Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 26, Episode 14 - Survival: Part Three - full transcript

Ace manages to transport the Doctor and the others back to Perivale but the Master is also there, preparing for a final showdown with the Doctor.

You see, Doctor, you did help me.

You kept these others alive
just long enough to serve my purposes.

Midge, wait!

Only the animals of this place can leave, Doctor,
because they carry it with them.

Midge, listen to me...

He doesn't remember his name.

Go home.

-So there is a way out.
-A way out? Yes.

We wait for one of us to change,
and then we use them

before they try to escape or kill us all.

Well, there's no telling who'll be next, is there?

Let's get a grip and...

What are you looking at?

It's him, isn't it? He's the one.
You stay away from me.


Oh, yeah. She's better. Doctor, look.

Come hunting, sister.


Who's next, eh? Who's next? If I had a gun...

We'd be in even more trouble than we are already!

Right, stay here, I'll follow her.

I will be free of it.

I will be free of it.

You are all animal now.

You're so weak, your will devoured.

A stronger mind will hold on to itself longer,
a will as strong as mine.

How much longer?

If I have to suffer this contamination,
this humiliation,

if I am to become an animal,
then like an animal, I will destroy you, Doctor.

I will hunt you,

trap you and destroy you.

I thought cats hated water.

I'm not a cat. I'm Karra.

I'm your sister.

No, you're not. Why do you keep calling me that?

You're like me.

-You will be.

This is good. I like feeling like this.

Where's the Doctor?

I have got to get back to the Doctor.

Are you hungry?

-The chase.

The hunt. Smell the blood on the wind.
Hear the blood in your ears.

Run, run beyond the horizon
and catch your hunger!

Are you hungry, sister?

Come hunting.

Ace, how far have you gone?

Can't you come back?

Good hunting. Good.

You kill people. You eat people.

When I'm hungry, I hunt. When I hunt, I eat.

-Would you eat me?
-There is meat here.

Yeah, but if there wasn't, would you kill me?

How fast can you run, sister?

-Fast enough.
-Ah! That would be a good hunt.

Are you hungry? Come and eat.


Ace, come back.

Come home.

Come home.

Good hunting, sister.

-What's happening to me, Doctor?
-It's all right, Ace. We're going home.

Look at me.

Look at me.

You have power now. We have power now.


You can do anything you want now, anything.


You're my hunting dog, Midge.
The teeth for my trap.

Trust me, Midge.

-Trust me.
-Trust me, Midge. Trust me.

Ace, listen to me.

You're possessed, it's the planet.
The Cheetah people. You've changed.

-You're powerful. Dangerous.

-You can do what they do.

You can carry your prey home.
You can help us escape.

-But if you do that, you may never change back.

You'll become like the Cheetah people forever.

What shall I do? Tell me, Doctor.

-I trust you.
-The choice is yours.

We're going home!

I did it. I got us back!

-I'm all right now, aren't I?
-Yes, Ace.

Perivale. We're back.

I've got to get home.

What's your game, then?

So, I had a blackout. It's perfectly normal.

Stress, overwork, that's all. I've had medicals.

You should've got a doctor to me, though,

that's the least you could've done,
instead of keeping me lying about in the street.

You're a doctor, right? You should know better.

''Thanks, Ace. Thanks, Doctor.
Thanks for saving my life, getting me back home.''

I don't know what you mean.
What are you talking about?

Thanks, Ace. Thanks, Doctor.

Thanks for saving my life
and getting me back home!

I'm late for self-defence.

Looks like everything's back to normal, then.

Well, come on, Professor.
What are we hanging about for?

-Unfinished business.

-The Master.
-Oh, he's not still around here, is he?

-The dump of the universe.
-It was you...

Yeah, who wanted to come home, I know.

Listen, this is the only home I've got now, right?

No, it was you who brought us here, home.

Therefore Midge must have...
Where does Midge live?


Oh, I don't know. He used to live in some flats
over there somewhere.

Come on!

Just the start, Midge. Just the start.

Are they still on the go, then?

They were practically drawing their pensions
when I was clubbing it.

What's up?

-My cat!
-What happened?

The bad cat killed it.

-The bad cat the man brought.
-What man? Which way did he go? Show me.

Waiting on the Sarge?

He's been held up.

He asked me to have a little chat with you.

I learned a secret today.

The secret of success.

Thought I'd share it with you.

