Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 24, Episode 14 - Dragonfire: Part Three - full transcript

At last learning the location of the missing key to his spaceship, Kane has the dragon hunted down and Iceworld brutally purged of all visitors; but, the Doctor, visiting the Ice Garden, learns something significant that will put the chagrin on Kane's grand plans for home world vengeance.

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It's worth a fortune.

Look past the fabulously valuable crystal, Glitz.

Look at the fire inside it. A
source of intense optical energy.

Look at it through Kane's eyes. See
it as an evil mind would see it...

At last, after three thousand
years, the Dragonfire shall be mine!

Duty guards.

We have an incident in the Lower Sectors,
Quadrant 6. An aggressive non-terrestrial.

It's marked with a radio tracking
device. I want the creature eliminated.

Bring me back its head.

I'm beginning to feel a warm,
cosy sensation in my money pouch!

Lay one finger on the Creature, Bilgebag,
and I'll rivet your kneecaps together!

We got stop Kane to find the Creature.


There's something wrong here. Can't
quite put my finger... Proamon...

But the hologram said that
Proamon was Kane's home planet.

Yes, but why have I heard
of it before? Where is it?

And was it in the past, or is it in the future?

Is this really important, Doctor?

Is a grain of sand important, Glitz?

I'd like to consult the
starcharts back in the TARDIS.

Your spacecraft? Brill!

We don't have time, Doctor.


No need to perambulate back to Ice world, Doctor.

These passages have got their own star
charts. The Ice Garden. I found it, remember?

A primitive star chart, eh? Basic constellations
and orbital calculations, I imagine.

Oh yes, I like that is this.

Ice Garden?

And you to stay here. Won't be long.

The Doctor's right. You two wait
here until the Doctor and I get back.


Now, now... You to stay here too
you out of any trouble, Glitz.

Do what? Behave, Doctor!

Don't are you. *****.

Many ANT-hunts you been on?


A-N-T: Aggressive Non-Terrestrial.
You ever seen one?

Not as such.

Well, I think not.

But it's a standard procedure.

What do you think a standard
non-terrestrial looks like?


Trying of a scorpion, two metres tall,
coming at you out of the shadows...

So do me a favour and leave
the water pistol at home.

If I'm relying on you to watch my back,

I want to know that you're
carrying enough artillery

to blow this ANT clean across the Space Lanes.

We could always pass the time playing
a game, I suppose. Spy or something.


Two metres tall?

Minimum. Let's go.

They always mark North and South on these
things, but never Forwards and Backwards.

Tell you what, you seem to know your going,
why don't I leave it to you the direction?

The time is at hand! In a few
hours, when the Dragonfire is mine,

we shall be able to leave this worthless planet.

I want you to spread terror
throughout the Upper Levels,

and drive everyone towards the Nosferatu.

I want no one left in Iceworld.

Here, take this.

It's a radio tracker device. Fix
down the ANT where you can see it. **

If this ANT so much as twitches, I want to know.

With silver bells and cockleshells...
Icegarden is all in around.

Extraordinary. This must a solar system.

This a large red star, with
smaller orbiting planets.

Constellations? Yes. But they're not quite right.

It's all out of alignment position.

These star charts are no use anymore.

How long have you been on this
planet? Two thousand years? Longer?

This is naff. This is mega-naff.

And what's more, I've run out of nitro.

But I've got tons more back in my quarters.

Let's go back and get it.

No, thank you, we'll steer clear
of the home-made stuff, I think.

There's six hundred kilos of
commercial back on board the Nosferatu.

I'll go and fetch some of that.

The Nosferatu?

And you both stay here.

Just for once, Sprog, do you said Ace?
And stay here. Don't going wrong enough.

Why do we always get left out?

I'll be back as I can.

I spy, with my little eye,
something beginning with ice.


Your go.

Oh, that's believe him?

Go it!


It's there. Forty metres to the right.

Six metres.

Five metres. Four metres. Three.

Where is it?

Here your way.

Current cabinet temperature: minus 10?C...
Target temperature: minus 193?C...

