Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 20, Episode 23 - The Five Doctors - full transcript

In this feature-length twentieth anniversary special in the classic science fiction-fantasy series, someone uses a time scoop to lift all five incarnations of the heroic Time Lord known as the Doctor out of their respective time streams. The elderly, first Doctor is taken out of Wimbledon Garden. The Beatle-haired, Chaplainesque, second Doctor is removed from the grounds of UNIT H.Q.. The dashing, dandy, white-haired, James Bond-like third Doctor is scooped off of Earth in his Edwardian speedster car, Bessie. The curly-haired, tall, long-scarfed fourth Doctor is lifted out of a punt on the river Cambridge and trapped in a time vortex. And the youthful, striped-panted fifth Doctor must find all of his former selves and return them to their proper time streams, or face disintegration into the time vortex in which his fourth incarnation is trapped. Having abducted each of the Doctors, the mysterious agent responsible for this transgression of the First Law of Time, positions four of the Doctors, along with some of their companions and foes, inside the Death Zone on Gallifrey, home world of the Time Lords.

One day, I shall come back.
Yes, I shall come back.

Until then, there must be no regrets,
no tears, no anxieties.

Just go forward in all your beliefs

and prove to me
that I am not mistaken in mine.



Yes. Looks rather splendid, doesn't it?

But will the Tardis work properly?

Of course, once everything's run in.

Didn't you repair anything?

Well, the Tardis is more than a machine,
Tegan. It's like a person.

It needs coaxing,
persuading, encouraging.

You mean it's just as unreliable.

You have little faith, Tegan.

Do you blame me?


It's marvellous here.
I feel so calm and relaxed.

FIFTH DOCTOR: It's the high bombardment
of positive ions.

It's like Earth after a thunderstorm.

-Same cause and reason.
-It's beautiful.

For some, the Eye of Orion is
the most tranquil place in the universe.

Can't we stay here?

Why not? For a while.
We could all do with a rest.


Are you all right?

Just a twinge of cosmic angst.


As if I'd lost something.

You know, I can't tell you how much
I was looking forward to this reunion.

A chance of re-meeting old friends.

There was one chap
we tried to get hold of.

What was his name?
Used to be your scientific advisor.

-Oh, the Doctor.
-Yes, that's right.

Wonderful chap. All of them.




sorry to interrupt. Someone's arrived.

I'm not expecting anyone.

Insists on seeing
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

How did he know he was here?

I'm sorry, sir,
you're not allowed in there.

Not allowed? Me? I'm allowed everywhere.

Oh, thank you. Brigadier.

Good heavens, is it you?

Yes, yes. For once, I was able
to steer the Tardis and here I am.

-Oh, it's all right, Sergeant.
-Very good, sir.

-I'm not too late, am I?
-What for?

For your speech, as guest of honour.

-How did you know?
-I saw it in the Times.

That's impossible.
The reporter's still here.

Tomorrow's Times.

(CLEARING THROAT) And who is this?

That's Colonel Crichton, my replacement.

Ah. Yes, mine was
pretty unpromising, too.

Come along, Doctor. We'll take a stroll
round the grounds, shall we?

Awfully sorry about this.
Do excuse me for a moment.

You've had this place redecorated,
haven't you?

-Hmm. Don't like it.
-Come on, Doctor.

-After you.

-After you.

Everything all right, sir?

What the blazes is going on?

Who was that strange little man?

-The Doctor.

Yes, Yeti, Cybermen,
we've seen some times, Doctor.

And Omega, don't forget Omega.

-As if I could!
-And the terrible Zodin.


Oh, you weren't concerned with her,
were you?

No. She happened in the future.

They were covered in hair,
and used to hop like kangaroos.

Well, I must say goodbye, Brigadier.

I really shouldn't be here at all.

I'm not exactly breaking the laws
of time, but I am bending them a little.

You never did bother much about rules,
as I remember.

What's the matter?

What is it?

Brigadier, I think our past
is catching up on us.

Or maybe it's our future. Come on, run!

Doctor, I'm too old
for this sort of thing.

Where's it gone?

We must get back to the Tardis
before it's too late.


Great chunks of my past, detaching
themselves like melting icebergs.


Do something. Help him!

Oh, no! No, don't look so worried.
I'll have it all worked out soon.

Everything's all right.

Everything's quite all right.

Great balls of fire!

Good old Bessie.

I am being diminished.
Whittled away, piece by piece.

A man is the sum of his memories,
you know,

a Time Lord even more so.

What can we do to help you?

Get me into the Tardis.


I have to find... To find...

Find what?

My other selves.

-K9: Mistress, do not go out.
-What's the matter?

-Danger, mistress.

I can sense danger, mistress.

Telepathic trace faint but rapidly
increasing in strength. Do not go out.

-What kind of danger?
-Positive data not yet available.

Well, I can't stay home.
You have to give me a reason.

Negative, mistress.
Data analysis shows too many variables.

Danger readings
now becoming much higher, mistress.

Suggestion, take me with you.

(CHUCKLES) I can't. Honestly, I can't.

The car's in dock,
so I've got to go by bus.

There is danger, mistress.
My sensors indicate it is now extreme,

and the Doctor is involved.

Well, now I know
you're imagining things.

See you later.

Danger! Doctor! Danger! Mistress!

FOURTH DOCTOR: Wordsworth.



Christopher Smart.

Andrew Marvell.

Judge Jeffreys.

Owen Chadwick.

-Owen Chadwick.

Oh, yes, some of the greatest labourers

in the history of Earth
have thought here.

Newton, of course.

Oh, definitely Newton.

"For every action, there is an equal
and opposite reaction."

