Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 20, Episode 3 - Arc of Infinity: Part Three - full transcript

Something seemed amiss about the Doctor's execution, so the Castellan has Commander Maxil discreetly but fully look it. Meanwhile, as the Doctor meets the anti-matter being inside the Time Lord Matrix, Tegan and her cousin's friend run afoul of a bird-like alien back on Earth.

Judgement has been carried out,
Lord President.

The space-time dimensions
of the Matrix are clear.

The creature has been expelled.

I hope you know what you've done.

Who are you?

What was your opinion, Maxil?

For termination?
Not quite what I expected.

Nor me.
I want a full analysis of the event.

Be discreet, but do it right away.

It's ready, Nyssa.

The Doctor?

The Doctor?

Weak, but he'll live.
You did well, Time Lord.



You know where you are, Doctor?

I must be in the Matrix.

Only your mind, Doctor.

Your body is still in the termination
area shielded by an energy band.

I knew you couldn't let me die.

You realised this would happen?

I guessed. Besides, I hoped
it would give me the chance to meet you.

And now that you have?

It's difficult to say
without knowing who you are.

A friend, Doctor.

A friend who holds your feeble
life-force this side of existence.

It's filthy in here. What is this place?

A service passage.

-This is where you slept?
-Yes, the crypt's through there.

It's locked.

Must be bolted on the other side.

Maybe a gardener or worker
has been down here.

-Colin could be behind there, hurt.
-Look, Tegan.


He must be still around.

Yes, Maxil.

I think you should
come down here, Castellan.

If you have something to offer
the Time Lords, why not speak directly?

I considered that, but it wouldn't work.

Then you must be known to Gallifrey.

I was not always as I am now, Doctor.

Once, I too had life,
real existence in your dimension.

Soon, with your help,
I shall have it again.

It would mean losing control
of the Matrix to you.

The price is too high.

Do not provoke me. We shall talk
when you are ready to listen.

The circuit was altered, rigged
to cut out at the moment of termination.

Then the Doctor didn't die.

Not according to this,
and something else.

The girl was correct about his bioscan.
It was transmitted from Gallifrey.

We must find the Doctor
and the rest will fall into place.

-Should the High Council be told?
-No. We'll handle this ourselves.

Bring Damon and the girl here.

At least you know Colin was here.

What I don't understand is why you'd
want to sleep in a place like this.

There's no sense brooding on it, Nyssa.

What are you doing here?

We've orders to search
the Doctor's Tardis.

-Who are you looking for?
-You two come with me.

-I demand...

Do as he says, Nyssa.

-What is it?
-I don't know.

Quick. Over here.


You transmitted the Doctor's bioscan,
didn't you?

Without the codes? How could I?

But you knew about it.

Yes. Talor and I found out by accident.

Why didn't you tell me
what Talor had learnt?

Only members of the High Council
have access to bioscan circuits

and you are a councillor, Castellan.
That was my dilemma.

But there is still the matter

of the interference
of the termination circuits.

Of that, I know nothing. I don't know
the coding that would give access.

The Doctor would know.
He could instruct you.

You had contact with the Doctor,
didn't you?


It's a pity you weren't so concerned
when the Doctor was alive.

Don't play games with me, girl.

The Doctor is alive and you know it.

-No, Tegan, don't.
-We can't just leave him.



All right, let's talk.

Do you hear me?

We know there's a conspiracy
and we'll get to the heart of it.

Then find the Time Lord
who killed Talor.

We will, and the Doctor, too.

Maxil, continue the search.
He must be somewhere in the Citadel.

You two will remain here until I return.

He's alive, Damon.

Search the residential wing,
but be discreet.

No one is to know
we're looking for the Doctor.

-Where are we?
-I don't know.

-Are you all right?

If you cooperate,
you will come to no further harm.

What do you want of us?

You intruded where
you had no business to be.

-We were looking for my cousin.
-The primitive?

His name is Colin Frazer. Where is he?

