Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 21, Episode 1 - Warriors of the Deep: Part One - full transcript

The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough land inside an undersea secret military base in wartime Earth, 2084. The base is about to be attacked on two fronts. Enemy agents within work to neutralize the base while an assault team of aquatic Silurians prepare without for a surprise attack.


No! We can't risk a shot in here.

When I say ''run'', run.


BULIC: Get them!

I'm so sorry.




Tegan, no!

-There's nothing we can do!

-We can't just leave him.
-Face it, Tegan! He's drowned!

BULIC: After them.


All right.
That should slow them down a bit.

-We should have tried to help him.
-We couldn't.

Come on. Let's get back to the Tardis.



-Go around and get this door open.

Commander, this is Bulic.
I'm in the reactor.

The Warriors have survived.



VORSHAK: The three invaders
have attacked the reactor in Area E.

-I need you on the bridge at once.
-I'm on my way, Commander.

-Nilson, who are the invaders?
-I don't know.

But with Vorshak distracted,

it may be possible to activate Maddox
sooner than we expected.

There will be a short period
of orientation.


When all is ready,

I will instruct Sauvix
and his Sea Devil warriors

on the plan of attack.



Go, Tegan! Save yourself.

You'll live.


Commander of Elite Group One.


We welcome the revival
of our blood-related comrades.

We are yours to command.

All is prepared.

What have you been eating?

-Have you found the intruders?
-One of them. He's being brought up now.

I'd like you to be present
at the interrogation.

-How did they breach our security?
-That's what I want you to find out.

-Doctor, I thought you were dead.
-Yeah, so did I for a moment.

-Where's Turlough?
-The guards caught him.

-We've got to help him.
-Yes. All right.

First, I must get you back
to the Tardis.

I wanna help find Turlough.

-Yes. All right.
-What have you been eating?

Come along, Tegan.

ICTHAR: How soon will your warriors
be ready for combat?

SAUVIX: Battle orientation

automatically commenced

the instant we were revived.

Excellent, Sauvix.

Your plan of attack.

Study it well.

For the ape primitive base

must be taken intact.


SOLDIER: The reactor's been stabilised,
sir. We now have full power again.

Thank you.


BULIC: This is Commander Vorshak,
the senior officer on this base.

-I've told him...
-Now listen, and listen carefully.

You have a choice.

Cooperate, tell us all you know
and you'll be treated honourably.

-I am...
-But should you remain stubborn,

it'll be a long and painful business,
so start talking.

I've told him
and now I'm trying to tell you.

We are not enemy agents, saboteurs.

Then why were you attempting
to destroy the reactor?

If the Doctor had intended
to destroy it,

it would be lying in pieces
at your feet.

-Good. Now you must stay outside, Tegan.

What in the world could I hope
to achieve out here?

My piece of mind.
Please, Tegan, don't argue.

Now, I don't need to tell you what to do
should anything go wrong.

No, Doctor. Good luck, Doctor.

Yes, thank you.

The Tardis. It...

It's a kind of ship.

I know it doesn't seem to make
much sense, but that's how we got here.

He's insulting our intelligence.

Trying to convince us he's nothing more
than a lost tourist.

If you'd nothing to hide, why didn't you
declare yourselves to us immediately?

-We were trying to.
-VORSHAK: What do you think?

He may be telling the truth,
though I doubt it.

But we can't be sure
without delving deeper into his mind.

-Then see to it, Nilson.
-Take him to the PS Unit.

-I wouldn't if I were you.

Well, gentlemen,
it seems we have a problem.

Good heavens.

Look, there's another door.
Search through there.

Your move, Doctor.

So it seems.

Perhaps it's time
for a little mutual trust.

Turlough was telling the truth.



PRESTON: We've found
the intruders' craft.

It's amazing. It isn't of this planet.

-Is it armed?
-Not that we can tell.

Well, leave a guard on it.
Return to the bridge.

Well, Commander?

Well, it seems the boy
was telling the truth after all.

SAUVIX: The Warriors are armed

and at their stations.

ICTHAR: Excellent, Sauvix.

It is time to begin.

You want something?

All right. I believe you're not hostile.

-Thank you.
-But that doesn't mean I trust you.

I should like to see a demonstration
of your ship.

When I've repaired her.

Commander, the third member of the crew.
I found her lurking outside.

-Are you all right?
-Commander, the screen.


KARINA: It's heading towards the base.

VORSHAK: Is that the thing
we picked up before?

-KARINA: Yes, sir.
-We're getting a clear sensor scan.

It is a ship of some kind,
but definitely not one of ours.

-Prepare to fire energy tracers.
-No, don't.

-You recognise it?
-Yes. You mustn't attack.

You're hardly in a position
to give orders, Doctor.

-Ready to fire, Commander.
-Do so and you'll regret it.

