Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Waking Ally - full transcript

The Doctor's party investigate the Daleks' central control in Bedfordshire while Barbara and Jenny's attempt to reach it are derailed when they are betrayed.

This way's no good.

- It's a sheer drop.
- We'll have to go back.

The Slyther! It's coming straight for us!


Hold on, Larry!

- All right?
- Thanks!

It's still coming. I hope it can't jump.

It's gonna try!

- Let's get out of here!
- No. Hang on a minute.

Somebody might have heard us.

There is
no work party in shaft nine. Why?

The section is completed.

A labour force is being assembled
for clearing operations.

Work must proceed
to schedule. There must be no delays.

All will be ready.

The waste bucket in shaft nine
is being lowered now.

I think it's all clear now.

Might as well take a
chance. We can't stay here.

- What's happening?
- We're going down!

Ghastly! Well, this is
a nice state of affairs!

We've barely covered a mile and here
we are, hiding down the sewers again!

It's better to hide down here
than to be caught by those Robomen!

- Did they see us?
- Well, they're coming this way.

- How many?
- Just two of them.

We'd better get under shelter.

You do realise they will have to
both come down before we defend ourselves?

We can take them one at a time.

The other one will bring
back reinforcements!

One day I'll do what
you say the first time.

Move, Tyler, move!


Well, is everybody all right?


No! I never take life, only when
my own is immediately threatened.

Let's go to this mine. Then we shall
know how to deal with these Daleks.

Leave this creature
to his own devices and salvation.

You lead the way, my boy. Come along!

It's deserted, Jenny. With the storm
coming, we'd be better off inside.

Who's there? Who is it?

- Agh!
- What do you want?

We're looking for shelter.

Just the two of you?

- Tired, are you?
- Yes. Yes, we are.

Barbara, I think we should move on.

Dogs will get you. Dogs in the forest.

Savage beasts. After the plague,
they formed a pack.

- Where are you making for?
- The mine.

We have friends there.
We're trying to find them.

Nobody gets away from
there. You'll be caught!

You're lucky to have got this far.

- They patrol here.
- How come you're free?

- They must know you're here.
- They know all right,

but we can't harm them.

Besides, we make clothes
for the slave workers.

We're more use to them doing that
than we would be in the mine.

How do you manage? For food, I mean.

They give us some in
return for the clothes.

- We're hungry most of the time, though.
- We have some food.

You're welcome to that.

Thank you! Thank you!

Get the table ready, child.

More? Have you got any
more in here? Oh, yes!

In return, you can
sleep here for the night.

You can make your bed out of this cloth.
Come on, child, come on.

You'll be nice and comfortable there.

- I have to go out to deliver these.
- I'll have your meal ready for you.

- Go out in this weather?
- What about those dogs?

- She'll follow the patrols.
- I'll follow the patrols!

She'll come to no harm.
She's done it often enough.

When you've done your beds,
will you help me with the food?

- Still no sign of the bottom.
- No.

How long do you think
we've been going down now?

It must be nearly 20 minutes.

It's getting warmer, isn't it?

Yes. The pressure's increasing, too.
My ears are popping.

I'd rather be dead than work down here.

Not a choice I'd like to face!

- It's stopping!
- We must be near the bottom!

Yes, look! Lights!

Let's get out of here,
before this bucket tips up.

- It's a bit of a drop!
- About twelve feet, that's all.

Lenny, are you all right?

I caught my knee on the truck as I fell.

- Put your weight on me. Stand up.
- It's no good!

No? If you can't move,
we'd better get under cover.

It's too light here. We'll go over there.

Put your weight on me.

That's it. Slowly.

I went to London once. It seems
years ago now. Is it still the same?

- They've destroyed most of it.
- Destroyed? Well, I never.

When I went, it was beautiful.

There was the moving pavements
and the shops,

and the astronaut fair I went to,
and it was in the Chelsea Heliport.


You will follow me, both of you!

Do not try to escape
or you will be exterminated! Move!

Bread and oranges and sugar!

Good. I knew they'd give us food
if we told them.

Oh, well, she'd have been captured anyway.

- How are you feeling?
- Better. I don't think I'll be able to walk!

Don't worry. We'll stay here for a while.

You know, Larry, this mine
doesn't make sense to me.

Where's all the modern machinery?

The Daleks brought machinery
from all over the world.

All they're shifting is rocks.

I suppose they could be
processing it somewhere.

Who knows what the Daleks are up to?!

My brother Phil said that all they
want is the magnetic core of Earth.

Why find it in such an old-fashioned way?

It's probably a clearance area.
They haven't found the main shaft yet.

You may be right at that. Would you
be all right if I went to have a look?

- Yeah, sure.
- Good man.

You'll have to move.
They're clearing this section.

- Move? Where to?
- Let's join them!

Take a basket, Larry.


Phil! It's my brother!

Ian, it's my brother!

