Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 7 - The End of Tomorrow - full transcript

While Susan and David try to find a way out of London, Ian and Larry infiltrate the Dalek mine workings.


David, over there, look!

It's one of their firebombs.
The Robomen must have put it there.


He's passed out!

It must be the effect of those drugs.

He's out of sight.

What about this bomb? Can you dismantle it?

I don't know. I'll try.

- What's this red mark?
- An ignition point.

- So when the needle touches it...
- That will be it.

I'll have to take a chance.
I'm going to try and prise the front off.


Come on, let's run for it!

Dortmun's bomb! The acid will burn
its way through the casing.

It's our last chance.

- Look at the needle!
- Get well back, Susan.

It's burning through!

You did it!


What do we do now? That's the point.

We'll have to leave the
old man here for now.

- We can't!
- We must. He can't travel.

We'll tell him to hide and you
and I will find a way out of London.

We'll go through the sewers.
There's got to be a manhole cover here.

- I don't want to leave him.
- We'll come back for him.

The Daleks think this area's
in flames, so he'll be safe.

- We can't!
- It's the only way!

All right. I'll take a turn.

How's the engine look?

There's oil in it
and the fuel's coming through.

When we try to start it, the noise
will bring every Dalek for miles.

- That's a risk we'll have to take.
- Yes, I know that.

I suppose they used this
in parades and exhibitions.

Yes, most of the things
at the museum are operational.

It's a pity the cars
are on the upper floors.

You realise we won't get far in this?

- Probably.
- No probably about it!

Do you know the route to Bedfordshire?

- Yes, I used to...
- "Used to"?

I used to live...

We're not very sure how much damage
the Daleks have done.

You wait till you see
what they've done to Bedfordshire!

I don't know how you'll
find your brother here.

I shall have a darned good try!

- What will you do if you find him?
- Get him away.

He's obsessed with whatever it is
the Daleks are doing. Look!



Report Beta Section, zero, zero one.

Parade for robotisation selection
at hut 30. End.

We'd better get back under cover.

Who are you two?

Aren't you on work
detail? Escaped, have you?

Do you know the Robomen are
on the other side of this machine?


Leave the talking to me!

What are these two men doing here?

I took 'em off work detail
to help me pick up these tools.

Which work detail?

I don't know. Over that way somewhere.

I'll take 'em back with me.

No. They must come for selection.

Why do you wait?

Pick up the implements
and walk ahead of me.

You, too.



In future, refer all
decisions to your masters.

Oh, my head!

- What are you doing?
- We can't leave him here.

Do not resist orders!

Get new orders!

Come on, Larry. Let's take him in here.

I'm all right. It was
the only thing I could think of.

Good man. Get down here.

That's taken care of him for a while.

I'll take care of this!
You'll have to get out of here.

- They know when a Roboman's down.
- It breaks the radio connection.

- Try and mingle with the workers.
- What about you?

I come here to meet Ashton,
the black marketeer.

He gets in and OUT of the camp
and smuggles in food.

- Does he?
- We don't want to hang about here!

Wait till I'm clear then make a break
for it. We'll meet again after dark.

That's a good idea.
I'd like to meet Ashton.

- He could help me get to London.
- London?

- He's got friends there.
- You know they destroyed it?

- No Daleks about that I can see.
- They thought Dortmun was alone.

- I remembered his notes.
- Why did he do it?

Mainly because he wouldn't give in.

What's the point of that? To just
throw his life away. It's so senseless!

It depends on how you look at it.

You've got this romantic
idea about resistance!

There is nothing heroic about dying!

Why throw lives away
just to prove a principle?

If Dortmun hadn't thrown his life away,
we would all be dead.

He knew exactly what he was doing.

He sacrificed himself so that
we'd both have a chance. Let's go.

Open the doors!

This smells like an old goat farm.

- I think we can rest here.
- Good idea.

We're not likely to be found down here.

Aren't we?

Look at this. It's an old cartridge.

It can't be the Daleks, can it?
They don't use guns.

Could the Robomen get down here?

No... I don't think so.

- Well, it must be friends, then.
- Not necessarily.

Not all human beings
are automatically allies.

There are people who will kill
for a few scraps of food.

- Survive at all costs.
- Yes.

Four bullets.

Of course, it's no use against the Daleks,
but it will stop anyone else.

- No spares?
- No.

I found this gun and
that's all that was in it.


Do you think that Dalek saw us back there?

It must have heard the noise.

