Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 29 - The Bomb - full transcript

The Monoids abandon the Ark, leaving Steven and the Guardians to die, but a mutiny in their ranks may give the Doctor a chance to bring about peace.


MONOID ONE: Two, are you there?
Two, answer me.

DODO: Doctor, what'll we do now?

Nothing, my dear.

We shall just have to wait
until the next party lands.

Well, what if they don't come?

What if they decide to find
another planet?

Well, in that case,
we shall just have to stay here. Hmm?

MONOID THREE: What has happened?

Why does Two no longer
give us his report?

MONOID ONE: I don't know.

It could mean a simple break
in communications

or that he was attacked!

But his report of conditions
on the planet Refusis

started favourably.


Then what do we do, One?

We will proceed with our plans.

We will prepare ourselves
for the main landings.

One has spoken.

Get the launchers ready
and prepare the Monoid population trays

for the journey.

MONOID FOUR: The leader has said that
we must go, but supposing he is wrong?

We still don't know
what Refusis is like.

At last, a new planet of our own

where we can establish
our own way of life.

Yes, One.

But a word of warning.

What's that?

Four is beginning to question
the wisdom of your leadership.

(CHUCKLES) Don't worry.

At the slightest sign of opposition,
we can easily get rid of him.

As easily as we will this spaceship
once we have left it.


the final answer, which is locked
in the head of that statue.


We are, as you know,
concerned about the arrival of the Ark

and what it will mean to this planet.

Yes, yes, I can quite understand that.

That is why you destroyed the launcher?

REFUSIAN: Here we've always
known peace, never war or conflict.

You're not the only ones like that.

The Guardians, you know,
the humans who travel in the spaceship,

they used to have your ideas, too.

Yes, that's true, my dear,
but you mustn't think they were perfect.

Oh, no.

Sometimes they were extremely intolerant
and selfish.

REFUSIAN: Is that why they were
conquered by the Monoids?

-Yes, I know.

But there are some of them left
who wouldn't mind rising up

against the Monoids
and trying to do better.

REFUSIAN: Then we will allow them
time to make their attempt.

We will wait for the passing
of one day before we think in terms

of employing defensive measures.

Yes. One day. Thank you.

-Now, it's up to Steven and the others.
-Quite so, my dear. Quite so.

The Monoids are up to something.

They're rushing about
all over the place.

Do you think they're preparing
to leave the Ark?


Look, isn't there a way
to get out of this kitchen?

None. The walls are thick and the doors
only open from the outside.

-Well, who opens it?
-Well, they do.

Sometimes one of the subject Guardians.
Maharis, for instance.

-Then we must get him to help us.
-He won't. He's too frightened.

All right.

Then we'll have to use his help
without his knowing it.

MONOID THREE: Be careful.

Remember, each tray contains
a thousand Monoids,

thoughtfully preserved as micro-cells
by your ancestors.

They must reach their new life
on Refusis safely.

Everything is proceeding
according to plan, One.

We must have...

-Thank you, Maharis. That is all.
-Yes. One.

Stupid, trusting creature.

He and all the other subject Guardians
are still under the illusion

that they will be coming
with us to Refusis.

They are a blind people.
They deserve their fate.

Yes. What were you going to say?

I was reporting that the preparation
of the launchers

is proceeding satisfactorily.

Good. Then we shall leave shortly.

Maharis, what's the news from outside?

The Monoids are preparing to leave.

-And you still think they'll take you?
-Why not?

We could serve them on Refusis
as well as here.

Just a moment. Where's Dassuk?



I don't think he saw me,
but we haven't much time.

-What first?
-Well, we agreed.

First we've got to find that bomb
that the Monoids left behind.

MONOID FOUR: The moment we land,

then we decide
whether One is to stay our leader.

If Refusis is dangerous,

we must return to the Ark
before it is destroyed.

MONOID THREE: There is still no contact
from Two on Refusis, One.

Never mind that.
We will now go there ourselves.

Give the signal.


-What's that?
-The main landings order.

So they're not going to wait any longer.

MONOID THREE: What about the bomb?

MONOID ONE: It is set. It is timed
to explode in 12 hours from now.

Steven was right.

The Monoids have all gone.
Every one of them!

What now?

Just find that bomb.

We've got to find a way
of getting back to Refusis.

Everything seems to be quiet.

And from this moment on,
this planet is ours!


There is the reason why Two failed
to complete his message to us.

MONOID ONE: A reason and a warning.

We must find who destroyed
that launcher

and then destroy them!

MONOID FOUR: One made a mistake
in bringing us here.

We will have to wait for our chance,
then challenge him

and return to the Ark.

There is still time
before it is destroyed

by that bomb that has been left behind.

Come. We must not let One
and the others get out of our sight.


It could be anywhere. In the corridors,

in the jungle over there,
in the cultivated lands.

-We'll find it. We must!
-What's that?

It's one of the launchers trying
to make contact.

We are in contact. Who is that?

This is Refusis
contacting spaceship Ark.

It's the Doctor.
Hello, Doctor, this is Steven.

Oh, thank heavens, Steven, my boy.
You're safe. Now, listen.

The Ark is about to blow up!

We know that.

-Do you know where the bomb is?
-No, I do not.

But I'm going to find out
from the Monoids.

In the meantime, I'll send back
some of the launchers to the Ark.

Now, continue with the search!

All right, you heard what he said.
Let's get started.

But Doctor, how are you going
to talk to the Monoids?

And how are you going to
send the launchers back to the Ark?

REFUSIAN: Yes, Doctor, how?

Oh, I'm glad you heard that.

You know, these launchers are simple
to operate

and I would like to suggest, my friend,
that you fly them back to the Ark.


