Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 20 - Invasion - full transcript

Barbara and the surviving Menoptera take refuge in the Temple of Light while the Doctor and Vicki attempt to escape by taking control of a Zarbi.


-My dear, you're still wearing it.
-It's all right. I took a chance and put it on.

You've done it. It doesn't work anymore.

Yes, we must we must capitalise on your action.

Now, we know the necklace no longer works on us.

Perhaps the force-field is being reversed.
I wonder....

If that is so, I can control that necklace

with this power of my ring.

-What power does it hold?
-Now, look.

Now, this is what I want you to do, child.
When you...

DOCTOR: Understand?

What's happened? Where am I?

-Doctor, you've done it! How marvellous.

What next?

I think we shall get our friend
to take us out of here.

Go outside. Keep your eyes open.

All clear.

I thought we'd have seen
more of these creatures, Doctor.

Yes, it appears they have gone to the plateau.

There's one good thing, at least
that Spearhead'll make it easier for us to get out.

Now, don't count your chickens, child.

There's quite a lot ahead of us.
Now, go on cautiously.

It's beautiful, Prapillus.

It's absolutely beautiful.

PRAPILLUS: It must be a Temple of Light.

The ancient song-spinners of our race
sang of their beauty

but I thought they could never be found again.

-There are others?
-So the legends say.

Sewn into the craters and plateaus of Vortis,

being slowly unwoven by the silence of time,

and their entrances long forgotten by our species.

But our gods have not forgotten us, Barbara.

This was indeed deliverance.

There is no sound.

The Zarbi have gone.

If one of us must explore....

No, not yet. They will leave guards.


-Prapillus, I brought him.
-Hlynia! How?

There was a tunnel on the lower ledge
where you left me.

What happened on the plateau?

-The Spearhead has failed.

The Spearhead must succeed.

Which is the way back to the plateau?
I will recall my force.

-No, Hilio....
-What force?

From what I saw of the battle,
your Spearhead was completely wiped out.

-Who is this creature?
-Our ally.

-I do not trust her.
-You have no choice.


Hrostar, Prapillus, what should we do?

Is it true? Are they all dead?

Dead or prisoners by now.

Then our main force cannot know where to land.

They too will be massacred.

The Menoptra will be no more.

Hilio, the Menoptra have no wisdom for war.

Before the Animus came,

the flower forest covered the planet

in a cocoon of peace.

Our ancestors carved temples like this

for resting places of our dead.

But that was all the work we did.

There were no other plans to make.

Light was our god

and we existed in light, flying above thought.

Our banishment has taught us
of enemies and weapons.

And my captivity has taught me strategy.

They tore my wings from me

and I felt, as you feel, that all was lost.

But if our gods favour our survival,

we must learn their lesson

and use our brains and not our wings.

This Earth woman we must trust

for she can show us how to exist without wings,

to survive and flourish.

What should we do?


what would have happened
if the Spearhead had been successful?

Had.... Had we met with no resistance,

we were to proceed to the centre of the web

and destroy the Animus.

-HILIO: With this.

Our wise men designed it
for use against the intelligence.

-A living cell destructor?

The web and the living thing behind it

grows and spreads its evil around Vortis.

This destructor would have reversed the process,

made the cells grow inwards and die.

The electron guns failed to work against the Zarbi.

Would this have failed, too?

-There's only one way to find out.
-Attack the Animus.

-Can we reach it?
-It cannot work now.

We are too few.

The only alternative is to stay here,
perhaps for years.

Both ways may mean our death.

But hope lies in action.

Then it's decided. We attack.

The Optera have promised to help.

Heron, can we trust them?

-We have no choice.
-They have strength down here.

Their fears of the surface may grow too strong.

It's better than being thrown into the fire.

These tunnels breathe hate.

And in the centre

grows the root of evil...


-The Animus.

Take us there.

Nemini will lead.

Keep close to me.




Well, oh, most unpleasant.

Well, my dear, so far, so good.

Doctor, how are we gonna find the Menoptra?
They could be anywhere on this planet.

Yes, the Zarbi has left here
to go to the Spearhead.

It's just about....
Yes, with luck we can follow their tracks.

-Yes, look.
-Let's get moving.

You may not believe it,
but you nearly ended up as lost property.


And the same to you.

Rest time.

You know, Doctor,
I'm getting quite fond of Zombo.

-Zombo, it's his name. I gave it to him.

Yes, I see.

He's quite cute, isn't he, when he's like this?

I haven't noticed it before, my dear,

but since you mention it, no, I don't think so.

I've told you before not to judge by appearances.

I'll buy you a collar for him at the next stop.

But just you remember, child, if we lose him,

there's about 200 or more ahead of us
Just like that.

Now, come along.


Break the teeth of stone.


