Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 21, Episode 6 - The Awakening: Part Two - full transcript

The Malus, an alien that's purely evil, needs the civil war re-enactments to become authentic so it can feed off the psychic energy of dying and embattled men and fully revive. Not if the Doctor can derail things, of course.


Will, come and have a look at this

-No. No!

Look out!

MISS HAMPDEN: Doctooooor!

Doctor, are you all right?


-Are you sure you're all right?



It's that face.

Look at it. Does it look familiar?

Yes, I've... I've seen it before.

Behind you.

But that's a representation
of the Devil!

Yes. It's interesting, isn't it?


So there you are.


What's that?

Psychic projection. Over here, Will.

He looks so real.

Well, to all intents and purposes he is.

-I've heard that before.

-Battle's coming.
-No, Will. Come back!

I'm not going to war again.





All right, all right.
You've made your point.

One by one, you and your companions
will return to my fold,

and you will never get out again.

It is a pity you've seen this.
Lock him up.

(EXCLAIMS) Stand perfectly still.

-What is it?
-I told you, a psychic projection.

It pains me to say it,
but I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

We all learn by our mistakes.

Now what?

-More psychic disturbance.

Ah. It seems he intends to kill us.
Make for the underground passage. Run!




Don't be afraid.
My name's Andrew Verney.

Doctor, slow down.
That thing isn't following us.

-I need to speak to Sir George.
-Haven't you got enough troubles?

Do you know anything
about psychic energy?

Oh, you know I don't.

Then a quick lesson. It can, of course,
occur in many varied forms,

but the type here,
capable of creating projections,

-requires a focus point.

Oh, dear, oh, dear. A medium.

-Oh, as with a poltergeist?
-Yes, only a bit more complicated.

In this case, it isn't the medium
that is creating the projections,

but the Malus.

The medium simply gathers
all the psychic energy for it to use.

And what at the moment is creating
the most psychic energy?

-Um, uh...
-The war games.

The war games.

-And who controls the games?
-You'd better speak to Sir George.

Yes, the trouble is

I don't think he can have any idea
of what he's doing.

The Malus is pure evil.

Given enough energy,
it will not only destroy him,

but everything else.

Cheer up.

You wouldn't get very far.


If you tried to escape.
There are troopers everywhere.

I wouldn't dream of putting you
to so much trouble.

I rather think we're all
Sir George's prisoners at the moment.

If it's any comfort to you,
your grandfather is safe.

-Then let me see him.
-All in good time.

You look charming, my dear.
Positively charming.

Thanks for nothing.
Can I have my clothes back, please?

Oh, but you're to be
our Queen of the May.

You must dress the part.

Look, I'm not in the mood
for playing silly games!

This is no game.

You are about to take part in an event
that will change the future of mankind.


Why are they keeping you prisoner here?

Because of what I discovered.
Have you been to the church?

Oh, yes.

Years of research to discover something
as evil as the Malus

was more than just a legend.

It wasn't active when you discovered it?

My mistake was telling
Sir George Hutchinson.

It was his deranged mind
who caused its awakening.

We must get out of here,
let the Doctor know what's happening.

But how?

-Are there any guards?
-I don't know.



What are you like as a battering ram?

Not much further.

Doctor, wait.

Will said he saw the Malus in 1643,
in the church.

-That's right.
-It's been there for hundreds of years.

Long before the Civil War started.

Then why has it been dormant
for so long?

It requires a massive force
of psychic energy to activate it.

When the Civil War
came to Little Hodcombe,

it created precisely that.

And Sir George is trying
to recreate the same event.

Yes, in every detail.

Tegan's grandfather must have told him
everything he discovered.

He knows it's the only way
for the Malus to be fully activated.

Doctor, I've had a terrible thought.

The last battle in the war games
has to be for real.

The slaughter will be dreadful.

-You must stop him!
-Yes, I know.


TEGAN: History is littered
with loonies like you.

Fortunately, most of them end up
safely locked away.


Insight is often mistaken
for madness, my dear.

I didn't realise that the Malus
was so evil.