That's right.

So, Newton invented punting.

Oh, yes.
There was no limit to Isaac's genius.

ROMANA: Isn't it wonderful
how something so primitive can be so...


No, simple.

You just push in one direction
and the boat goes in the other.

Oh, I do love the spring.
All the leaves and colours.

FOURTH DOCTOR: It's October.

I thought that you said
we were coming here for May Week.

I did. May Week's in June.

I'm confused.

So was the Tardis.


ROMANA: Oh, I do love the autumn.
All the leaves, the colours.

Yes. Well, at least for something as
simple as a punt nothing can go wrong.

No co-ordinates.
No dimensional stabilisers. Nothing.

Just the water, a punt,

a strong pair of hands and a pole.


Oh, no!


Two hearts.

Well, his body's all right.

He just seems to be fading away.


Why did he have
to set the Tardis moving?

We were safe before he did that!



What's going on?

We've landed.

According to the instruments,
we're nowhere, in no time.

The Doctor must have forgotten
to reconnect something.



The instruments
are all working perfectly.

They just won't tell us anything.
The Tardis is paralysed.

How did we get here? What do we do now?

We wait until the Doctor recovers.


He has arrived.

Involving this person
does not please me.

The constitution clearly states
that when in emergency session

the members of
the Inner Council are unanimous!

-Which, indeed, we are.
-The President of the Council

may be overruled.
What a ridiculous clause.

A complete new ; cycle.

With all due respect, Lord President,

your regeneration
has not helped your stubbornness.

Lord President, Castellan,
Chancellor Flavia.

This is a very great and,
may I say, a most unexpected honour.

I may be seated?
Now, then, what can I do for you?

You are one of the most evil
and corrupt beings

this Time Lord race has ever produced.

Your crimes are without number
and your villainy without end.

Nevertheless, we are prepared
to offer you a full and free pardon.

What makes you think
I want your forgiveness?

We can offer you an alternative
to your renegade existence.

BORUSA: Regeneration.
A complete new life cycle.

What must I do?

-Rescue the Doctor.


-Susan? Surely it's Susan.
-Grandfather? Oh, Grandfather!

Thank goodness I've found you!
How did you get here?

-What's happening?
-I wish I knew, my dear.

As soon as I found myself
in this horrible place,

I started looking for you.
Somehow I knew I'd find you here.

Well, the important question now is
where are we? And why?


-(WHISPERING) We must be on Skaro.
-We were brought here.

Perhaps the Dalek was, too.

Run, Grandfather!

Halt at once.
Halt or you will be exterminated.

It is the Doctor.
The Doctor must be destroyed.

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

BORUSA: The Death Zone.

Ah, the black secret at the heart
of your Time Lord paradise.

Recently, the Zone
has become reactivated.

Somehow it is draining energy
from the Eye of Harmony.

To an extent
which endangers all Gallifrey.

We must know what is happening there.

Did it occur to you to go and look?

Two of the High Council went
into the Zone, and neither returned.

So you sent for the Doctor?

We looked for the Doctor,
but he no longer exists.

Not in any of his regenerations.

The Doctor has been taken out of time.

CASTELLAN: We believe
the attempt to lift him

from his time stream was unsuccessful.

There he must stay until we can find
and free his other selves.

And if you cannot?

A cosmos without the Doctor
scarcely bears thinking about.

What makes you think his other selves
are in the Zone?

Their time traces. They converge there.

And you can get me into the Zone?

We have a power-boosted,
open-ended transmat beam.


Why me?

Because we need someone determined,
experienced, ruthless, cunning.

And disposable?

Not at all.
You would be useless to us dead.

-Will you go?
-BORUSA: Will you?

And rescue the Doctor.


TEGAN: Come on, Doctor.
TURLOUGH: Hold on!

TEGAN: What's happening to you?


I'm being sucked into a Time Vortex.
Part of me there already.

It's pulling the rest.

-I must send a signal.
-What signal?

I must send a signal, find them.
I must be whole.


Halt at once. You will be exterminated.

Halt! Halt!

Obey. Obey the Daleks.
You will be exterminated.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

It's a dead end!

That may be precisely what we need.

-Grandfather, come on, please!
-No, no, no. Don't argue, Susan.

Listen to me.

When I say "Now," help me
to push the Dalek down that alley

and when I say, "Drop," drop.

Now! Susan!

Under attack!



Under attack! Exterminate!


It's very dangerous to fire
energy weapons in an enclosed space.


FIRST DOCTOR: The Dark Tower.

SUSAN: We're on Gallifrey!

The Death Zone.

Why were we brought here?

Instinct, my dear, tells me that
the answer to that lies in the Tower.

Charming spot, Doctor.

My dear Brigadier,
it's no use blaming me.

You attract trouble, Doctor.
You always did.

-Where the devil are we?
-I'm not sure.

But I have some very nasty suspicions.

-What's that?

Over there.

Get down.


Don't worry, Brigadier.


Now what?



Oh, K9, why didn't I listen to you?

THIRD DOCTOR: Hang on a minute.

Catch hold of this.



Oh! I never thought
I'd be so pleased to see anyone.

I think we should come away
from the ledge, don't you?

Wait a moment.

-It's you.
-Of course it's me.

Hello, Sarah Jane.

-No, but it's you, you.
-That's right.

No, no, you changed, remember?

-You became all... Uh... Um...
-Teeth and curls?

-Yes, maybe I did,

-but I haven't yet.
-Oh, I see.

No, I don't. Never mind.

Yes, well, thank you very much
for rescuing me, Doctor.

Now perhaps you'll explain
why I'm here to need rescuing.

