Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 17 - Volcano - full transcript

The Daleks realise the Doctor has given them a fake Taranium Core while, on the planet Tigus, the Doctor encounters the Meddling Monk.

Inform the Dalek Supreme that the

Time Destructor is ready for testing.

Are all circuits operational?

Yes, the Taranium core has been fitted.

Having had your contribution
to this great weapon stolen

it must be a relief to you now that the

Daleks have managed to recover it.

Without my help, it is unlikely
that they'd have got it back.

At least that absurd
story that it was my people

from Trantis who stole the
Taranium has been discredited.

Yes; they were from Earth, I believe.

Only two of them: and they
are under the influence

of some creature from another galaxy.

He looked like an Earth creature.

That's only a disguise.

The Daleks know of him.

He is some kind of time
and space traveller.

Then he is nothing to do with me.

We have not yet conquered
the dimension of time.

I hear your experiments in that
field are progressing, Trantis.

We have not yet succeeded.

Only the Daleks know how
to break the time barrier.

And this other creature,
from wherever he comes?

Oh he's of no importance now.

After all, we're here to witness the
testing of the Time Destructor, are we not?

All is ready?

It is.

Program it for testing.

All that is needed is a subject.

The subject has been selected.

What do you mean, you don't know?

My dear, this machine can only
tell us we're being followed.

Not who by.

It must be the Daleks.

Yes, a hasty conclusion,
but possibly right.

Although I don't
understand how they could

have tested that Taranium so quickly.

We must get back to the planet Kembel.

Oh, nonsense, my dear.

We must. We've got to destroy
the Daleks' invasion fleet.

I wonder why they chose him.

It was his own choice really.

What do you mean?

He was so eager to make
a contribution to the

Time Destructor that they've
let him make one. His life.

Prepare to activate the Time Destructor.

Are the other two creatures to
be present at the destruction?

Yes, their greed for power is so
great that they can be trusted.

Activate the machine.

I obey.

So, that's what's supposed to happen.

A kind of abject insanity.

I do not know, though I always thought

Trantis was a little unstable anyway.

Nothing's happening to him.

The Time Destructor does not work.

But that's impossible.
It must work. It must.

The destructor is having no effect.

The mechanism is functioning perfectly.

The fault is in the Taranium.

The Taranium core has failed.

It can't be true; there
must be some mistake.

The Daleks do not make mistakes.

You have lied to us, you have
not given us the Taranium.

Why should I lie?

I can only benefit from
my alliance with you.

I brought you Taranium,
the real Taranium.

The core is worthless.

No, no it can't be.

It came from Uranus, I know it did.

We fitted the core you gave us.

It has failed to activate
the Time Destructor

therefore it is not Taranium.

It was the old man,
that time-traveller.


He must have changed it.

But it was you who said that what

he gave you was the Taranium core.

I know, but I didn't check. How could I?

The old man fooled us.

The Daleks should have
checked before they fitted it

before they let the old man go.

Report to Skaro.

They must send a time
machine to us immediately.

I obey.

You will both wait here.

But this is nothing to do with me.

I was invited as an observer.

Very well, you can
return to your section.

You, Mavic Chen, will wait here
for the arrival of the time machine.


What about the subject?

The subject?

Exterminate him.

It's still following us.

Yes, yes.

When are we going to land?

Pretty soon, my dear, pretty soon.

And I thought you knew
what you were doing.

know full well what I'm doing,
child, now don't get so excited.

They're getting closer,
Doctor. Hmm, yes, I see.

Yes, I must do something drastic.

What are you doing?

Landing, my dear.

That's what you wanted, wasn't it?

Well, the English batsmen are really

fighting against the clock now, Scott.

My word, yes.

Seventy eight runs in
forty five minutes to win.

It really has been an exciting
game, hasn't it, Scott?

Very exciting.

Well, let's have a look at
the scoreboard, shall we?

Now, you'll see...

Goodness me, take a look at that, Scott.

Take a look at what, Trev?

There's a Police
Telephone Box on the pitch.

My word, yes.

Well this really is extraordinary.

You don't remember anything like
this happening before, do you, Scott?


Well, anyway

Ross is looking through
the record books and if

there has been anything like it
before, I'm sure he'll find it for us.

You know, Trev, this puts
a new light on the game.

What light's that, Scott?

Well, I know your ground
staff are excellent

but even assuming they get
rid of it in say, ten minutes

England will still have to get
their seventy eight runs in...

thirty-five minutes.

Yes; yes well I think we can safely say

this has been a very
bad break for England.

A very bad break.

Especially as the weather's
been holding off so well.

Yes it has, hasn't it.

Been holding off remarkably well.

Well, let's have another look
at the scoreboard shall we

although not very much has
been happening these last few...

It's making a funny noise.

What's that, Scott?

A funny noise coming
from the Police Box.

It's gone again, Trev.

Yes, so it has. Well that
wasn't too bad was it, Scott?

Two and a half minutes, I make it, Trev.

Yes, well there's the position.

England wanting seventy eight runs in
forty two and a half minutes to win.

Yes, it's definitely
some sporting occasion.

Oh, I hardly think so, Doctor.

Was it on Earth, do you think?

Oh, possibly, my dear fellow, possibly.

Yes, well, wherever it was,
there's still someone on our tail.

Hey, look at this.

Yes, my plan hasn't worked.

It's following us closely.

Your order has been carried out.

The time machine is ready
to commence operations.


