Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 12 - Devil's Planet - full transcript

The Doctor and his friends escape Kembel in the Spar ship but the Daleks force them down on the planet Desperus, where they are threatened by a group of convicts.

Great One, don't leave us!

No! He said we had to...

No!Stop! You can't leave him!

He won't! We're going without him!

We're going into countdown!

What's that light?

It's the outer door!
It's not fully shut.

Quick, or we'll all be sucked out!

Hold countdown! It's the Doctor!

Get us off, Bret!

Get us off! Get us off!


Take off, man!

Stand by, everyone! Take off!

Oh! Oh!

This is rather a violent
acceleration, young man! Hmm!

Altitude: five sections.

Speed: Three thousand.

Vessel attained

gravitational escape velocity.

Cut in automatic trackers.

All is ready for their space extinction.

Do not destroy!

That vessel must not be destroyed!

Trackers operating.

Prepare neutronic randomiser.

Stand by randomiser.

The intruders must be caught alive!

Well done, Bret, well done.

You got us off very well.

Thanks. I thought you
weren't going to make it.

Of course I was. You're
far too pessimistic.

Now, where's that
little box of mine, hmm?

This one?


Ah, splendid, splendid.

The Daleks' plans are
utterly useless without this.

Why? What did you find
out at the Council meeting?

They've allied themselves with
the rulers of the outer galaxies...

to take over the Universe!


Yes, their first objective
being Earth and then...

the solar system.

Then we've got to warn Earth and fast!

But what about Mavic Chen?

Oh, he's one of them, my friend.

By sacrificing the Solar System,
he hopes to gain more power.

That's impossible!

Oh, no it isn't, no it isn't.

Therefore we must get
back to Earth before him.

But how can we return to
Earth? We've already left it.

Yes, I know, my dear, but
this is not Earth... as we...

think of it. It's
something very different.

What's the matter with this girl?

I mean, where's she from?

Oh, it's quite all right
- she helped us in Troy.

She doesn't really understand.



Well, come on, Doctor, what's
so special about that box?

Well, as I said before, my boy

the Daleks' plans are
utterly useless without this.

Then we've won!

No, no, no, no! Don't open it, please.

Why not?

It'll burn your eyes
- you'll go totally blind!

That is a full emm of Taranium!



That can only be found
on the planet Uranus.

A full measure would take years to mine!

Fifty years, to be
surprice... to be precise.

And Mavic Chen has given
this to the Daleks to

complete one of the most
evil weapons ever devised

their Time Destructor!

Representative Zephon!

You deny that your negligence

caused the loss of the Taranium Core?

Had the Daleks made full
security arrangements

the invaders would not
have reached this city.

Had the master of the Fifth
Galaxy been less arrogant

he would have gone
with me to the meeting.

Instead he preferred
to keep us all waiting.

I believe the intruders
came from the Solar System.

Did you see them?


Did they speak and tell you so?


Then your accusation is preposterous.

How was it the intruders
knew that the Taranium

was here and that it
was to be handed over

if they did not come
from the Solar System?

None of the others knew what it was

that representative Mavic
Chen was bringing here!

Have you nothing to say?

Oh, this is absurd.

Why should I arrange that fifty years be

spent secretly mining
to acquire this mineral

only to have it stolen?

The quest for power.

Perhaps you wanted to
use the Core for yourself!

How? Only the Daleks know how
to assemble the Time Destructor.

I only provided the vital ingredient
- the core.

I did not know about
the Core. How could I?

You knew about the intruders.

We all did.

You were going to deal
with them, or so you said.


It is agreed that you
are guilty of negligence.

If I go, the Masters of
Celation and Beaus go with me!

You threaten our unity?

I have nothing to say.

I will leave now.


Where is the ship?


It is approaching the influence
of the planet Desperus.

Prepare pursuit ships.

Stand by randomiser.

That is Taranium?

Yes, the rarest mineral in the universe.

Funny, It makes your eyes feel
strange even with these on.

It's like looking into
the sun for too long.

Oh, don't complain, young man.

You're a very privileged person.

Do you realise that very few people
have seen this in this universe, hmm?

All right, Doctor.

But now that we've got it,
what are we going to do with it?

Well, for the moment, nothing.

Well, that doesn't make sense.

I mean, you said
yourself that the Daleks

have the most dangerous
weapon ever devised.

We have the Taranium, so
for the moment we do nothing.

And by doing nothing, we do everything.

Do I make myself clear?

Come off it, Doctor. What's
all that supposed to mean?

Oh, my dear young man,
you ask so many questions.

Look at Katarina over there.

She doesn't ask questions
- she just looks and learns.