Iceboy, *****, that doesn't begin with... M.


That doesn't begin with M.

Where's Glitz?


He's gone back to his spacecraft.

I'm very hurry. We've got to
stop Kane and the Creature.

We're too close to the Upper Levels.

It's here!


I don't know. It's everywhere.

It's coming towards us!

It's nothing here.

Still approaching. It's all around us!


It's down there!

Stop! Hold your fire!

Come out!

It's a girl.

How come the tracker's picking her up?

Back to the TARDIS.

But what about the Creature? We've got to save it.

The Creature's always going
to be in danger from Kane.

The only way we can save it is by convincing
Kane that his star charts are hopelessly wrong.

If we can do that, we might
be able to stop all this.

Here this isn't another wind-up is it?

I mean, I really am going to
see your spacecraft this time?


Here, what's going on?

Stand clear of the door, please.
Undocking sequence in progress...

Open up!

Locking arms disengaged...

You can't go without me!

Spacecraft ready to clear Iceworld...

Safe journey and good fortune, Nosferatu...

You can't leave me! Not after
all these years. Come back!


Where is everyone? Half-day closing?
I don't think we have much time.

What are we doing here? I thought
we was going to see your spacecraft?

This is our spacecraft.

I'm not stupid!

Just come on.

Squeeze up, then.

Hang about...

That it's. Probe one on. **

Here, how d'you do that?

It's bigger on the inside than on the outside.

Since the planet Proamon.

It's dimensionally transcendental.

Don't come all clever dick
with me. What's going on?

It's difficult to explain.


That's better. I think it's time...

Oh, Doctor.

Come on.

Leave me. I have come back.

Come on. I'm not leaving you anywhere.

Here, this is a short cut to my quarters.

***** Ace. ***** hurry.

***** all right. You going anyhere.

If just want to pop back a couple
of cans of nitro. I can you up.

Come on, Mel. Is't ***** valuable time.

If ***** quarters.

Sprog? Doctor? Mel?

Ah, you dear. Have you think
small ***** anywhere. ***** later.

***** find it? ***** me now?


Right. It's just head. Then we're finished.

Can't we just leave the head?

Mr Kane wants the head. And I'm
not leaving the job half-finished.

The Dragon's Treasure!

Ace? Ace?

The Creature! It's dead. They've killed it!

Yes, but it had a final surprise for
anyone who might interfere with it

a huge energy surge when
the crystal was disconnected.

What shall we do now?

We'll finish its work for it and put an
end to all this death and destruction.

- Ace?
- Here you n'it dead. **

- Where Ace?
- I don't know.

This is ***** enough.


Come on. We got to find it.

***** lost her.

Doctor... Glitz... I know you can hear me.

I'd like to propose a transaction.

My very final transaction before I leave Svartos.

Dragonfire for the girl. Bring me the
Dragonfire, and you can have the girl.

Special Closing-Down Sale, you might
call it. But hurry, while stocks last.

I think he means it, Doctor.

I've no doubt.

But we can't give him the treasure.

We don't choice. The Creature is
already dead. Ace is still alive...

Cabinet ambient temperature: minus 10?C.

Target temperature: minus 193?C.

Goodnight *****.

At last... After three
thousand years... Bring it here.

Three thousand years, eh?

Long enough for an entire
civilisation to have come and gone.

Are you some kind of an idiot?

You know, for someone who's had the
patience to wait three thousand years,

you seem to be in rather a hurry suddenly.

What's all this three thousand years?

Three thousand years since you were exiled
here from Proamon, along with the Creature.

Who are you?

Oh, just a traveller.

What do you know of Proamon?

With other, the Creature showed on the hologram.

The archives... I was going to destroy them.

No, no, keep them for the souvenir
value, along with the Ice Garden.

But why was the Creature doing time here as well?

The bio-mechanoid was my jailer! Look around you.

Controls lying dead, waiting
for an energy source...

The Dragonfire is the energy source!

And without, you were powerless.

My people thought they could
imprison me on this wretched planet

by implanting the power
source inside the Creature.

