Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 25, Episode 8 - Silver Nemesis: Part One - full transcript

Earth faces imminent destruction. Nemesis, a comet containing a statue composed of validium (living metal) is due to strike, needing only its bow and arrow to achieve critical mass and become active. Four converging parties know of its power: the Doctor, neo-Nazi assault troops from South America, a 17th century noblewoman steeped in the black arts (in whose image the Nemesis statue was fashioned), and discreet but lethal extra-terrestrials.

Herr De Flores. Herr De Flores.

Wonderful news.

Very good, my lady.

How much longer?

He can not hear you my lady.

Shall I...

Leave him. There'll be time enough
to punish his impertinence

when he has finished.

Put these with the others.

Are you so very feeble? The poison cannot harm

unless the arrow's tip should break the skin.
Let who will steal my gold.

And the silver arrow, my lady?

Leave that to me.
You're sure the potion is well mixed?

On my life, ma'am.

I guarantee it.


We await but the calculation.

Perhaps the fee will speed matters.

Gentlemen, I wonder if even you can fully appreciate
what this moment means.

You're standing now at the turning point of history.

The day of fulfilment of our mighty destiny
is about to dawn.

Fifty years ago, I stood at the side of the Führer himself

when he ordered the first giant step to greatness.

Just as now the moment approaches for the second,

and final one. It will be decisive!

This time... this time we must not fail.

Gentlemen, I give you... the Fourth Reich.

The Fourth Reich.

Herr De Flores. The aircraft is ready.

We leave at once.

My lady. There is but the final ingredient
of the liquid wanting.

For that, I was thinking...

My lady! Lady Peinforte! I've finished.

You have the answer?

Yes, my lady.

Quickly then. Tell me.

The comet Nemesis will circle
the heavens once every twenty-five years...


It`s trajectory, however, is decaing. This way...

When will it land?

it will circle ever closer
until finaly it once again strikes the Earth

at the point of its original departure
in the meadow outside.


The twenty third day of November...

in the year of our lord,
nineteen hundred and eighty eight.

I could listen to them all afternoon.

And so we shall.

Have you seen this?

Meteor approaches England.

Charlton have picked up three points.

This is my favourite kind of jazz: straight blowing.

I hate people who's long go of doing gigs.

What's it supposed to reminder.

In go on then?

Well obviously, at this precise moment

it reminds us to change course to our new destination.

Where's that?

I've forgotten.

We'll have to go back and find out.

Oh, Professor...

- Excuse me, would you mind signing this tape?
- Not at all.

Thank you very much.

- Thank you.
- Bye.

Don't you fing it embarassing, asking for autographs?

Not as embarassing as forgetting what you set your alarm for.

Well, I've probably arranged it centuries ago.

Get down.

Who are they?

Couldn't see. Quick. The Tardis.

I hope my tape's alright.

Welcome home.

I shall build a flying machine. Imagine that, my lady.

Human beings flying about like birds.

Bring the cups of potion.

We leave at once.

The final ingredient, my lady.

Human blood.

I can change the world...

Ah yes.

- Ace?

Duck. No. Duck.

Oh great, now I can play my tape.

Afraid not.

Why not? It's my tape deck. You've built it for me.

Yes, I know I've built it for you, to replace
the one that was destroyed by the daleks, but..

So, it's my tape deck, and I want to play this.

This is more than just a tape deck.

And besides, we have more to worry
about than listening to your tape.

Yes. So who were anyway? Who'd want to kill us?

I'm afraid there's an infinite number possibilities.

What concerns me more is my alarm.
I've got to find out where we supposed to be.

Can you remember anything about it?

I'm afraid now. Obviously the arrangements
were made rather in a hurry.

They are important. I gave them a terminal rating.

Sounds nice.

It means some planet
somewhere faces imminent destruction.

- Rightly.
- Quiet.

That looks familiar.



Yes, my lady.

When I employed you, you led me to believe
you were a hardened criminal.

As my lady knows, before I entered your service

I had been found guilty
of a large number of offences.

Then, have the courage of your convictions.

Drink. Drink!

What is happening, my lady?

We are leaving, Richard. Destiny beckons.
We ride the back of time!

Oh, no!


- No!!!
- Come back, you fool! You'll break the aura!

I can't. Please, my lady, I must stay!

It's too late!

Where are we, my lady?

Why, the very place we left, of course.
My house in Windsor.

