Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 34 - The Death of Doctor Who - full transcript

With Vicki trapped on board the Dalek time machine, the Doctor, Ian and Barbara decide to make their stand on the planet Mechanus.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Your orders are understood?

You will infiltrate and kill.

Infiltrate and kill!


Of course I understand, my dear fellow.

Don't fuss so!

I am to infiltrate and kill.

Infiltrate and kill!

What is it, Doctor?

Well, I'm not sure, young lady.

Is it a plant or... some kind of fungus?

Huh! A living fungoid, Doctor.

Yes, I think this is the moment when
discretion is the better part of valour.

Let's get back into the ship.

How did that get there?

They're moving.

They're closing in on us!

It stings!

Well, our friends here obviously don't like
the light, hmm?

Well, thank goodness for that.

No, but who switched the lights on?

Who put them there in the first place?

What does it matter
so long as they stay on?

Well, it does suggest that there are other
creatures on this planet, yes.

Creatures of intelligence.

Hey, come over here!


Look, you see? The lights, they...
they form a sort of, er...


Yes, its... its a kind of pattern.

Yes, you're quite
right, my boy, a corridor.

Doctor! This could be an ideal place to
fight those Daleks.

Yes, yes, well let's follow it. This way.

This is the planet Mechanus.

All forms of life are to be treated
as hostile.


Pass the order:

all forms of life to be destroyed
on contact.

I obey.

Is the humanoid robot standing by?

It awaits your orders.

Our enemies are moving through the jungle.

You are to join them.

Infiltrate, separate and kill.

Yes, yes. I understand.

Well, the sooner I get started, the sooner
I shall accomplish my mission, hmm?

We shall follow it as escort.

Advise all units.
We shall follow it as escort.

Advise all units.

Just a minute.

Come along, come along.

All right?

Yep, fine.

Oh, we seem to have come to the end of
our corridor of lights, hmm?

Yes. Let me go first.

Any Daleks?

No, nothing. It's empty.

Hmm, let's take a closer look, hmm?

Strange place.

Now why would anyone construct a
complicated system of lights...

to lead directly to a cave like this?

Well, I'm not quite sure, dear boy, but...

there must be a reason for it, yes

like everything else in the universe,
there is a reason for it.

Oh, do be careful what you're doing
with that, hmm?

Hey, over here.

Look what I've found.

Well, what do you make of that, Doctor?

Well, I should imagine it's some
kind of weapon.

Just hold that a minute, hmm?


Ah, cha, cha, cha, not so close!

Well! That's ingenious, isn't it, hmm?

Ah, it's designed to scare off those

fungoid things we saw in the swamp.

Very good, my dear, very good, hmm?

Well Doctor, with this...

...and that we are ready for the Daleks,
come on.

She's right, you know.

Flare path, we can pick 'em off one by one.

Just a moment now, may I speak?

There's something I haven't told you,
dear boy.

We cannot use this machine in an en...
enclosed area,

otherwise we shall all go up in smoke.

But Doctor, the...

the Daleks will find this flare path and
we'll be trapped here.

That may be...

Let's put the lights out.

Now you're talking common sense.

Yes, lets find the cable, shall we?

Doctor? Doctor, it's
me, let me in! It's me!

Over here! I've found it.

Good. Where? Ah...

Ah, that's quite safe, well insulated.


Ho, it's tough.

There's someone out there!

That noise! That noise, it was... it was...

Come on, Doctor!

Doctor, that noise! It was...

Watch the machine! Watch the machine!

The light source has vanished.

Patrols will continue to advance eastward.

Perceptors register much movement
in that area.

Alert! Alert! Alert!

The patrol will continue.

Have I sustained damage?

No. The patrol will continue.


She must have smuggled herself aboard the
Daleks time machine.

So they've arrived.

Doctor! You were quick.

Oh, Was I?

Who was it?

Oh, nobody, I, er...

What is it? Where's Ian?

Barbara, my dear, Chesterton is dead?


The creatures... caught him.

I could do nothing.

Are you sure...

Are you certain that he's not just hurt?

Come with me. Perhaps you can help.

Come along, come along. Hurry.

About another twenty
yards, Doctor, I think.

Do you know Chesterton,

they have an extraordinary range of
movement, extraordinary.

Yes. All I'm interested in right now is
getting into that cave.

We'll be safe.

Barbara? Barbara? We've found her

Barbara? Where is she?

Take a look outside, my boy.

I'll look after Vicki.

Barbara? Barbara?

Oh, come along child,
you're all right, come along.

Come along, my dear.
Come along, hmm, hmm?

My dear girl!
What on earth is wrong with you?