Steady on, Sarah Jane. I'm not exactly
here by choice either, you know.

-Then what are we doing here?
-Well, I'll try and explain. Come on.

Get in the car.


It's no good. I shall have to rest.

Oh, yes, of course, Grandfather.
I'll just go and take another look.

Yes, yes.

-Look! Come and see.
-Hmm? What?

Goodness me! The Tardis!

-What's it doing here?
-I suggest we go and find out.

He's only just about conscious.

If only he'd managed
to send that signal.

Who are you?

More to the point, what are you
young people doing inside my Tardis?

-It's his Tardis.
-And who might he be?

-The Doctor.
-Hmm? Good grief!

-You're here. You're here.
-Yes, evidently.

Now, take it steadily, my boy,
and let me help you up.

I tried to send a recall signal.

Yes, it doesn't matter.
How do you come to be here?

Well, the Tardis was... I don't know.

-Never mind that.
-Is he really...

Me? Yes. Yes, I'm afraid so.

-Goodness me!

So, there are five of me now!
Oh, this is Susan.

Yes, I know. And you two are...

-And I'm Tegan Jovanka.

Who might you be?

I might be any number of things,
young lady.

As it happens, I am the Doctor.
The original, you might say.

But you shouldn't be here
at the same time, with him.

-Should you?
-Certainly not.

It only happens
in the gravest emergencies.

-Like now.
-Yes, unfortunately.

Now, look, young lady,
make yourself useful.

This young fellow looks as though
he needs some refreshment,

and I know that Susan and I do, too.

-Hang on a minute.
-Tegan, Tegan, Tegan. Humour him.

You know, I sometimes
used to get a little tetchy.

Fortunately, one mellows with age.
Turlough will help.

Thank you.

The Seal of the High Council.

It may help to convince
the Doctors of your good faith.


It's time to go.

When you have something to tell us,
activate this.

We will pick up your signal
and transmat you back.

Isn't anyone going to wish me luck?

We wish you success, for all our sakes.

And now, we wait.

SECOND DOCTOR: It's just as I feared.
We're on Gallifrey, in the Death Zone.

-You know this place?
-To my shame.

Yes, mine, Brigadier,
and that of every other Time Lord.

In the days before Rassilon,
my ancestors had tremendous powers,

which they misused disgracefully.

They set up this place, the Death Zone,

and walled it around
with an impenetrable force field.

And then they kidnapped other beings
and set them down here.

-But what for?
-I'll explain as we go.

-Where are we going?
-To the Tower. To Rassilon.

The greatest single figure
in Time Lord history.

-Is that where he lives?
-Not exactly, Brigadier. It's his tomb.

One of my predecessors.

Not the most hospitable of environments.

You're talking nonsense, my boy.

We must send the signal as planned
and wait for the others.

No, there's no time.
We must leave immediately.

Temporal instability
is already affecting me.

And without our other selves,
we'll be of little use out there.

Well, they'll never make it.

-There is evil at work.

We're in the Death Zone on Gallifrey.

How can you be so sure?

Well, the Tomb of Rassilon.

Can we really afford to wait,

especially if someone is
tapping his power?

What do you intend to do, young man?

-I shall go to the Tower.
-But there could be great danger.

Help me set up the computer scanner.
We can at least see what is out there.

All this was the setting for the games.

But old Rassilon put a stop to it
in the end.

He sealed off the entire Zone
and forbade the use of the Time Scoop.

Until now.

Why don't they just tell us
why we're here?

Because they delight in deviousness,
that's why.

It amuses them,
chucking us in the deep end,

watching us sink or swim.

Why have we stopped?

So I can get my bearings.
A-ha! There it is.

-The Tomb of Rassilon!

That's where we're going.

Do you think this is wise, Doctor?

Whatever's in that Tower,
it's got enormous powers.

What can we do against it?

What I've always done,
Sarah Jane. Improvise.

Doctor, wait!


-Who's that?
-I don't know.

No, it couldn't be!

Jehoshaphat! It really is you.

I should have known
you'd be behind all this.

-Doctor, who is it?
-That's my best enemy.

He likes to be known as the Master,
don't you?

My, my, my, but you've changed.

-Another regeneration?
-Not exactly.

I take it you are responsible
for our being in the Death Zone?

For once, I am innocent.

Here at the High Council's request,
to help you and your other selves.


Sent here by the Time Lords to help me?

I've never heard such arrant nonsense.

I happen to be telling the truth.
I carry the Seal of the High Council.

-Yes, forged, no doubt.
-See for yourself.

Stolen, then.

I'll return it at the first opportunity.

If you will only listen,
I'm here to help.

You? Help me? Rubbish.

-This is some kind of a trap.
-I knew this was going to be difficult,

but I didn't realise
that even you would be so stupid

as to make it impossible!


-I knew it, a trap.
-These thunderbolts are everywhere.

-No, we can't leave him.
-You just watch me.

FIFTH DOCTOR: As far as I can make out,
there are three entrances.

One above, one below
and the main door, here.

FIRST DOCTOR: Which do you plan to use?

FIFTH DOCTOR: The main door.

-I still think you should wait.
-There may be very little time.

You see what I mean? A trap.

BORUSA: Is there nothing you can do
to retrieve him?

Nothing, my Lord President.

With the present energy drain,
it is beyond our resources.

You use what spare energy you have

to stabilise that portion of the Vortex
in which he is trapped.

It may at least give
the remaining Doctors more time.

Lord President.

No news from the Master?

Did you really think
that there would be?

I wonder, could Rassilon himself
have brought us here?

Hang on a minute, Doctor.
You said this chap Rassilon was dead.

