Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 21, Episode 22 - The Twin Dilemma: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor takes Peri to Titan 3, a desolate hunk of rock in space where he hopes to find some solitude for awhile. Instead he finds the lone but unconscious survivor of a recent spaceship crash in sight of a mound-shaped complex where no formalized structure should exist.

You've forgotten all about him.

By the time you've stopped
congratulating yourself,

he'll probably be dead.


You destroyed my entire command.

Now I'm going to kill you.

We didn't do it.

The Doctor rescued you.

Please, put down the gun.

-Please put it down.

He deserves it.

He was going to kill me, Peri.

I guess he was. Poor guy.


Oh, he didn't know what he was doing.

I mean, think what he must
have suffered to act like that.

Quite beside the point.
For all you seem to care,

I could've been lying dead at your feet
this very moment.

But you're not. You're safe.

The point is, can you save him?

Easily, but I'm not going to.

-Well, you must.
-You never cease to amaze me.

All you're asking me to do
is revive a man

who had very intention of murdering me.

We can't let him die.

If it's a question of his life or mine,
I certainly can.

Lieutenant Hugo Lang,
Interplanetary Pursuit, A Squadron.

Oh, a sort of policeman.

Which hardly makes him
a homicidal maniac.

Here, disarm the gun.
I'll hide the power pack.

He can't do much harm then.

I wouldn't like to count on it.

Oh, all right. Have it your own way.
Fetch the medical kit.

Well, we found the remains
of two bodies.

The others must have been destroyed
with their ships.

Hmm. What about our own ship?

No sign of damage?

No. All the same,
you'd better go out and check it.

I don't want to be stuck here
with a malfunctioning ship.

At once.

We can't use the transmat,
the radiation level is too high.

It's only the side-effects
of the energy beam

that Mestor used to destroy
the fighters. It'll clear soon.

If we go out again,
we risk radiation sickness.

Use the service ducts.

They'll provide protection
for most of the way to the ship.

Is that the best speed you can manage?

Is this the best speed we can manage?

-As it happens, yes.
-Not good enough.

How do you expect anyone
to work like this?

Our arms are practically dropping off.

My fingers are so sore,
I can hardly hold the pen.

Look, don't expect any sympathy from me.
You brought this on yourselves.

If you hadn't rigged that stupid
distress beacon when we came here,

I would've let you use
electronic equipment.

As it is, I can't trust you.

Now get on with your work.


-Pick them up.

-I warn you!
-Warn away.

You can't force us to work.

I can if I have to.

Why don't you tell us
what this is all about?

If we knew, then we might cooperate.

It's too soon to tell you everything.

Have you heard of a planet
called Jaconda?

No. What happens there?

Its new master...

Its new master is a creature
of infinite ambition.

He requires the gifts of your genius
to further that ambition.

-I cannot say more.
But I can.

Professor Edgeworth is a merciful being.

He believes in the sanctity of life.
I do not.

Fail to obey him once more

and I will have your minds
removed from your bodies

and use them as I wish.

Have you understood?

I see that you have.

Pick up your pens.

Ah. Post-operative shock occluded,
wounds closed, no internal haemorrhage.

This deep-healing beam's a small marvel.

Great improvement
on the old laser scalpel.

Did you hide the power pack
to his gun well?

-In the wardrobe room.

Oh, the satisfaction, Peri,

knowing one has saved the life
of a brave, young man.

Or anyone come to that.

-Is he going to be all right?

-Are you questioning my skill?
-No, not your skill, Doctor.

Oh. In that case,
the short answer is yes.

His heartbeat's slow,
but steady as a drum.

An hour's rest, he'll be right as rain,
whatever that means.

Yeah, an hour. An hour to kill.

How to turn it to account?

We must make plans, Peri.

My full powers are returning.

-Plans? Do you think that wise?
-My perception's sharpening.

I can sense some massive danger
threatening the universe.

I thought you were the danger
to the universe.

-That's what you said.

That's why we came here.
So that you could meditate.

Words spoken in the sickness
of transition.

Now, there is a sickness in the air.
I can feel the vibrations.

I cannot yet detect their source,
but it is there.

I am never wrong.

The life force itself is in danger
of extinction.

We must find this evil and destroy it.


Yes, that is the problem.

It's odd, Peri.
The indications are very strong.

I think the clue we need is here
on Titan 3.

-That's it, of course, the children.

-He said something about children.
-So he did.

An interplanetary spaceman
on a mission, his spacecraft crashes,

he talks about children.