You mean the world's going to end
and you'd forgotten about it?

I've been busy.

How long have you known?

Well in strictly linear terms, as the chronometer flies...

I've known since November the twenty-third, 1638.



Look at all this stuff!

Yes, that's exactly what we've
got to do with all this stuff.

You take that aisle.

What's it all for?


Nobody gets this many presents.

Well, if you were a lady who travelled...

- I am!
- Yes, you're not always invited, but If you were,

you'd get presents.

And then you'd need somewhere to store them.

Who does it all belong to?

I mean, where are we?

- Windsor.
- Windsor?

We're in the castle.

This is new.

I thought it'd be a lot posher than this.

It probably is - upstairs. But we're in the vault.

And we're looking for a silver bow,

we want to borrow.

We can't go nicking stuff in here.

It's only temporary.

It's probably treason!
I'm too young to go to the Tower.

Listen, Ace. Do I have to
remind you that the safety

of the world is at stake?

It'd make a difference
if you'd tell me what's going on, Professor.

But I suppose there's no time.


Perhaps even less time than I thought.

Please, let's hurry.

Nemesis! She arrives.

Was that a bomb?

No. That was the return to Earth
of a comet called Nemesis

which has been in orbit
for exactly three hundred and fifty years.

You really are amazing, Professor,
being able to tell all this just from the noise.

It wasn't difficult really.
It was me who launched it into space in the first place.

This may qualify as the worst miscalculation

since life crawled out of the seas on this sad planet

Nobody's perfect.

Hey. Is this the bow?

We're almost in Windsor Herr De Flores.
Shall I let the men to walk around a litle?

No, Karl. We must not keep history waiting.

Oh lady! What carriage is that?

Hurry! The rogues will have the Nemesis.

I have not seen the like of it before.

We must take care.


The Nemesis has come to Earth on that piece of ground.

In new era all this will be a shrine.

The men are ready in two assault groups.
I will remain with you. We await only your order.


Then let's drive to the best hotel and refresh ourselves.

But herr De Flores, there's only three policemen.
We can take them now.

Young people.

Always in such a hurry. Well, we were the same.

Now, the statue is inside the meteor
which has just travelled through space.

Have you any idea how hot it will be?
How can we handle it?

Since the British Government
is completely unaware of its power,

I am sure we can rely on the
police force to guard it safely

until we are ready to collect it.
I have every confidence in them.

To the hotel.

The bow was in the case.

This case contained the Bow
of Nemesis, property of the Crown,

which disappeared mysteriously in 1788.

Legend has it that unless a place is kept
for the bow in the castle,

the entire silver statue will return
to destroy the world.

For once, legend is entirely correct.
It has just returned.

And now this.

It's just the electricity.

It does that sometimes, even in 1980'ies.
What I want to know is,

What I want to know is,
how can a statue destroy the world?

I'll tell you three hundred and fifty years ago.

Ssh. We don't know who's at home.

Okay, Professor.
So where are we now?

We're in Windsor, of course.

A few hundred yards from the castle.

And it really is 1638?

It certainly is.

And furthermore... don't move!

- What?
- Stay where you are.

What is it?

Something you really don't want to see.

Who does this house belong to anyway?

A lady's.

She's got funny ideas about home furnishing.

Lady Peinforte's nothing if not original.

But I'm afraid this poor man was employed

for his useful rather than his ornamental qualities.

He was a scholar.

He's done remarkably well.

In a matter of months since I was last here,
he's calculated the exact time

and date when a comet called
Nemesis will land on this planet.

The twenty third of November...


And Lady Peinforte has rewarded him
with her usual generosity.

So the bow belonged to her?

No. To a statue of her.
She made the statue from a silver metal which fell

from the sky into the meadow out there.

Hmm, this game is going rather badly.


Don't worry.

There's no one here now apart from our late friend.

Lady Peinforte's around, all right, in Windsor,

but three hundred and fifty years in the future.

What means yon fellow?

Why speaks he to his hand?

He summons guards.

Oh, this cannot be.

Why so upset, my lady?

Because, fool, they will protect the Nemesis,

and we know not their strength and weapons.

But, my lady, they know not what the comet is.

And without the arrow it is nothing.

We have but to watch
and wait our chance to seize it.

Thou art not in all wise so useless, Richard.

My lady is too kind.

We shall withdraw and conceal ourselves.

How can she get to 1988?

