Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 11 - Day of Armageddon - full transcript

The Doctor infiltrates the Daleks' conference to try and discover their plans, leaving Steven, Katarina and Bret to find a way off the planet.

FIRST DALEK: Inform base security that a

further intruder craft has been located.


FIRST DALEK: Security patrols five
and seven will converge on this area.

Priority alert. Invaders
to be located and destroyed!

FIRST DALEK: A message
from the Dalek Supreme

Operation Inferno to be
put into execution at once.

SECOND DALEK: Inform all units.

Evacuate patrols to safety areas.

Confirm with units in position.

On confirmation, start abbreviated

countdown for Operation Inferno.

Mavic Chen, Guardian
of the Solar System?


I am Zephon, Master of the Fifth Galaxy.

Of course.

I had hoped to meet you once before

at the Intergalactic
Conference of Andromeda.

I did not attend, and
now you know the reason.

The Daleks held a separate
council at the same time.

None of us of the outer
galaxies went to yours.

Erm... except Trantis.

We agreed to send a delegate.

In order that the conference
should not become suspicious.

I have been reading the reports
on the previous meetings here.

The Daleks have evolved
a most interesting plan.

We of the outer galaxies
have contributed to it also.

Oh, of course.

But you must admit the Daleks have a...

a genius for war.

That is so.

However, one thing surprises me:

that you, Guardian of the Solar System

have agreed to become one of us.

Why the surprise?

As you say, I am Guardian
of the Solar System.

But that is nothing more than a part

however influential, of one galaxy.

Would you be satisfied with
just a part of a galaxy?

The solar system is exceptional.

In its power lies influences
far outside its own sphere.

Surely by joining with the forces
determined to destroy that power

you mark yourself out
as a supreme traitor?


An archaic word for so
advanced a... "man" as yourself.

Considering that the planet Fisar
and the Emodyment Gris have both

at different times, tried to depose you

do you still maintain that you're the

mouthpiece for your own galaxy?

I do... now that I am
all-powerful with my position.


But then you do not understand the
conflicting powers within our solar system.

Now let us go and take some air.

This is hardly the time and the
place for so serious a discussion.

But first we must...

Some air!


DALEK: Guardian of the Solar System

- must be watched.

His ambitions exceed his usefulness.

has served his purpose

he, like the others, will be eliminated

No power in this universe
can stop the Daleks!

Where's the Doctor?

He will be here soon.

I don't understand... where are we...

I can't think straight.

You must rest.

The tablets I gave you
have made you better.

But you must still rest.

Tablets? Now what's going on here?

What are we doing out
here in the jungle?

We had to leave the temple
- the TARDIS.

The evil ones came.

Evil ones?

He called them the... Daleks?



My lord!

Doctor! Doctor! What
are you both doing here?

The evil ones searched
for us but Bret helped us.

He said they were evil!

Yes, well whoever this
Bret is, he's quite right

The Daleks are evil things.

Bret is the man you
put in your magic chair.

What? That young ruffian, mmm?

But he helped us!

And you released him?

Was I not right to do so?

When the evil ones came, he said
we had to flee from your temple.

Oh, my TARDIS, child, my TARDIS.

Yes, you... you were right.

I mean, he wasn't to know that you were

quite safe away from
the Daleks in there.

How is this young man?

I'll be all right in a
minute or two. Thanks Doc.

Good, good, good.

Bret says the time is four thousand...

And he came here and only just
got away from the evil ones.

He gave Steven some white tablets,
and he's almost well again.

Ah, I see, I see.

Yes, and I clamped him in that chair.

And he's the very fellow
with the anti-toxin.

Well, young man, you'd
better pull yourself together.

We've got some work to do.

FIRST DALEK: Operate pyro-flames!

DALEKS: We obey!

Aren't you feeling better, hmm?

Look, Doctor, I think I
can manage on my own now.

Carefully, carefully.

Now, just rest for a minute.

Take a few deep breaths, hmm?

Don't try to run before
you can walk, hmm?

Though you may have to.

Oh, it's Bret, isn't it? Yes, thank you.

Tell me, what's happening, hmm?

It's the Daleks,
they're using flame guns.

I think they're gonna
burn down the jungle!

Oh, good gracious me! We must
try and get back to the TARDIS.

We're in grave danger here.

Doctor, don't you see it's a trap?

That's exactly what they want us to do!

Yes, yes, yes, possibly, possibly.

We can't act without thinking.

I never do and never shall!

But you're all set to go
straight back to the TARDIS.

You said we should never have left it.

Yes, you're quite right my dear.

It's the safest place.

Oh yes? If the Daleks are waiting
outside for us, it will be suicide.

Oh, not necessarily, not necess...

Who's going to play the scapegoat?

Supposing Steven were right?

Well, in this instance, child, he
might be, but I know the Daleks!

So do I, Doctor!

And look, I think we
should stay here until

we know exactly what
they're going to do!

Yes and they could track
us down at any time.

We'd hear them!

I mean, the... the Mechanoids...

Oh, they were robots...

So what?

These are Daleks!

Now you listen to me, young man

I am in charge of this situation.

Quiet! Will you shut up!

At least that's stopped you arguing?

Well, upon my soul!

Now look here, I don't
care what happens to you

but I've got to warn Earth!

Yes, and you will have
to do far more than that!

If the Daleks are doing something
drastic, then we have to stop the Daleks!

Now, will you shut up
- sir, hmm?

One, we learn the Dalek plans...

We know, young man...

...and two, get the
information back to Earth.

Now just listen, listen, listen!

Think back for the
moment. Just think back!

If the Daleks are going to
attack Earth, as you seem to fear

then you must tell Earth to look
back in the history of the year 2157

and that the Daleks are
going to attack again.

