Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 20, Episode 7 - Snakedance: Part Three - full transcript

The possessed Tegan and Lon try to find the whereabouts of the Great Crystal. The Doctor finds himself in prison, with only Nyssa to try and get him out. Chela tells the Doctor tales of Dojjen.



Or I could simply forget.

Uh, whichever, and whatever you prefer.

He has served his purpose.

You are no longer necessary.

Look at me.

No. No, please! What are you doing?

-Look at me!

Look at me!

I'm not going to harm you.

Look at me!


That's right.

Look at me!

Look at me.




I brought you some food.

How long am I to be locked up here?

-Do you want it?
-Well, come on!

Surely at least you can tell me that!

You're to be kept here
until after the ceremony this afternoon.

That will be too late.

Whatever is to happen
will happen at the ceremony.

-What about him?
-He's not important.

Only the Great Crystal is important.
I need the Great Crystal.

-Well, I'll have to see what I can do.
-You must not fail me.


No, I understand.

Do you think I'm inventing all this?

-What would I have to gain?
-I don't know.

But you're not sure it is all nonsense,
are you?

-Yes, of course I am.
-Why did you tell me about the crystal?

Because you're not the first.

Dojjen, the director before Ambril,

he, too, was convinced
that the Mara would return.

What happened to Dojjen?

It doesn't matter.
The Great Crystal is safe.

Ambril has charge of it.


-Lon, where have you been?

-Come here.
-Whatever for?

I want to look at you.

When I realised your room was empty,
I very nearly raised the alarm,

but I didn't want to embarrass you.

-Embarrass me?

If you were out somewhere having fun.

Were you?

While your poor mother
was stuck at the official dinner

being bored into tiny pieces.
I shall never forgive you.

-No, Mother, I wasn't.
-Promise me.

What are you hiding?

-Show me.

(SCOFFS) It's just a cheap fake.
I picked it up at the market.

Since when have you been interested?

-It caught my eye, that's all.
-Well, then, why...

Mother, I won't have you
asking questions.

-I've taken him food.

He should be grateful.

-Was there something else, Chela?
-I think he's harmless.


-Of course that fool's harmless.
-He is a doctor.

Doctor? Of what?

I'm sure the man
has no academic standing whatsoever.

DOCTOR: I do not want any more blankets,
I want to get out of here.

Tell your master I want to see him.



Give it to me.

Thank you.

Where are you going?


Look at this, Chela.

-What is it?
-The meanderings of another crank.

Written by Dojjen,
in the months before he decided

that his particular line of research

was best pursued up in the hills,
with a snake wrapped round his neck.

You'll find the last entry
of interest. Medical interest.

He addresses what remained of his wits
to the question, "Where is the Mara?"

Well, read it.

"Where the winds of restlessness blow,
where the fires of greed burn,

"where hatred chills the blood,

"here, in the Great Mind's Eye,

"here, in the depths of the human heart,
here is the Mara."

-AMBRIL: You see?
-Is it a code?

Code? Of course it's not a code!
It's nonsense.

Pure and simple woolly-minded nonsense!

I'm very pleased to hear it.

Oh, my lord!

-Good morning to you both.
-Good morning.

I need to ask a favour.

A private favour, if you don't mind.

Of course, why should he mind?
Chela, out, out, out.

Now, my lord. What can I do for you?

Oh, it's no use, Nyssa. I have tried.

This is so stupid!

The lock is extremely primitive.
It's practically a museum piece!

There's no electronic impulse matrix
to decode,

no sonic micro-circuit to disrupt.

Crude mechanical six-barrel movement,
key operated.

Primitive, but adequate.

Well, it's more than adequate, actually,
because the key is what we don't have.

-There must be some...

Have you come to let me out?

I've brought you this.
It was written by Dojjen.

-Look at the last page.
-I'd much rather you unlock the door

-and let me out.
-You know I can't do that.

-Why? Don't you have the key?
-No, I don't.

Ambril, I suppose.

-Has the key in his room.

Yes, I suppose so.

Oh! What are you talking about?
I thought you might be interested.

-But if...
-No, wait, wait!

Of course I'm interested.

-Ah, the last page, you say?

CHELA: Mmm-hmm.

My lord, I am bound by an oath!
An oath I had to swear on taking office.

An oath dating back to the time
of the destruction of the Mara!

But you do know where the crystal is?

Ah! My lord,

not even the Federator himself
may see the Great Crystal.

(CHUCKLING NERVOUSLY) Now, I'm gratified
by your awakened interest...

