Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 26, Episode 11 - The Curse of Fenric: Part Four - full transcript

Fenric is loose and planning to use the Ancient Haemovore to poison the Earth with chemicals, unless the Doctor can defeat him in their centuries old game.

- Don't touch him. Don't touch anything!
- He's an invalid. He can't stand.

- He's dead.
- The time is now.

The Chains of Fenric are shattered.

- The gods have lost the final battle.
- We're too late! It's him!

The dead men's ship has slipped its moorings,

and the Great Ash itself trembles to its roots!


We play the contest again...Time Lord.

# When the bough breaks

# The cradle will fall

# And down will come baby

# Cradle and all #

You left me in the Shadow Dimensions,

trapped for 17 centuries.

But now...I've found a body again...

and the preparations are complete.

- Shoot them!
- What for?

Because I order you to, for treason.


I was only expecting one.

- You don't have to kill her.
- Let's just get this over with.

- Ready!
- She's only a child!

- Aim!
- Killing us doesn't make any difference.

Mum, I'm sorry!

Take cover!

''And the battlefield shall stretch 100 leagues,

''and at the end of the day,
not one living thing shall be left alive.

''The ancient enemies shall seek each other out,
and all shall die!''

Must play the the end this time.

What game?

A very simple game. A game of chess.

Fetch me the ancient one. There is much to do.

- Move it! Move it!
- I need a chess set. I need pieces.

If we can get into Millington's office,
we can nick his.

We came to steal the Ultima Machine.
Chess set? No problem. Follow me.

We've got a clear path
to the British positions. Go!

You are summoned.

You must obey.

Ah...the sound of dying.

When it comes to death,

quantity is so much more satisfying
than quality.

- The final...
- Don't interrupt me when I'm eulogising.

- Where is the Time Lord?
- Time Lord?

For 17 centuries, I was trapped
in the Shadow Dimensions because of him.

He pulled bones from the sand
and carved them into chess pieces.

He challenged me to solve his puzzle. I failed.

Now I shall see him kneel before me...

before I let him die.

- Here's the chess set.
- No, don't touch!

Thanks. I don't know
why he used a chemical grenade.

I'd have stuck some explosives under the table.

At last, another of the Wolves of Fenric
decides to show up and play his role.

My world is dead.

Hardly a great loss
if you're the best evolution can manage.

This is the 20th century.
It doesn't become your world for a long time yet. must kill...

..all humans.

- Another of Fenric's traps.
- I grabbed the consolation prize.

Well done. Parish records. Great.

- What's so special about them?
- Names.

- Whose names?
- Names of ancient families.

Judson, Millington, Wainwright, Dudman...

Dudman! She's got a chess set.

- No, Millington destroyed them all.
- No, I saw it in her suitcase.

Come on!

You ready?


We are the last two.

This isn't war. This is massacre.

The Ultima Machine has done this.

Destroy it.

Go that way.

Your creatures are killing my men!

What is it?

We call him the Great Serpent.

''And the Great Serpent shall rise
from the sea and spew venom over all the earth.''

There's enough poison in here
to contaminate the world...for ever.

They're insane! They're trying
to control the world with chemical weapons.

All part of Fenric's evil game,
no doubt, like this weather.

Let's join forces, fight the real enemy.

That's a really good idea.

So...we're all on the same side again?

You have the spirit of a fighter...
and you wear our emblem.

It's not a real one. I bought it cheap in a market.

Have the real one.

Come on!
We need Kathleen's chess set.

All right, girls! We'll take over now!

- The chess set?
- In the suitcase.

- Oh, don't leave me.
- I'll stay here.

Well, don't leave the hut!

Oh, please! Please!

- Please!
- Nurse Crane.

You've looked after me all these years.

Almost a mother...

treating me like a child...

..humiliating me.

I feel this is what Dr Judson would have wished.

Oh, no!

No, please!

Right, let's put that bunk up against the door.

- What about the wardrobe over the window?
- Good idea. And the other bunks.

I'm afraid you've had a wasted journey.

But then you were never really our allies.
Your people will always be the enemy.

See you in hell.

I don't like dark buildings.

There was one in Perivale,

an old empty house full of noises.

Evil. Things I didn't understand.


What kind of a world is this to bring up a child in?

Quick! The window!

Please, take Audrey!

That's it... No, that's not right!

It was so long ago. Um...


In the jeep. Get in. Quick!

