Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 20, Episode 8 - Snakedance: Part Four - full transcript

Escaping from jail and rescued from execution by Tanha, the Doctor escapes to find Dojjen. Will he finally be able to defeat the Mara?



Back the way we came.

All right! All right. We give in.

LON: Give in?

You talk as though you had a choice.

Kill them.



-You can't do that.
-Why not?

It is preposterous to think
that anyone is plotting against you,

least of all these people.

Your mother is right.

I'd expect you to say that.

My only concern is for Tegan
and the Great Crystal.

Why should the Great Crystal
concern you?

Well, if I'm allowed to
live long enough, I'll explain.


Puzzling, isn't it?
How can it be happening?

Can you believe your eyes?

You have no choice.

-You must not do that.
-And why not?

-No, no.

The man is entitled to his say,
however preposterous.

Of course we can do it.

And the Director has agreed,
haven't you?

The Great Crystal will be returned
to its rightful place.

During the ceremony.

But why?

-Why what?
-Why did you request it?

And why did he agree?

Why not?

It is actually one of the few advantages

of being a member
of the Federator's family.

But it's forbidden. It's forbidden
by tradition going back 500 years.

Is that why you proposed
to assassinate me?

I thought we'd cleared that up.

Who said we wanted to assassinate you?

I'm not here to be questioned by you.

No, of course not. How foolish of me.
I've been very stupid.

Do you remember me telling you, Nyssa,

on the Kinda world,
the mark of the Mara?

I should have realised.

They'd never believe you.

What are you two talking about?

Where's Tegan?

-What have you done with her?
-Tegan? Who is Tegan?

Another of the Doctor's companions,
who apparently he has lost.

And why is he asking you about her?

How should I know, Mother?
The man's a complete fool.

You won't succeed.
In the end, evil never does.

What does me mean, evil?

-Who is evil?
-Oh, I am, Mother.

Isn't it obvious? Your son is evil.

After all, why else would they want
to kill me? Don't you see?

I most certainly do.
Take them away, take all of them away.

No, I think we can afford
to be generous,

on today of all days.
At least let them see the Great Crystal.

Just once. Just for a moment.
Don't you think?

-My lord!
-Indulge me!

That's close enough.


-Shall I?
-If you wouldn't mind.


Come on, there's no time for that!

Well? Don't just stand there,
after them!

-Yes, you, and take that fool with you!


-Where are we going?
-To find Tegan.

We don't even know
if she's still alive.

Tegan won't die
until the Mara within her is free.

If Lon has been affected by the Mara,
why hasn't he changed?

Same reason as Tegan. He still has
a lot of his own personality.

-But he is influenced?
-Very much so.

Come on.

-No sign, my lord.

-I'm afraid they seem to have got away.
-Do they?

Yes, I've issued
the necessary instructions.

A search party has been organised.

It doesn't matter. What can they do now?

As you say, my lord.


-Yes, I only wish to remind you...
-I've not forgotten.

-Our arrangement.

You promised immediately
after the ceremony, my lord.

Go away.

Lon, what arrangement?

-What did you promise him?
-Nothing, Mother. It doesn't matter.

I know you, you're planning something.

Is it to be a surprise?

Yes, Mother.

-In here.
-It's all right.

I think we've managed to lose them.


Sorry, Doctor, it's just the surprise.

What is it? Ah!

Now you've been touched
by an attendant demon.

You must forfeit a coin.
It's a custom, I'm afraid.

-A custom?
-CHELA: Well, on the day

of the ceremony, the attendant demons
seek out the unwary.

Anyone they touch with evil
must pay up or...

-Or what?
-Have water tipped over their heads.

It's part of the fun.

I'm afraid I don't have a coin.

Here you are.

May you never feel the serpent's tooth.

Well, I wish it was that easy.

Doctor, what are we going to do?

How long have we got?
When does the actual ceremony begin?

Well, first the great snake
is taken in procession

through the streets,
before going up to the cave.

-How long?
-A few hours.

I wonder if there's still time.

There must be. It's our only hope.
Come on.

-Where are we going?
-Change of plan. To find Dojjen.

But if it's nothing,
why won't you let me see it?

I've told you, Mother.
It's just a scratch.

It could become infected.

How did it happen?
Why didn't you tell me?

-It was an accident.
-What sort of an accident?

I would just like to check...

Mother! For the last time,
will you leave me alone?

Now the great snake has come

to claim his own!

Who has the power
to turn away his face?

Which one of you
has the strength to turn away?

Who can protect us now?

Submit! Submit!

-Come on.

If you'd let me steal the Great Crystal,
this trek wouldn't be necessary.

-It's not as simple as that.
-Why not?

We wouldn't be preventing
the Mara's return, only postponing it.

It will continue to exist
as a mental force.

No, this time
we must destroy it completely.

-But how?
-(SIGHING) I don't know.

And you think Dojjen
will be able to tell us?

-I hope so.
-Dojjen hasn't been seen for 10 years.

He could be anywhere.
Assuming he's still alive.

You're forgetting we do have this.

How will that help to find him?

It won't. It will help him find us.
Trust me.

LON: Well?

I've taken the liberty
of bringing the costume

that you must wear for the ceremony.

Oh, good! Look, Mother.

It's an exact replica

of the costume worn by your ancestor,
the founder of the Federation,

when he destroyed the Mara
500 years ago.

How very appropriate!

-I beg your pardon, my lord?
-Don't you think so, Mother?

Well, I am going to try it on.
Are you coming?


-How far are we going?
-This should be fine.

What now?

-Sympathetic resonance.

Thought directed at this crystal
should set up a resonance

which is picked up
and echoed by another.