History will show how to deal with them.

Who cares about history?

Now listen...

I can smell smoke!

Yes, look!

Yes, you're quite right, young man

they're going to trap us, hmm.

Doctor, it's like the wall of fire.

Oh, no, no, no! Not
quite, not quite my dear.

We're going to get out of
here! Come on, this way!

That's the way to the Dalek city

But of course!

That's the last place they will
expect us to go. Come along!

Come along!

The magnificent power of the flame.

Primitive, but efficient.

You too would have used ultrasonics?

Mmm, if I had nothing better.

Well, the meeting must start soon.

You appear so keen
to be a model delegate

one might think you are
afraid of the Daleks.

A dangerous statement.

Remember where you are.

Ha! The solar system
is so far behind that

it believes the Daleks
need to eavesdrop?

Of course not.

The Daleks needed me.

Without my help, they
would never have got

the co-operation of the
masters of Celation and Beaus.

We are on equal terms.

Really? Three galaxies
for the price of one.

I do not understand you?

Perhaps I'm one of
those who knows my place.

Are you coming in to take your seat?

They will not start
the meeting without me.

I feel like waiting... here.

DALEK: Zephon...

DALEK SUPREME: It was expected.

His usefulness is over.

Look at that!

Oh, just look at those ships.

Beautiful, aren't they?

That one in the middle
- that's from Earth.

That's Mavic Chen's!

You know that spaceship?

Yes, I do.

It belongs to the Guardian
of the Solar System!

Oh, then you'll know how to fly it, hmm?

Yes, of course I do, but...

Well, that's the one
to go for, isn't it?

I can't believe it.
It doesn't make sense!

If you know how to use
it, what's the worry?

Look, he's the Guardian
- don't you understand?

So what? We don't want
him, just his ship.

He's the ultimate head
of the solar system!

Now what's he doing
here with the Daleks?

Well, that's what we want to find out!

Would you both be quiet, please?

We've got to take that spaceship
if we're going to warn Earth!

Look out.

is the master of Zephon?

He will be here... eventually.

DALEK SUPREME: Search for him!

What is it?

I've never seen anything
like this, it's hideous!

Well, obvious or not my boy

it's quite obvious he's one
of the representatives, hmm?

Good job we managed to find these vines

now we can get to the ship.

No, no
- not yet, not yet!

Not until we find out exactly
what the Daleks are planning.

And this may be our only chance!

I don't understand?

I am going to that conference

Doctor, that's crazy!

You can't go to their conference!

Why not?

If I wear his cloak, why not?

Should they find you, they'll kill you!

Oh, nonsense!

You three can take over the spaceship

and I can join you later.

Are you sure you will be safe?

Oh yes, now don't worry,
my child, don't worry!

I, er, I found this,
and I don't know whether

it's relevant or not,
but hold onto it safely.

Where did you find it?

Oh, in the jungle.

Now I want you... I want
you to give me enough

time to get to that meeting and
find out exactly what's going on.

And then I will head
back to Chen's spaceship.

How long will that take?

Well, I must leave that
to your own judgment.

If, of course, you
hear any kind of uproar

then you'll have to get into the
spaceship and go off without me.

Doctor, we can't leave you...

Oh, nonsense, nonsense!

Earth must be warned about the Daleks
- and about Chen.

You're a very brave man.

Rubbish, rubbish, my boy!

I'm only doing what has to be done.

Now come on and help
me on to this cloak.

Be quick about it! Come along!

FIRST DALEK: Has the representative

Zephon passed this way?

SECOND DALEK: He, and the Earth creature

went to the reception area.

FIRST DALEK: Has he returned?

SECOND DALEK: Only the creature from

Earth returned this way.

FIRST DALEK: Zephon must still be there.

Come with me. He has to be found!

FIRST DALEK: Representative Zephon

the meeting is about to begin.

You will follow me.

The old man certainly has got nerve.

The strange ones will not hurt him?

I hope not.

Anyway, he's doing his
part, we must do ours.

Let's get that ship.

The master of the Fifth
Galaxy has seen fit to join us?

DALEK SUPREME: Take your place.

You seem lost, representative Zephon.

Here's your place, next to me.

DALEK SUPREME: This seventh
meeting is now in session.

Representatives, I have important news.

The time destructor is now completed.

It only requires the core to be fitted.


Guardian of the Solar System,
will address the meeting.

As your most recent ally

and the newest member to stand
in this great universal council

I am delighted to be able
to make so significant

a contribution to our
conquest of the universe.

I now present you with the
core of the time destructor.

A full emm of Taranium, the
rarest mineral in the universe.

It's taken fifty Earth years
to acquire even this amount.

If it has taken so long for
the solar system to acquire it

why was not one of us of the
outer galaxies asked to provide it?

As the Daleks know

Taranium can only be found on one of
the dead planets of the solar system.

Without this, the time
destructor is useless!

All the plans made
here could not succeed.

I, Mavic Chen, give you the
core of the time destructor!

I'm taking over this
spaceship. Over there.

Tie them up.

The men will not be found?

No, not unless the Daleks
patrol the landing area.

That's the one place
they won't be patrolling.

Let's hope not, otherwise
it's the end of the Doctor!

He must come, he must come!

intruders! Locate intruders!

What's happening?

THIRD DALEK: Check alarm's location.

That's him! Stop him!

Stop the creature! Stop the creature!

We've got to go!

We mustn't leave him!

Great One, don't leave us!

Don't let the strange beings catch him!

He's been caught! We've got to leave!

No! He said we had to...


Stop! You can't leave him!

He can't reach the place of perfection!

He won't! We're going without him!