Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 14 - Conspiracy - full transcript

Ian and Delos are forced to fight each other for their freedom while the Doctor has to perform for Nero's court.

The arena?

Well, it sounds as if we're going to be
trained as gladiators?

Yes, but to fight what?


Oh, good morning, my dear.
Did you sleep well?

Yes, thanks. Did you?

Oh, so, so.

I must confess,
I've been giving a great deal

of thought to that business of yesterday
and, er?

Oh, there's our hissing friend again!

Well? Well?

I haven't got long. So listen carefully.

I've managed to get rid of that body
and I don't...

...I don't think anyone suspects.

But if you delay your action,
it will be safer.

Which part of my action would you like me to
put into effect first? Hmm?

Why, I leave that to you.

You, er, know my plans, er, of course?

Of, course, of course, yes!

But I don't know the exact details.

I must go. I'll try and see you later.

There's some sort of conspiracy going on,
my child

and I've decided for my own sake I must
get to the bottom of it.

The more I... the sooner I do it,
the better.

All right. See you later.

Where are you going?

Oh, nowhere special. Just exploring.

Very well, but don't leave the palace.

It's big enough to get lost in anyway.

And remember, we're only here
as observers.

We must not interfere with the course
of progress.

Or try to accelerate... man's achievement's
or progress.

Oh, I'll do what you say, Doctor.

But it does seem a bit of a waste. Bye!

Bye, yes.

Well, I suppose the quickest way
is to the top!

Hmm. I must have a word with Nero.

We must give him some sort of incentive.

Darling, you are the Emperor.

I should think your command would
be good enough.

It should be, shouldn't it.

which one do you think I should wear?

Oh, that one.

Oh, really? I would have preferred
the other but if you insist.

It's quite a problem, Poppaea.

Yes, both broaches are very attractive.

No, I was referring to my problem.

Naturally, I feel...

I appreciate the feelings of my
fellow artistes.

When Maximus Pettulion plays
for the court of Rome

he must have the centre of the stage

He will receive the same rapt and hushed

attention that I do when I put on a recital.

Well, nearly the same rapt attention as
when I play!

Why not hold a banquet this evening?

Maximus can provide the entertainment.

Wonderful idea - a banquet in his honour!

But I'd already thought of it as a
matter of fact!

You'd better inform him of the arrangements.

Come in... Tigilinus, get off my bed!

Yes, Tavius?

Caesar Nero, we have an audience
with the Empress.



You were on your way to see Maximus!

Yes, what is it, Tavius?

I have a new attendant for your staff,

My husband, Caesar Nero

seemed quite taken with you.

Oh? Did he Madam?

I like being Empress

and I intend to remain so.

Yes, Madam. Of course.


As long as you understand
the position.

Now for your first task you can clear
away my things.

Yes, Madam.

I shall be in the outer room if
you require me.

I'll just clear these things away, Madam.


I've been waiting for you!

I'm coming after you!

Tiginlus! Go away! Leave me alone!

You shan't get away from me!

What do you want, child?

Oh, Nero, I'd like a word with you!

Which way did she go?

I beg your pardon?


I... I.. I wanted to have a word with you,

But it can wait, Maximus! It can wait!

Extraordinary fellow!
What an extraordinary fellow!

So you've arrived with the great
Maximus Pettulion, have you?

The court just cannot wait to hear him play,
my dear.

They may have to.

What are you doing now, Locusta?

Preparing a very special poison, my child.

I can guarantee its effect on the victim.

And whose that? The victim, I mean?

I've no idea, Vicki, nobody's ordered
it yet.

But, they will, they will.

I must say, you've got a very...

unusual sort of a job.

It has its responsibilities

official poisoner to the court of
Caesar Nero.

Yes - very responsible.

It must be dangerous too.

Great Jupiter!

No, I never drink any of my potions!


But, I mean, if you poison somebody

don't they take their revenge?

Always. That's why I'm kept so busy!

But, I mean you...

Oh, I see - you mean revenge against me?

Oh no, no!

I mean, it's nothing to do with me
personally, is it?

Oh, I suppose not, if you say so.

But, the citizens of Rome, don't
they object?

To me? No! It's an accepted thing, isn't it?

Almost a tradition, in fact

that the family of Caesar want to
murder each other.

After all

everybody would like to be Caesar of Rome,
wouldn't they?

