places than London.


Do you think this is sort of a trap, Doctor?

Yes, but if only we knew who our enemies are...

Not the Chameleons again!

No, something else. I can feel them, closing in all around us.

I've done everything that you've asked of me. Isn't that enough? Now you must tell me the truth. Do you hear?! The truth!

But, you must tell me. I demand! I'm talking to you! Come back!

Oh, if only the laird could see that! Why do I get all the difficult tasks, Doctor?

Because you're so much better at them than I am, Jamie. What did you find out?

None of the lasses here could remember anybody called Ken or Kenneth.

Oh, dear.

Aye. But, they do have a different lot on duty in the evening. Now, maybe they'll know.

Jamie, I'm being stared at. Is there something wrong with me?

You mean up here Doctor?

Is my hair in disarray?

Well, no more than usual.

Do I look strange or bizarre?

Aye. Well, maybe I'm just used to you.

That's some comfort. Look out, he's coming over.

I beg your pardon.

Not at all.

It is Dr. Galloway, isn't it?

Dr. Gallo-?

...and Mr. McCrimmon.

Aye, I'm Jamie McCrimmon.

My card.

Yes, uh...

Mr. Perry?

Mr. Waterfield's frightfully sorry, but he can't meet you as arranged.

Oh. Oh, dear. What a pity.

But, he says if you'd care to come to the shop at about, uh... ten tonight, he'll see to you personally.

At about 10. Oh, yes, uh... We'll be there.


Right! Right!

"Edward Waterfield: Genuine Victoriana".

Can't be a mistake. Even though he got your name wrong, he knew mine.

I wonder if Mr. Kenneth has found us.


"K. Perry Esquire". Yes, I think we'll go and see Mr. Edward Waterfield.

And he, uh... definitely said he would be here?

Yes, sir.

Thank you. You have done excellently, Mr. Perry.


Good night.

See you in the morning, sir.

Uh, yes. Yes, in the morning.

Kennedy? Kennedy?

The Doctor is coming here tonight. I shall want you to help me. And you had better put some warm clothes on. Dark things.

All right. You'd better make sure that police box is well covered-up, in case the Doctor starts snooping about.


Who are you? Who are you? Answer!