Organise a task force for the
pursuit of the time-travellers.

I obey.

Ascertain their position
on the space-time scope.

I obey.

Mavic Chen, you will
accompany the task force.

You will ensure that the Taranium
core is returned to Kembel.

Of course, I shall do
everything in my power.

If you fail, or if we find
that you have deceived us

you will suffer the same
fate as the time-travellers


Where are we, Doctor
- do you know?

It doesn't look very pleasant, does it?

No, we must take off quite soon.

It's stopped.

What does that mean, Doctor?

Have we shaken it off?

No, my boy, we haven't shaken them off.

Whoever it was following us has
landed, they've landed out there.

You know, Doctor, it would help

if we knew what we were looking for.

I still say it was
madness to come out here.

We should have taken off again
- or tried to get back to Kembel.

My dear young girl, what
good would it be to run away.

The sooner we find who's
pursuing us the better.

- hey, this is hot.

Yes, well I can well imagine that.

This is a new planet, my boy

it's cooling down, cooling down.

Fascinating, yes extremely fascinating.

I wonder; I wonder who would take the
time and trouble to follow us, hmmmm?

Yes, I think there is an
explanation, but unlikely.

Possible, very possible.

Hello there. Hello.

Don't you think we should
meet and talk it over, hmm?

Doctor, who are we waiting for?

Oh, you'll see, my boy, you'll see.

Oh come on, tell us, otherwise you'll

say you were right whoever we meet.

You lack one quality
of all the others my boy

and that is patience.

Doctor, look!

Ah, tch, tch, tch; my dear Monk.

Don't be so ridiculous.
Put that down at once.

Well, hello Doctor. Keeping well?

Oh, no complaints, no.

And you?

Oh, so so, you know, just so so.

Who is it?

Delighted to see you again, young man.

Thanks. I wish I could
say the same for you.

I suppose congratulations for
your escape are quite in order.

Oh thank you. Most kind of you Doctor.

Yes, it took a bit of
time, but I finally managed

to by-pass the dimensional controller.

Yes, a very... a very
interesting solution.

Yes, I'm sure.

Though I think it would make
for rather an uncomfortable ride.

However, I don't suppose it affected
you very much, being an amateur.

Yes, it was rather uncomfortable.

But then, we can't
have everything, can we.

And as for being an
amateur, we shall see.

Anyway, it was better than 1066.

Yes, I suppose so.

What's he talking about, 1066?

It's alright.

We've met the Monk once before.

I'll explain later.

And you returned here for one
obvious reason, did you not?

I'm afraid so, Doctor.

Revenge is a strange thing, isn't it?

Yes, yes, quite, quite.

Tell me, any plans?

Ho, ho.

And all carried out as well. Doctor,
you remember you left me in 1066?

Now I've marooned you on
the planet Tigus, look.

Oh, it's funny this.

Forgive me laughing, Doctor, but I
don't seem to be able to control it.

Well, goodbye, Doctor.

Perhaps I'll come back
one day and rescue you.

Hey, wait a minute.

Don't waste your breath, young man.

The most important thing is, is to
find out what he's done to the TARDIS.

He probably used some kind of ray.

What does that mean?

That means we cannot get
back into the TARDIS, child.

Oh, you will achieve
nothing, dear boy, nothing.

Yes, perhaps. But it's better
than just accepting everything.

Yes, like I am, I suppose?

Well, you haven't been taking
much interest, have you, Doctor?

Oh, and why not, dear boy?

Why not?

Because I am using my brain,
I'm trying to solve this problem.

Now just stand back, and
cover your eyes, please.

What does that do?

Perhaps nothing, perhaps everything.

Will you do as you're told at once, cover your eyes
- please.

It hasn't worked.

Wait a moment, child.

Now try.

You're a genius, Doctor.

- I know, my boy, I know.

Oh, no, no. Don't think I'm
going to leave it at this.

You haven't heard the
last of me, Doctor.

You haven't heard the last of me!

If you ask me, we haven't
heard the last of that monk.

Quite so, dear boy.

He'll be on our trail again
as fast as he can get going.

Yes, but next time
we'll be expecting him.

Exactly, my dear, exactly.

Now, Steven, there's
something I want you to do.

Go to that indicator and let me know
the instant the Monk's TARDIS registers.

Yes, all right, but first
you tell us something.

How did you break that lock?

Oh, that's all very simple, dear boy.

You see, the sun in that particular
galaxy has very unusual powers.

I merely reflected its
powers through that ring.

Is there something special about it?

Yes, it has certain properties.

The combined forces of that sun
together with the stone in that ring

was sufficient enough to
correct the Monk's interference.

Yes, but what properties has it?

Now, I don't want to
discuss this any more.

About turn, and do as
you're told. Go along.

The task force is now aboard.

Commence countdown.

The enemy ship is preparing to land.

Compute their bearing
and advise task force.

Task force will use the homing beam.

Enemy ship located.

Space-time bearing;

planet Earth, London, 1966.

Well, you won't be able to carry
out your repairs here, Doctor.


It's some sort of celebration, isn't it?

I don't quite know.

You just listen, my dear. Listen.

It's Earth. I've seen that place before.

What do you think they're celebrating?

Well, as far as I can remember

I've seen them behave in a fashion
like that on a former occasion.

What was that?

The Relief of Mafeking.

Report to Skaro.

Our time machine is now in pursuit.

Nothing can match Dalek technology.

The universe shall be ours.

Conquest is assured.