No, no, no!

Doctor! She's nowhere to be...

Vicki, what is it?


I thought that... when I... I... oh

it must be the Doctor or you
wouldn't be with him.

What are you saying, Vicki?

Oh... I'm sorry I behaved like that, but...

when I first woke up, I...
I thought you must be the robot.

Robot? My dear, you...

You have haven't got a temperature,
have you?

You come and sit down, Vicki.

There is a robot!

The Daleks made it - exactly like you.

A robot exactly like me?

Every detail. I heard
them giving it orders.

They made it to infiltrate our group.

They told it to infiltrate and kill.

So that's it! This is very serious,

Barbara would never
have left here unless...

unless you or I told her to go, hmm?

They've got her... Barbara...


You all right, child?

Come along!

Is this where you left him?


Oh, come on Doctor!

We must find him. You do dawdle so.

Barbara! Barbara!

Ian! He's all right Doctor!

Argh! Ian! Argh!

What's the matter with him?

Why did he try to kill me?

It isn't the Doctor. It's a robot.

A robot?

Yes. A robot the Daleks made.

Come on Barbara, let's...
let's find the others.

I can't... see any sign of Ian.

I think he must have gone further
than we thought.


OK, Vicki.

Where's the Doctor?

Don't just stand there Chesterton,
that's the robot.

Robot? Robot? Me?

You're the imposter! He is the imposter!

Then prove it, my dear fellow, prove it.

Then we shall all believe you.

I don't have to.

You mean you can't!

Why you...!

Put that stick down!

Get out of my way.

And if I won't?

I shall give you the same treatment.

Watch him Chesterton! Watch him!

You still you insist
you're the real Doctor?

Oh, what does it matter what I say
now, hmm?

Chesterton, now's your chance! Destroy it!

Destroy it with a rock!

Susan, don't look this way, it'll be nasty.

Ian, don't! That's the Doctor!


This is the robot! This is the robot!


Stop! Do not kill!

Hmm, I must get a Doctor!

The enemy time machine.

With this in our control

they cannot escape.

What is that noise?

Hostile plant life!

Destroy! Destroy!

You destroy!

There is no trace of the humans.

Or the robot?

No. Contact has been lost.

We will organise a full scale search
of the jungle at daybreak.

Oh, thing's don't look too good,
do they Doctor?

No, they're not very encouraging, dear boy.

Oh, we've got one consolation
we're all together again.

Yes, but I don't mind admitting

I... feel rather exhausted after
all that experience.

Well, why don't you go
down and have a rest?

Go on. I'll stay out here.

Yes, I don't suppose we can do
much in this light.

No. You know it's been dark ever since we
landed on this planet.

Yes well, we'll give it a few hours.

It might get lighter.

I think I'll take your advice.
But I shan't sleep.


Get up, get up, get up!

What's the matter?

Look here!

I say, you two in there!

Come along, wake up, wake up!

Come out here quickly!

Wow, beautiful!

To think that was up there all last
night and we never knew.

Quite so. And that is where we've got
to get to, hmm?

Yes, you bet.

Have you got that thingummybob?

I'll get it.

Well, come along, come along, let's go.


Daleks - coming straight for us!

Over there - there's two more of them!

Come on Vicki, quick!

What do we do now?

Well, we must clear this cave as
soon as possible.

Otherwise we can't work that device.


That cliff above, can
we climb out that way?

No, it's impossible.

Its sheer, they'd pick us off like flies.

I've got it! The Doctor will have to go out
there as the robot.

He could put them off the scent.

Are you mad?


The Daleks must know that the robot's dead
they controlled it.

Why? You can't be sure of that.

Anyway, it might confuse them just long
enough to enable us to get away...

Look, it would be sheer suicide!

Yeah, perhaps you're right Barbara.

Well, Doctor, wha...


They are trapped in the rock face.

Attack formation! Attack formation!

Section four will enter the cave.

Do not deviate.

We obey.

Section two will circle the cave.

Take a position amongst the boulders

and cut off any attempt to escape.

We obey.

We will take no prisoners.

Eliminate on sight.

We obey.

Move to position.

On my command, advance and attack.

Align and advance!

Advance and attack!

Attack and destroy!

Destroy and rejoice!

Halt! You will be exterminated!

I have infiltrated and killed.

We may now return to Skaro.

You lie! You are not the robot!


Doctor, that was a foolish thing to do!

They kna... they know now, who'se who.

Give me that machine.

All of you, get against the wall.

I'm going to see what I can do with this.

800-30. Mechanoid. English. Input. Enter.

Advance and attack!

Attack and destroy!

You heard what the gentleman said
Let's go!