Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 18 - The Highlanders: Episode 4 - full transcript

Ben manages to join up with the Doctor, Polly and Kirsty and together they work to free the Highlanders from Trask's ship before Grey sells them into slavery.

Sincro: wyxchari

He's not escaped?

Oh no, not after all that. I give up.

It's you, Doctor.

Who else would be walking around the jetty at this time of night dressed like a soldier who'd been wounded in battle?

Yeah, you've got a point there. But why?

Why? Because I like it here. Besides, it keeps the other soldiers away.

Oh, I'm cold and hungry.

I know just the place. Hold that. I'll just get these things aboard the boat.

The boat?

Just a few wee gifties for our friends aboard the Annabelle. Come on.

There you are, sir, all signed and attested. It but wants your signature.

Not before time.

A little wine for your cold heart, lawyer?

I never mix liquor with business. I would advise you to do the same. We sail on the morning tide, remember.

What happens it's too foggy to sail? What then?

You sail, fog or no fog.

And crash the old girl's timbers on Chanonry Point.

I took you for a seaman.

Why, that I am. I am! Ha, ha, ha. Trask will get your cargo of little booties to Barbados, never fear. That's what really counts, lawyer. Not those dried up bits of parchment of yours.

Without these bits of parchment, we would all sail foul of the King's law.

Law? What does the law or anyone care for those Highland cattle we carry?

Nothing. But to take these cattle safely to the slave plantations, before their strength is sapped by his Majesty's prisons - that takes skill and preparation.

And what would happen to you, lawyer, if this trade was to be discovered to the Duke?

That will never happen, Trask. There are but three of us privy to this secret. I can answer for myself and Perkins. Eh, Perkins?

Oh, yes sir. Yes sir, indeed you may.

As for you, Captain, you must answer for yourself.

Ha, ha, ha. It was but in jest. You know me, Solicitor, I'm your man.

Aye, and that is the way you will remain, Mr. Trask.

Ah, that's better. Never thought I'd live to see a meal like that again.

But listen Ben, how did you manage to get loose? Underwater, I mean?

Well it's the old Houdini trick, duchess. You flex your muscles when they tie you up. Then, when you're ready, you relax them. Well that way you're half the size you were before. Get it?


And that's all there is to it?

Well almost all.

I bet.

Hey you've got your own clothes back.

Yes. Can you imagine, I found them thrown out on the rubbish dump, behind the inn.

Amazing, isn't it? Well mine should be dry by now.

I liked you better in your dress, Doctor.

Aye, you made a good granny.

Now then, do we all know what we have to do? Ben?

Yeah, I take you out to the ship in the rowing boat, then double round the back smartish while they're sorting you out, and then pass the weapons through the porthole.

While Kirsty and I just sit here and wait for you to get back - if you ever do. No fear!

We've done enough waiting.

But it may be dangerous. They may not swallow my story.

Yeah, and they may see me in the boat, even with this on.

I would like a hat like that.

Nevertheless, we're not going to let you two out of our sights, are we Kirsty?


Well, you'll get into such terrible trouble without us.

Very well, you shall come in the rowing boat. It might be a good idea at that.

Well, what do you want me to do now?

I've got another idea for you Ben.

I can hardly believe it, they've played right into Solicitor Grey's hands. My own crew amongst them.

Can you blame them? It's a poor choice between the gallows and the plantations. A man will clutch at any straw to save his skin.

And what will they do with us?

I fear they will make an example of us, once Trask gets away to sea.

He'll not let me live, that's for sure. Ah well, better a fast death than a lingering one under the overseers. I've no regrets.

If I could see my Kirsty again I'd die content.

Three thousand five hundred guineas. You will collect this amount in gold on delivery of the prisoners and render strict accounting to me. Is that clear?

Yes, sir, Mr. Grey, sir. Quite clear, sir. You may trust me to the death, sir.

Now I must return to shore. I shall expect to see you in London at the end of October. Meanwhile, keep a close eye on Trask. He's not...

Right lads, bring him down.

Us has got company, Mr. Solicitor. Caught him coming over the side, bold as a welsh pirate.

And of my own free will. I'm delighted to meet you again, Mr. Solicitor Grey.

You may not be so delighted when we part company this time, Doctor.

If you'd ask these fellows to let go of my arms, I have a small token for you.

Indeed, I have not forgotten the last one. All right, let him go.