Too many in working party.

Dalek Supreme Control rechecked.

Who are you?



Phil, it's Larry! Your brother, Larry.

Think, Phil! Remember me!

You are both runaways.


Your wife Angela!

I'll take you to her!

You must both be punished.

- It's no good, Larry!
- No, Ian! Get clear!

Run while you've got the chance!

Run, Ian. Run!

Run, Ian... Run...


Emergency! Emergency!

Riot in shaft nine! Close all exits!

Run! Get those bodies out of here! Hurry!


- Some fresh fish!
- David, you idiot!

No, not for me. I didn't want it!

Your grandfather stood up
to the journey fantastically well.

He's a pretty fantastic sort of man.

- Just in time for food!
- Yes, my dear!

We were just... I was just...

- Quite! Quite!
- I can see something's cooking.

- What is that?
- Rabbit.

Pretty primitive. It's the best I could do.


That's a big piece. Would you
like some? It smells delicious!

- Susan's a very good cook!
- Yes...

Now that you've seen the Dalek base,
what do you think?

Well, it's obvious it's the centre
of their operations.

- Centre?
- Yes. You surprise me, Tyler.

Why didn't you concentrate
your efforts here?

The fact they'd started mining
operations didn't seem important.

We assumed they were
just digging for minerals.

I think it might be the answer to the
question as to why the Daleks are here.

But why, Doctor? Surely they've invaded us?

It goes much deeper than that.
Man to them is just a work machine,

an insignificant specimen
that is not worth invading.

Absolutely useless. It doesn't
matter to them whether you live or die.

- That's true enough!
- Well, what are they digging for?

At the moment, I'm not quite sure,

but it's something that
this planet contains.

- No other planet has it.
- If it was on the surface,

they'd have collected it and gone?

Quite. Instead, they're burrowing like
moles down through the crust of the Earth!

That's impossible without causing
a huge earthquake no one could survive!

Unless they control
the flow of living energy!

Is that what it is?

They dare to tamper
with the forces of creation?!

Yes, they dare, and we have got
to dare to stop them!

Grandfather, it's getting cold. Look.

Keep moving!



Fill these buckets. Hurry!


We're beaten, Barbara!
We'll never get out of here.

That's no way to talk! We wanted
to get to the mine and we're here!

- Yes, but what can we do?
- You can help me fill this basket!

We could look for the main control room.
That's what the Doctor would do.

- And then what will happen?
- I don't know, but we can try!

If we get there and fail,
they'll just send us back here.


Take all buckets to the clearing sections!


- I told you to get out of here!
- That's easier said than done!

I know that girl in the blue sweater.
Tell her I'm here!

All right, but I've got
to get rid of these first.

We'll never get near that control room!

I've still got Dortmun's notes!

- A lot of good they are!
- You don't understand!

I haven't got time to
explain. Come with me!

Get back to work!

I have some important information.

Rebels are planning a revolution
against the Daleks.

There will be no revolution.

The Daleks are masters of Earth!

This is no ordinary uprising.

They have scientists,
men of learning, working with them.

You are lying! It is a trick!

No, I have proof of what I say!

Proof? Let me see.

Details of the acid bomb

used in the unprovoked attack
on the London saucer landing area!

There's more. I know places
where they're hiding.

Very well. Speak!

Well, it would be better
if I spoke to someone in charge.

That is impossible. Tell me your story.

But it's very complex and detailed.

You would have to act immediately
on what I told you.

I must speak to someone in authority!

The black Dalek will see you, but if
you are lying, you will be killed!

Follow me.

Continue your work.

Step into line and follow me!

We're too late! The
Daleks have just taken her.

Pity! There's an empty gallery behind us.

- Lose yourself there!
- Right.

Give me your report!

The main drills have penetrated
the quartz strata.

We are within four miles
of the Earth's outer core.

When will the final breakthrough occur?

The slave parties are clearing
the top of the fissure now.

What remains to be done?

Only to put into position
the penetration explosive.

The charge is in the fissure capsule now.

When positioned, the charge will strike
the fissure in the Earth's crust here.

The fissure will expand,
the molten core be released!

We will then control the flow

until the gravitational and magnetic
forces in the Earth's core are eliminated.


I will now announce
to the Dalek Earth force

completion of Project Degravitate
in two hours' time!

Attention, all units!

Stand by for an announcement
by the Supreme Controller!

This is the Supreme Controller!

Our mission to Earth is nearly completed.

We were sent here
to remove the core of this planet.

Once the core is removed, we can
replace it with a power system

that will enable us to pilot
the planet anywhere in the universe.

All that remains is to put into
position the penetration explosive.

Daleks controlling device will now report.

We are ready.

Arm the device!

Device now armed.

Set capsule in motion.

Hatch over control to closed position.

Motor running.

Capsule moving.

As soon as the
capsule is in position over the fissure,

release it!