Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 35 - The Planet of Decision - full transcript

The Doctor and his friends are taken into the Mechanoid City but their troubles are far from over...especially when the Daleks launch an attack.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
800-30. Mechanoid. English. Input. Enter.

Advance and attack!

Attack and destroy!

You heard what the gentleman said
Let's go!

We're going up.

Yeah, it's a lift

Yes you... you got us out of a nasty
situation there.

I supposed you'd like to know who
we are and why we're here, mmm?

You're not getting through to him,
Doctor, you're not getting through.

Doctor, ask him where he's taking us.

He's taking us up to the city, obviously.

They have escaped.

Not possible.

Perceptor readings
indicated they were here.

Subject walls to seismic detector tests.

It is required that we penetrate this wall.

Section four will return to the

time craft for the electrode unit.

We obey.

We must have arrived.

Stop. Follow. Follow.

Look at it!

But's fantastic!

I've never seen
anything like it. It's huge!

English. Enter. Enter. Zero. Stop.

Enter enter zero stop? What does he mean?

It means, er, enter enter zero stop.

Thank you.

Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha!


What an extraordinary looking thing!

Ha, looks like a monkey's perch.

Oh, not bad, eh?

Yes, well I don't like it.

Why not?

It's clean, it's comfortable, the
robot's seem quite friendly.

Yes, yes, robot's, but haven't you noticed

something very singular about this place?

Like what?

We've only seen robots.

No animal life, human or otherwise, mm?

That's very true, Doctor.

Stay where you are!

You real?

Who are you?

You are real! From Earth?

Yes. Who are you?

From Earth, that... couldn't have happened!

I... I worked out the odds
2 000 to 1 ag... hey!

I supposed they realized I was on my way
back wh... well, who won the wars?

Look, I'm Steven Taylor, Flight Red Fifty.

Well, we've learned something...

His name! Hmm!

Yes, Steven Taylor.

Say that again.

Steven Taylor?

Steven Taylor...

That's my mascot - Hi-fi.

Hi Fi, I'm Barbara!

I'm Vicki.

Ian Chesterton.

This is the Doctor.

Well, I'm glad to know you, Steven Taylor.

Well... this is great!

I... I mean it's ridiculous.

I'm lost for words, I... I thought
if ever I met anyone again

I wouldn't stop talking for a week!

Ye-es! Well, you haven't!

How long have you been here, mm?

As far as I can make out, about two years.

Two years? Alone?

Well yes... apart from those fungus things.

You mean there's no other human beings
here on this planet.

No, nothing except the Mechonoids.

Where do they come from, do you know?

You don't know? But this is Mechanus.


Look, about 50 years ago, Earth
decided to colonize this planet.

Well, it landed a rocket full of robots
programmed to clear landing sites

get everything ready to... for the
first immigrants.

And they didn't arrive?

No. The Earth got involved
in interplanetary wars an...

I suppose this place was forgotten.

50 years ago?

But surely these robots'd be worn
out by now.

They'd have run down.

No, no, no, no, they're programmed
to do their own repairs.

But if you're waiting for people
from Earth, well why not us?

Yes, we could be the immigrants.

Look, you've got to know their code.

I've been spending two years trying
to break it.

Ha, two years.

I crashed you see.

Out there in the jungle and
wandered around for days

trying to avoid those fungus things.

Of course then the Mechonoids captured me.

Captured? Do you mean... you're a prisoner.

Well, do you think I'd stay here otherwise?

I'm just like you - we're all prisoners!

Help yourself to a piece of eternity.

Now just a minute!

There are five of us now.

Surely we can do something?

We can fight our way, we can fight our
way out of here.

Look, at the first sign of violence towards
them, the Mechonoids destroy.

Now what's this? What are they playing at?

Yes, I see. We're being held here...
as specimens.

What? Like something in a zoo?

Yes, Vicki. Exactly like a zoo.

Only we're the specimens that are
on display.

Aren't we, my fat little darlings?!

Electrode unit ready.


