Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Daleks - full transcript

A futuristic London setting has the Doctor and companions dealing with a war torn environment created by the power crazed Daleks. This was the series that created "Dalekmania", and in which a major colour film followed and with imaginative sets and more than an intriguing plot to transcend the narrative. Joining an underground resistance group, it is full-blown war against an alien foe invading, conquering, and killing its way to the heights of Dalek dominance. Time travel, Robomen, space ships, Dalek invasion, and the Doctor together, a legacy of a battle of giants and classic sci-fi.

When I give the word, dive in the water.


Why have the human beings

been allowed to get so near the river?

- Doctor, that voice!
- No explanation.

Where is the Robo control
for this section?

Not known.

You will take his place until he is found.

The human beings are to be taken
to landing area one.

Daleks on Earth! How did this happen?

Leave this to me, dear boy.
I think you'd better let us go.

We do not release prisoners.
We are the masters of the Earth.

- Not for long!
- Obey us or die!

Die? And just who are you
to condemn us to death?

We'd better pit our wits
against them and defeat them!

Stop! I can hear you!

I have heard many similar words

from leaders of your different races.

All of them were destroyed!

I warn you, resistance is useless!

Resistance is useless? Do you expect
people to welcome you with open arms?

We have already conquered Earth!

Conquered the Earth.

You poor, pathetic
creatures, don't you realise?

Before you conquer the Earth,
you will have to destroy all living matter!

Take them! Take them!

We are the masters of Earth!

We are the masters of Earth!

We are the masters of Earth!

Survivors of London,

the Daleks are the masters of Earth!

Surrender now and you will live!

Those wishing to surrender must
stand in the middle of the street,

and obey orders received.

Message ends.

Obey motorised dustbins We'll see!

Tyler, I want a word with you.


Get them some food
and look after her ankle.

All right.

David Campbell will be back soon
with news of your friends.

- Any messages?
- No, the Africa group have faded out.

- Who's the one with the bad foot?
- Me.


There are no bones broken.
Why didn't you put a wet bandage on it?

- We've only just arrived.
- I see.

I'll see to this. You get the food.

- What are you waiting for?
- Where do I get the food?

Over there. Sign both your names
down for work detail.

Susan can't work until her ankle's better.

She can do something with her hands,
sitting at a table.

Look, there! We must attack them, Tyler!

That sounds fine, but how?
We can find 15, perhaps 20 men.

- Ample!
- A handful of unarmed men against Daleks?

I wonder about you, Tyler!

This isn't the 20th century when men
with bayonets charged machine guns!

You've not been out there for ages.
It would be suicide.

I know. I'm in this wheelchair
so I can't go myself.

You know I didn't mean that.

- The new bomb?
- Yes. It's finished.

You haven't had it tested, I suppose?

Tested? It doesn't need testing!
It's all there in my formula.

It's perfect. This bomb will destroy
the Daleks. I know it will work!

There are apples there for everyone.

You've been down here so long
that you're thinking like worms!

We must have some chance of success!

Campbell reporting in.

Tyler and I are discussing
the next attack. We'll be out soon.

I've got apples. That department
store has a lot of stuff in it.

- What about those two men?
- I saw them being taken away.

- I couldn't do anything.
- We could have done with those two.

- I'll tell the women.
- Where were they taken?

From the direction they went,

I'd say the Daleks took them
to the saucer at Chelsea.

Doctor, I don't understand this at all.

We saw the Daleks destroyed
on Skaro. We were there!

What happened on Skaro
was a million years in the future!

What we're seeing now
is the middle history of the Daleks.

I see. They look different, don't they?

They've taken some more prisoners.

What is so different about the Daleks?

You mean the discs on their backs!

Yes. Perhaps that accounts
for their increased mobility.

On Skaro, they could only move on metal.

Yes, but this is an invasion force,

therefore they have to adapt
themselves to the planet.

Where are the other two from your patrol?

This man killed them both.

For this, you will be punished.

Continue your patrol.

The prisoners will fall in line.

There'll be no escape from inside there.

I'm going to try something.
Are you with me?

- Don't be a fool.
- I'm not going back to that mine!

The prisoners will remain silent!


Don't be a fool! You can't help him now.


Kill him!