The air's terrible.

Yes, they are more used to it than we are, Heron.

The tunnel breathes vapour.

Not here...


The wall is not friendly.

We must break it!

-What's wrong?
-A silent wall.

We must make mouths in it with our weapons.

Then it will speak more light.

Dig, you mean? Will it stand it?

-We try.
-VRESTIN: Heron!



Now we have to go on.

Nemini, make mouth of light.

Heron, I cannot breathe.

-I know, the fall...

-...let in more gas.



The best idea is still that
we create a mock attack here in the south

in order to draw off the Zarbi.

While this is happening, one of us tries
to get in the centre from the north.

It will fail. Even if it drew most of the Zarbi,

it would require just one larvae gun
to stop the real attack.

Then what is your idea?

I could fly over the Carsinome
and try and cut my way in from above.

No, the Carsinome is strong and vigorous.

It would heal itself
before you could cut your way through.

Then we're left with the mock attack.

It isn't perfect, I know, but it's all we have.

Very well. I will go in alone from the north.

No, I will go.


Quiet! There's someone outside.

BARBARA: Lock the doors.
HROSTAR: Too late.

HILIO: Hide.
PRAPILLUS: If it's Zarbi, the doors will not open.


Do not attack him. He's quite harmless.

-My dear Barbara.

Where is Chesterton, hm?


Better. It's clearing.

The vapour sleeps at our feet.

-Move slowly.

Soon the mouth will appear.

The walls are thin.

The liquid hate from above!

-The acid pools. Get away!

She must block the mouth or we will die.


It is danger that is always with us.


It is well.

Try down there.


VRESTIN: Heron, they have broken the wall.

DOCTOR: A most detailed report.

Yes, it's interesting.

-BARBARA: Will it work, Doctor?
-I don't see why not, my dear.

What is in the centre of the web?

-Do you know?

No one knows.

An alien from the darkness of space,

but the shape inside the cocoon....

But if it arrived here from another planet,
surely someone must have seen it?

Our legends of it only begin

when it was already thinking itself
into the crannies of Vortis

and the minds of the Zarbi, spreading its web.

Where does it draw its power from?

Is there power in the magnetic pole of the planet?

That is where the web has its centre.

Yes, the magnetic pole, I see.

I see. You mean it draws and uses
the power from the planet Vortis.

Yes, Doctor.

Their theory would explain the new moons

that have appeared in the sky.

They, too, are drawn here by this power.

I wonder why I didn't realise that before.

The same force drew and holds the Tardis here.

Yes, of course. It's remarkable, most interesting.


Doctor, do you intend to go ahead with the plan?

The plan? Yes, my dear, yes.

Yes, but with a slight difference.

How different?

Yes, I think we'll go ahead
with the mock attack as planned.

That will be your responsibility, my dear.
A time we shall agree to.

-Yes, Doctor.
-And this....

That, I shall take along with me.

The girl and I will return
to the Zarbi headquarters.

Our wise men have put all their skill
into this one Isop-tope.

I cannot yield it to a stranger.


Can you take the Isop-tope

past the Zarbi guards in safety?

Of course. I don't see why not?

-Hilio, he is the first friend of the Menoptra

ever to leave the Carsinome.
We must trust the Doctor.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I have great admiration
for your wise men and their judgement.

-Now, my dear, is everything quite clear?
-Yes, Doctor.

You will return to headquarters.

Once you're safely there,
we start the attack to draw out the Zarbi

-while you make for the centre.
-Precisely. Come, child.

Doctor, have we got to....

Now, cheer up. I don't particularly
want to go back there myself.

It's all right.
I suppose we do have the best chance.

-Anyway, the Tardis is still there.

Yes, what is it? What do you want? Excuse me.

DOCTOR: What do you want?

I wondered if we could borrow this creature.

I think he would be very useful in our attack.

-Oh, you think so, do you?
-I have made a study of the Zarbi.

I think I could make use of him.

-You do? Better than I?
-Please, I have no wish to offend,

but you don't know the Zarbi as I do.

To control him, you will have to use my ring.

And that is of untold value.

-And what of the value of our Isop-tope?
-Is anything wrong?

-No, my dear. No.
-A small matter.

Our friend here has suggested
that the creature goes along with your party.

And I was thanking the Doctor
for his faith in our Isop-tope.

-That's a very good idea, Doctor.

Here, take it.

May I know its secret?

You may not. Use it and return it.

-Forgive me.
-On your life, return it.

I think you'd better take this, my child.

It'll probably be less conspicuous with you.
Come on.


-Leave it to me, child, leave it to me.

Poidarac is above us now.

Heron, what should we do?

We go up.

Barbara, ready for you to give the word.

We'll wait.

Make sure the Doctor
has got to the control section.