Let me have him. I'll soon change his tune.

Silence! Perkins, the door.


Well, go on.

Now then, let me see, where did I put it. No, it's not in there. I transferred it from there, into this pocket. Well it's not there now, perhaps it's in here.

Why, you!

I would advise you to find this token quickly, before I leave you to the tender mercies of Mr. Trask.

Got it! Here we are. Look at the seal.

The Stuart arms.

Well, Mr. Grey?

Where did you get this?

From the hand of Prince Charles himself.

Where, man, where?

In prison.

I don't follow.

It's perfectly easy. Prince Charles disguised himself as a Highlander and was taken prisoner with the rest of the rebels.

And where is he now?

I, ah, wonder what that information would be worth? Now let me see.

I'll burn it out of him.

No! How much do you think it to be worth, Doctor?

Well, umm, shall we say, umm, ten thousand guineas?

Father. Father.



Aye, my child.

Father, listen to me.

I hear ye, Kirsty.

Father, it's me. It's Kirsty. I'm here.

Aye. Ah, I must be dreaming. Kirsty.

Whist, keep your voice down.

Where are you?

I'm outside here, in a boat.

Well child, are you well? They haven't harmed you?

Father, I'm fine. And you?

Better. A world better for hearing your voice. But you cannot stay there. They'll find you!

Here then, take this.

It's a miracle. I must be in a dream.

Father, there's no time to talk. We've got arms for all of you and a plan. Can you come closer? Right, now listen.

You drive a hard bargain, Doctor, but no matter. I agree. Now, where is he?

The very last place you would think of looking for him.


Right here on this ship.

Let me have him!

A dangerous jest!

Did you mark the young Highlander who was with me? The piper?


With the soft hands and face?


Did you notice his hair? Unmistakable, that was the Prince!

You had better be very sure.

Would I come and place myself in your hands if I was not very sure?

We'll smell out the Pretender right now, by heaven.

Come along then, take him.

Aren't you forgetting one thing?


I'm the only one who knows what he looks like.

Bring him along then. Make haste.

Go to sleep.

In here Doctor.

Quiet. If they have any suspicion of whom we're looking and know him to be here...

Argh. Come on, Doctor. Him? Him?


What about him?

No. Perhaps he is further over.

If you have made a mistake.

I've found him. He's the little one, over there.

Creag an tuire!

Creag an tuire!

Now I shall relieve you of your command!

Not yet, Willy MacKay!

Right lads, to me! Throw these scurvy swarbs over the side! I'm still master here!

Not for long, mate.

You! I'll make sure of you this time, lad.

Where's Trask?

In the firth.

Good lad.

Hold! Come back! Hold! All of ye. I want men.

Get them over here. That's right, we sail for France on the next tide. I want willing hands.

If you hadn't volunteered you'd have had a long cold swim for it.

Right now, make ready. Off with ye, go on! Up to the top. Off with ye!

Ben, well... well done. Well done. Here Kirsty... here's your father. There we are. Polly...


Got lost in the fog.

Well done, well done.

Oh, don't overdo it Pol.

But we've won!

Only for the moment.

What do you mean?

Well, the real jobs only just beginning. Getting back to the TARDIS with only a rough idea of where it is and the whole English army out to stop us.

What are we going to do?

Well, we're going to get ashore before they get under way. That's the first thing, right, Doctor?


Stand by the capstan.

We have to go ashore now.

Oh, don't bother me now, man. Stand by.

What about the prisoners?

We'll take Mr. Grey ashore as a hostage.

And the clerk?

Well I...

Now, may I have converse with you.

Yeah, man, yeah.

Don't send me ashore with that man, sir.

Now, if you are going to France, then maybe you can do with a secretary. Especially one who is conversant with the French tongue.

Eh. Shifting with the wind, you rogue. Well, Doctor, what do you say?

Many of your people speak French?

Aye, but little.

Then take him with you. He'll stay loyal enough.

Oh, I will. I will, sir.

Till the wind shifts again! Laird, we must go.

Doctor, I...

Bring the prisoner over!

Mr. Solicitor!

Well, Perkins?

I've been wanting to do that for a long time. You've no idea the pleasure that gave me.

Why you...

To the last, sir.

I can't even see the ship.

No, they said they'd send us a signal before they went. Hey look, there it is!

Do you think they'll beat the English blockade?

The fog will help them. More than it will help us.