-You did say that was his tomb?
-Oh, it is.

But no one really knows
how extensive his powers were.

He could still be alive?

Watching us at this very moment.

Didn't you say he was supposed
to be rather a good type?

So the official history says.

But there are many rumours
and legends to the contrary.

Some say his fellow Time Lords
rebelled against his cruelty

and locked him in the Tower
in eternal sleep.

-And now he's woken up again?
-Well, it would explain a great deal.

-Oh, dear.

We could be playing the Game of Rassilon
at this very moment.

Your tone doesn't inspire
much confidence.

I assume we're not expected to win?

Come on.

Even if you...

Even if you reach this Tower,
what are you going to do?

Release the Tardis. The computer scanner
has located the force field generator.

-I'll come with you.
-I'd like to come, too.

No. I think it would be safer
if you were to remain here with me.

I'd like to go with him.

Yes, yes, all right.

Now, you'll...
You'll bring the Tardis to the Tower

as soon as I switch off the force field?

-Of course.
-Yes, of course.

Right! Better get started,
time's running out.


I thought we were going to the Tower.

-We are.
-Then why this way?

Because the mountains are between us
and the Tower, Sarah. That's why.

-Can't we find an easier way?
-No, it'd take far too long.


the Master has used the Time Scoop
to bring others as well as us here.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Do you think it will take the Doctor
long to reach the Tower?

It depends on what may try to stop him,
my boy.

It's not without reason
that it's called the Death Zone.


Great heavens! Two more traces.

TURLOUGH: Time Lords?
FIRST DOCTOR: Two more Doctors.

The scanner is keyed to my...
To our brain patterns.

Well, well, well,
so two of them made it.

I wonder what happened to the other.

# To Rassilon's Tower would go

# Must choose...

No, no, no.

# Who unto to Rassilon's Tower would go

# Must choose above, between, below #

You in pain, Doctor?

Age has not mellowed you,
has it, Brigadier?

I was recalling, in point of fact,
an old nursery rhyme

about the Dark Tower.

-Does it help?
-Considerably more than you do.

It describes the different ways
to enter the Tower.

A nursery rhyme?
I've never heard anything so ridiculous.

I propose to put it to the test.

Come along.

In here.

-Soon be there.
-I'm finding this quite exhilarating.

-I wish I were.

The Master!

Wait here.

I know this is going to be hard
to believe, Doctor,

but, for once, I mean you no harm.

Like Alice, I try to believe three
impossible things before breakfast.

Go on.

I've been sent here
by the High Council to help you.


Is this man a friend of the Doctor's?

Anything but.

Well, they're talking
as if they were friends.

That's what worries me.

I have found the ones from the Tardis.

CYBER LEADER: Excellent.

CYBERMAN 2: I shall take the patrol
and destroy them.

CYBER LEADER: No! Capture them alive.

-They must be interrogated first.
-CYBERMAN 2: Leader.

CYBER LEADER: We also need
the Time Lord to pilot the Tardis. Go.

CYBERMAN 2: Here are your orders.

-Be reasonable, Doctor.
-I am. I listened.

As you see, I'm armed.
I could easily kill you if I wanted to.

And not humiliate me first?
That isn't your style at all.

I also have a recall device

that'll take me back
to the conference room

in the heart of the Capitol.

So you say.

I would prefer more positive proof
of your credentials.

One of your other selves
took it from me.

Do you expect me to believe
the fantastic tale you've just told?

TEGAN: Doctor, look out! Cybermen!

-Go back!
-Well, we can't just leave him!

We can't help him, either.
Do as he says.

We must warn the others.

After you.

Halt or you will be destroyed.


CYBERMAN 1: You will accompany us.

Sorry, must dash.

Susan, come on!


-Can you walk?
-Oh, just about.

Quite a reception committee.

CYBERMAN 1: This is not the Doctor.


I've been looking for you.


I'm here as your friend.

CYBER LEADER: Who are you?

I am the Master,

and your loyal servant.

Then he just disappeared.

What could have happened?

Well, from the way Susan described it,
a transmat device.

Yes, but he must have got it
from the Master.

I do hope he's all right.

Well, with our young friend gone,
I shall have to go to the Dark Tower.

I'll come with you.


Oh, well, if you must.

It seems I've done the Master
an injustice.

If he survived, I'm sure he will learn
to live with the misjudgement.

Well, this changes things.

If the Master isn't responsible,
then who is misusing the Death Zone?

We were hoping you could tell us.
You have been there.

Who has control of the Time Scoop?

No one. Its use is prohibited.

But the machinery still exists.

Doctor, you seem to be implying that
the Time Scoop was used to bring you?

Yes. I am rather.

Then you accuse a Time Lord.

I think it would be quite
an important one as well.

-You have evidence, of course.
-No. No, not yet.

Then upon what do you base
this outrageous accusation?


Whoever brought me and my other selves
here also brought them.

Now, you know our legends well enough.

Even in our most corrupt period

our ancestors never allowed
the Cybermen to play the game.

Like the Daleks, they play too well.

Hardly proof of a traitor.

Then there's this.

You know,
the Death Zone is a large place.

Yet the Cybermen found us very quickly,
almost as if they were supposed to.

-They are highly skilled in such things.
-Especially when helped.

This is the one thing the Master would
be sure to keep on him at all times.

The recall device.

And within,

a homing beacon.

Which you gave him, Castellan.

It's a lie. The Doctor wants revenge.

Sit down.

I will not submit
to such wild accusations.


Lord President?

Institute an immediate
and rigourous search

of the Castellan's office
and living quarters.

I do not believe your lies!

What I have said is the truth.