Well, you know how it is.

With time on one's hands,
one pokes around.

Surprising, really,
what one can turn up.



It's a reference
to the Great Mind's Eye.

And it was the last thing
Dojjen wrote before he...

Before he what?

-Now, give it back to me.
-Before he what?

Before he danced the dance of the snake.

Where did you find it?

Oh, my lord, I'm sorry,

but you must understand
what a discovery like this means to me.

-Is it valuable?
-Beyond price.

-And rare?
-It's unique, my lord!

How strange. As far as I could see,

they did seem
to be scattered around, rather.

Scattered? They?

-How many?
-I didn't count them.

Many, though? Many?


My lord, tell me!

Perhaps you'd like me
to show you were they are.

The snake dance was banned
by the Federation

nearly a hundred years ago.

Why? What was the function of the dance?

Well, according to the legend,

the Mara's return may only be resisted
by those of perfectly clear mind.

The dance was a dance of purification
in readiness for the return.

However, the Federation
held that the Mara no longer existed.

That's why they drove the snakedancers
into the hills.

Oh, apparently it involved
the use of certain powers.

-What kind of powers?
-Mental powers.

Easily misunderstood.

Yes, of course!

What do you think you're doing?




Oh! He struck me!


Don't care was made to care.




PUPPET: Oh, dear!

Oh, dear! Oh, dear!

TANHA: Where is Ambril?
He should be here.

I am really not sure what to do.

It is hardly a situation one needs.


I think perhaps
you had better come with me.

Isn't that what one usually says
in this kind of situation?

PUPPET: Oh, I've been naughty.


Just what we need!

-Hmm? My lord?
-Wait here.



PUPPET: What is it? Go away. Go away.

Oh, what is it! Go away, go away!



-What are they for, my lord?
-We must be equipped.

-Oh! Where are we going?
-Just you wait and see. Come on.

So, Dojjen believed the legend
of the Mara to such an extent

that he gave up everything,

went up into the hills
to purify himself in readiness.

But Doctor, nobody these days
believes in legends.


CHELA: My lady!

Bring her in.



In there?
Oh, no, it's impossible, my lord.

All the passages have been thoroughly
explored over the years.

Come on.

No, wait.
We may as well do this properly.

-What's that?
-A blindfold.

-Oh, certainly not!
-You don't have to.

It all depends on how badly
you want the honour

of having made this discovery
on your own.

-You would allow me to take the credit?
-Certainly. It's up to you.


-What are we going to do?

-What do you suggest?

-We've got to get out of here!

If only we still had
the sonic screwdriver.

Well, we haven't. So for the time being,
we must make use of what we do have.



I was actually looking for my son.

-Well, he was here, my lady.

He had something to discuss
with the Director.

Did he? How very odd.

And another three steps.

That's it, now forwards.

Wait there.

-What is it?
-Don't worry. It's all right.

Now, over the step.

And stop.

You've done splendidly.

-Where are we?
-Where do you think?

Are we there?

You can take off your blindfold now.


I trust you are not disappointed?

Am I disappointed? My lord!

So it was all worth it, then?

My lord, the existence of these objects

is entirely unsuspected!

Oh, my lord, this is genuine.
It's amazing!

This is...
This is the greatest moment of...


Children half price,
step this way, please!

-For the spectacle of a lifetime!

Tread the misty corridors of time!

Visit the dark and distant shores
of the imagination.


-What is this place?
-MARA: Silence!

Stop wasting time!

Where is the Great Crystal?


Doctor, what exactly are you asking me?

This is a record of a journey.
A private mental journey.

Now, he must've discovered something
that finally decided him.

To do with what?

Oh, I don't know. With the Mara,
the history of the planet,

the origins of this crystal.

To function as they do,
the crystals must possess

a perfect molecular structure,

tuned to the exact wavelengths
of the human mind.

Doctor, the crystal is manmade!


It's all a hoax, isn't it, my lord?

It's just a prank at my expense.
These are friends of yours, aren't they?

It's just an elaborate hoax, isn't it?

-And these?

Are they a hoax?

After all, you're the expert.

-Ah! No!

Where is the Great Crystal?

Yes, of course. I should have realised.

Structurally perfect.

It has to be free of all flaws
and distortions.

Even the minute distortions
induced by the effects of gravity.

What are you saying?

The crystals were designed and built

by people who had mastered
the techniques

of molecular engineering
in a zero gravity environment!

But the Manussans are not that advanced.


