Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 21, Episode 5 - The Awakening: Part One - full transcript

A growing crack, a missing grandfather, a disfigured purse-snatcher, the image of an old man, and a dirty 15th century peasant boy add up to another life-threatening mystery for the Doctor to solve in a little village that's celebrating the anniversary of when the English Civil War hit town.



Are you there, Ben?




Don't be so stupid.
You'll kill somebody!


Don't touch me!

-Get off!
-It's only me.

Ben. Ben, you're mad!

-Nonsense, my dear. Just a bit of fun.

Sir George,
you must stop these war games.

Stop them?

Why, Miss Hampden,
you of all people, our schoolteacher,

should appreciate the value
of re-enacting actual events.

-It's a living history.
-It's getting out of hand.

The village is in turmoil.

So there's been a little damage.

But that's the way people used
to behave in those days.

It's a game.
You must expect high spirits.

Not when people can get hurt.
It must stop.

And so it shall.

We have but one last battle to fight.

Join us. See the merit of what we do.


Is that any better?

Uh, no.
No, no, still some time distortion.

Is there a problem?
We are going to Earth?

Date, time and place asked for.

How else could you visit
your grandfather?

-We're nearly there.



Hmm. Well, we've arrived.

We've hit an energy field.

Unexpected aura
for a quiet English village.

Let's get out of here.

-Quickly, Doctor. Relocate the Tardis.
-Hold on!

-There's somebody out there.
-He's trapped.


He's gone.



Wait, please.

Did you see his clothes?
We're in the wrong century.

We're not. I checked the time monitor.
It is 1 984.

Let's have a look around.

I don't understand you.

Every man, woman and child
in this village

is involved in these war games
except you. Why?

It's great fun. An adventure.

-I understand that.
-Then join us.

Your influence could temper the
more high-spirited, prevent accidents.

Look, I don't care
if a few high-spirited kids

get their heads banged together.
It's gone beyond that.

Suppose what happened to me

happens to somebody else,
a stranger, a visitor to the village?

There will be no visitors
to the village.

It's been isolated
from the outside world.

No one can enter or leave.

-You can't do that!
-Can't I?

It's been done.

-Where did he go?
-Well, if he can move that quickly,

he can't be hurt very badly.


I don't like it.

Then admire the craftsmanship.
Seventeenth century.

Probably on a theme of man
being chased by the Devil.

I must admit, I've never seen
anything quite like it before.

-Looks as though a bomb's hit the place.
-Maybe it did.

Can we find my grandfather?


-What was that?
-A ghost.

Why did they build the church
so far from the village?

Perhaps they were refused
planning permission.

Behave yourselves. We have company.


We should go back.

Too late.

Where do you think you're going?
This is Sir George Hutchinson's land.

If we're trespassing, I apologise.

Little Hodcombe, for your own safety,
is a closed area.

-We're in the middle of a war game.
-We're here to visit my grandfather.

You'd better see Sir George.
He'll sort it out.

Move out!

-Stop it! Leave me alone!
-What's going on here?

Trespassers, Colonel.
I've arrested them.

-I don't believe this.
-Are you sure you should be doing this?

Sir George has been informed.

I'm sorry about this. Some of the men
do get a bit carried away.

We'll soon have the business sorted out
and you safely on your way.

Thank you.

-It's a very impressive room, Colonel.
-My pride and joy.

-Seventeenth century?
-Yes, perfect in every detail.

-What is going on?
-I'm sorry. I don't know.

I think everyone's gone mad.

Look, we don't want to interfere.
We're just here to visit my grandfather.

-Oh, yes? And who might he be?
-Andrew Verney.


-What's wrong?
-He disappeared a few days ago.

Well, has anything been done
to find him?


-Now calm down, Tegan.

-I'm sure we can sort this out.
-Oh, for heaven's sake!

Now, Tegan, come back!
Turlough, fetch her, would you?

-You! Stay where you are!


What are you doing? Give me that back!

-What's this?
-He tried to escape, sir.

But he isn't a prisoner,
Sergeant Willow.

You must treat visitors
with more respect.

What is going on?

A celebration.

