Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 36 - Johnny Ringo - full transcript

Earp comes to Steven's rescue and arrests Phineas Clanton, prompting the Clantons to decide to enlist the help of Johnny Ringo.

Subtitles by BeKh4t

Holliday is still in there!

Get out of the Street Clanton,
Holliday's my prisoner!

Well that's too bad, 'cause if he's ain't out of there in
two minutes his friend Regret is gonna swing in his place!

You've a good chance of swingin',

It's your last chance to hide;

And your last chance at singin'

'Til ...

Holliday is still in there!

... Holliday's my prisoner!

I really think I must go out there.

Appreciate yer feelings
Doc, but I can't let ya.

But I might be able to convince them that I'm not Doc
Holliday! I can't just sit here and allow them to hang Steven!

Keep 'em talkin' Bat. I'm gonna
try and work round behind 'em.


But what can I do?

You can stay out o'sight! Lay
'im out Bat if he tries anythin'.

Oh this is insufferable!

Hey, you heard what Wyatt said!
Now just shut up and be quiet!

Very well, under protest!

Time's about up
Holliday, you comin' out?

You're asking for it Clanton!


Oh dear-dear what on Earth is that Mr
Werp doing? He's leaving things too late!

Never been known to do that Mister.

He's no right to take chances with Steven's
life! May... those men mean what they say!

If they didn't do you think Wyatt'd
be risking his neck out there?

He's not risking his neck,
now I really must go out there.

Yeah, well I know how you feel friend, but if
you don' quit hoppin' about like a jackrabbit...

I'm gonna have to lay you
out so cold you'll freeze!

Oh, phoo!

You're wearing a badge
Marshall, iff'n you weren't...


...'N if you didn't happen to
be caught in the crossfire Billy.

You 'ave all gotta get outta
there sometime, And when you do...

Go on home! Necktie party's over!

Go on, get off the Street all of ya!

Alls have to do is talk big and look
foolish Clanton, now get off the street.

Not without Phin'.

He ain't available right now.


He's under arrest.

You've got no right Marshall!

Attempted hangin'? I'd
say I'd every right.

Mr Clanton! Mr Clanton!

Stay outta this Charlie!

Mr Clanton, that ain't Doc Holliday that's being held
in there! It's like the old guy kept tryin' to tell ya!

I said stay outta this Charlie!

I'm sorry Mr Earp, but I figure
it'd save you all a deal a trouble.

What makes you think it ain't him?

Well on account of Doc
Holliday just bein' in the bar!

You're drunk!

Boy, that's all we needed...

Iff'n I'm drunk your friend Seth
Harper's still alive... Which he ain't.

What's that you say?

Holliday shot 'im clean as a
whistle. Fastest thing I ever saw.

Iff'n you're lyin'
Charlie so help me God...

Why should I lie Mr Clanton? I just want
to stop you boys gettin' up against the law.

You knew that old guy in
there weren't Holliday!

This just about does it Earp!

Try callin' me Marshall
and rememberin' it too!

Well Marshall, you got an answer?

I don't need to answer to you, I'll answer to the committee
if need be. Now get back to the ranch while you can still ride!

I don't take no orders from you!

Leave it Billy. Earp won't be givin'
any orders once Pa gets through with him.

He'll lose that star so fast it'll
burn a hole in his coat! Come on Billy!

We'll be seein' ya, Earp.

My pleasure. Boy, you maybe don't
realise just how close that was?

Well, for what we did not receive may
the good lord make us truly thankful.


And now, shall we take this sinner
to the abode of the unrighteous?


So pick him up gentle

And carry him slow,

He's gone kind of mental

Under Earp's heavy blow.

Well I reckon he'll live but he
ain't gonna enjoy it for a while.

Was it necessary for Mr
Werp to hit him so hard?

Now then Doctor, it wasn't your neck in the noose
just now. I for one am very grateful Mr Wer...Earp.

Oh, hah, my pleasure boy.

We shan't be here to see the outcome.
Tomorrow we're leaving. Goodbye Mr Werp.

Oh ah, goodbye Doc. Can't say I'm sorry.

Get me Johnny Ringo, get 'im quick!

But Pa, Ringo rides alone, you know
that. he mightn't wanna join up with us.

What was I paying Harper?