Increase power.

Conveyor descending.

By taking the humans

the Mechons have forced us to take
action against them.

We invade.

Skaro reports they have many
powerful weapons.

We may sustain damage.

The orders of the Dalek
Supreme will be obeyed!

The humans will be destroyed!

The Mechons will not be
permitted to stand in our way!

We attack! We attack!

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Oh, go away! Leave us alone, can't you?!

Threat... Stop.

There's only one thing to do to keep
yourself sane.

That's to make things.
I built this.

All my own work.

Where does it lead?

Up to the roof.

The roof!
Well, why don't we get out that way?

Look, don't think I haven't thought
about it myself,

but that roof's 15 000 feet
above ground level.

Well, we've got to get out.

Yes, that's what I thought at first.

You'll soon find out you're better off
here than out there in the jungle.

Oh, we don't give up so easily.

We're going to get out of here...

and the first thing we're going to do is...

I'm going to have a look up here.

Yes, I'm with you, of course, but...

what happen when we get down to
the ground?

We make our way back to my spaceship.

Your spaceship? Huh, is it serviceable?

I certainly hope so!

But I thought...!

You see, I assumed you'd crashed.

You coming, Doctor?

Yes, I'm coming, dear boy, I'm coming.

Oh, er, tell me, young man, what happens
if these Mechonoids see up there?

Well, there aren't any.

We're allowed to go up anytime for light,

There are no guards.

Go on, I'll show you.


Oh, ah, ah...

You see, I told you, no guards.

I'll go and tell the girls.

Yes, wait a minute, dear boy...

Chesterton! Well, be careful!

Yes, I see why the...

Mechonoids don't mind us coming up here.

Doctor, what do you make of this?

Oh, it's some... power aerial,
I suppose... erh...

Doctor, I've got it!

We can get down to the ground with this!

Yes... yes, if we can break it.

Well, there's a junction box over here.


A few good pulls, this will come away.

Come on, let's get the others.

Yes, come along, come along!

Well? Any chance?

Yes, but it's going to be dangerous.

What? Do you mean the cable?

Yeah, do you think there's enough?

Maybe. I thought of trying it myself once.

I couldn't have managed it on my own.

Hey, wait a minute,
where's this leading us?

Down to the ground.

We climb down...
15 000 feet of cable?!

I'm not very good on heights.

Yes, it sounds rather risky.

Well, I agree!

Look, the cable's
strong, it wouldn't break.

I think it's the only chance we've got.

Well, I don't like it.


Where are the space travellers?



Well, that settles it!

Go on! Go on!

On the roof, quick!

Go on!

Now, I think we'll leave them something
to remember us by, mmm?

You will be annihilated!

Dispatch a section to the roof area.

I obey.

Am exterminated! Am exterminated!
Argh... argh... argh... arggghhhh

Totally immobilized.

Trapped. Trapped.

I think we've fused it.

Don't mind about that.

Let's get on with this. Come along!

Quickly! Get that... Come on!

Vicky, come and help us.

We're going to have to lower her.

Vicki... Vicki, listen to me.

We'll tie the cable round you and lower
you to the ground.

You'll be quite safe.

No! I can't!

Vicki, my dear, I'm going to
blindfold you...

...and you won't be able to see a thing.

You'll be quite safe. Now come along.

I can't, no!

Now come along, child.
Pull your self together.


Vicki, come along.

No, I...

Come along!

Quick, lift up your arms...

Now hold onto this, Vicki.

There, that's it.

Please! I can't!

It's all right.

Please let...

I know you'll be safe. All right?

Come along...

Hold on to this.

Good gracious! The place is on fire!

But Hi-fi! I've got to get the mascot!

No, Steven!

Steven, what are you doing?!

Get hold of her! What are you doing!

Come back!

Follow, Mechonoid. Attack system.

To defy Daleks is death!

We await commands!

The operation will proceed at once.

Defend. Threat.

They must be destroyed.

Escalate output.

Exterminate them! Exterminate!

Attack here.