On the 1 3th of July, 1 643,

the English Civil War came to
Little Hodcombe.

A parliamentary force
and a regiment for the King

destroyed each other and the village.

-And you're celebrating that?
-Why not? It's our heritage.

-It's a madness.

Miss Hampden, you see,
disagrees with our activities.

Hmm. I can understand why.

Who are you?

I'm known as the Doctor.

Are you a member of the
theatrical profession?


-No more than you are.

How did you get to the village?

-Through the woods, via the church.
-That's where I found him, sir.

I would avoid the church,
if I were you. It's very dangerous.

-Could fall down at any minute.
-Hmm, so I'd noticed.

However, since you're here,
you must join in our games.

It's our final battle.

Do you know, I'd love to, but first
I must find Tegan and Turlough,

and Tegan's grandfather.
I gather he's disappeared.

Good day!

Wait, wait, wait.

Tegan is Verney's granddaughter.

Double the perimeter guard.
He mustn't get out of the village.

And help him find
Verney's granddaughter.


I've something rather special
in mind for her.

Detaining people against their will
is illegal, Sir George,

the Doctor and his friends included.

I shouldn't let that bother you,
Miss Hampden.

As the local magistrate,
I shall find myself quite innocent.


Oh, no!

Come on!



-Oh, it's you.
-What's happening?


Let's get away from here first.



Wait! Come back!

How could he get so far?

We'll never find her.
She could be anywhere.

-Ask for more men.
-Hutchinson won't allow it.

He's got everyone
guarding the perimeter.

We're wasting our time
with only four searching.

If he wants her so badly,
he's got to find more men.

-Ring him.
-Not allowed.

I'll have to go back to the house.

All right. Carry on searching, you two.

Try Verney's cottage again.
She might be there.

I'll come with you.



I saw you enter.

All I want is Tegan's bag.

What have you done with her?

I know you can hear me.




What took you so long?
Will he never eat?

Who are you?

I'm the Doctor.

The Doctor?
Doctor b'ain't a proper name.

Will Chandler be a proper name.

Get back me!

-I won't hurt you.
-I won't let thee.

My hand's hurting.

Show me.

What were you doing in there?

It's a priest hole, innit.

-I hid from fighting.
-What fighting?

What fighting?
Here, where you been, then?

What year is this?

Ah, I knows that one.

Year sixteen-hundred and...forty-three.

-1 643?
-Is the battle done?

Uh, yes, Will. Battle's done.

-Ah, just in time.

-We almost didn't make it.
-We have to get out of here.

There's something very strange going on.

Yes, I know.

-Who is that?
-Uh, Will Chandler.

-Where did he come from?

Ah, well, that's something
we're going to have to talk about.

WOLSEY: We lost them through the woods.


-Where is she?
-We can't find her.

-We'll need more men.
-I want Tegan, not excuses, Wolsey.

Don't listen to him, Ben.

Miss Hampden, you are beginning
to bore me with your constant bleating.

She doesn't understand.
We must have our Queen of the May.

Precisely. Think of it
as the resurrection of an old tradition.

Not the way you plan to celebrate it.
I know the old custom of this village.

I know what happens to a May Queen
at the end of her reign.

-We're not going to harm her.
-You might not.

I'm not so sure about them.

The tradition must continue.
Something is coming to our village.

Something very wonderful and strange.

-We must find Tegan.
-You're so gullible, Ben.

You'll do anything he says.


Right, I'm going to the police.
I'll soon put a stop to this.

Shut up! Just be grateful
it is the stranger

who is to be crowned Queen of the May.

It so easily could have been you.

And it still might be
if we don't find her.


There's been a confusion in time.

Somehow 1 984 has become linked
with 1 643.

-What about the apparitions?
-Psychic projections.

The man we saw when we arrived?
He was real enough.

Still a psychic projection,
but with substance.

Matter projected from the past?
That would require enormous energy.

-An alien power source.
-What about Will?

A projection, too, and, at the moment,
a benign one.

-This crack has got larger.

Ominous, isn't it? As is the fact
your grandfather has disappeared.

I think it's time I sought some answers.


-The village.
-Always so scientific.