Over there. Midge and the bad cat man.

Midge went away and then he came back.
He's my big brother.

He's got funny eyes now.

-Where's your mum, Squeak?
-He made her go away!

What's he doing it for? Why?
He's escaped, hasn't he?

He doesn't need to keep the Cheetahs busy.
He's safe. What's he still doing it for?


Her gran's the next floor up. I'll take her.

-It's not just malice.

It's what he lives for.
He must hope, believe, he can find something.

-To destroy me.

-You'd wipe the floor with him!
-Yes, well, we are an explosive combination.

One day, one of us might blot the other one out.

If only I could track him down,
take him by surprise before he's ready.

Bad cat man.

He's at the youth club.

He's at the youth club. I know he is.

It's common sense, right?

It's just the way of the world, right?

Survival of the fittest.

Get rid of the deadwood,
let the wasters go to the wall,

and the strong will inherit the Earth.

You and me.

Do you hear what I'm saying?

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Don't move.

Down here.

You understand me?

You understand me, right?

-You'll do anything I say.
-You'll do anything I say.

-Won't you?
-Won't you?

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

Right, lads. Sorry I'm late.
Had a wee accident, but everything's all right now.

Right, come on then, let's get things moving.
Let's start showing a bit of sweat.

Why don't you take over now, Midge?

So much for the SAS survival course.


He's chosen the time, the place and the means.

The trail stops here.


That's better.

Did I go again? I don't even feel it!

I don't even feel myself go.
Doctor, will I stay like this?

Stay out of this, Ace!

You are my hunting dog, the teeth for my trap,
the teeth to destroy.

Ace, listen to me. Listen to me!

If you fight, you'll change,
you'll change completely forever.



Survival of the fittest.

The weak must be eliminated
so that the healthy can flourish.

You know what to do, Midge.

Good boy.

I must not fight.

I must not fight.

Help me. Help me!

Will somebody help me?

The chase.

To hunt in the morning and live till evening.

Run out of the light and slip into the dark.

Smell the blood on the wind.
Hear your blood in your ears.

Die at last,

with your enemy's blood in your mouth.

With your enemy's blood in your mouth!

Get off the horse.

You have no power here. This is not your place.

I command here. I command you.

You've no power over me. I can do anything I wish
with you and you can do nothing, nothing to me.

Do you bleed?

I can always do something to you if you bleed.


Oh, very good. Very amusing.


I can hunt in the dark.

I'll get you something. I'll make you well again.

I can run into the dark.

Run forever.

Just wait. I'll get you something.

Good hunting, sister.

Good hunting.

Good hunting?


Would've been too easy.
Seems we must always meet again.

-They do say opposites attract.
-But this is the end, Doctor.

You see it. It's a power. A power from that planet.

It's growing within me.

-Are you frightened yet?

You should be. You should be, it nearly beat me.

Such a simple, brutal power,
just the power of tooth and claw.

It nearly destroyed me, a Time Lord.

But I won.

I control that force, Doctor.

And now, at last, I have the power to destroy you.

Welcome to my new home, Doctor!

I've gone. What am I doing?
I've got to stop. We've got to go.

You can't go. Not this time.

-Yes, we can!
-Escape to what?

-I don't choose to live as an animal.
-If we fight, we'll destroy this planet!

We'll destroy ourselves.

You should have killed me, Doctor.

If we fight like animals, we'll die like animals!

If we fight like animals, we die like animals!


Did you hear that racket? Did you hear it?

-Flipping cat fights all hours of the day.
-I think you'll find things quietening down now.

So you say. Flipping cats.

It's the owners I blame. They want the pet, right?

They want the animal,
but do they keep it under control?

-Well, we try.
-So you say.

Mine, I believe.

Thank you.

Where have they gone?

They've been taken back to the wilderness.
The place is different but the hunt goes on.

-You know all about the hunt, don't you, Ace?
-Felt like I could run forever.

Like I could smell the wind and feel the grass
under my feet and just run forever.

The planet's gone, but lives on inside you.

It always will.


And the Master?

Who knows?

Where to now, Ace?


-The Tardis.
-Yes. The Tardis.

There are worlds out there
where the sky is burning,

where the sea's asleep and the rivers dream.

People made of smoke and cities made of song.
Somewhere there's danger.

Somewhere there's injustice.
Somewhere else the tea's getting cold.

Come on, Ace, we've got work to do.