-Don't worry, Wolsey. It will serve us.
-It will use you.

DOCTOR: Tegan's right.

You're energising a force
so irresistibly destructive

that nothing on Earth can control it.

-You must stop the war game.
-Stop it?

-Are you mad? You speak treason.
-Fluently! Stop the games.

Eliminate him, Wolsey. Now!

-Put that down, Ben.
-I don't understand him any more.

Don't try.
He's under the influence of the Malus.

Are you with us, Colonel?

Can you tell me what's going on
because I don't know any longer?



-Be careful.
-It's the thing in the church.

Not quite.
It's a projection of the parent image,

probably one of several
energy-gathering points.

TEGAN: Keep away from it.

-Oh, it has no force yet.
-Well, let's put a stop to it.

I'm afraid you can't hurt it, Colonel.
It has no substance.

-We have to do something.
-We must prevent the re-enactment.

Spoil it in any way we can.

Reduce the amount of psychic energy
being produced.

Good. Then we can forget
the May Queen procession.

The cart to take you to the village
is already here.

Will there be guards
for this procession?

No, I'm the only escort, but they will
send somebody to investigate.

Make sure that Tegan and Jane
get safely back to the church.

You can use the underground passage.

I must search for Turlough and Will,
and, uh, good luck.

Do you know where my clothes are?

I'll fetch them for you,
but stay as you are for the moment.


Because if you don't turn up
on that cart,

Hutchinson will turn out
the whole village to search for you.

The Doctor won't stand a chance.


WILLOW: Perfect.


This door must give soon.


But at the moment, all we're doing
is wearing out our shoulders.

There's no other way.

-You all right?
-It's just like before.

-The last time you saw the Malus?
-And he's not pleased.



And they burned Queen of the May.

The toast of Little Hodcombe.

It ain't funny. She was screaming.

That's nothing to what Tegan
would have done. Come on.

SIR GEORGE: Stop that man!
Stop! Hold him!

You're just in time for the show.
You can have a front seat.


Something's wrong.

What happened?

Here's your Queen of the May,
Sir George.

You can burn her if you wish.

Not as attractive as Tegan,
but more humane.

What are you trying to do,
wreck everything?

I'm trying to return some sanity
to these proceedings.

You've ruined it.
You've ruined everything.

Kill him.

DOCTOR: Over here, Will!


Back to the church,
and thank you, Colonel.



After them! After them!

We must get to the church
and destroy the Malus

before it becomes too powerful.

-Let's find the Doctor first.
-We haven't got the time.

We can spend the whole day looking.
Come on!

Come along. There's still a lot to do.


You didn't close the doors!

There was no point.
Something was already inside it.

This is all we need.



Quietly, now. Don't alarm it.

What are you doing?

Well, if I can lock
the signal conversion unit

onto the frequency of
the psychic energy feeding it,

I might be able to direct the Malus.

-Is that possible?
-Well, there's a remote chance.

-Ah. Perhaps you should close the doors.

They didn't waste much time.

A police box?

It's locked.

Well, don't just stand there,
break it open!



Doctor, the Malus.

DOCTOR: It's growing stronger.

-Won't it work?
-It takes time. Excuse me, Colonel.


Oh, no!

Let's find the Doctor.
There's nothing we can do.

-What's that?

The Tardis is in the crypt.
I think we should take a look.


-I know.

It senses when I'm about.

Now, everybody stay
perfectly calm and still!



Away. I must get to the church.


-(WHISPERING) What do we do?


-That's it.
-Can you control the Malus?

Not quite, but it can no longer fuel
itself from the turmoil in the village.

Doctor, look.

Ah. I think it's time
we left this thing to die in peace.

Turlough! Well done!

-Tegan, my dear.

-Save the greetings until later.
-Never a dull moment.

-Now what?
-I don't know yet.


-WOLSEY: Where did they come from?
-They're psychic projections.

I'd feel happier with a gun.

Wouldn't make any difference.
They're not real.

WOLSEY: They look solid enough to me.

DOCTOR: It's the Malus's
last line of defence.

They'll kill as effectively
as any living thing.