Any further resistance
will be dealt with in the same way!

The prisoners will proceed into the ship!

I don't think we should tell Barbara.

David, I think we should.

We're going to make an attack
on that saucer,

so we'll tell her afterwards.

You mean if it's a success,
we'll find Ian and Grandfather anyway?

Yes. And if it isn't,
they've just disappeared.

All right.

You wanted to see these. Well,
take them. I've got better things to do!

You're a model of charm and patience!

I don't believe in wasting time
and I don't believe in sentiment!

- You asked me to give these out.
- Just put it down there!


- What are these?
- The Daleks invented them.

- They're called Robomen.
- No, these are from dead human beings.

The Daleks needed helpers,

so they operated on prisoners
and turned them into robots.

- I see.
- "The transfer", or the operation,

controls the human
brain, at least for a time.

- What then?
- Do they become human again?

No, they die.

I've seen Robos break down. They go insane.

They throw themselves off buildings
or into the river.

The river? That's what it was.

Daleks! Everything they touch
turns into a horrible nightmare!

Are they still doing these operations?

Yes, they keep up their numbers
of Robomen. They got my brother last year.

That's why they land their saucers
at the heliport.

That's where the Daleks operate
on the prisoners.

Once you're on board a saucer,
there isn't a hope.

Yes, the work of a genius, dear boy!

Yes, very impressive.

And absolutely escape-proof!

Only on the surface, my friends.



You will move one by one
slowly into the prison cell.


You, reverse and move!

Is that the one?

Yes. He spoke of resistance.

His words betray greater intelligence

than normal in human beings.

Give them the test.

I had a good look into that corridor.

Did you notice the
television eyes round about?

- There aren't any in here.
- No.

I'll tell you what I did see,
what I took to be a loading bay door.

Of course, it could be guarded outside.

- It will be.
- Nevertheless, it has possibilities.

What for? You can't get the door open.
There's no escape.

Don't be so pessimistic!
What is your name, by the way?

Craddock. Jack Craddock.

Mr Jack Craddock,
don't be such a defeatist!

Our job is to get out of here, and quickly!

You don't know the Daleks.

Once they have you inside a saucer,
you're finished.

Craddock, tell us. How did it happen,
the invasion of Earth?

Have you been on a
moon station or something?

Yes. Quite so.

Meteorites came first.

The Earth was bombarded with them
about ten years ago.

"A cosmic storm" the scientists called it.

The meteorites stopped,
everything settled down,

then people began to die
of this new kind of plague.

That explains your poster, dear boy.

Germ bombs?

Yes. The Daleks were up in the sky
just waiting for Earth to get weaker.

Whole continents were wiped out -
Asia, Africa, South America.

They used to say the Earth
had a smell of death about it.

Why, Craddock? What were the doctors
and scientists doing about it?

They came up with a new drug.

- It was too late then.
- Why?

What happened next?

The plague had split the world
into tiny communities,

too far apart to combine and fight,

and too small individually to stand
any chance against invasion.

- Divide and conquer.
- Hmm.

Six months after the meteorite fall,
the saucers landed.

Cities were razed to the ground.
Others were occupied.

Anyone who resisted was destroyed.

Some people were captured and turned
into Robomen - slaves of the Daleks.

They caught other human beings

and many of them were shipped
to the vast mining areas.

No one escapes. The Robomen see to that.

They were our own people,
made to work against us,

and the Daleks knew that, knew how
they'd humiliated and degraded us.

They are the masters of Earth.

Why? That's the one
thing you haven't told us.

What is it that the Daleks want on Earth?

I don't know.
There's something under the ground.

They've turned Bedfordshire
into a gigantic mine area.

Why? What are they digging for?

I don't know.

Suppose we forget all this blab
about Bedfordshire?

Have either of you seen this?

All radio wave bands are open.

Rebels of London.
This is our last offer.

Our final warning.

Leave your hiding places.
Show yourselves in the open streets.

You will be fed and watered.

Work is needed from you,
but the Daleks offer you life.

Rebel against us and the Daleks
will destroy London completely.

You will all die, the males,
the females and your descendants.

Come out of your
hiding places! The Daleks offer you life!

"Come out of your hiding places."

We'll come out of our
hiding place with this!