A hundred dollars.

Well offer Ringo five hundred.

Oh come on Pa, nobody's worth that!

Not worth it? If I had the sons who could do the job
without gettin' all fouled up I wouldn't have to pay 'im,

but as of now I need a top gun.

Listen Pa, when the citizens hear
what we've got on Earp, they...

The citizens committee, pack
of feeble minded old women.

Think they're gonna run him out
office and gun on what you tell 'em?

Come on!

We'll get Holliday,
Pa, all we need is time!

All you need is guts boy!

And all I need is Johnny Ringo, so find out
where he's at and get 'im on at up at the ranch!

Okay Pa.


Yes, Dodo. Well my boy...

Presumably she spent the
evening in her room. Hm-hm!

Oh... Pardon me, but er, are you alludin'
to your friend, ah...Miss Dodo Dupont?

Of course, of course.

Well I'm sorry folks but, er,
she ain't in her room no more.

Why, whatever for?

Well, on account she
checked out a while back.

Checked out, but...

She lid out after the killin' with Doc Holliday; was with
him when he shot Seth Harper. Right where you're standin'.

What, she was with Holliday?

Surely was. Him, her'n Kate lid out
together, friendly as you please.

Yeah, but... Look, surely she
left a message or something?

Now Mister, iff'n you're involved in a
killin' you don't leave no messages, you git.

Well we've gotta find!

Well friend, you wanna find
her, you find Doc Holliday.

Now don't be ridiculous; Doc
Holliday's a great friend of mine.

He gave me a gun, he extracted my tooth.
Good gracious me what more do you want?!

Come along boy. Come along, come along!

Tch! Doctor, he's a gunman..!

His next extraction's gonna be a bullet.

It's your last chance of boozing

Where there's no-one to mind,

It's your last chance of losing

And the first place you find.

I reckon this'll do us for the night, Kate. There's a bar
right across the street 'n a gamblin' saloon real close...

Doc, we're ain't enough out of Tombstone. We
could have ridden thirty, forty miles b'morn'.

There ain't no sense in riding too far when we
may have to go back again real soon. Come on Kate.

Ah, but Doc...

Come on with you!

Back to Tombstone! You wanna
get yourself killed, is that it?

I ain't arguing with ya. Look all I want is to get
myself a drink. Look, I told Wyatt I'd stay close.

Yeah, and Wyatt just got
through drivin' ya out, remember?

Hey, he'll be wantin' me back again
soon as the real trouble starts.

Real trouble?!

Now look Kate, there's only him
and Masterson ta handle things

if old man Clanton decides to throw
anything against 'em and I gotta get back.

I've got to get back too remember!

Sure, I promised the little lady that
I'd see her back he-home with her friends.

Now Kate, you know that a gentleman
has to take account of these things.

Right now I'm going to rustle
up some food for us all.

Hah, him and his promises!

Nice to find someone
who keeps their word.

It's all he ever kept in his life
honey. Lost everythin' else he ever had.

Not again!

It's alright ladies, it's alright. I just ran
into an old friend and he kinda lost his appetite.

It's your last chance of earning

Your gunfighters fee;

The pay is in Dollars,

But the bullets are free.

It's your last chance of cussing

At a gunfighters doom;

It's your last chance of nothin'

It's the Last Chance Saloon!

Sorry stranger, the bar is closed.

Is that so?

You can just open it up again.

Now see here...

Ringo... Johnny Ringo.

Shut up! Gimme a drink.

Yes sir Mr Ringo. What'll it be sir?

Double straight.

Hey, how come you know my name?

I guess everybody... I mean,
I sure enough heard about you.

What have you heard?


Nothin' sir, nothin' at all.

So what's your name?

Charlie sir.

Charlie eh? So you've
heard nothing about me?

No, no I ain't.

Ain't very flattering is it?

I guess not...I mean...well
what I was meaning was...

Go on, go on Charlie...

I heard somethin' about you this evenin' as a matter
o' fact. A couple o' boys was askin' after you.


Two of the Clantons.
Ike and...Billy it was.

And what was they askin'?

Well they said to try and git word to you as their Pa would pay
you five hundred if you'd throw in wi' them agin' Wyatt Earp.

I've got business of my own to settle
first. Personal business with Doc Holliday.