We've all been sent here
for the same reason.

CYBERMAN 1: To fight?

To destroy each other
for the amusement of the Time Lords.

But you don't have to play their game.

You can defeat them, gain your revenge,
but only with my help.


Close by there's a Tower,

the fortress of your enemies,
the Time Lords.

It's well defended,
but I can help you break in.

And what do you ask in return?

My life. My freedom.

A chance to share in your revenge.

To destroy the Time Lords.

CYBER LEADER: Guard him.
CYBERMAN 1: Leader.

CYBER LEADER: We will allow him
to guide us to this Tower.

CYBERMAN 2: He is an alien.
Aliens are not to be trusted.

It is not necessary to trust him.

Will you give him his freedom?

Promises to aliens have no validity.

When the Tower is in our hands,
he will be destroyed.

They're moving so slowly.

Don't worry.
Tegan will look after the old man.

If only we could make contact
with the other Doctors.


What's that?




Come along, Brigadier, come along.
This way.

We should be at the Tower very soon.
The tunnel's rising all the time.

Is that supposed to cheer me up?


What was that?

It sounded like something very large
and very fierce,

and probably very hungry.

Come on.

It's a dead end.

No, it's not. Look.

I can't go along there! I get vertigo.

Yes, well, I'll help you.
Anyway, we can't go back.

Why not? We've shaken the Cybermen off.

They don't get tired, that's why not.
And they never give up.

Oh, no, no. I remember.

Okay, well, let's go then.

If I don't fall off that path,
I'll probably die of fright.

-What? What is it?


A Raston Warrior Robot.

The most perfect killing machine
ever devised.

It isn't armed.

Quick! Over there!

Their armaments are built in

and their sensors detect movement,
any movement.

-Anything else I shouldn't know?
-Yes. They move like lightning.

(WHISPERING) What's it doing?

Playing with us.

Freeze, Sarah Jane.
If you move, we're dead.

Come on, Doc, you can make it.

Well, of course I can, young woman.

And kindly refrain
from addressing me as "Doc".

As you can see, Lord President,
the casket bears the Seal of Rassilon.

Where was this found?

In the Castellan's room.

Black Scrolls of Rassilon!

I thought they were out of print.

No, don't touch, Doctor.

This is forbidden knowledge
from the Dark Time.

Well, you were taking no chances.

I am innocent.

I have never seen that casket before.

Take him to security
and discover the truth.


You are authorised
to use the mind probe.


No, not the mind probe.

-Let me speak to him...
-No, Doctor.

The mind probe will give us
all the answers we require.


Was that really necessary?

Well, as you can see,
he was armed and trying to escape.

It seems you have been saved
the embarrassment of a trial.

And you have found your traitor, Doctor.

Let us at least hope it will simplify

the task of your other selves.


Yes, I should be getting back to them.

Doctor, I admire your courage,

but I cannot allow you to return.

It will take some time to establish
the Castellan's role in this affair.

I need your help and advice.

I can't abandon them.

I'm sure your other selves
will be able to cope.

Are they all in the Zone?

Yes, all but one,
and he is trapped in the Vortex.

Doctor, I'm sorry,
but I must insist that you remain.

Chancellor Flavia, would you escort
the Doctor to a place of rest?

I'm sure he must be exhausted.


Whatever that creature is,
it's got our scent.

It's hunting us!

In here.



Doctor, look!


Hold this.

Hurry up, Doctor,
it's trying to dig us out!

-What was that?

-What was that?
-It's a Galactic Glitter.


-It's a Yeti!
-Where did it come from?

It must have been left over
from the Games.


You maddened it!

-Well, at least it can't get at us.
-Yes, and now we're trapped.

-Buried alive.
-Yes, I'm afraid we are.

On the other hand,

where there's a wind, there's a way.

Well, I think we've arrived.

I don't like this at all.

Someone or something
wants us to go inside.

After you, Brigadier.

No, no, after you, Doctor.

At least that terrible
hammering's stopped.

That's what's worrying me.


What's that they're carrying?

TURLOUGH: I don't know.

But I would think their intention
is to try and break in.


I don't think I can take
much more of this.

Hang on, Sarah Jane, hang on.

I think we've got one hope.




Look, Sarah Jane.
The Robot's extra arrows.

At least we'll have something
to have a fight with.

Wait a minute.
These might come in handy.

You look so worried, Doctor.

Your friends and your other selves
will be safe, I am sure.

At the moment I'm more concerned
for the High Council, for Gallifrey.

-The traitor has been found.
-Has he?

You know,
I've known the Castellan too long.

Oh, he was limited, a little narrow,

but always fiercely loyal
to his oath of office.

Any mention of the dark days
filled him with horror.

Now, you saw his reaction
to the Black Scrolls,

it wasn't that of a man discovered,
but of sheer disbelief.

No, I'm convinced
the traitor is still at large.

I will speak to the Commander
who killed the Castellan.

There may be much to be learned
from him.

Thank you.
And I must speak to the Lord President.

Now what do we do? Fly?

What a splendid idea.

Now what?

You're not suggesting
we batter down the door, I hope.

It looks very much like a bell to me.

It's an entry coder!

Right, that should do it.

You're crazy, that'll never work.

Well, maybe not.
Can you think of a better suggestion?

No? All right, then, stand well back.

Ever resourceful, Doctor.


Right, got you!

-Find a foothold, find any foothold.
-Yes. Yes!

-Have you got one?

-Now, let go with this hand.
-I can't!

Hold both loops in one hand.
Both loops in one hand.

I've got the other hand. Right, come on.

That's it. Now, find another foothold.
I've got you.

Put it on that ledge.
Can you find that ledge?