He serves me in here.

If you are capable of doing the same,
you will not find me ungrateful.

The Ergon will scan you for possible
future use. Step forward, girl.

It would be unwise to resist.

So, you are known to the Doctor?

-What of it?

Yes. I'm a friend of the Doctor's.

Then we are both fortunate.

We have trouble.

A full-scale security search
is in progress for the Doctor.

How did this happen?

The termination aroused suspicion,

but the High Council
haven't been told yet.

-We must act swiftly before they do.
-Act? How?

Release the Doctor.

You must concentrate
your powers on transfer.

We can't risk it.
Once free, the Doctor will make trouble.

We must take that chance.

Your only hope now
is for a swift transfer.


Perhaps the Doctor
can be persuaded not to interfere.

Very well. I'll do as you say.

Doctor, I have good news
for you, Doctor.

Since I wish no enmity between us,
I intend to release you.

That's very generous of you.
May I ask what I've done to deserve it?

You will be freed if you give me
your word not to interfere.

I will do everything I can to stop you.

Then I am forced to persuade you.


A friend of yours, Doctor?

Please, your word not to interfere
or she must suffer.

No. It's a trick. It's not Tegan.

Tell him, girl.

Please, Doctor, help me.

It can't be.
Tegan's on Earth, I know she is.

Very well. If she is an illusion,

then you will not be upset
to see her destroyed.

Doctor, please!

It will need your handprint
to decode it, Castellan.


-Have you found him?
-Not yet.

While your men continue the search,

have Thalia, Hedin and Zorac
come to my office immediately.

You know who it is?

Yes, we have all the proof we need.

So you know the Doctor is innocent.

The Doctor plotted this conspiracy.
Now we know who helped him.

-Can we get out?
-No, he's operated the lock.

All right. Whatever you say.

-Her life depends on you, Doctor.
-As yours depends on mine.

Then see that nothing threatens it.

The next time we meet,
it will be on Gallifrey.

Goodbye, Doctor.


Tegan, are you all right?

-I saw the Doctor.

I don't know. It was like a nightmare.

Unreal. I saw him.

I'm glad you were of help to me, girl.

To show my appreciation,
your cousin will be returned to you.


What the devil's going on, Castellan?

Guards crashing about.
It's like a madhouse out there.

My apologies, Councillors.

Castellan, we are not in the habit
of being summoned by armed soldiers.

We're waiting, Castellan.

A very grave situation
has come to light.

We have indisputable evidence
that the Doctor is alive.

-Ridiculous. We saw him terminated.
-He's alive, Zorac.

-My men are searching for him now.
-How can he be?

He was helped to evade termination
by one of us.

One of the High Council.

That is a full analysis of
the relevant security circuit traffic.

Study them well, Councillors.

They will tell you who it was.

Pity. Long cancelled, I expect.

Presidential code.

Four-five...four? Four-five...



Three-nine-one? Three-nine-one...




How did you manage to open the door?

Pure luck.

-The Lord President?
-You have the proof.

His personal codes were used
to manipulate the Matrix.

Again, his code registered
in the computer room

the precise time Talor was killed.


The creature. It's linked to the Doctor
and through him to Gallifrey.

To achieve what, Castellan?

We know the creature controls
the shift of the Arc of Infinity.

So, what if the Arc were
to be permanently located here,

linked to the Matrix?

Enormous power, way beyond
the ability of anyone to control it,

except those already
at one with the Matrix.

-The Lord President.
-Yes, and the Doctor.

Together with this creature,

I am convinced
this is what they intend to do.

At least you could've told me
what you were up to.

There wasn't time, Nyssa.
Damon, did you do as I asked?

The Tardis element, yes.

What about the power equipment?
Anything turn up?

Just one item. A fusion booster element
was transported recently.


It's a highly advanced
piece of equipment,

unstable, but capable of an enormous
conversion rate over very short periods.

What, from water?