Now, why don't you try
the same thing, hmm?

You know, I find all this
extremely fascinating. Hmm!

It's a little primitive, of course,
but it's still very fascinating, hmm!

Look, Doctor, I'm sorry,
but can't we do anything?


Bret, can you find me something
to play a magnetic tape, hmm?

Yes, Doctor. Here.

Well, my dear fellow,
that's magnificent.

Huh, it's all so convenient, isn't it?

Now play that tape I gave you, before
I went to the Daleks' conference.

What tape's that?

Oh, I found a small
tape beside a skeleton

and it, er, might be
able to tell us something.

Er, Katarina, come over here, my child.

Now, have a look at another wonder.

Everything is so strange.

This isn't like your TARDIS.

No, my dear, no.

Yes, but Doctor, surely, I mean

the Daleks aren't going to leave a
tape around with their plans on it?

No, no, no!

Bret here was searching for someone

and the skeleton I found was humanoid.

Well, whoever it was may have
learned something that we haven't.

Marc Cory! You found him?

Well, Kert and I searched that
jungle but we could find no trace.

Oh, and did you search
that bearing twice, hmm?

How do you mean?

Well, it so happens
that that kind of jungle

is apt to lead you back to
the same place more than once.

Yes, but we were methodical, or as
methodical as the Daleks would...

Oh yes, no doubt you were,
and I suppose I was lucky!

Now play the tape.

Come along, come along,
stop all this talking!

This is Marc Cory, Special Security
Agent, reporting from the planet Kembel.

You've cracked it!

The Daleks are planning the
complete destruction of our galaxy.

Together with powers of the outer galaxies,
a war force is being assembled and...

That's all?

Poor Marc. He never got through.

But we must!

The Daleks will stop at
anything... to prevent us.

Ship now at closest
point to planet Desperus.

Operate Randomiser!

Yes, yes, you must find
someone you can trust.

Someone in a high enough
position that may be able to help.

Well, Karlton is the man in
charge of all Space Security.

But he's very close to Chen.

Yes, well, this chap Karlton, he may
be part of the plan with the Daleks.

It's possible...


Oh, Doctor, what's happened?

I think we're changing course.

The steering boosters won't fire!

I can't get her round.

Switch to manual control!

I can't... we're picking up speed!

You know, I believe
we're approaching the...

gravitational point of that planet.


Has it any kind of atmosphere, hmm?

Yes, but we can't get off there,
we'll never be able to get off again.

Why not? What's wrong with it?

Desperus is the penal
planet of the Solar System.

Well, if it's one of your prison planets

surely there are guards and
warders there to help us?

They're aren't any.

The only craft which stop there are
prison ships, bringing other criminals.

If we crash there, we'll be left there
to rot the rest of our lives away.

You must try to land softly somewhere.

I can't! This vessel
is out of my control!

Space vessel's
instruments now randomised.

On course for planet Desperus.

Impact in point six.

Remote control standing by.

Cut in remote control.

Now under Dalek control.

Reduce descent velocity.

Vessel must make soft landing.

I obey.

Pursuit ships to stand by.

A highly effective operation.

May I congratulate you?

Dalek technology is

the most advanced in the Universe.

You... still haven't
recovered the Taranium.

We shall.

It is strange that the intruders

took your space vessel.

Perhaps they were indeed
creatures from Earth?

My SPAR was the last to arrive here

so consequently was in the
best position to leave quickly.

But to set your mind at rest,
I will return to Earth now

and if I find that the
intruders do come from there

they will be dealt with
- quickly and without arousing any suspicion.

Very well.

A vessel similar to your own
craft will be put at your disposal.

I will return here as soon as all final
preparations for the take-over are completed.

All will be in readiness.

Good. We don't want any more mistakes.

We've slowed right down.

We're going to be able
to make a soft landing.

I don't understand it.

Yeah, and I'm afraid I do
- only too well.

The Daleks?

Oh, yes. Some sort of
remote control, I suppose.

We'd all better prepare for landing.

You're quite right, my boy, quite right.

Well, if it's the Daleks,
it can only mean one thing.

Yes, it means they're
coming after us again.

It's mine again!

And they stay where they are.

With the soft life you lead

I'll be able to beat you one day.

Out on guard!

Why is it always me?

I am the leader. I have the knife.

Do you want to argue about it?

And you can build up the fire.

Kirksen! Like the knife, would you?

Then you'd be leader.

You could tell Garge
what to do, like I do.

You could tell me what to do!

I'll get it next time!

Who knows, perhaps you will.

Now, get out and get the fuel.

Why don't you send one of them?

Get it!

I can hear it. Now get out!

