Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 24, Episode 10 - Delta and the Bannermen: Part Two - full transcript

The Bannermen are coming to Earth thanks to a signal from an opportunistic bounty hunter recognizing Delta. DIsneyland is safe due to a collision with a satellite that redirects the vacationers to the Shangri-La Holiday Camp in South Wales. There, the camp mechanic is smitten by the Queen Delta and her newly hatched green baby.

Connect me with the Bannermen leader.

Gavrok here, go ahead.

I understand you're offering a reward
for the Chimeron queen.

Affirmative. One million units.

I've found her.
She's at a place called Shangri-La,

in south Wales,
Western hemisphere, Earth.

Now, lock into this signal
to guide you in.

The reward will be yours when we arrive.

End transmission.

-Thank you.
-What for?

For lending me your dress.

For making an effort to be kind.

Aw, I'd help anyone in trouble
if I could.

Mel, there's something you should know.

What an unexpected bonus.

You're the traveller in time
they call the Doctor.

-Your death will make me richer still.
-If you kill for money, let the girl go.

She's worth nothing to you.

I don't just kill for money.

It's also something I enjoy.

My bounty hunter will be paid off
sooner than he thinks.

Arm the beacon hunter.

My life's at risk.

I'm going to trust you.

And I think you deserve
a full explanation.

I think you'd better close the door.

# You are my honey, honey, honeysuckle

# I am your bee #

Good morning!
What a beautiful morning it is.

Sure is. By the way, have you seen
anything weird fall out of the sky?

Oh, dear me, no. I've seen many things
fall out of the sky,

but nothing which could be
described as weird.

What about lights? Anything like that?

Oh, there are strange lights
in the night sky all the time.

Not just the Aurora Borealis, mind, but

low pulsing lights on occasions
and low shooting stars.

Uh-huh. Um, anything
in the last day or so?

I shall ask my bees.

They know everything that happens.

Sure. Well, I reckon we've taken up
enough of your time.

If you stayed a bit longer, young man,
you might understand.

Take a look at this butterfly.

Arguably, one of the most beautiful
creatures in the whole of nature.

Yet, if you were to see a pupae,

you'd think it was the ugliest sight
you've ever seen.

But you can't have one
without the other.

And so I'm the last Chimeron queen.

My planet is right now
in the grip of the invaders.

My people are dead.

Poor Mel's exhausted.

I think we'd better let her
get some sleep.

Billy, I feel like a walk.


The hills around here are beautiful.

-We can go somewhere really special.
-But I can't walk too far with the baby.

Ah, I never said anything about walking.

-What is it?
-She's a Vincent.

My pride and joy.

-Ooh! My head.
-Do you feel all right?

Nothing hurt or broken? Hmm?

But what happened to that guy
with the gun?

I'm afraid he was paid in kind.

You see this signal beacon?
It exploded from the inside.

Obviously the Bannermen
locked into his signal

and fired off a high-impulse beam

right along his transmission track.

So they...they killed him?

I'm afraid so. Ionised.

And this is all that's left of him?

Yes. A poignant reminder that violence
always rebounds on itself.

But we must warn the others
that an attack is imminent.

# Mi mi #

Good morning. Let's start with a song.

# When the red, red, robin comes
bob, bob bobbin' along #

Mel, Mel! Are you all right?

Oh, nothing a good night's sleep
wouldn't cure.

Well, I'm afraid that'll have to wait.

Do you know where
Delta and Billy have gone?

Well, they didn't tell me.

Billy was taking her
to some beauty spot, I think.

Well, we've got to find them
as quick as we can.

And organise an evacuation of the camp.
The Bannermen are on their way.

I'll get Murray to organise
the tour party.

Good. But they'll be one short.

-He was ionised!

But I must try and find Delta and Billy.

Do you know where they might be, Ray?

Well, there are a couple of beauty spots
in the area we could try.

And also a few special places

only known to Billy and me.

Well, we're gonna have to keep
looking for them until we find them.

But first we must convince Burton
to evacuate the camp.

Mel, you find Murray.

-Ray, come with me.

Whoa! You're a bit of a heavyweight,
aren't you?

The most rapid growth occurs
in the lymphoid state.

She'll double her size and her weight
in the next few hours.

Come on.

Now, let me try and get this right.

Now, are you telling me that you're not
the Happy Hearts Holiday Club

from Bolton, but instead are spacemen

in fear of an attack
from some other spacemen?

And, because of the danger,
you want me to evacuate the entire camp?

An excellent summary, Mr. Burton.