Come on, Will. You're coming with me.

-What about us?
-You'll be safer in the Tardis.

And don't argue. Will!

You heard the Doctor.

This ain't possible.

Look at the others.

Will, quickly, in here.

-We're too late.
-We must tell the Doctor.

-Will, come and see.

What's the matter, hmm? Will.
Will, what happened in 1 643?

-Troopers come.

No, no. Something else.

Malus come.

Malus is god of war, ain't he?

He makes fighting worse.
He makes them hate more.

-The Malus is just a superstition.
-No, no, no.

I've seen Malus.

I seen it.

-Now where?
-He said he was going to the village.

Let's go, but watch out for
those horsemen.

Will, tell me what happened.
How did it appear?

It was...

Roundheads and Cavaliers
and they were fighting in church.

And there was a wind coming.

Such a wind.

And then Malus, he came from nowhere.

What did it look like? Hmm?

Like this?

-Did it look like this?

It's all right, it's all right,
it's all right.

Interesting. Come on, Will.

-It's eerie.
-Where is everyone?


-Oh, no!
-Split up!

-Get 'em!


-Let me go!
-Not yet, my dear.

Do you have to enjoy this sort
of thing quite so much?

-Just obeying orders, Colonel.
-That's what they all say.






After her! You'll need some light.
Get a candle.

Stay close, Will.


SIR GEORGE: Come on, hurry yourselves.

Through here.

-In here.

Keep that light near.
We'll catch her before the church.

Move yourselves!
I don't want this to take all day.

Them be troopers.

No, no, just 20th-century men
playing a particularly nasty game.

-Change into that.

Just do as you're told.

Unless you want me to do it for you.

She won't get far.
The village is sealed.

Get me Sergeant Willow.

I must see how
the preparations are going.

And see my horse is brought
round immediately.

I'll spend no more time on this.

It's not like Sir George
to give up so easily.

-Be grateful.
-Where do the steps lead?

Colonel Wolsey's house.

This must be the passage
Andrew Verney discovered.

-He's our local historian.
-Yes, Tegan told me.

Just a minute.

-What is it?
-It's metal.

It can't be. It's all squashy.

-It's tinclavic.

What is it? Where has it come from?

The planet Raaga.

Let's get back to the church.


Don't you ever knock
before entering a room?

You'd better be careful.
You're beginning to annoy me.

-What are you doing?
-Those are your clothes now,

compliments of Sir George Hutchinson.

You're our Queen of the May.


Oh, slow down!

What do you mean,
this is from the planet Raaga?

Precisely what I said.
The Tereleptils mine tinclavic

for more or less the exclusive use
of the people of Hakol.

That's in the star system Rifta,
you know.

Oh, no. I've escaped from one madman
to find another.

Do you expect me to believe
what you're saying?

Well, you take that sample
to any metallurgist

and they'll confirm it isn't
from this planet.

-You're serious.
-Never more so.

Very well, then.
For the sake of argument,

I'll accept what you say,
but how did it come to Little Hodcombe?

As part of a space vehicle.

A spaceship from Hakol landed here?
Is that what you're trying to say?

Well, more likely a computer-controlled
reconnaissance vehicle.

How silly of me not to know.

Tell me, was Andrew Verney

engaged in any research
concerning the Malus?

I believe he was, yes.

That's what must have led him
to the tunnel

and the remains of the Hakol probe.

-See? I seen the Malus.
-I believe you, Will.

My sincerest apologies
for ever doubting you.

Doctor, the Malus is a myth, a legend.

Some mumbo-jumbo connected
with apparitions or something.

That's precisely what Will saw.

You see, on Hakol, psychic energy
is a force that's been harnessed

in much the same way
as electricity is here.

But what has that got to do
with the Malus legend?

The thing you call the Malus
was on board the Hakol probe.

Oh. And...

I see what you mean. It's still here.

Doctor, that wasn't there the other day.


-Don't touch it!
-He's right, Doctor.

There's suddenly a very strange
atmosphere in here.


Will, come and have a look at this.

-No. No!

Look out!

MISS HAMPDEN: Doctooooor!