Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 26, Episode 13 - Survival: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor and Paterson manage to escape from the Master and join up with Ace and her friends, where the Doctor tries to find a way to get them all off the planet before it explodes.

You stupid...

-Where the hell are we?
-Shut up, and we may survive.

Why, Doctor,

what an unexpected pleasure.

They don't bother us.
They only eat us when we're dead.

-It's like they're watching us.

Run, Doctor. Run.

Don't run!

No, Paterson!

I was relying on your intelligence, Doctor.

It would be such an uncivilised death.

-They're just playing with him.
-Essentially, a fun-loving species.

Now, Doctor, there are things
I must discuss with you.

Okay, so what do we do?

Do? We die. Maybe today, maybe next week.

We could hurry things up a bit,
go and find one of those big pussy cats.

-That what you wanna try?
-We tried to fight one once, it caught Stevie.

-She threw sticks at it.
-Oh, yeah? And where were you, Midge?

You can't hurt them.
-They're invincible.

-Nothing's invincible.
-That's right, Ace, you tell us. You sort us out.

Better get back to camp.
We're not safe in the open air.

Well, are we any safer back there?

At least out here in the open
you can see them coming.

They don't usually bother us in there,
they only hunt in the open,

unless they're hungry,
then they take us anywhere.

Why do they only hunt in the open?

What do you think this is,
The Wonderful World of Wildlife?

Who knows?
Why do they always ride through here?

Why do they always eat us up without ketchup?

-They always ride through here?
-So what?

-So, let's get one.
- You what?

Nothing's invincible. We've gotta fight back.

-That was a useful trick before.
-Pretty, aren't they?

-They're a useful distraction.

Come on, pussycats.

Fetch. Come on, fetch.

I'm afraid they're not so easily distracted.

They're more interested in him.

Stay! Stay!

Doctor, why don't we leave
these animals to their meal?

Come on, Paterson!

-A bit of healthy exercise, Paterson!

-Do you the world of good!
-Doctor, I'm warning you.

I control these animals, they're mine to command.

I control them!

Very well.

I'll find some other food for you.

Come on, Shreela.


Plan B?

It's just not like me, you know?

You ask anyone,
''Sarge'll keep his head in a crisis.''

You ask any of the lads.

-I don't scare easily, Doctor, believe you me.

I was on one of those survival courses, you know.
SAS-style thing.

I was the only one that ate the worm stew.

-Very impressive.
-But this...

This is just... Where the hell are we anyway?

We're on the planet of the Cheetah people,
intelligent carnivores.

No one knows much about them, they
don't survive long enough to find anything out.

-You're trying to tell me we're on another planet?

The trouble is,
I've never heard of the Cheetah people

hunting so far away
from their feeding grounds before.

-And the Kitling...
-The what?

That. A Kitling. A feline vulture.

It's got the power of teleportation. It can jump
from world to world hunting for carrion.

I think we're going to be in big trouble, Sergeant.

Puss, puss, puss.

It's gonna get us all killed.

It's gonna get us all killed!

No! Get off me!

-Sit down and shut up!

What kept you?

How many times have I told you
about playing with fire?

Where are you, Doctor?

What's your plan?

Got to stick together, lads. That's the way.

Stealth. That's what's needed here.
Stealth and surprise.

You follow me, and I'll get us through this.
I'm a hunting animal. I've got instinct for it.

Oh, do shut up.

This planet's disintegrating.

According to my calculations,
the safest place for the moment is over there.

-Yeah, but what about them?
-We'll have to make our way through.

This disintegration,
you think we're gonna blow up?

Well, it is an old planet, a bit frayed at the edges.

We'll be safe over there.
Safe from the Cheetahs and the Master.

-Master? Who's he?
-An evil genius.

One of my oldest and deadliest of enemies.

Do you know any nice people?
You know, ordinary people,

not power-crazed nutters
trying to take over the galaxy?

I don't think he's trying to take over
the galaxy this time.

So what's all this in aid of?

He's got some mind-link. The cats, the Kitlings...

They find things for the Cheetah people to eat.


Hunt him. Seek him out. Find him for me.


Must keep control.

I must keep control.

No sudden movements.