Vicki, are you all right?

Yes... yes thanks.

How about the others?

They're fine.

Now Vicki, remember the Doctor's device?

Well it worked! The city's on fire.
Look, you can see!

Vicki, my child, are you all right, Mmm?

Yes, yes thanks.

Come along, let's get back to the TARDIS.

Well, what about Steven? Where is he?

Steven... went back to the city.

We don't know, my child.

And his chances of survival in this furnace
are utterly...

Quick! That cable's on fire!

The whole buildings collapsing!

No, we can't!

Halt! You will be exterminated!


Oh, Ian!

Doctor, it's empty! You've done it again!

You've beaten them!

My dear boy, I could kiss you!

Don't waste it on him, kiss me instead!

You know this must be an extremely
advanced machine.


Wherever we went, it followed us with...

such great precision and accuracy.

You could travel anywhere in it.

It's huge inside, you know.

Just like the TARDIS.

Of course, my dear, I've forgotten
you've taken a trip in it.

Er, shall I show you round?

My dear, I shall be delighted!

After you!

Ian... do you realize... we could get home?

Home... yes. Do you want to?

Yes... I... I never realized it before.

Neither did I.

We may never get another chance.

Do you think we could work it?

Well, would the Doctor take us?

Let's ask him.


I don't want to know!

I want none of this!

I've never heard such nonsense in my life!

You will end up as a couple of burnt
cinders flying around in pa... in space.

You idiots! You are absolute idiots!

We are not idiots! We want to go home!

Yes home! I want to sit in a pub and drink
a pint of beer again!

I... I want to walk in a park and
watch a cricket match.

Above all, I want to... belong somewhere,
do something.

Instead of this aimless drifting
around in space.

Aimless?! I've tried for two years to
get you both home!

Well, you haven't been very successful,
have you?

How dare you, young man.

How dare you sir!

I didn't even invite you into the ship
in the first place.

You both thrust yourselves upon me!

Oh, Doctor, stop it!

Oh, for heavens sake, I've never heard
such nonsense!

Look, I know we thrust ourselves upon you

but we've through a great deal
together since then.

And all we've been through will remain
with us always.

It'll probably be the most exciting
part of my life.

Look Doctor, we're different people... and
now we have a chance to go home.

We want to take that chance. Will you
help us... work that machine?

No! No! I will not aid and abet suicide.

Oh, he's as stubborn as a mule!

Doctor... Doctor, you've got to let them
go if they want to.

They want to be back in their own time.

Don't you want to go with them, child, mm?

What for?

What would I want to be back in
their time for?

I want to be with you.

Doctor, you've got to help them.

Don't you realize, child, the
enormous risks?

But it's up to them.

Do you both realize the enormous risks?

We do. We still want to go.

Please, Doctor.

Very well, follow me.

But you must follow my instructions
implicitly, understood?

Implicitly! You will both have about a
50-50 chance.

Follow me, come along.

Barbara! We made it!

I don't believe it!

London 1965!

Hey, we're two years out.

Oh, what's two years amongst friends?
We're home!

I'll just go and press that button.


Well, that's out paid to the Daleks
time traveling for a while.

It'll give the Doctor a breather anyway.

Yes. I wonder where he is right now?

Hey, Doctor, wherever you are...

Shh! There's someone coming.

Goodbye, Doctor! Thanks for the ride!

It was fun Doctor! Goodbye!

Ah... Oh, I enjoyed that!

Yes! So did I.

Oh, it's great to be back.

Nothing seems to have changed.

Oh, you wait 'til we get back to
Coal Hill Sc...


How are we going to explain our absence?

Yeah... that's a point, isn't it?

We'll have to think of something.

It had better be good, eh?

Fares please.

Oh, er, two three's please.

Two three's?

You must be joking.

Where've you been? On the Moon?

Er, no, but you're getting warm!


Doctor, they made it! They made it!

I shall miss them.

Yes, I shall miss them.

Silly old fusspots.

Come along, my dear, it's time we were off.