- Then we're in for trouble.
- Yes, they'll radio ahead.

We may have to ditch this.

- There's a whole bunch of them!
- Shall we jump for it?

No! I'm going through.

- We went straight through them!
- That wasn't bad, was it?

I rather enjoyed that! They'll be
after us with a vengeance now.

Rebels travelling in motorised vehicle

have attacked and passed
Dalek outer London cordon.

This is saucer Alpha Major.

Am 45 miles south of mining area.

Intercept rebels and destroy.

Position of rebel vehicle? Give position.

South-east eight over 376.

North, north, nine, point eight.

What's that noise?

- It's a saucer overhead.
- Jump for it!

I'm glad we ran into you
down here, Tyler!

We can get Grandfather now, can't we?

- The Doctor, where is he?
- He's at the old plague cemetery.

We're trying to find a way out of here.

You were lucky! I took you for scavengers.

- I met some but this kept them off.
- You shot at one, didn't you?

- I found this.
- I wasn't shooting at a man.

- The sewers are full of alligators.
- Alligators? In the sewers?

A lot of animals escaped from zoos
during the plague.

- Reptiles thrive down here.
- Let's go.

What's worse, the alligators here
or the Daleks up there?

- Will you help collect the old man?
- I'll take you.

Take the back behind Susan.
That way, we've got guns front and rear.

Barbara and Ian, do
you know where they are?

I'm sorry, no. Stay here until I call you.

- Why is he so abrupt?
- Tyler?

He's afraid to make friends.
He's known too much killing.

Well, I hope I'm never like that,
pretending not to care.

One day this will be all over.

- It will mean a new start.
- A new start?

Rebuilding a planet from the very
beginning. It's a wonderful idea!

You could always help.

- Yes.
- All clear!

Go on, Susan. I'll keep right behind you.

It's all right, it's clear.

Any idea where we are?

Somewhere between Edgware
and Stanmore, I should think.

We're on the road for St Alban's.

Barbara, suppose we don't find
your friends at the mine?

I'll think about that when we get there.

You don't have to stay with me
if you don't want to.

I can get there on my own.

We might as well stay together.

All right. Come on, then.

I tell you I heard
something. A sliding noise.

- Which direction?
- I thought it was round here.

What was it?

Right, you can turn
around and go out again!

What, with that thing out there?

It didn't see you come in.

- It won't see you go out.
- Are you Ashton?

- How do you know?
- Wells told us.

- We came looking for you.
- People always lie when they're starving!

We're hungry but we're not starving.

I want to go to London.

- Why die there?
- I don't intend to die anywhere.

- Can you pay?
- What are you talking about?

Are you one of these brotherhood
of man kind of people?

Is there any reason
why you shouldn't take me out?

- I can do it at the right price.
- What's that?

Gold. Precious metal. Jewels.

- I don't have any of that.
- Watch out for the Slyther as you leave.

- I'm not leaving.
- Ashton!

That's for the food.
These two are friends of mine.

You managed to bring their
character references just in time!

Well, chaps, I suppose we ought
to have something to eat.

This bundle's mine.

It's to be shared with a lot
of people and you aren't included.

I've got my own!

You know all the best people, don't you?

- He's our only source of food.
- What's that thing out there?

- It's called a Slyther.
- What's that?

Where do you come from? Fairyland?

The black Dalek, the commandant
of the camp, regards it as a sort of pet.

You mean it's on some sort of guard duty?

In a way.

- It roams the area in search of food.
- What sort of food?



He can't have got so far ahead.

Perhaps our voices aren't carrying.

These walls could deflect
the sound, I suppose.

- There's a ladder there.
- Yes.

- Let's try up there.
- All right.

There's a tunnel through here.

- Careful, Susan.
- I'm all right.



Are you down there?


David! Agh!


Are you all right?

Yes. Swinging.

You'd have probably given him
indigestion anyway!

Come on. I've found the Doctor.
He's waiting up here.

- Take your time.
- Where's the stick?

I'll bring it. Take your time.

Wells, you're a fool. For all this stuff,
I'd have gladly taken you outside.

There are plenty of villages

that the Daleks have cleared
of people and left intact. Food galore!

- I'll get out in my own good time.
- Suit yourself!

You people never learn, do you?

That's for the two of us. Thanks.

I'll take it if you don't mind.
That will help pay for the next lot.

This way's no good.

- It's a sheer drop.
- We'll have to go back.

The Slyther!

It's coming straight for us!