-Good, all right, up you come.

-Up you come. Don't look down!
-I didn't look...

-Come on. Up. That's it. Come on.
-I did it!

-There you are.
-I did it!

That's it.

Well done. Enjoy the flight?


Well, we're here.
How do you reckon we get in?

Through here, would you believe?

SUSAN: It's a bomb.

Big, isn't it?

Don't be in such a hurry.

-We have to pay to get in?
-It could cost you your life.

How long do you plan
to play pitch and toss?

Patience, child!

Diabolical ingenuity!

Nothing happens
until you reach the fifth row, halfway,

and then the entire board
becomes a death trap.

Our ancestors had
such a wonderful sense of humour.

FIRST DOCTOR: Do I know you, young man?

Believe it or not,
we were at the Academy together.

-What do you want?
-To help.

That's the funniest thing
I've heard all day.

Believe what you like.
I should advise you to hide.

I've got some very suspicious allies
close behind me.

Allies? Come on!

MASTER: Enter, but be careful.

The fortress of the Time Lords
is at your mercy.

Why was the main gate left unguarded?

The Time Lords believe
no one could survive the Death Zone.

It's the sort of woolly thinking
that'll bring about their destruction.

Do you fear an empty room?
Shall I lead the way?

-You will cross to the far side.
-Very well.

You see?

Take the patrol across.


You ha vs be frayed us. Why?

Betrayed? No. Oh, I...

I might have misled you a little,

but the safe path across the board
changes with every journey.

You will show me the safe route
or I shall destroy you.



Wasn't that a little ruthless,
even for you?

In one of the many wars
on your miserable little planet,

they used to drive sheep
across minefields.

-The principle is the same.
-Not quite.

This minefield is still
just as dangerous.

Do you think so?

Try it, Doctor, it's as easy as pi!

What an extraordinary fellow.
As easy as pie? As easy as pie?

-That's what he said.
-No, he didn't!

He said, "Easy as pi,"
the Greek letter pi.

Surely you know
some basic mathematics, child?

Of course.

The ratio of the circumference
of a circle to its diameter

is represented by
the Greek letter pi, right?

Exactly! You find the safe path
by using the mathematical formula pi.

Oh, but the application,
the application.

Now, let me see, now,

314153.265. Yes, that's it!

You stay there, child.


I hope you've got your sums right.

I thought you said
the Lord President was in here.

He is. Or at least, he was.

-You're sure about that, are you?

There isn't any way he could have left
without my seeing him.

No power.
He couldn't have left that way.

Inform Chancellor Flavia

that the Lord President
has disappeared, would you?


I can't go on. I feel
as if something were pushing me back.

Yes. Yes, I can feel it, too, Sarah.

It's the mind of Rassilon.
We must be nearing the Tomb.

You've got to fight it.

-You must keep your mind under control.
-I can't.

I feel as if something absolutely
terrible were going to happen.

Sit down here. Sit down
and rest for a moment, all right?

Where are you going?

-I won't be a second.
-Well, don't be too long.

-Doctor? Doctor, this way.
-Mike? Mike Yates? How did you get here?

-Same way as you. Liz Shaw is here too.
-Good heavens.

Hello, Liz. Any more of you?

Someone you should know very well.
Come and see for yourself.

Not that little fellow in the checked
trousers and the black frock coat?

-And more. There are five of you now.
-Oh, good grief.

And they're waiting for you.

Yes, well, you wait here for a moment.
I'll go and get Sarah.

I'll fetch her.

No, I... I think I'll go, Mike.
She's nervous enough as it is.

Let Mike go.
Your other selves need you urgently.

No, I think I'll go, thanks.

-No, Doctor!
-Stop him!

How? You're phantoms,
illusions of the mind!

(ECHOING) Stop him!

What's happening? Doctor? Doctor!
Oh, there you are.


Sarah? Of course I am.
What are you talking about?

Listen, why did you leave me
for so long? And what was that scream?

They were just phantoms from the past.

Yes, well, I'm in the present
and I'm real.

Yes. You're real enough. Come on.

Do you feel weird, Doctor?

Full of strange fears
and mysterious forebodings?

-That's it.
-No, as a matter of fact, I don't.

It's all illusion, child.

We're close to the domain of Rassilon,
whose mind is reaching out to attack us.

-Just ignore it as I do.

Fear itself is largely an illusion.

And at my age,
there's little left to fear.

No, there's nothing here to harm us.

(WHISPERING) Take this.


-What was that?
-We'll go and see.

-Good grief!
-Jamie! Zoe!

-Stay back, Doctor!
-Why, what's happening?

Don't come any closer.
There's a force field.

A force field?
We'll soon see about that.

No, don't, Doctor! If the force field
is disturbed, it'll destroy us!

-You must go back!
-Well, Doctor, what are we going to do?

-Get them out of it!
-No, no, please don't, Doctor!

Go back. Save yourselves.

-I can't! I can't leave you there!
-You must!

We could find another way
into the Tomb area.

But Zoe and Jamie
would still be trapped!

-The Brigadier's right!
-Or would they?

Just a minute.

It's a matter of memory.

-Stay away!
-Why? I can't harm you.

-But one step nearer and we're dead!
-You can't kill illusions.

-(ECHOING) The Brigadier...
-You're not real.

When you were returned
to your own people,

the Time Lords erased your memory
of the period you spent with me.

So, how do you know who we are? Answer!


-They're gone.
-Yes, yes, it's sad.

I still don't like it, Doctor.
I don't fully understand why we're here.

-You want to get home?
-Of course.

That is why we are here.
Have faith, Brigadier.