They shall learn of their folly.

A living creature was created
as the key to your prison!

There were times when I ached for death.

I ***** to journey round from
the cold, dark face of Svartos,

to the sun blistered surface on the
other side, where I would quickly die.

Now, with the Dragonfire, I have the power
to return to Proamon and exact my revenge!

You, girl, bring me the Dragonfire!

No! I'm not going to lift one finger to help you.


Don't listen to her. She doesn't mean it.

Doughnut! Give him the treasure.

I'm sixteen. I'm too young to be freeze dried!

Come on, Mel. This isn't the
time for being fastidious.


- If I could me explain...
- Doctor!

Stop wasting my time. The Dragonfire is mine now.

Either you can give it to me willingly,
or I shall take it from your dead bodies.

The logic is inescapable.

Place it in the circuit.

Doctor, what's happening?

It sounds like a starflight photon drive.

Starflight drive? It can't be...

This is a spacecraft! The
whole colony's a spacecraft!

My hour of vengeance...

Vengeance on whom Kane? You're too late.

All your frozen mercenaries are dead.

I can soon find more.

But where can you find another home planet?

You're talking in riddles,
Doctor. Proamon is my home planet.

Was your home planet?

Check your navigational equipment.
It's all fully operative now.

There must be something wrong.

Sadly not. Your planet, your people,
your entire race were destroyed,

one thousand years after you were exiled.

No, no, It's not possible...

Look at the sun of Proamon.

When you left, it was a cold Red
Giant, surrounded by freezing planets.

There's nothing here but a Neutron Star...

Your sun turned supernova two thousand years ago.

All of its planets were engulfed in the
explosion. Your people were annihilated.

Your planet was obliterated.
You're too late for your revenge.

You have no home.

Time as fluyed *****.

No! No! It shall not be!

Danger. Unfiltered sunlight.


Good afternoon, *****.

This is the new manage for spiking. Captain Glitz.

It's time for full changes.

I suppose it's time.

Strange business, "time". It
delights in frustrating our plans.

All Kane's hatred and bitterness,
thwarted by a quirk of time.

Now, I meant, I suppose it's
time I should be going...

Time ***** left.

Yes, well, you can be right. Time if you go.

- Before I...
- It's time.

- Doctor?
- Before I go, I just like *****.

No point, Mel, **** time.

No, I not going ***** my ****. I just want to see.

It's no time, Mel.

Oh, all right, you win.

I do. ***** I do.

I'm going now.

*****, you going. *****. ***** go on.

Stay here. *****. I have meet to *****.

****** it. Strange business, "time".

Goodbye Doctor.

I'm sorry Mel.

I think about me, when you
living a live, ***** another,

*****, ***** traveller ***** police box.

It's day *****, baby.

***** anything about home, ******.

Well, we've officially renamed
this craft the Nosferatu II,

just *****,

next stop sunny Perivale, eh Sprog?

S'pose so.

Have you got room for another one?

You Perivale-bound as well?

I was hoping you might take me a bit further.

How much further?

How much further are you going?

Here half a millisecond...

Excellent! Yes. Mel can keep
you out of trouble, Glitz.

And that means no more dodgy deals.

Thanks a billion, Doctor.

Ace doesn't have anywhere to go.

Nonsense. It's an idyllic place, Perivale.
Lush green meadows ... village blacksmith...

Doctor, she comes from the twentieth century!

Come on, Mel. Get your digit!

I'll send you a postcard.

But I don't have an address.

I'll put it in a bottle, and throw it
into space. It'll reach you in time.

Ace, where do you think you're going?


Ah, yes, but which route? The direct
route with Glitz or the scenic route?

Well, do you fancy a quick spin round
the Twelve Galaxies, en route to Perivale?


But there are three rules.

One: I'm in charge.

Anything you say, Professor!

Two: I'm not a Professor, I'm the Doctor.

Whatever you want?

And the third... I'll think of a
third one before we reach Perivale!

There you are...

I've been looking all over for you. Come on.