- Where shall I go?
- Go to London. My nan'll look after you.

- Where?
- In Streatham. 17 Old Terrace. Say it!

17 Old Terrace. Ace, I want you to have this.

I'll always love you.

Now go!

- 17 Old Terrace.
- 17 Old Terrace.

Now go! Go!

Take the poison.

Carry it to the ocean.

- Release it into the waters.
- And the other Haemovores?

You know how to kill them.

Where is the game, Time Lord?

You couldn't resist it, could you?
The game of traps.

The contest as before.

One move. Find the winning move.

Spring the trap on me...

..if you can.

Are you going to use that gun?

You know your problem, Captain Bates?
You don't know who the enemy is.

A traitor doesn't know who the enemy is.

But I do.

- I've been waiting
- You know me?

Thousands of years in the future, the earth
lies dying, the surface just a chemical slime.

Half a million years of industrial progress.

Wh-Who is it?

Is that you, Time Lord?

Tell me the solution.

The con...
The contest is too much...for such a weak body.

I... I don't know the solution.

Tell me... Tell me the solution!

Another of Fenric's games.

He carries you back in a time storm

to destroy the earth's water with chemicals,
to destroy your future.

Think on it. Your earth, your world,
dying in a chemical slime.

This act will be the beginning of your end.

I owe you one.

What's happened? Are you all right?

We're all right now.
We're fighting together now.

War...a game played by politicians.
We were just pawns in the game,

but the pawns are fighting together now.

- Eh, comrade?
- That's it. The solution. The winning move!

- Where have you been?
- It's time to die, Fenric.

You don't understand. You don't know
why you were selected for this mission.

Because I speak English.
My grandmother was English.

Emily Wilson.
Granddaughter of Joseph Sundvik.

You are touched by the Curse of Fenric.

I selected you.

You are one of the Wolves...of Fenric.

Are you sure you can stand?

Workers of the world unite...comrade.

Fenric would never
have guessed the solution, anyway.

- Tell me, tovarich.
- A brilliant move.

The black and white pawns
don't fight each other, they join forces.

Thank you...child.


Black...wins, Time Lord.

What's happened?

The Wolves of Fenric, descendants
of the Viking who first buried the flask,

all pawns in my game.

Dr Judson, Commander Millington,

the Ancient One, Captain Sorin...

..and now you.


You can't! How?

The baby. In 30 years, the baby will be grown.

She will have a daughter.
That daughter...will be you.

You've just created your own future.

The your mother.

The hate.

Kill them...


You don't stand a chance.

Tell him, Doctor.

- He's got it wrong.
- The Time Lord has failed.

The Wolves of Fenric have released me.

The Doctor never fails.

I've got faith in him. Complete faith.

Kill them.

It can't penetrate Ace's psychic force.

Time for the one final game, then.

The choice is yours, Time Lord.
I shall kill you anyway.

But if you would like the girl to live...

..kneel before me.

I believe in you, Professor.

Kneel, if you want the girl to live!

Kill her.

The Time Lord finally understands.

You think I didn't know?

The chess set in Lady Peinforte's study? I knew.

Earlier than that, Time Lord.

Before Cybermen, ever since Iceworld,
where you first met the girl.

I knew. I knew she carried the evil inside her.

You think I'd have chosen
a social misfit otherwise?

She couldn't pass chemistry,
yet she creates a time storm in her bedroom.

I saw your hand in it from the beginning.

Doctor... No.

She's an emotional cripple.

I wouldn't waste my time unless I had to use her.


Kill them.

Kill them, do you hear me?

No! No!

I command you!

No! No!

No! No!

- Come on. It's over.
- Leave me alone.

- We've got to get out of here!
- Leave me alone!

''Couldn't pass chemistry...''

I'd have done anything not to hurt you,
but I had to save you from Fenric's curse.

Your faith in me
was holding the Haemovore back.

You said I was an emotional cripple,
a social misfit!

I had to make you lose your belief in me.

- Full marks for teenage psychology.
- It's not true. Believe me.

What's wrong with me?

Why can't I stop hating her?

- You loved the baby.
- I didn't know she was my mum!

Love and hate, frightening feelings,

especially if trapped, struggling,
beneath the surface.

Don't be frightened of the water.

Audrey... It's all right, darling.

I'll always love you.

- It's all right, darling.
- I'll always love you.

I'm not scared now.

Dangerous undercurrents, Doctor?

Not any more. Niet.