This bomb will shatter
the casing of the Daleks.

We don't need to run or hide any more!

He's done it! He's really done it!

Listen carefully. They've
issued an ultimatum.

We'll give our answer tonight. Tyler
and I agree that the best place for attack

is the heliport where they land
the flying saucers.

- A frontal attack?
- Yes, a frontal attack.

Of course.
We have the superior weapon now!

One success will give
our people hope again!

One victory will set this country,
the whole of Europe, alight!

That's all we need - one victory!

How do we get within throwing range?

- The buildings will cover us.
- The Daleks will fire at us

- before we can use the bomb.
- We'll surprise them.

After the first bomb,
we shall be penned in the buildings.

- We have to get closer.
- I know!

Who was that?

We could get into the middle
of the Daleks without arousing suspicion

if we use this.

Some of your men could disguise
themselves as Robomen.

They could pretend to be escorting
prisoners to the saucer.

- It'll work!
- Yes, it'll work!

We'll attack the saucer
in one hour from now.

What is that you've got there?

A magnifying glass.

Doctor, come and look at this.

- What do you make of this?
- I wouldn't touch it!

Let me have that bar up there, will you?

- Is it glass or something?
- It's more advanced than that.

Let's try a little experiment.

You see? It responds! Magnetised!

Profound discovery, mister
Doesn't help us!

- Why did the Daleks put it there?
- That's a very good question.

Suppose you were a Dalek locked up
in this room, how would you get out?

Push the door open?

My dear young man, the Daleks
have only feelers, no hands,

and they use their brains, not brute force.

You mean this is a key?

That's the very word.
A key in a crystal box.

You open the box, take
out the key and use it.

- That is what the Dalek would do.
- What are we going to do?

Look at that little light up there.

Yes, I see. And the box is transparent.


Let me have that, will you? Thank you.

Now, we have to make sure
that we hit the correct refractive,

otherwise we shall get showered
with crystal glass.

The Daleks don't leave things
about for you to help yourselves!

If they had to deal with a man
of your talents, they need hardly fear!

Now, do sit down and rest, please.

Oh, dear, where were we?

Ah, yes. Now, X equals gamma,

that means roughly two and a half per cent,

so that should give us a curve
of round about eighty degrees.

By the way, did you take
three-dimensional-graph geometry at school?

- No, Doctor, only Boyle's Law.
- What a pity! What a pity!

We'll have to boil this down now,
shan't we Well, let's see...

We'll start third from the left,

then I'll follow it from the right,
and straight over.

Put that bar there, and watch
your eyes because it might be nasty.

Are you ready?

And a great big pumpkin, too!

- Look at that!
- Hold that and shut up, will you?

Let me have a bar, please.

You know, sometimes you astound me!

Only sometimes, dear boy?
What's happened to your memory?

Don't you remember we know
that the Daleks can use static electricity?

Of course!

How do you know so much about them,
the Daleks, I mean?

- We met them once before.
- And we happened to outwit them, too.

Please go away, will you? Oh, dear, dear!

All we have to do is to
slide this bar back here,

and the self-same bar slides back
into place here through electricity.

And it's held in place by magnetic force.

Precisely. I want you to give him
a hand. Just turn that pole under there.

- There, you see?
- I see what you mean!

Like poles repel, eh?

Precisely! Now we've created a force field!

Turn the pole round.

Give him a hand. Quickly!

You're a genius!

Now, let's get out, and be crafty!

You have passed the escape test
we set you! Take him!

Let go of me! Take your hands off me!

You will be robotised!

There they are.

Now what do we do?

As soon as Tyler's attack group
arrives, we throw these.

Our prisoner will move to the table.

Take off his coat!

Anaesthetize him!

No, no! Please! What are you doing?

Oh! No, no! Let me go now!

Let me go!

Stand by!

Take the prisoners into the ship.

Wait! In which sector
were these prisoners taken?

Sector four.

No patrol has been ordered in sector four!


- Attack! Attack!
- Warning! Warning!

Get the prisoners inside!

Get down!

Let's get out of here.

Section Five move forward.
Seal off the area.

Spread out and try and free the prisoners
before you use the bombs.

We are under attack! Report to main ramp!

General alert! Report to main ramp!

Commence the operation!