Why now Mr Ringo, excuse me and it
ain't strictly none of my business,

but I reckon that'll suit them just fine.
Cause they're a-laying for Holliday too!

Is that so? Then here's
something else you can tell 'em;

Holliday is mine! I trailed him clear
away from Fort Griffin, understand?

Yeah, sure Mr Ringo.

Oh give it here! I'll do the pouring.
You sure got the shakes real bad.

It's on the house sir.

I never figured different.

I can't wait to see Wyatt Earp's face
when he hears you're going against him.

Plannin' on tellin' him?

Why no Mr Ringo. I was only sayin'...

Charlie, Charlie... You say too much !

I... won't say nothin' to nobody!

Now ain't that just
the truth. Hey Charlie?

Goodnight Charlie.

So it's curtains for Charlie,

That barman of fame.

He met Johnny Ringo

And he knew Johnny's name;

He knew Johnny's name

And he spoke it out loud.

Now Charlie the barman

Has gotten a shroud.

You ready to leave?

I'm ready to jump like a mountain hare,
you come bursting in here like that Missy.

You did say that you were taking
me back to my friends today.

Yeah, today... Or the day after...

You promised!

I promised to take you back safe home
and I will do so in my own good time!

We're leaving now.

What're you attempting to do
with that there offensive weapon?

Shoot you if I have to.

Now how'd you reckon to get
back to Tombstone without me?

I shall try not to kill you.
I shall aim for your arm.

That's real thoughtful just at the moment
you're aiming right between my eyes.

Oh I'm sorry...

Is that better?

It's an improvement.

Right, now take me back to Tombstone.

Ah, seems like I ain't
got no alternative.

No Doctor Holliday, I
don't believe you have.

Then I promise on my oath as a gentleman of Georgia
that I will take you back to Tombstone by nightfall.

Oh thank goodness for that.

Would you mind getting me a glass
of water? I feel rather faint.

Now what in Hades goes on here?

Ah, the young lady and I have to go
right back to Tombstone right away.

Oh, and what about me?

You stay right here and I'll
come right back and get you.

Now see here Doc Holliday you
ain't plannin' on runnin' out..!

Now Kate, for the first time in my life I
have just been taken, beaten to the draw.

Oh I honestly didn't
want to have to shoot you.

And I didn't want to
have to shoot you neither.

He knew Johnny's name

And he spoke it out loud.

Now Charlie the barman

Has gotten a shroud.

Well as soon as we've had breakfast my boy, I must check up
with Mr Werp and ask him if he knows where they've all gone.


Doctor, look!

High livin' and hard
liquor. It don't pay.

Yeah, but he's been shot!

Is that so?

Here's something towards
your funeral, friend.

...excuse me sir, but I think under the circumstances
you'd better remain here until Mr Werp arrives.

Are you aimin' ah, to make me?

Ah, no, no.

The only man in the territory low enough
to kill an unarmed barman is Doc Holliday.

Hey wait a minute y...

You know Holliday?

And what's that to you?

Well we must find him.

Why is that?

You see, a young lady of
our acquaintance is with him.

And what are you going
to do when you find 'im?

I...w-well we'll take her away from
'im and bring her back here of course.

Plannin' on gunnin' him down, eh?

Ooh certainly not sir, certainly not! I mean
we're just going to.. well... Reason with him.

Now that I'd really like to see!

Do you know who that is?


That's Johnny Ringo!

What that?


Say, boy.


See'n as you'n me's got common cause gettin' Doc
Holliday, supposin' I was to let you ride with me?

Well, you know where he is?

Reckon I do.

Well, we'd be...mighty grateful.

I'm sure you would...Pop!

There's just one thing. If you get between me and
him boy, don't go looking for me to hold my fire.

I'd blast you down
as soon as spit at ya!


Disgusting habit!

So brother Morgan can't make it?

T'ain't for me to tell ya; got himself
mixed up in a range war, Albany way.

Any word from Virgil?


Could be anywhere
between here and Montana.

One way and another seems lucky you've got me around,
and Morgan's been teachin' me how ta handle a gun

Oh... Not at your age my lad, and
not against these dirty Clantons.

How long're you all figurin'
on k-k.. keepin' me here?

Just as long as it takes
'til the Judge hits town.

