Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 6 - Day of Reckoning - full transcript

The Doctor manages to escape from the Dalek saucer and meet up with Susan and David but Ian is left trapped onboard. Meanwhile, Barbara and her new friends face a dangerous journey across London.

Free the prisoners
before you use those bombs.

We are under attack! Report to main ramp!

General alert. Report to main ramp!

Commence the operation!

Get that man off there.

- He's unconscious.
- Bring him round. Hurry!

All Robomen reserve into action!
Destroy invaders!

Carry him.

Come on! Get out!

All right, let's go! Use the bombs!

Jenny, over here! Take them back.
I'll get Tyler out of there.

- Not on your own!
- Take them back!

- Your two friends are in there!
- Shut up, Jenny!

- Where are you going?
- I'm going to help get them out.

- What will you do?
- I don't know.

This way!



Get back! Get back!

Clear out! Let's go!

They are retreating!
Take prisoners where possible!

Do not kill!

All exits are blocked.

Over here!

Has the attack been defeated?

Yes. Most of the rebels
were killed or wounded.

Find every survivor!
Destroy every one!

Destroy them!
Destroy every one of them!

- Tyler!
- Not now!

- Your bombs were useless, Dortmun.
- How many men were killed? How many?

I think all of them.

The Doctor and Ian were in that saucer.

There was an oldish man there.
I nearly got him out.

- Nearly?
- We got separated.

We'll have to get out of London.

The Daleks won't look for us down here.

They'll search everywhere now
and destroy every inch.

- We've attacked one of their machines!
- Your show of force

I must stay here and work
on the bomb. It only needs work, Tyler.

- It's a waste of time.
- It's the only answer!

Who's going to use it for you? Me?
These two? Use your intelligence!

Tyler's right. London's
much too hot for us.

What if Susan comes looking for us?

- We've a code for our new location.
- But Susan doesn't know the code!

Would you consider
hanging on for a few days?

No, Dortmun. It's no use.
I only came back here to warn you.

I'm going to look
for more survivors from that raid,

then I'm going north.

- I'm coming with you.
- No, I want to move about alone.

- Your shoulder's still bleeding!
- I'll be all right. Good luck.

If you see my friends...

He won't come with us.
We'll have to go without him.

There IS the other place.
People will be gathering there.

There will be supplies, instruments.
I can work on my bombs.

Yes, we'll go to the museum.
I'll get my things together.

It will mean going across London.

- I know. We'll go with you.
- Right.

We'd have had more chance on our own.

He wouldn't have had any without us.

Don't stay if you don't want to.

Dortmun may be right.

People may start collecting
at the Civic Transport Museum.

We'd better get going.
It'll just be getting light.

Do you think we will find my friends there?

Yes, it's a possibility.

Supreme command have given orders

for London to be destroyed by firebombs.

Do you intend to stay here in the city?

No. Order the saucer to take me to
the mine workings in central England.




...two... one.

Lift off!


You are to be robotised!






I was hiding in the storeroom
when he found me.

- I smuggled myself aboard.
- You did what?

The saucer's going to the mine
and my brother's there.

I'm going to find him.

This isn't exactly the
safest way to travel!

It's the quickest! Where were you hiding?

In the ramp housing, under there.
What are we going to do with him?

Most of these large rooms
have disposal chutes.

- That?
- Yeah.

I'll give you a hand.

We'd better get his feet first.

Break on 72.

Break on 72.

Report 0-5-5 Roboman. Fault.

They've gone.

We'll give them a few minutes to get
well clear, and then we'll move on.

- Where to?
- I don't know.

We must try and find some other survivors.

Do you think...?



- Stop!
- Why?

- Stop!
- Why?

You killed my mother and my brother!

- Stop!
- Get away from me! No!

If only we could go to the ship
and get away from here!

Well, I couldn't go anyway.

David, perhaps you could! I could ask
Grandfather. I'm sure he'd let you come!

We could go to a place
that had never heard of Daleks!

What if there's something unpleasant there?

We'll move on somewhere.

- No, that's not for me.
- Why not?

Things aren't made better by running away.

Well, it's suicide to stay here!

This is my planet! I can't just run off
and see what it's like on Venus!

I never felt there was any time
or place that I belonged to.

I've never had any real identity.

One day you will.

There will come a time
when you're forced to stop travelling,

and you'll arrive somewhere!

- Daleks?
- I don't know. It could be the Robomen.

It's coming closer!

- It's coming down here.
- David, no!

Just get in there and stay there!

- David!
- Baker!