Now, if you start right away then
we'll be able to get them to safety.

Oh, well, if that is all that is needed,
it should be easy.

Oh, and by the way, can we have
space buns and tea afterwards?

Or don't they drink tea on Mars?

I thought you might be
a little sceptical.

What can I do to convince you?

Aw, it's just a waste of time, Doctor.

Listen, Mr. Burton, if you don't act
right away, innocent people will die!

I will do whatever I can to convince you

I'm not suffering from
some sort of delusion.

All right, Doctor.

How about showing us your spaceship, eh?

Oh, can I come, too, Doctor?

Of course, but let's go quickly.

Murray! Murray, wake up!


-What's the matter?
-There's an emergency, Murray.

We have to get ready to leave
as soon as the bus is fixed.

What kind of emergency?

The Bannermen warfleet's on its way.

-You stay there, I'll get changed.

It's called a TARDIS.

An acronym for Time And
Relative Dimensions In Space.


Couldn't we take it
for bit of a spin, Doctor?

Yes, with pleasure,
but first things first.

-We must clear the camp.

Everybody out! Attention!

Attention! Everybody out!
Listen! Everybody out!

Now, look!

We should quickly pack and then wait
at the bus until we're ready to leave!

Well, what's the big rush, Murray?
It's nice here.

Truth is, there's a Bannermen warfleet
on its way here.

Nice and easy, folks! Don't panic!

Nice and easy! Nice and easy!
Don't panic!

I see you've got everything
under control, Murray.

We must go and see the crystal.
If it's ready, then you must leave!

You won't see me for dust, Doctor!

Good morning, everyone.

This is a matter of some urgency.

Could all staff,
without exception,

assemble in my office immediately.

Could all employees...

It's almost re-grown.
Just another half hour.

And then you've gotta leave,
whether I come back or not.

-Back from where?
-I've got to find Delta.

Mel, you stay here and organise things.
Come on, let's go, Ray.

-Take care of the crystal!
-Count on me, Doctor!

And I called you all here
at such short notice

because we are facing a crisis.

Now, what I would like you all to do
is to go back to your chalets

and pack whatever you need
for one night.

I have already ordered a bus to take us
all away from here.

You will spend the night in
Llandridnod Wells

and return in a day or so.
Any questions?

-I don't normally like

running away, sir. What's up?

Ah, well, it's because
we're facing an...

It's because, well, we are in danger,
you know, of...

Well, it's top secret.

I've got a man here now
from the Ministry of Defence,

-so, look sharp, will you?
-Are you staying, sir?

Well, of course, they would have to
drag me away from here, eh?

Then I'll stay, too, Major.

Thank you, Vinny,
but you will all have to go.

And that is an order.

Look sharp now. Off you go.

That noise she makes,
it's almost like singing.

It's partly a song
and partly a defence mechanism.

Against the Bannermen.

-Did you come here with Billy often?
-We called it Fern Dell.

We used to play here as children.

But I don't see his bike anywhere.

-Could it be hidden?
-Oh, no. Not the Vincent.

It's just too big.

Well, they're not here. Come on!

Come on!

Go on now!

Fortunately, they didn't have
much packing to do.

-How's the crystal coming?
-I'm trying to use

mind power to make it grow faster,
but I haven't had much luck.

I'm doing this with grave misgivings,
but I cannot risk my staff for it.

-Just like a captain, Mr. Burton.
-Major, actually.

I am still not sure
what I saw in that police box,

but I cannot risk my staff for it.

You're doing the right thing.

She's somewhere in that quadrant.

It's a pity we had to destroy the beacon
when we killed that mercenary.

We'll have to scan the whole area

until we find some trace of
advanced technology emissions.

But she will soon be dead.

You're wasting your time, Hawk.

Well, it's better that stopping every stranger we find and asking them if they've seen our lost satellite.

But there's no point in listening to that radio. It stopped transmitting.

That's why you and I have to look for that satellite.

Then I'll listen to Voice of America. Anything's better than your yammering!

Excuse me! Have you seen a couple go by? A fellow on a big black bike and a lady with a green polka dot dress.

Mister, we haven't even seen a squirrel this morning!

Are there any other places, Ray?

Well, there is just one last chance.

Well, let's give it a try.

I don't know much about crystalline
structures, but that looks about cooked.

Yes, it looks ready to me, Mel.


Here goes.

Oh, this is the end of the road, Doctor.

I don't know where else to try.

Ah! These tyre marks are of
a heavy motorcycle and sidecar.