The Monoids won't know
who's taking them.

And as for me talking to them,
or speaking to them, as you say,

well, the problem's quite simple.

REFUSIAN: Very well.
We will do as you suggest.

Thank you.

Ah, so we meet again.
Welcome to Refusis. (CHUCKLES)

MONOID THREE: Don't kill them.
One will want to question them.

You will come with us.

Delighted, delighted.

Who is it that travels in that launcher?

We have seen no one
since we have been here.

Well, to tell the truth,
neither have we.

-Have you checked this?
-What's the use? There's nothing there.

Look, there's no point
standing around moping

just because the Monoids promised
you something and then failed you.

You've got to do something
to save yourself.

I believed in them!

-Steven, come quickly.
-Why? What's happened?

One of the launchers has returned
from Refusis.


-Look at what? It's empty.
-I know.

And it was empty
when we opened the door.


Doctor, where are the Refusians?

I don't know. I haven't seen one.

MONOID ONE: You stepped out of
the launcher,

a moment later it was flown away.

It must have been manned by someone.

I must find the answer.

MONOID THREE: Do you think
they will talk, One?

If they don't, they will die.

MONOID FOUR: Perhaps. But it would seem
that we will die as well.

Do you seek to challenge me, Four?

You have led us to this planet
and placed us all in danger.

If that is the way you feel,
then return to the Ark.

We will.

Only there we have to face the danger
that you created. The fission device.


Leaving you with but one problem,
that of getting rid of it.

But since it is inside the statue,

and the statue itself is so heavy,

I think that you will find
the problem of disposal is not so easy.

MONOID FOUR: Those of you that wish
to stay in this world of the unknown

will side with One.

But those who care for the future
of the Monoids must come with me.

-Will you let them go?

We'll destroy them in the open

and we will deal with you
and the Refusians later.

Thank you. That's very kind of you.

Well, I think we should split up.

Some of us should go back to Refusis
to help the Doctor and Dodo,

whilst the rest stay here
and try to deal with that bomb.

-Yes, that's a good idea.
-Is it?

Why should any of us stay
and risk being blown up?

Because the Earth's population trays,

everything else
that represents Earth life,

all these things have to be taken
to Refusis later.

Steven's right.

That's why our forefathers
started this voyage

through space in the first place,
700 years ago.

But we're alive.

Why should any of us die for an idea
that they thought of?

You've served too long
with the Monoids, Maharis.

You no longer belong to us.
Let him go with the landing party.

Yes, all right.

Dassuk, you take the launcher.
Go with him, Maharis.

And you two.

Contact the Doctor as soon as you can.

I'll stay here.

All right.

-What about you, Venussa?
-I'll stay, too.


-You could have gone with them.
-They don't need me.

You don't know the Ark. You'll need me
to help you find the bomb.

Let's try behind that central scan.

MONOID ONE: Stay where you are.

MONOID FOUR: What is the meaning
of this? We are going back to the Ark.

-That is now against my orders.
-Your orders?

You have given too many
and delivered them unwisely.

Now they mean nothing to us.

MONOID ONE: You have had
my last warning. Do as I say.






-Maharis, where are you going?

Better make sure everything's
all right first.



MONOID FOUR: Over there.



Come on, while the Monoids are fighting.

Master, One needs your help down there.

-Are you safe?
-Of course we are!

What is more important,
is the Ark still all right?

So far, but they haven't found
the bomb yet.

We have found the bomb.
We must warn them immediately.

-Come along.
-But what about the Monoids?

The way they were fighting,
there won't be many of them left.

Splendid! Come along.



To the launcher!

Now, you fly us back to the Ark.
Meanwhile, I'll contact Steven.

It's up there,
in the head of that thing.

The statue?

But how are we going to move it?
It's so heavy.

Well, you must have some lifting gear.

We only need to get it
into one of the launching bays.

We've nothing that can handle
anything like that.

REFUSIAN: I think I can help you.

Clear this main deck.

It's moving!

Yes, well, let's hope the movement
doesn't set it off.

He's moving it
as if it meant nothing at all.

Now it's in the launching bay.
We can do the rest.

REFUSIAN: It is ready for firing.

Do you think you'll be able to get
everything down onto Refusis now?

We'll manage,
especially if the Refusians help us.

REFUSIAN: We'll do everything we can
to assist you in settling on our planet.

Thank you.

REFUSIAN: But one thing
you must do.

VENUSSA: What's that?
REFUSIAN: Make peace with the Monoids.

DOCTOR: He's right.

A long time ago,
your ancestors accepted responsibility

for the welfare of these Monoids.

They were treated like slaves.

So no wonder when they got the chance
they repaid you in kind.

REFUSIAN: Unless you learn
to live together,

there is no future for you on Refusis.

We understand.

Yes, you must travel with understanding
as well as hope.

You know, I once said that to one
of your ancestors a long time ago. Hmm.

However, we must be going. Goodbye.


-Do you think we'll ever see them again?

But if we don't, then our children will,
or our children's children.

If we were to tell them the story,
do you think they'd believe us,

or would they just dismiss it
as a legend?

We'll make them believe it.



-We're landing now, Doctor.

That means the gravitational bearing
must have rectified itself.

Hey, look at this!

Isn't it fab?

Yes. Hmm. Very nice.


-Bless you.
-Oh, Doctor,

don't say you're catching a cold now.

Doctor? Well, where are you?

What do you mean, dear boy?
I'm still here, hmm?


-Doctor, you've vanished!

-Oh, nonsense, child. Nonsense!
-You have.

Do you think this is something to do
with the Refusians?

-Why, it must be.
-You're wrong.

This is something far more serious.

We're in grave danger.

This is some form of attack!