-Have I ever led you astray?
-On many occasions.

Yes, well, this will be the exception.
Come along.

The Harp of Rassilon.
I never knew he was musical.

Borusa either, for that matter.


Interesting. A musical key.

A combination of notes. A tune.

Ah, there you are at last,
my dear fellow. What kept you?

What kept me?
Of all the confounded arrogance.

Never mind, never mind,
you can tell me later.

Come and take a look at this.

What is it?


-Hmm, fascinating.
-What's happened to the little fellow?

The little fellow is perfectly
all right, thank you very much.

Of course I'm here!

You don't imagine anything
you two can do would stump me, do you?

-Let's have a look. What's this?

Good heavens!


It's Miss Smith, isn't it?
And Miss Jovanka.

Lethbridge-Stewart? Oh, my dear fellow,
how very nice to see you again.

-Great heavens, you as well.

Though I can't exactly say it's nice to
be here. Do you know, I was enjoying...

You'll have to excuse me, old chap.

We have a very important inscription
to translate

and I think they'll get it all wrong
without me. Move.

-Typical. Absolutely typical.
-Oh, I know, I know.

Drag you through time and space
without so much as a by-your-leave,

then leave you out
when things get interesting.

So, that's what it's all about.
I never dreamed...

It changes nothing, absolutely nothing.

We lower the force field,
get the young fellow back from Gallifrey

and all go home.
This doesn't concern us, it mustn't.

-What does the inscription say?
-Yes, I'd quite like to know as well.

Yes, we've all been through
a great deal to get here.

You. Tell them.

It's Old High Gallifreyan,
the ancient language of the Time Lords.

Not many people understand it
these days...

DOCTORS: Fortunately, I do.

Yes, all very interesting, I'm sure,
Doctors, but what does it say?

That this is the Tomb of Rassilon,
where Rassilon lies in eternal sleep.

It also says
that anyone who has got this far

has passed a number of dangers and
shown great courage and determination.

What does this bit mean?

To lose is to win,
and he who wins shall lose.

I know what it says. What does it mean?

It also promises that whoever takes
the ring from Rassilon's hand

and puts it on
shall get the reward he seeks.

-What reward?

-What, live forever? Never die?
-That is what the word means, young man.

-But that's impossible.
-Apparently not.

It seems Rassilon possesses it now

and is willing to share it
with whoever takes the ring.

Thank you, gentlemen,
that is exactly what I needed to know.

I came here to help you,
a little unwillingly, but I came.

My services were scorned,
my help refused.

Now, I shall help myself to immortality.

FIRST DOCTOR: Out of the question.

You're hardly a suitable candidate.

SECOND DOCTOR: For anything.


The decision is scarcely yours.

Killing you once
was never enough for me, Doctor.

How gratifying to do it
three times over!

Nice to see you again.


CYBERMAN 1: Leader, the bombs are ready.

Excellent. Prepare for detonation.

-Do you realise what they're up to?
-What are we going to do now?



Well, if it is a tune, what could it be?

A tune like... A tune like...

A tune like the one that's been
under my nose all the time, perhaps.



-Welcome, Doctor.
-Lord President.

You show very little surprise.

-Can it be that you suspected me?
-Not at first.

Your little charade fooled me
for a while.

Yes, it was rather neat, wasn't it?
Such a pity about the Castellan,

but then, I needed someone
to use for a diversion.

Oh, Borusa. What's happened to you?

You know how long
I have ruled Gallifrey, Doctor,

both openly or behind the scenes.

You'd done great service. It was
only right you should become President.

President? How long before
I must retire, my work half done?

-If I could continue...
-I understand.

You want to be President throughout
all your remaining regenerations.

You underestimate my ambition, Doctor.

I shall be President eternal,
and rule forever.

Immortality? That's impossible,
even for a Time Lord.

Rassilon achieved it.

Timeless, perpetual bodily regeneration

is true immortality!

I've reversed the polarity
of the neutron flow

so the Tardis should be free
of the force field now.

I'll try to get through to the Capitol.

CYBERMAN 1: All is prepared.
CYBER LEADER: Excellent.


-They made it! They made it!
-Are we going to the Tower?

We must be, we're on preset coordinates.

Immortal, Doctor.

Before Rassilon was bound,
he left clues for his successor,

who he knew would follow him.

I have discovered much, Doctor.

This game, the control room,
the casket with the scrolls.

-The coronet of Rassilon.
-But not the final secret.

The secret of immortality, Doctor?

It lies in the Dark Tower,
in the Tomb of Rassilon itself.

But there are many dangers, many traps.

So, you sent me to the Zone
to deal with them for you.

I gave you companions to help.
An old enemy to fight.

-It's a game within a game.
-Only you botched it, didn't you?

One of my selves is trapped
in a Time Vortex,

-endangering my very existence.
-Oh, you have no fear, Doctor.

Your temporal stability
will be maintained.

-I need you to serve me.
-I will not serve you.

You have no choice, Doctor.
I wear the coronet of Rassilon.

And very fetching it is, too.

It emphasises my will and allows me
to control the minds of others.

Bow down before me, Doctor.

Come, Doctor.

SECOND DOCTOR: Can you hear me?
Can you hear me, Doctor?

Calling the Capitol,
calling the Capitol.

Can you hear me, old fellow?

Calling the Capitol,
calling the Capitol.

This is the Doctor speaking.
Well, one of them.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me, Doctor?

Is there anybody there?
Calling the Capitol.

-Yes, I'm here.
-Ah, there I am. I mean, there you are.

We've reached the Tower, we're all safe,

the barriers are down
and the Tardis is here.

And I say, we've made
the most extraordinary discovery.