I know what that ship is.

You're telling us
not to defend ourselves?

I'm telling you, you have no defence.
That's a Silurian battle cruiser.


The race that ruled this planet
long before your species evolved.

-Do we fire, sir?
-Trust me.

You must try and make contact with it,
find out what they want.

It's not what they want,
it's what I want, Doctor.

And I want to keep them away. Open fire.

The deflector is locked
onto their energy beam.

Their external weapons system
is now suppressed.

Proceed as planned.

Fire again. Fire again!

-Energy systems are dead.
-You knew that would happen.

-I did try and warn you.
-What have they done?

It's a particle suppressor. They turned
your energy beam back on you.

They could have blown this base apart.
They certainly have enough reason to.

SILURIAN: We are in position.

Release the Myrka.


Proceed to your station.

When the Myrka begins its work,

you and your warriors

commence the attack
on the main entry point.

I want damage reports
as soon as possible.

Maddox, set the computer to
analyse the Silurian weapon.


When did you meet the Silurians, Doctor?

A long time ago.

I let them down then.
It seems I'll do so again.

-Are they hostile?
-They're honourable.

All they ever wanted to do
was live in peace.

It doesn't compute, sir.

-DOCTOR: Commander.
-Yes. What is it?

-You can't fight them.
-I can try.

Inform your people.
Let them know what's going on down here.

I can't do that.
I must maintain radio silence.

I can't risk revealing
the Sea Base's position to the enemy.

Friend or enemy, it's a distinction
that's lost on the Silurians,

I assure you.

To them, you're all the same,
ape-descended primitives.

An evolutionary error
they obviously mean to correct.



SOLDIER: Commander,
there's something outside Airlock 1.

It's trying to force the outer door.

Stay there. Get a team down there.

Preston, deploy the duty guards
to cover all the other airlocks.

-Yes, Commander.
-Let me go with them.

I know the Silurians.
If I can talk to them,

we may be able to avoid bloodshed.

You can try. But remember,
we have no reason to trust you.

Watch him.
The first sign of treachery, kill him.

-Any sign of entry?
-No, ma'am.

-BULIC: Any change?
-No, sir.

The magnetic locks on the outer door
are blown.

They're in the airlock.

-How can you tell?
-The automatic pumps have started up.



PRESTON: Airlock 5
is also under attack, Commander.

I'll come down at once.

Karina, put the reserve team
on combat alert.

Maddox, stand by for sync up.

We may have to contact
the Sea Base Command after all.

-But, Commander, if we do that...
-The Doctor may be right.

If he is, these creatures are
a threat to all mankind.

Nilson, we must speak.

-The base is on war alert.
-It's all right.

While Vorshak is busy,
I'm in command of the bridge.

-Are we going to activate Maddox?

What about the Silurians?
What if they manage to break in?

We shall neutralise the Sea Base
whatever happens.

And with the help of Maddox,

we'll destroy all vital circuitry
to do with missiles and communications.


Take up defensive positions.

-Will it hold?
-I wouldn't count on it.


Are you all right?

Maddox. Maddox.

Dr Solow will take care of Maddox.

But he's needed here.

I'm afraid, in his present state,
he's useless.

Shall I inform the Commander?

No, no, no. I'll do that.
You just return to your duties.

I'm sure Dr Solow will have Maddox

back at his terminal
as soon as possible.

What if these Silurians
don't want to listen, Doctor?

Look on the bright side, Tegan.

-Oh, dear.
-What is it?

The Myrka.

-Commander, they're inside the airlock.

That didn't take long.

-What are you doing here?
-His duty.

As I dictate it.

Sabotage. Maddox, stop it.

Maddox, can you hear me? Stop it.



Now kill her, Maddox.



Take aim.

I'm afraid the Myrka
takes quite a lot to impress.


We hit it.


You must have killed it.

DOCTOR: Tegan!


Fire again.

Are you all right?

How would you feel
if you'd had a door fall on you?

-Anything damaged?
-My dignity.

Turlough, help me!

It's no good. We can't lift it.

Keep back. Don't let it touch you.

DOCTOR: Bulic,
get your people out of here.

Clear the airlock. You too, Turlough.

-But Tegan...
-Get out!

-You go as well, Doctor.
-I'm not leaving you.

-There's no point in us both dying.
-Who's talking about dying?

The creature's in, sir,
and our weapons are useless against it.

VORSHAK: Use grenades.

The Doctor and the girl
are trapped in the airlock.

Has the creature passed
the bulkhead door?

-No, sir.
-Then close it.

-Seal the bulkhead off immediately.

What do you mean, no? Do it!
The safety of the base depends on it.

No! Wait!

One last try.

Thank you so much.

TEGAN: They've sealed us up.

-Brave heart, Tegan.
-Brave heart.

That thing's gonna kill us.