Come on.

If I can get the hatchling
safely to the Brood planet,

then I can take my case to judgment.

They will then send
an expeditionary force

to get rid of Gavrok and his Bannermen.

Well, I'll do whatever I can to help,

It's Ray and The Doctor.

They're sure in a hurry.

The Bannermen!

Oh, thank heavens!

-Why is everyone in such a lather?
-Found you at last.


We overheard the space mercenary
give the position of the camp.

-There's a price on your head.
-Yeah? Well, where is this guy?

I reckon we've got a score to settle.

He's been ionised!

Murray's fixing the bus.
It shouldn't be long.

Then you can leave.
So we got to go back, now!

Transmitter identified.
Triangulate and set course.

Ain't no use, Weismuller.
There's nothing out there!

I don't wanna be an old ''I told you so'',

but if you had listened to me before...

Hey, Weismuller,
you think that's it?

Well, I don't know.
I ain't never seen a satellite before.

I always thought that
they'd be smaller, somehow.

Look, I don't know what's going on
around here,

but I think we better get out of here
real fast.


Hi, there.
We weren't going anywhere.

Where is the Chimeron queen?

Beats me, chief!

Hey, that's the property of Uncle Sam.

Where is he? Your Uncle Sam.

No, you don't understand!

Boy, you sure get sore real quick.

I will lead the main party.
You two, guard them. Come.

Well, we're all gassed up
and ready to go.

-Then you must leave at once, Murray.
-What about The Doctor and Delta?

We can follow you in the TARDIS,
wherever you go.

I know, but I feel bad
about leaving you here.

It's your last chance to hitch a ride.

No, I made an arrangement,
I'd better stick to it.

Thanks anyway.

Well, it's time to get the show
on the road.

As they say around here,
''See you later, alligator!''

In a while, crocodile.



So, one of them escaped.

You killed all those innocent people.

Was the Chimeron queen amongst them?

Yes. Yes, she's dead.

Would you lie?

You saw what happened to the bus,
no one could have survived that!

The Chimerons are finished!



-You lied!


It would be extremely foolish of you
to kill her.

Keep her as a hostage.
She's far more use to you alive.

Kill any other survivors.

Tie these two up.

They will not be hostages...

but bait.

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop!

He's not following us.

Mel is still in there, Doctor,
and Burton.

My immediate objectives
are to set them free

and find Delta and the baby
somewhere safe.

-Can you hear something?
-I can't hear anything.

Those marks behind her ear
are high frequency antennae.

What are you picking up?

It's not clear,
but it's coming from down there.

There's nothing there,
except old Goronwy's place.

-Does he keep bees?
-Yeah. How did you know that?

It's his bees
who are telling us to come.


You think they would?

No, I don't think they would.

-I wonder if you could help us...
-Of course, of course!

-I am Goronwy.
-Oh, and I am The Doctor.

Oh, there you are.
Have some of that, lovely.

Is it possible for these people
to stay with you for a few hours?

Yes, of course.
Come inside and have a cup of tea.

Come along. There we are.

Take it. She likes a bit of honey.

I'm gonna have to leave at once.

I wonder if you could lend me
a pillowcase and a broom handle.

-Oh, I should think so.

Oh, Billy. May I borrow your bike?

All right, Doctor. But try and
be careful though, won't you?

I'll treat it as if it were the TARDIS.

How dare you?

The white flag is
the accepted signal for truce

throughout the civilised universe!

You may think that might is right,

but I can assure you,
you won't get away with it.

Who will stop me?


With your puny flag?

And your appeals to fair play
and justice, huh?

I spit on your justice.

Your charm is only matched
by your compassion.

Why should I not kill you, right now?

Because you're in enough
trouble already, Gavrok.

Release those prisoners and I will
testify that you showed some mercy.


You'll never get me to trial.

I agree to differ. But you should know

that Delta has sworn a statement
alleging invasion

and genocide of the Chimerons.

You will be brought to account, Gavrok,
and made to pay for your actions.

Give me Delta

and I will give you your life.


What do you know about life, Gavrok?

You deal in death. Lies, treachery,
and murder are your currency.

You promise life, but, in the end,
it will be life which defeats you.

You have said enough.

I've traversed time and space
to find the Chimeron queen.

-I will not be defeated.
-As you will.

I came here under a white flag and
I will leave under that same white flag.

And woe betide any man
who breaches its integrity.

Now, step aside!
Release those prisoners!

Gavrok, it's over! You're finished!
And we're leaving.