I know what you have discovered.

Do not transmit further.
Stay where you are and touch nothing.

President Borusa is arriving
to take full charge.

Touch nothing, indeed?
Who does he think he is?

He didn't want us to mention
the Ring of Rassilon. Natural enough.

-Something's wrong, you know.
-You haven't changed.

Still finding menace in your own shadow.

-I feel the same.
-Oh. Well, we shall soon see, won't we?

-Doctor, are you all right?
-Be silent. Be silent, all of you.

Do not move or speak
until I give you leave.

Gentlemen, I owe you my thanks.

You have served the purpose
for which I brought you here.

You brought us here?

He's after the Ring of Rassilon.
He wants immortality.

And you were the one
who didn't sense anything was wrong.

He's a renegade,
no better than that villain down there.

We can't allow it, you know.

The Tomb was sealed
for the best of reasons.

And as soon as we're back
to our own time streams,

it must be sealed again, permanently!

Doctor, we need you. Join us.

He can't. Some kind of mind lock.

Fight it, my boy. Fight it.
Concentrate. We must be one.

You see, Borusa?
Together, we're a match for you.

Perhaps, but you will never overcome me.

We don't need to.

Soon, Chancellor Flavia will be here
with her guards,

or can you overcome
the whole High Council?

Why not?
I am Lord President of Gallifrey

and you are the notorious renegades.
We shall see who is believed.

RASSILON: This is the Game of Rassilon.

No, wait, my boy.
That was the voice of Rassilon.

It's out of our hands now.

I am Borusa,
Lord President of Gallifrey.

-Why have you come here?
-I come to claim that which is promised.

-You seek immortality?
-I do.

Be sure. Be very sure.

Even now,
it is not too late to turn back.

I am sure.

And these others?

-These are my servants.
-Is this so?

-It most certainly is not.
-Don't believe him.

-It's nonsense.
-Don't listen to them, Lord Rassilon.

President Borusa speaks the truth.

You believe that Borusa deserves
the immortality he seeks?

Indeed, I do!

He shall have it.

Take the Ring.

You claim immortality, Lord Borusa.
You will not turn back?

-Then put on the Ring.

Others have come to claim immortality
through the ages.

It was given to them,
as it shall be given to you.

Your place is prepared,
Lord President Borusa.

No! No!

And what of you, Doctors?
Do you claim immortality, foo?

-ALL: No! No, thank you!
-No, my lord.

All we ask is that we be returned
to our proper place in time and space.

RASSILON: It shall be done.

-One of us is trapped.
-I know. He, too, shall be freed.


-Shh! Hurry!

So shall the one who is bound.

His sins will find their punishment
in due time.

It is time
for your other selves to depart.

Let them make their farewells and go.

You have chosen wisely, Doctor.


Did you know what would happen?

Hmm? Oh, I'm so sorry. I suddenly
realised what the old proverb meant.

"To lose is to win,
and he who wins shall lose."

It was all part of Rassilon's trap
to find out who wanted immortality

and put him out of the way.

He knew very well that immortality
was a curse, not a blessing.

Well. Now it seems we must part,
just as I was getting to know me.

So, you're the latest model, hmm?

-Yes, and the most agreeable.
-Certainly the most impudent.

And our dress sense
hasn't improved much, has it?

Neither our manners.
Well, goodbye, my boy.

You did quite well, quite well.

It's reassuring to know
that my future is in safe hands.

-Come along, Susan.
-Goodbye, everybody.

-ALL: Goodbye, Susan.

-Time to go, Brigadier. Well, goodbye.


-Goodbye, fancy pants.

-Doctor, don't you want your coat?
-Bring it along, would you, Brigadier?

-Certainly. Well, goodbye, Doctor.


Splendid fellows, all of you.

Well, goodbye, my dear chap.

I must say I've had
the time of my lives.

Haven't we, Sarah Jane?

Have we? Well, I only have one life
and I think I've had too much already.

Yes, it was really nice meeting you.

Thank you, Sarah Jane,
it was nice meeting you, too.

-I'll explain later.

Oh. Bye.

I'm definitely not the man I was.
Thank goodness.

-Are we all going home together?

You are safe, Doctor.
1 feared President Borusa had...

-Where is President Borusa?

It seems the legend
about Rassilon is true.

You must make a full statement
to the High Council.

Oh, must I?

It can form
part of your inaugural address.

My what?

Doctor, you have evaded
your responsibilities for far too long.

The disqualification of President Borusa

leaves a gap at the very summit
of the Time Lord hierarchy.

There is only one
who can take this place.

Yet again, it is my duty
and my pleasure to inform you

that the full Council has exercised
its emergency powers

to appoint you
to the position of President,

to take office immediately.

Very well, Chancellor Flavia.

You will return to Gallifrey immediately
and summon the High Council.

You have full deputy powers
until I return.

-I shall travel in my Tardis.
-Oh, but, Doctor...

You will address me by my proper title.
I am President, am I not?

You will obey my commands.
Into the Tardis.

You will escort Chancellor Flavia
back to her duties.

Doctor, wait!

Hold tight.

-It'll soon be goodbye, then.
-Will it?

Well, you're off to Gallifrey
to be President.

I suppose your Time Lord subjects
will find a Tardis that really works

-and get us both home?
-Who said anything about Gallifrey?

You told Chancellor Flavia...

I told her she had full powers
until I returned.

You're not going back?

You know, sometimes, Tegan,
you take my breath away!

-Won't the Time Lords be very angry?

You mean you're deliberately choosing
to go on the run from your own people

in a rackety old Tardis?

Why not?
After all, that's how it all started.