And according to Chela,
this crystal is 800 years old.


Why is everyone suddenly interested
in the Great Crystal?


-Who else?
-Some crank.

-His name?
-He calls himself the Doctor,

though personally, I rather doubt it.

The Doctor must not interfere.
He must be killed.

-Oh, take no notice.

My friend has a theory,
and in order to test it,

the Great Crystal must be placed
in its socket during the ceremony.

-No, it's quite impossible.
-Nothing is impossible.

-Please, my lord.
-Now listen to me.

If you don't cooperate,

I promise you,
you will never set eyes on any of these

trinkets, ever again.

You'll always know that they existed,


That you discovered them once.

Held them in your hands...


And then lost them forever.

It's up to you.

Oh! No, wait!


All right, I agree.

But there would be records.

A people 800 years ago,
capable of molecular engineering?

Not necessarily.

I suspect that when they built
the Great Crystals

they overlooked one vital factor.

The nature of the mental energy absorbed

would determine the nature
of the matter created.

The Great Crystal
absorbed what was in their minds.

The restlessness, the hatred, the greed.
Absorbed it, amplified it,

-reflected it.
-And created the Mara!

Indeed. And in the reign of evil
which followed,

they must have forgotten
the most important thing of all.

That the Mara was something
they themselves

had blindly brought into being.

-Where are they?
-They're quite safe.

-If you cooperate,

you can discover them again
after the ceremony.

-Your friend.
-She's looking after them for you.

Come on.

You can discover them again
after the ceremony.

But if Dojjen had worked out
what had happened...

Only some of it.

The rest he must have learned
from the snakedancers,

who kept the knowledge alive,
hidden in traditions and legends.

And if he became convinced
that the Mara would return...

Oh, he didn't know exactly when.

And nobody would listen.

Just as no one will listen to us.

Then why didn't he simply destroy
the Great Crystal

when it was in his charge?

Good question. I don't know.

And in the meantime?

We wait.

It is difficult for him, isn't it?

He is young, impatient.

He knows that one day
he will be Federator

and rule over the three worlds.

My husband is an old man.

But he is lingering on, rather.

He could live for years.
And so my son must wait.

The young do not like to wait, do they?

As a rule.

You may speak freely.

Strictly between ourselves.

Lon! Where have you been?

Nowhere, Mother.

Just exploring.

Ambril has been showing me around,
haven't you?

-How can you be so calm?

-What if Chela doesn't help?
-I think he will.

-You can't be certain.

And meanwhile,
the Mara could destroy Tegan.

My fault, I'm afraid.
I did rather insist.

And he's got a little dusty
in the process.

Ambril has an announcement to make.

-Do I?
-Yes, you do.



In honour of the special esteem...


Oh, yes! In the ceremony this afternoon,
Lon, the son of the present Federator,

will play the part
of his illustrious ancestor,

who 500 years ago defeated the Mara
and founded the Federation.

In honour of this special occasion,

the Great Crystal, the Great Mind's Eye,
will for the first time

be inserted into its rightful place.

-Oh? Will that be difficult?

I know sometimes these last minute
changes of plans...

Director, it is expressly forbidden.

Superstition, just foolish superstition.

It's my fault, I'm afraid.

You see, it was my idea.

My lord.

Mother, do you have any objection?

Those are my instructions,

and I will have them obeyed
to the letter.

Then fetch the Great Crystal, would you?

-Yes. Why not?

We may as well have a look at it.

Well, I think a drink
while we're waiting.

-Will you join us?
-Oh, no, my lord.

I'm afraid I have other duties.

Of course. Highly commendable.
You mustn't neglect your duties.


Will you please tell me
what is going on?

Of course, Mother.
I'd be only too pleased.

Excuse me, my lord. My lady.

What was on the table?

He picked something up off the table.
What was it?

MARA: Well, showman.
Do you still dream of my success?

Perhaps you do.

After all, you have no choice.
You have got to look.

-Well done!
-Keep it quiet. There's no time.

-What made you change your mind?
-Come on.

Are you sure?

He seemed such a pleasant young man.

He's taken the key.

That proves he's involved.

You must get out of the building
at once.

-And back to the Tardis?
-You're forgetting Tegan.

I want all the entrances sealed.
They must not escape.

-Oh, Lon, I really do feel that...

Do you expect me to allow
those who plot my death to go free?

Your death?

Isn't it obvious?


Back the way we came.

All right! All right. We give in.

LON: Give in?

You talk as though you had a choice.

Kill them.