It's fuelled by anything that contains
hydrogen atoms. Water would be perfect.

Listen, Damon, this is very important.

I need to know the precise destination
and who sent it.

Do you think you could find that out?

Shouldn't we go
while we've got the chance?

We're going to Earth, Nyssa.

Earth? What for?

-That's where this creature is.
-How do you know?

It's got Tegan. I saw her in the Matrix.

The residential wings are clear. My men
are searching the technical areas.

-You've sealed the Citadel?
-Nothing can get in or out, Castellan.

Then it's just a question of time.

-The Council know.
-They will take action?

Not until they find the Doctor.

You must delay them. I need more time.

I must generate
sufficient power for transfer.

-I can't guarantee you will have it.
-You must.

You will have to isolate
the Matrix master control.

Use your influence
with the Lord President.

Very well, I will.

Thank you, Time Lord.

What we are, we owe to you.
Your return is all that matters.

Meanwhile, I will try to prevent them
using the Matrix against us.

There's no way out.

The Doctor knows we're here.
He'll find a way to help us.

You were right, Doctor.

The fusion booster element
was transported to Earth.

It could've been anywhere.

The reception area was lost
in severe temporal distortion.

-We know who sent it, though.


These codes are unmistakable.
You used them yourself to get in here.

-The Lord President.
-There's no mistake.

What are you going to do?

We must see
the Lord President immediately.

The Castellan's guards
are all over the place.

Thank you for all your help, Damon.
I shall never be able to repay you.

-Just in case.

Good luck, Doctor.

You wanted to know

if any other High Councillor
attempted to see the Lord President.


Councillor Hedin is with him now.

Thank you.

Hedin has gone to see
the Lord President.

But we agreed to wait.

We must act now, Thalia.


Come on.

Come on. In here.

You found him?

Not yet, but he can't be far away.

Hurry it up, Maxil.
I need him. Find him.

Come on.

It's a highly unusual request, Hedin.

It would only affect
the master controls.

The secondary functions
will continue to operate.

If I charge the transduction field,
the Matrix itself will be isolated.

No one could use it.

That's why you must do it,
Lord President.

You forget yourself, Hedin.
Access to the Matrix is guaranteed.

Only the gravest emergency
could permit me to do what you want.

Nevertheless, you will do it.

No one is above the law, Hedin.
Not you, not...

Don't force me to use it.

Now, if you please, Lord President.

-Why are you doing this, Hedin?
-There's no time to explain now.

Hedin, you don't believe this stuff
about the Lord President?

Doctor, be careful.

What is it?

Throw down the weapon.

So it's you.

Nyssa, the weapon.
I shall kill even you.

Now, over there.

The bioscan, the rigged termination,
all your work, Hedin?

I did what I had to.
Now do as you are told.

It was all done to make us think
you were responsible, Lord President.

And now, Hedin?

Nothing must interfere with transfer.

-It's that close?

I always considered you a friend, Hedin.

A man of learning, respected by all.
Why now turn to evil?

You don't understand.

This creature will soon control
the Matrix. Is that what you want?

This is no alien creature, Doctor.
It's one of us, a Time Lord.

The first and greatest of our people,

the one who sacrificed all
to give us mastery of time

and was shamefully abandoned in return.

-Yes. Omega.

But Omega died.

No, he exists, Doctor.

He only wants to live amongst us,
and he will,

as soon as he transfers here.

Omega is insane.
Once in control of this...

He wants nothing for himself.

The power he brings
is for the good of all.

-Well done, Hedin.

You're under arrest, Lord President.

As for you, Doctor,
you were sentenced to death.

This time sentence will be carried out.


You fool!
He could've told us where Omega is.

-Put up your weapon, Castellan.

The Doctor is a traitor.

Hedin is your traitor.

Lord President,
we must shut down the Matrix.

It won't prevent transfer.

No, but it could delay it.
Give us time to hunt Omega down.


It's too late.
Omega controls the Matrix.