Abducted children. That's it, Peri.

Children of great importance
kidnapped by aliens,

brought here to Titan 3,
held for a king's ransom.

- That's absurd.
-It's nothing of the kind.

Well, you said yourself
there wasn't any life here.

There wasn't. But we're here, he's here.
Things change, Peri.

You think so? Hmm.

Hmm. What's that?



A bump.
-A bump?

A bump? A bump?

That is something which has no business
on an uninhabited asteroid.

Look at that symmetry.
That's no part of nature's handiwork. it far?
-Quite a distance. Let's get going.

Have you noticed the radiation level?

What's a little radiation when
we have a purpose, a mission in life?

Silly me. What's a little radiation
sickness between friends?

Brave heart, Tegan.


I'm Peri.

Yes, of course.

Look, Doctor,

even if you are right
about the radiation level,

even if there are abducted children,
you're talking about aliens.

I mean, we can't even defend ourselves.

Don't worry, Peri. I won't be
putting your life at any risk.

Or mine either, for that matter.
This is just a simple reconnaissance.

But Lieutenant Lang?

Who? Oh! Oh, the patient.

Don't worry, he'll still be here
when we get back.

Come along, Peri.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I'm about to transmit.

-Do you know what you're doing?

If you transform all those equations
into terms of power,

we'll have enough energy there
to generate a small sun.

I know, but this is passive power
for transportation.

Now, you've done extremely well.
Go and rest.

"The shades of night were falling fast,

"As through an Alpine village passed

"A youth, who bore 'mid snow and ice,

"A banner with a strange device,


Oh, Doctor, stop it!

I was only trying to cheer you up.

One of your primitive American
versemakers. Longfellow, wasn't it?

Who cares? You're making enough noise
to raise the dead. I'm so tired.

Courage, Peri!
Just follow in my footsteps.

Right on course.


Perhaps a way
to enter the dome undetected.

Are you sure?

Would you rather I went round
and knocked on the front door?

I'm a knight errant, not an errant fool.


It's something to do with these circles.
That's how he must have done it.

-Taken our memories away.

Mmm. I suppose so.

I'm scared, Romulus.

That awful creature.

I've never been
so frightened in my life.

Same here.
But it's everything else as well.

This place,
what they're forcing us to do,

and whatever it is they aim to do
with it when we've finished.

I feel...
Well, I don't feel grown-up any more.

There's nothing we can do, Remus.

Just carry on. We daren't stop now.

-Transmission completed. Any problems?
None. You have done well.

Thank you.

This is madness.

-You've no idea where we're going.
-To our destiny.

Well, can't we rest?
Our destiny can wait a moment.

Peri, quickly.

Now, what did I tell you? Listen.

Machinery. Well, let's get out of here.

The perpetual cry of all cowards.
We must investigate.

But do you think that wise? There could
be enormous danger, even worse.


Yes. Yes, well, perhaps you're right.

The purpose of reconnaissance after all
is to gather information,

not to finish up face down
in a pool of one's own blood.

Especially blood as noble as mine.

We've found out what we want to know.

-But there is one thing though.

The children Lieutenant Lang mentioned.

Yes. Yes, of course.
But children are such survivors.

Besides we have only the words
of a delirious man

that there are any children.

If you didn't believe him,
what are we doing here?

An unthinking act of foolish bravado.
You know my current state of mind.

Don't you think we should just look?
Just in case.

No, Peri. Discretion is always
the better part of valour.

We should return to the TARDIS
and rethink the situation.

If that's what you want.


Whatever is it now?

Aliens? No, no! No, no, don't shoot.
It's not my fault.

I...I'm just a poor pilgrim.
It's all her fault.

Mercy! Mercy, mercy, don't shoot me.
Don't shoot me!

The loss of five ships
was sufficient.

They've called off the search.
You will return at once.

Very well.

I must revitalise.

Look, I'm sure
we can sort this out amicably.

-Look, none of this is my fault.

I'm the innocent party,
it's all her fault.

She's forever leading me
off the straight and narrow.

Oh, thanks a lot, Doc.

Kindly refrain from addressing me
as Doc, Perpugilliam.

Some of this technology looks familiar.

Why don't you just
keep your big mouth shut?

Hmm? Oh, my sincere apologies.
A momentary lapse.

I'm now in total control.
Leave everything to me.

-Who are these?

-You said there were none.
-I can't explain it.

But I can. We are in no sense survivors.

We came to Titan 3 of our own free will.

Who in their right minds

come to Titan 3 of their own free will?