Well, snakedancers wear these,
don't they?

-So I gather.
-Of course!

The crystal will act like a radio wave,
transmitting thoughts instead of words.

Establishing a mental link.


Will it work?



Now we wait.


Let me look at you!

-Am I forgiven?

Oh! Yes, of course. Aren't you always?
Come here.

-Well, what do you think?

You look splendid!

It fits exactly! Don't you think so?

A remarkable fit, my lady.
Truly remarkable!

Let me look at you! Ah!

Oh, I am going to be so proud!

If what you say is true,

why didn't Dojjen
destroy the Great Crystal

while he was still Director?

Good question.
Nyssa asked exactly the same thing.

-CHELA: Well?
-I don't know.

Perhaps we'll find that out, too.

-NYSSA: Doctor!

NYSSA: Dojjen!

Abandon yourselves
and follow the path of the snake!

Follow the path!

Who can resist the power of the snake?

NYSSA: Doctor, no, what are you doing?
DOCTOR: I'm afraid we have no choice,

if we are to have any hope
of saving Tegan.

His bite could be deadly!

Yes, I do know.

DOJJEN: No! Look into my eyes.

You have come this far.

You must not now give in to fear.


DOCTOR: It's the poison.
The effect of the poison.

DOJJEN: Fear is the only poison.

DOCTOR: Fear is...

DOJJEN: Ask your question.

DOCTOR: How... How can I...
I must save Tegan.

It was my fault!

Fault... So how can...

Destroy it... How can the Mara...

It was my fault!

DOJJEN: Steady your mind.
Attach to nothing.

Let go of your fear.

DOCTOR: What is the snakedance?

DOJJEN: This is. Here and now.

The dance goes on. It is all the dance.

Everywhere and always.

So, find the still point.

Only then can the Mara be defeated.

DOCTOR: The still point?

The point of safety?

A place in the chamber somewhere?



The still point is within yourself.

Nowhere else.

To destroy the Mara,
you must find the still point.

Point, point, point.

The snake is approaching, my lady.
We should take our seats.


My lord? The Great Crystal.

-I will tell you when.
-Very well, my lord.

MAN ON MEGAPHONE: Follow in the path
of the great snake!

Submit! Abandon yourselves and follow
in the path of the great snake!


Oh, thank goodness!

-I thought for a moment...
-Thought what?


I survived.

-But how?
-I don't know.

Somehow, he saw me through.

We must hurry.

Yes, of course! The ceremony.

Did you find out
what you needed to know?

I think I did. We'll have to see.
I just hope we're not too late.




Who will challenge the Mara?

Who will pluck
the Great Crystal of knowledge

from between the Mara's jaws
and set us free?

-Not yet, my lady.

For the second time, I ask it.

For the third and final time.

I will!

Bring the stranger forward!

You dare to challenge
the power of the Mara?

I do!

And in whose name do you wish to do so?

In the name of the Federation,
and in my own.


let the stranger prove his worthiness.

Prepare him for the test.

Are you ready
to face the triple temptation?

I am ready.

The first temptation is fear.

I offer you fear in a handful of dust.

I do not fear.

I spread my fingers,
and the dust trickles away.

I know that whilst I live,
my hand is clean,

my eyes are bright. That is enough.

Come on, jump!

Thank you. But it wasn't necessary.

MAN ON MEGAPHONE: The second temptation!

I am ready.

The second temptation is to despair!

I offer you despair
in a withered branch.

I do not despair.

I turn my hand,
and the branch drops to the earth.

I know the sap will rise again
and the roots will sprout.

That is enough.


The ceremony must have started.

Well, let's hope we're not too late.

Doctor, look.

The third and final temptation

is to succumb to greed.

Stranger, you must look into the Crystal
without greed for knowledge.

I offer you greed in the hidden depths!


My lord, you must not touch it. Not yet.

Why mustn't I?

Because the knowledge
has hidden depths.

What do you mean, hidden depths?

Where are they? Show them to me.

It's just a fake.

Your whole ceremony is a fake! Look.


It's nothing. It's just glass.


Come on, come on. Hurry up!

A childish fake
at the centre of a farce,

created by a civilisation
that has gone soft.

Today, I bring real knowledge.

Real knowledge and real power.

-Give it to me.
-My lord!

-I really do think...
-Give me the Great Crystal!

Lon, no, please! What is wrong with you?

Mother, let go!


-What is that?
-Now, give me the Great Crystal.



You left that a bit late!

Now listen to me! All of you.

I hold in my hands the Great Crystal.

The Great Crystal that was removed
from its socket by my ancestor,

when the Mara was banished
to the dark places of the inside.

Now, after 500 years,

the Mara has returned.

It's fitting that it should be I

who restores the Great Crystal
to its rightful owner.

-Go on, do it now!

No, no!





No, don't look! You must not look!

The Mara is feeding on the fear
and panic, it needs it!

But you must not believe what you see!

The Great Crystal
is absorbing the belief

and creating the Mara!

Don't look!

Reach inside yourselves
and find the still point.

No, Nyssa! Nyssa!



Who dares to interrupt

the becoming?

Who does not



All minds

must submit.

Look at me.

You must look at me!

You cannot resist.

It is impossible.


Stop him!

He must be stopped!

Help me!


What's happening to me?

Please, look at me, Doctor.

-I need your help!

I will not submit!



The crystal!

Destroy the crystal!

It will prevent my...




Thank you!




It was awful.

It was awful.

It's all right. It's all over now.

The feelings of hate and rage.

It was terrible.

I wanted to destroy everything.

Well, you're free of it now.

The Mara's gone forever?


The Mara has been destroyed.