Well when the Judge hears about you protectin'
Doc Holliday just you see what happens!

Did I... did I hear the
name Doc Holliday mentioned?

Ya sure did!

Yes, well I've got news of him.

Well I thought you'd left town.

Oh, Dodo you see... I mean, Miss Dupont has gone off with
him. And young Steven is following up and I've got to wait.

You mean Regret has gone
after Holliday alone?

No-no my dear Marshall, no. She's gone
with a young man by the name of Ringo.



Yes-yes... you've got a
photograph of him here, look.

That's all we needed! Boy the hosts of
Midian are sure on the prowl tonight!

Why, is he a friend of the Clanton's?

Ringo is a friend of nobody. Professional
gunfighter, sells hisself to the highest bidder.

Yeah, and I reckon I
know who that'll be.

Better let me outta here
while there's still time Earp!

Ohh shut up!

One more thing. I have
to report a murder.


Yes, the barman at the Last Chance. I
believe his name is Charlie isn't it?


Who in thunder'd wanna kill Charlie?

Hoh, that Ringo sure works fast!

Well, what of it lad? Guess I'm gonna
left...have to leave you in charge after all, hah?

C'mon Bat, lets get out
to that Last Chance Saloon

Are you going to be alright?

Look. What makes you think we're
gonna find him in this town?

On account it's the only one
since Tombstone. Doc'll be thirsty.

Well, how're we gonna find 'im?

Well I'll take this
side, you take the other.


Try at the saloon, ha?

Hey wait! How'm I gonna know 'im?

You'll know 'im boy, you'll know 'im

Yeah right, I'll... see you back here


Johnny Ringo has found her;

Johnny Ringo's found Kate

The gunslinger's got her,

Now what is her fate?

Johnny Ringo has seen her,

She's coming his way;

Johnny Ringo and Katie

Were lovers, they say.

Good evening Kate. Well
ain't you glad to see me!


Well ain't you?

Well...just kinda surprised that's all.

Yeah, I'll bet. I heard you was gonna be hitched to Doc Holliday
so I just came to congratulate you. You and the bridegroom both.

Oh, he ain't no
bridegroom a mine Johnny.

That ain't what I heard.

Oh but it's true! He...ran out
on me soon as we left Tombstone.

Now why would he do a fool thing
like that, pretty girl like you?

Oh I... I guess he found
him a prettier one, Johnny.

Regret's girl?


So where's he takin' her?

They was headed for New Mexico.

New Mexico...

Now Johnny, would I lie to you?

Well I guess he'll just have to wait
'til I finish this job here in Tombstone.

What job?

You'll find out when we get there.

When we get there?

Kate, I've followed you for nigh on two years
figurin' out what I should do to you when I caught up.

Holliday was gonna be first, but
'ccording to you he's in New Mexico,

but you're right here.
You're coming back to me Kate.

Oh well, thank ya kindly Johnny, but
just supposin' I don't wish ta come back?!

You'd better that's all; I
could mebbe change my mind...


Don't push your luck Kate, just go and get your things.
While I tell Regret that there's been a change of plan. Git!

K-kinda young for
responsibility ain't you boy?

Talkin 'to me?

Can't think who else.

You're wastin' your time
Clanton, save it for the Judge.

So you're Wyatt Earp's k-kid brother?

How come he's lettin' you
do all the work around here?

Now I got brothers; only they wouldn't leave
me to face things all on my lonesome, no sir.

Seems to me Clanton that's
exactly what they are doin'

I wouldn't say so boy,
take a look behind you.

I got no time to play games
Clanton why don't you just shut up.

Ok-kay, but if'n I was you I'd
take a look behind me just the same.

Don't try it friend.

Where's the head man around here?

Why, this is him Ike! Don't you recognise
one of the fightin' Earps when you see one?

Ah, they get greener every year.

D-don't k-kid around Ike. Masters-s'll
be back soon, get me outta here

Where're the keys Earp?

Over...over on the desk

Go get 'em, and fast


Now that fixed it! They'll all
be back here, get me outta here!

Get the keys Billy, make it
fast. Come on let's go, let's go

That's just what I was needing!

It's curtains for Warren

They gunned the kid down

And them bad, cruel outlaws

Are heading for town...