She'll have used the arrow, of course.
And she had some basic rudimentary knowledge

about time travel, black magic mostly.

Black magic?

And what you might call a nose for secrets.

So it wasn't just silver, this stuff that fell out of the sky?

Unfortunately, Lady Peinforte discovered
it was something rather more unusual:

A living metal. Validium.

Living metal?

Yes. With just one purpose. Destruction.

But if you launched t into space
how come it's capable of destruction?

Later Ace.

Don't bother trying again.

It looks like the battery is dead.

Hello, hello.

I've been here before.

Déjà vu?

No, with the school.

How very droll.
I've not been since they were building the place.

You'll remember the way around?

Not really.

Windsor Castle is a big place.

Quite right. What we need is a guide. Come on.

I really don't think we should be doing this.

This way? What do you think.

I might be able to tell
if I actually knew where we were going.

But we didn't actually cover
the royal residential areas

on the school trip.

There's someone coming.

Look as if you own the place.

Do what?

Never fails.

We own the place.


How annoying.

I can't place her for the life of me.


It's all right, Ace.

I know her from somewhere.

Whaaat? Why didn't you say something?

You wouldn't let me.

She's just the woman we need.

Quick! After her.


Be very useful to have armed forces
and the police on our side.

And can you suggest a better person to ask.

Hold on.

There really is no alternative.

I am in a nightmare, or mad.

This is no madness. It is England.

But the noise, my lady. The foul air...

Yes, my lady.

What will my lady do when you possess the Nemesis?

Why, fisrt have revenge

on that predictable little man.

He will soon arrive, Richard.

Oh yes, I expect him.
And this time there'll be a reckoning

with the nameless Doctor whose power is so secret.

For I have found out his secret out.

In good time I will speak it. I shall be his downfall.

I've got to speak to Her.

Keep quiet. We'll have a doctor here soon.

I am the Doctor.

Don't get excited.

How did you get in here?

I can tell you but you won't believe me.

Try me.

I travelled through time and space.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Very well then. Let's forget about the armed forces.

But the Queen!

Are you a patient with him?

Now you'd better listen to him,
weasel features, 'cause he's the Doctor.

Oh, is he?


The fate of every living creature
on this planet hangs in the balance.

I don't believe you.

You will believe me!
You will let us go! You will not move!

You will move.

How did you do that?

It's easy once you know how.
You have to make a spectacle of yourself.

- Hey!
- The only trouble is, it doesn't last long.

Oh look: A van Dyck!

Not now, Doctor!

What now?

Back to the TARDIS.

We're obviously not going to get any help here.


That's me.


My goodness, what a good likeness!

How come I'm hanging up here?

Well, it hasn't happened yet.

It was two hundred years ago.

I know, but we haven't done it yet.
That's why you can't remember it.

That doesn't make sense.

Well, it did to Louis Armstrong.

But then, he really understood time.

There they are. Come on.

Herr De Flores, I don't understand how the police
have already been overcome.

That is of no importance.

All that matters is that the Nemesis is safe.

Your strength returns.

Soon you will be completely restored.

But... Where is the arrow?

Where is it?

Find it! Find it!

I do hope we're not too late.

Um, don't be afraid.

We wont harm you.

How did you get here?

I searched that section.
There was no one there.

Never mind, Karl.

You will see many signs
and wonders in the days to come.

Give me the arrow of Nemesis.

Fortunately, I haven't seen it since 1638

when it disappeared with the good Lady Peinforte.


You. Where is the arrow?

I know nothing about it.

She really doesn't.

Allow me to explain, Ace.

For validium to become active you must have
a sufficient quantity

of critical mass.
The statue alone is not enough without the bow...

I have the bow.

And, the arrow. But if someone could put the bow
and the arrow into the statue's hands...

They have the power of life and death,

not only over the Earth
but over any planet in existence.

You are, remarkably well informed
for someone who claims to know nothing.

I simply notice what is obvious. You apparently don't.

What do you mean?

You see those policemen here?

These men have been attacked
by a technology more advanced

and more terrible than you can imagine.

What technology?

You might also have observed

the electricity supply've been
drained during the last few days.

Like at the castle?


Tell me where the arrow is.

I want you to tell me where to find the arrow!

I am glad to say I can't.

Then we will shoot her.



Don't move.

The saved my life.

Don't thank them yet.
We might live to regret it.

What are they?