Pilgrims in search of peace.

-They were spying.
-Silence, wretch!

I will not be silent.
Look at them, unmarked, unhurt.

They're not survivors from the wreck,
they're spies! Put them to death.

Hold your tongue, Noma.

-You say you're pilgrims?

And pilgrims need a place
in which to meditate.

We were searching for a cave

when we happened to stumble
into your service duct.

-And your companion?
-My disciple.

A pretty one.

A most devout young person.

Now, sir, whoever you are,

I demand a full explanation
of this disgraceful treatment.

Now there's a face
that floats upon my memory.

Impossible. I'm hallucinating.

As I live and breathe,
Azmael, you old dog!

What in the name of wonder
are you doing here?

Peri, he's my old friend and mentor,
the master of Jaconda.

I am nothing of the kind.
I never saw you in my life.

Oh, forgive me, old friend.
Of course, you don't recognise me.

I've regenerated twice
since our last meeting.

Look. The twin hearts that beat as one?

I'm a Time Lord, just as you are.

And in case you still pretend
not to know who I am, let me remind you.

The last time I stayed, that last night,
when you drank like 20 giants

and I had to push you in the fountain
to sober you up.

I must concede,
you have to be the Doctor.

Thank heaven. For a minute,
you almost had me worried there.

-You don't seem overjoyed.

There's nothing to rejoice about.

I wish I could extend
the hand of friendship.

-Then why don't you?
-Well, the old times are gone forever.

Oh, Doctor, look!

Earthlings. Children.

By heaven, Peri, I was right.

My ship.

My ship.

Oh, no. No.

What have they done with it?

I see. You abduct these children,
deprive them of their memories,

bring them to this screaming wilderness
and won't disclose your motives?

That hardly sounds in character.

-You're wasting time.
-Oh, what's time to us?

You're in trouble, Azmael.
Grave trouble.

There is a point beyond trouble.
You can't help me now.

Don't be absurd. You and I together?

What an infallible combination!

Let this at least be clear, Doctor.

I am no longer master of Jaconda,
but I can still save my people.

I will do so, whatever the cost.
Even the price of friendship.

You were always full of
good intentions, Doctor.

-I cannot risk you interfering now.
-What does that mean?

-You must stay here.
-As prisoners?

The lock on the main door
has 10 million million combinations.

Now, will you please move over there?

You, too.

Into the transmat area.

Don't try to follow us.

Once we've gone,
the transmat will become random.

Try to use it and your remains
will be spread across the surface

of this miserable rock.

If it's of any comfort, Doctor,

I, too, remember that evening
by the fountain.


Poor fellow.
He's not a bit like that really.

Don't care what he's like.

-He's left us here forever.
-No, Peri. Few days at most.

Did you hear what he said?
Ten million million combinations!

That's what I mean.
It may take even me a few days.

Well, no time like the present.
Let's get started.



Doctor, quickly!

It's vital you don't interrupt
the sequence.

It's vital, you see, this.
I don't like the look of it one bit.

All right, all right, I'm coming.



Oh, no!

Can't... He wouldn't have...

We haven't got a few days,
not even a few hours.

In fact, we haven't got
that many minutes.

Oh, it's a self-destruct mechanism,
isn't it?

That I can't switch off.

-Are we gonna die?
-Not yet.

It means we've got to find
another way out of here

and very quickly indeed.

Now, how do I get out of here?

Eureka! I can do it, Peri. I can do it!

-Everything in order?
-Everything in order.

-Standby for takeoff.
-Standing by.

That should do the trick.

-What trick?
-I'll be brief. I must be very brief.

That is known as
a revitalising modulator.

It breaks down your molecular structure
and puts it back together again.

A most refreshing process.

Until now,
that's the only purpose it served.

I have improvised.

-It will take you back in time.

Ten seconds to be precise.
You'll find yourself in the TARDIS.

-Are you sure?
-Absolutely. In you get.

Oh, no. Wait a minute. Awkward.

I won't be able to see
the computer clock when it's my turn.

And I need to be able to compensate
for the time factor,

so I arrive back at the TARDIS
at the same time as you do.

Your watch, Peri. Lend me your watch.

Come on, quickly.

Now when I stand clear,
press the internal button.

Do hurry, Peri. In precisely one minute
I'm going to be blown to pieces.

It worked.

It actually worked.

Oh, no, it's stopped.


Who are you?

Doctor, where are you?

Oh, no!

Oh, no.

Oh, no, Doctor.