They won't bother you unless they're hungry.

Well, these Cheetahs look hungry.

They're essentially a fun-loving species.

Is it my imagination or am I getting hot?

-Doctor, I think we'd better keep moving.

Quietly, gently.

Just taking a nice little stroll.

You see? It's all a matter of keeping your head
and allowing for the unexpected.

Oh, no.

-Don't move!

If there's one thing more dangerous
than being attacked by a Cheetah,

that is attacking a Cheetah!

-You do not know what it will do to you.
-But, Doctor...

Don't move!

I'm not putting up with this.
I'm not standing here and getting eaten alive.

Idiot! No!

Come on, then! Come and fight!

Don't move!

No, no!

Come on!

Don't run! Stay still!

Help me! No!

Get off! Get off!

Come on, then!


Get off!

I told you to stay still!

Stay still! Don't run!

Come on!

Ace? Ace?


Oh, Ace.

Good hunting, Doctor?

They're fighting again in the dead valley.

It's breaking up.

This planet's alive.
The animals are part of the planet.

When they fight each other,
they trigger explosions.

They hasten the planet's destruction.

-How long before it blows up?
-Not long.

They've been fighting a long time.

-Why did you bring me here?
-I need your help.

-You're trapped, you can't escape.
-Just so.

It seems the creatures of this world
can't take us away from here,

they can only bring us to this place.

Yes. They can only return home with their prey.

I never thought of it quite that way.

But now that we're both trapped,
what good is it to you?

You'll find a way out, Doctor. You must.

Why should I help you?

It's not just death we're all facing.
This place bewitches you.

If we stay here,
we'll be like the people who built these.

They thought they could control the planet,
the wilderness.

They were the ones that bred the Kitlings.

Creatures with minds they could talk to,
eyes they could see through the way I do.

It only led to their corruption.
We shall become like them.

We shall become animals.

You all right, lad, eh?

I want water.


Want water.

It will make me well

very fast.


What is it?

-Should we leave it, Doctor?
-They're extremely dangerous creatures.

They could eat you.

-Or what?

-What's worse?

Let's just say that they're dangerously attractive.

I think it's the one that chased me,
that killed that boy.

It could be useful to us.

You mean it could help us get home?

They're hunting animals, Ace. We're their prey.

-They bring their prey home.
-So what?

We need an animal whose home is Earth.

Better keep it alive, then.


It could be very dangerous for you.

Don't worry, Professor.
I'm no one's bowl of cat food.

Whose home is Earth.

Right, you just follow the Sarge,
and I'll get us all through this.

There's nothing I don't know about survival.

It's kill or be killed, right? Kill or be killed.

-Kill or be killed.
-Good lad. You'll come through.

We'll come through, if you just follow the Sarge.

-Are you with me?

-Are you all with me?

Well, you'd better get with me
because if we're gonna survive,

we can't carry shirkers,
and we can't carry deadwood.

No deadwood.

Where are the others?

I don't know. We'll have to find them, and soon.

It's weird, Doctor. I think I like this place.

I like it. I feel like I belong here.


I'm a bit scared.

It feels exciting.

-What do you feel?
-Like I could run forever.

I can smell things as clear as pictures.

-Anything else?

I'm starving, Professor.


No! No!
Don't be a fool.

-Get off me!
-Get off him!

Stop it!

Leave him alone!

He's gonna get us all killed
unless someone sorts him out.

-Sorts him out?

Where did you get this?

I killed it.

I killed it!

Now then, son, why don't you
just give me the weapon, eh?


-It's not too late to go home.

Come on. We'd better follow him.

This way.

Go hunting. Go home.


You see, Doctor, you did help me.

You kept these others alive
just long enough to serve my purposes.

Midge, wait.

Only the animals of this place can leave, Doctor,
because they carry it with them.

Midge, listen to me...

He doesn't remember his name. Go home.

-So there is a way out.
-A way out? Yes.

We wait for one of us to change,
and then we use them

before they try to escape or kill us all.

Well, there's no telling who'll be next, is there?

Let's get a grip and...

What are you looking at?

It's him, isn't it? He's the one.
You stay away from me.


Oh, yeah. She's better. Doctor, look.