- I followed you.
- Are you all right?

- Yes. It's him I'm worried about.
- We're down here.


What is it? Is he all right?

He's not too badly hurt, is he?

The Daleks drugged him.
It's beginning to wear off.

What about the others?

Four or five got away.
The rest are dead or prisoners.

Do you want to stay here with us?

A large group won't stand a chance.

I'll try alone. I'll make for the Cornish
coast. It's deserted down there.

- It's a good idea.
- We must stay in London.

- Take this hip flask, it's full.
- No, it's all right.

Take it. There's tons of food
in London. You'll need all you can get.

Thanks. Good luck to you all.
I hope you find your friends.

Be careful! Thank you.

Goodbye, my friend.

- How's it coming?
- It's finished.

The problem was the metal
that the Daleks use in their outer casing.

We don't know much about it.
We call it Dalekenium.

Maybe that's what they're mining for
in Bedfordshire.

No, the Daleks must have found
Dalekenium before they came here.

- What are they mining for, then?
- I don't know.

It must be something that's only
found very deep in our planet.

There's no sign of anybody.

The Daleks HAVE been here, and some of us.

How do you know?

These signs. This means
people have moved to the south coast.

The place is swarming with Daleks!

- Do you think another force has landed?
- Yes, I do.

We were lucky to get through the streets.

We haven't got a chance in London
the way things are building up.

What can we do?
What's the point in running away?

I'm not running, I'm surviving.

You'll survive.
I've got the new formula!

I wish the Doctor were here!

- So do I.
- But you don't know him!

- He's a man of science, you said.
- He is. He's a very brilliant one.

There's no sugar, I'm afraid.

I should like to show the results
of my experiments to another scientist.

Where do you think he is?

If I put myself in his place,
I'm certain he'd head for that mine.

- If he's alive.
- Of course he's alive!

Why? What's so special about the Doctor?

He doesn't wear some sort
of invisible shield, does he?

Jenny, go outside and keep watch.

She's not callous really.

When people fight, they have
to fight the Daleks in their own way.

Barbara, I should like you to find your
friend, the Doctor, and give him my notes.

- You said you'd finished the bomb.
- I have.

Why can't you give it to him yourself?

I can.

I'd like you to take care of them if you
will. I'm not exactly mobile in this thing.

I'm not leaving you.

Very well.
Let's make for the mine in Bedford.

We'll be safer away from the city.

Round up Jenny and we can make a start.

- Daleks are all over the place! Dortmun!
- Keep your voice down!

- He could have gone outside.
- He wouldn't be so stupid!

He left his notes!
He's trying it out for himself!


We must get away from here! Jenny!

Jenny, come on!

Who are you?


Take it easy.

This is a time I should have my stick!

I'll try and find you one.

There you are.

I think that's quite enough to start with.

I never realised that walking
was so exhausting!

- Is the numbness wearing off?
- Yes, I think it is.

In quite a while, I
might be able to travel!

That's good. David says we should
join the resistance group in the north.

I don't care what he says.
I make the decisions here,

and I think we should make
our way back to the Tardis.

What's the good of that? We need
someone to blast that rubble.

Besides, London's crawling with Daleks.

Do you question my authority, child?

No, Grandfather, it's not that at all.

You seem to place more reliance
on that young man's word than mine!

Grandfather, it's not that!
It's simply that he lives in this time.

He understands the situation.

I've been down as far as the river.
They've got patrols on every bridge.

- So what's our next move?
- I don't know.

What would you suggest, sir?


You're the senior member of the party
and I'd be grateful for your help.

Well, yes, of course, young man.

I suggest that as soon as I'm able
to walk again, we should travel north.

Then we might be able to join up
with the resistance party.

Mark you, it's only a suggestion.

I really should leave it to you, you know?

It's a very good idea, Grandfather.


- I said it's a very good idea!
- Yes, I think it's a very good idea.

My brother worked at the mine.

He said that if we find out what
the Daleks are up to, we can beat them.

Makes sense.

He thinks that the Daleks
want the magnetic core of Earth.

That's his idea, anyway.

Lower ramp and disembark!

- We're not still...?
- Yes, we've landed!

They're lowering the ramp!

All clear, this is it!

- How do we get out of here?
- The disposal chute.

Once we get outside,
make for the nearest cover.

I say, what IS out there?

Your guess is as good
as mine! I'll go first.

I think we should get on our way.

I think we should stay a bit longer.

David looked just now
and there were loads of Daleks.

Perhaps we should wait five minutes more?