We never even said goodbye to Jamie.

No, he just disappeared. I wonder where he went to.

Right here.

Oh, Jamie!


Aye, himself.

Well, why didn't you go with the others?

Well, let's say I fancied my chances here better. Besides, you'll need someone to guide you through the glens, won't you?

How did you know?

Glad to have you with us, Jamie.

But won't you be in danger here though?

Och, if they can survive here, then so can I.

Hey, watch it! Quick, through these doors.

They're going away, it's all right.


One more move and you're a dead man.

They heard.

But what if they find us?


Doctor! Ahh!

I'm certainly glad I'm on your side.


The window.

No. No, Ben. It's too late.

But he was our hostage. They'll never let us get to the TARDIS now!

We'll find someone else, eh Polly?

What the...?

We want your company, mate.

If you don't mind.

You won't refuse us, Algy dear.

Oh, this is really too much.

This way.

Damn it, man. Where the devil do you think you're going?


Well, have you forgotten it's your deal, Ffinch?

Yes, Sir, I know. But, ah, I was just...

Well, who are these vagabonds?

Well, Colonel they're...

Doctor von Wer at your service. Remedies for the ague, the twitch, the colic, the warts and the gout.

The gout? I haven't got the gout.

Oh, no, no, no, no. I wouldn't waste your time with that, a fine healthy gentleman like yourself. No it's... it's this ring you see, sir.

Perhaps we'd better get back to the game, sir. The night air.

Oh, blast the night air! Let me see. The... the Pretender's ring! Where did you get this, man?

Well, you go up there and to the left. No perhaps it's better to explain this way. To the right...

Look what are you talking about?

No. On second thought, perhaps the other way. Umm, we were taking the Lieutenant, you see sir?

The game, sir.

Confound the game, this is the Prince's ring! Go with them. Take an attachment.

Oh, no, no, sir.


Oh, ah, that might frighten the blackguard, sir. We are enough to apprehend him.

Then go on. Lieutenant you have your orders, what are you waiting for?

Yes, sir. But, this wench... Yes, sir. Very good, sir.

And when you have them...

...we will bring him back to you, sir. Right?


You know where you are now?

Yeah, I won't forget this place in a hurry.

Well, it's time we said goodbye, Lieutenant. And thank you.

I've been telling him all about Mr. Grey's activities.

Yeah, you want to nab him quick.

Oh Algy, here you are and thank you very much.

It was nothing.

Ah, so you found these rebels, Lieutenant? Well done.


You can escort them with me to Inverness. You will not escape the gallows this time, Doctor. Any of you. As for you, wench, I'll have you tied to the tail of a cart and whipped from one end of...


What was that you said?

I've heard the whole story of your schemes from this young lady here.

You take the word of this...

What wicked times we live in, Lieutenant. A prison commissioner using his office to smuggle rebels out of the country.

You're wasting your breath, Doctor. It was all perfectly legal. The rebels signed the contracts for transportation of their own free will.

Contracts? I don't believe I saw any contracts. Did you Ben?

No, I wouldn't know what they were.

Or you Jamie?

Me? No.

A lie, Lieutenant. The contracts were signed, I have them right here in my... in my...

So sad. Once a promising legal talent.

There is only one end for slave traders, Solicitor. I'm placing you under arrest.

I warn you, Lieutenant...

I've had enough of your warnings, sir. Gag him Sergeant. Take him to prison under escort.


No wait! This is some sort of trick, you fool. If the Colonel hears of this you'll be lucky to end up as a band master.

Take him away, Sergeant.

Come on, you traitorous dog.


You men follow me.

Well goodbye, Doctor.



Wait. Algy, why did you do it?

A chance to put paid to a villain, ma'am.

It wasn't just that, was it?

Not quite, ma'am.

Thank you, Algy.


Well, I wouldn't linger here if I were you. These moors, you know, they're still scouring them for rebels.




One thing I don't understand - where those contracts went?

I've no idea.

Well, how did they get there?

You old fraud. Come on. We must go.

What about Jamie? We can't leave him here.

True. His ship's sailed.

What will you do?

Oh, I'll be all right. They won't catch me.

Did you hear that! They'll catch us all if we don't move fast.

Doctor, can we take him with us?

If he teaches me to play the bagpipes.

If you want, Doctor.

That's all we need. Come on.

Come on, Jamie.

But where are we going?

You'll see.