Do you want one of the new lot to
come here and take over our place?

It's no prison ship!


It's strange. I haven't
seen one like it before.

Where's it landing?

The swamp by the look of things.

It's a strange ship. We can
kill the crew and take over.


We can use it to get away!

It may be a crash landing!

You can kill the crew with your knife!

Shut up!

We'd better get over there right away.

Others will have seen
it too! Now, on your way!

Well, what about me?

If you're leaving this
filthy planet, so am I.

Now, you sure you've got
spare parts for this, hmm?

- it's safety regulations.

Hmm! Ah, that's the worst of these...

out-of-date and
primitive spaceships

one little bump and
they all fall to bits.

Doctor, what are you talking about?

This is a SPAR
- the most technically perfect

craft in the history of space travel.

Oh, yes, quite so.

That's why we are stranded
on this pimple of a planet

whilst you footle
with that fuse box, mm?

Oh, come on, Doctor, the TARDIS
isn't exactly perfect, is it?

I mean, you can't even
control where we're going.

Now, you listen to me, young man.

Don't you start to criticise my TARDIS!

And as for space travel, you're
still wet behind the ears.

Oh do get on with it, both of you!

What's the matter with Grandpa?

Oh, it's nothing.

We all have our own obsessions,
don't we? Now come on.

Look, do you think we're going
to have enough drive-force

to lift off here and
get us back to Earth?

We've got to.

Now, as the Doctor said,
let's get on with it.

What are you doing out here, child?

I thought I told you to
keep these doors closed.

There are lights out there.

Good gracious, so there are.

Two - no
- three.

Yes, we must get on with the repairs
to the ship and get away from here.

Yes, those men will
be vicious out there.

We're liable to come under attack.

Mmm, what's that marshy ground?

That's very interesting.

Very interesting... interesting!

The exact location

of the ship has been calculated.

Inform the pursuit fleet.

I obey.

Pursuit Fleet Commander calling control.

We will land on Desperus at one hundred.

When the Taranium is recovered

the fugitives are to be eliminated.

Is that understood?

I obey.

We were here first. Let's go and get it!

Keep quiet! This part
of the swamp is tricky.

We must put out the torches.

Well, what about the screamers?

Shut up
- put out that light!

They're only bats.

Bats? Bats with those
wings and that beak?

Oh, now follow us or
go back to the cave.

Doctor! Doctor!

Look, hold that reading steady.

I think I can get this fixed.


Come on, Doctor.

Thank you, my dear.

Where is your catic
power, or rather, outlet?


Catic outlet, hmm?

It's there.


Under there.

Oh, yes, thank you, thank you.

Come here, my dear.

No, round this way, child.

Now, you see that switch?

I'll tell you when to pull it.

What are you doing?

Oh, don't ask questions, my dear girl

otherwise you'll become
like the other two!

Just do as you're told, mm?

Now then, ah...

That should repel any boarders!

It's there. We're nearly there.

How many do you think are on board?

How should I know?

Difficult to say with
a ship of that size.

At least we've got surprise on our side.

Pity we've lost Kirksen.

Hmm! Fool's probably
gone back to the cave

frightened by the screamers.

Better just the two of us.

Through the swamp now.

Yes, but go carefully.

There, Doctor, something moved!

Yes, I think you're right my dear.

Now, you go in and stand by that switch.

Wait until I give you an order, hmm?


What's going on?

What do you think you're playing at?

Oh, you two go back in there
and get on with your repairs.

Katarina and I are trying to
repel any type of boarders.

But catic power isn't
strong enough to kill anyone.

But, of course not.

But it will knock them unconscious.

Now, just you remember, young man,
I have no desire to kill anyone!

Now go in there and get
on with those repairs.

I want to leave this place quickly.

Hurry up please! Hmm! Wasting my time!

Well, I think that should
do the trick, my dear.

Come along, let's get this cable back.

There... we are.

You show me so many strange mysteries.

With you I know I'm safe.

I hope so, my dear, I hope so.

The Dalek Spaceship! It's
going to land! Hurry up!

We're being as quick as we can!

Go on! Get off, get
off, get off, get off!

That's it, Bret!

All right? All right, Doctor.

Right, stand by everyone.

As this take-off is now manual

it may not be quite so smooth.

Doctor, did you close the outer door?

Oh I'm so sorry, I'm not
used to this kind of craft.

It's all right, it doesn't matter.

Look! Look!

The Daleks' ship's made a bad landing.

That's gives us the time we need.

We've made it!

Next stop
- Earth.

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that, young man!

Now, you've got some thinking to do.

Katarina, check up on that
door and see that it's secure.

Do you realise...