-We're running out of places to run.
-That's been the story of our lives.

VERNEY: Why don't they attack?
DOCTOR: They will, in their own time.

We're the Malus' last source
of psychic energy.

It'll make us sweat
for as long as it can.

-WILL: I is going to die.
-Quiet, Will, quiet.

-He's right, Doctor.
-Not yet, he isn't.


Oh, no.

-Brave heart, Tegan.
-How could that happen?

They're gone.

The fight must have used
a lot of psychic energy.

The Malus needs to rest.
Let's go before it recovers.

It is time at last! I am here, Master.

-Let me deal with him.
-He'll kill you.

He used to be a man of honour,

played the war games in the way
they were intended.

Forget any codes of honour
Sir George might once have held.

He's now completely
under the control of the Malus.

-He's still mortal.
-Don't be a fool, Ben.

I have to try. I feel partly responsible
for what's happened here.


Sir George?

-Be it important Sir George be dead?
-Not if there's another way.

-Sir George, do you understand me?
-Who are you?

Colonel Wolsey. Ben Wolsey, your friend.

Get back!

We have something to settle.

Sir George, it's important you listen.

Listen to Colonel Wolsey.
Concentrate your thoughts.

-You must break free from the Malus.
-Free? Why? I'm his willing servant.

You're his slave.
He only wants you for one thing.

You're mistaken.
He's offered me enormous power.

The Malus is here for one reason.
To destroy.

-It's the only thing it knows how to do.
-Now listen to the Doctor.

(EXCLAIMS) I don't believe you.

Without you, the Malus is helpless.

Through you it feeds on
the fear and anger

generated through the war games.

Once it's strong enough,
it will destroy you!


Listen, Sir George.
Your village is in turmoil.

You're pointing a gun
at a man who's a friend.

That's the true influence of the Malus.

Can't you feel the hate and rage
inside your head?

Think, man!

Did you have such feelings
before you activated that thing?

I... I... I don't...

I don't... Ahhh!


You're gonna be dead!


It be better he be dead.

It's all right, Will. It's all right.

We must seal up the church.

And inform the authorities.
It has to be destroyed.


-Now what?
-The Malus knows it's lost.

It's going to fulfil its programming,

clear the ground,
destroy everything it can. Come on!

Quickly! Inside.

Does it have the power?

Enough to keep Will here
and level a church. Come along.

Close the door, would you?

Hold on.



The Malus has destroyed itself.

Oh, thank God.

Well, now that it's gone,
was it a beast or a machine?

Oh, a living being,
re-engineered as an instrument of war

and sent here to clear the way
for an invasion.

What went wrong? Why didn't they invade?

You know, I don't honestly know.

I must look to see if there's
anything in the computer about it.

If the Malus is destroyed,
why is Will still here?

You did say he was only
a psychic projection.

Ah, yes, yes. It seems I was mistaken.

The Malus was able to intermingle
the two time zones

for a living being to pass through.
Must have had incredible power.

That's the last time
I pay an unexpected call on you.

As a rule, the villagers and I
are much more welcoming.

There'll be lots of clearing up to do,
in more ways than one.

We'll need all the help we can get.

-And no recriminations?
-Not on my part.

-Nor mine.
-Well, that seems to be it.

We'll drop you all off
and then we'll be on our way.

Uh, what about our young friend here?

Ah, well, him too.
1643 isn't all that far away.

TEGAN: Aren't you forgetting something?

Probably. It isn't unusual.
I've had a very hard day.

Well, we came here
to visit my grandfather.

It'd be nice to spend a little time
with him.

I must admit,
I wouldn't mind staying for a while.

Hmm, you're outnumbered seven to one.

I'm being bullied, coerced,
forced against my will.

-I've had enough for one day.
-Even if you are, agree, man.

All right. Just for a little while.
We have a great deal to do.

Good. I quite miss that
brown liquid they drink here.

-No, uh, tea.

What be tea?

Oh, a noxious infusion
of oriental leaves

containing a high percentage
of toxic acid.

Mmm, sounds an evil brew, don't it?

True. Personally, I rather like it.