I wonder who'll have the honour of
being given this?

Cornered at last!

Tigilinus, if you don't leave me alone

you will be sent to feed the lions!
Now go away!

Got you! Now young woman

surely you wouldn't refuse me

Claudius Nero
a teeny weeny kiss?

Er, shouldn't you think about
what your wife would say?

Poppaea? Oh she wouldn't hear of
such a thing. I...

Maximus! Go away!

Oh, I'm so sorry Madam. I...

I wanted a word with Nero.

But, er, I'll come back later.

He seems to be rather busy.

Got you! Oh! Ha ha!

Poppaea, darling. Ha ha! Hello!

Enjoying yourself, dearest?

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I... I didn't know we... you were there.

Did you want something?


I've got the most terrible headache,

I simply had to lie down.


Extraordinary thing.

That strange young woman has been
chasing me round all morning!

Don't you want this?

No, no thank you.

You sure, Ian?

Ian? Is your name Ian?

Yes, it is.

You were planning to meet a woman here?

Her name were Barbara..

Barbara! Well, where is she now?

Oh, I'm sorry. I dunno.

But you just said her name.

You must know where she is.

She were here with me but they took
her away

to the auction.

They never come back.

I suppose she were sold.


Idiot! Fool! I'll teach you to boil
me alive!

Guards! Guards! You maniac! Guards!

Come here! Oh!

Wait 'til I get hold of you! I'll teach you!

Get out of my way, Maximus!

Did you see what he did?

Of course I did, yes, of course I did.

Take him away and banish him.

And don't let him ever appear again here

ever! Ever!

I congratulate you, Nero

the way you handled that stupid fellow!

Why, dear, it was most impressive!

Oh, I'm glad you noticed!

Oh, yes. It was enormous control!

You understand, of course

I only took the sword to frighten him?

Yes, I noticed that of course - immediately!


I was going to do something, you know.

You did that that perhaps we could have
a little talk in here. Hmm?

Oh, of course I did, yes, indeed, yes. Er...

Did I say what about?

Not a word but I did want to ask you
something now.

Oh, wh... wh... what?

Er, yes, on my arrival

I was rather under the impression that

there was some sort of intrigue going on
here. Hmm?

Well, nobody said anything to me!

Nobody said a word and I am always
informed of intrigues. Who was it?

Oh it's just a feeling, just a feeling,
you know.

After all, I mean, a musician
with your skill

well surely you've experienced
troubled vibrations?

Troubled vibrations?

Oh, well, of course! Yes!

Yes, I'd rather thought you'd had it! Hmm?

Oh I have had it!

Yes! No, I...

I thought maybe it was just because I was

er, feeling hungry, you know.

Ah, that was it!

There is a banquet tonight and
you are invited.

Oh, how charming of you!

Thank you. I'm delighted, delighted!

It'll be a splendid audience for
your first concert!

Yes, yes, I rather thought it might be!

You understand what you must do, Locusta?

Yes Madam

get the attendant to serve these drinks
to Caesar Nero

when he's with your new slave.

Correct. And she is to have the special one.

Come with me, I'll point her out to you.

That'll put paid to any ambitions she
has to be Empress.

The preparations for the banquet are
under way, Maximus.

You will have to play as you have never
played before.

Too true! Too true.

Ah, Poppaea, my darling.

I do wish you could find time to look
in the banqueting hall.

I think the arrangements are suitable but

you have much more artistic appreciation
for that sort of thing.

Of course I have! I'll see to it at once.

Excuse me.

Pardon me, Madam.

I must go about my business.

Hello Doctor. Solved your problem?

No I haven't child, no.

I raised the question with our
illustrious Caesar

but I'm afraid that was a mistake.

That's rare for you isn't it?!

Never mind about that.

Have you explored the, er, court?

Yes, its marvellous!

Oh, and guess what?

What? Haven't any idea.

There's going to be a feast tonight.

Oh, so I heard, my dear!

Yes, so I heard

and there's going to be rather an
unusual entertainer!



Oh there you are.

Now, close you eyes and Nero will
give you a big surprise!


Close your eyes! Caesar orders it!


Well, aren't you going to thank me
for the present?

Go away!

Er, I would like to drink to your health,
Caesar Nero.

Oh, would you? Oh well, very well.

So, you've had a busy day, Vicki?

Yes, it was.

Oh, something else I forgot to tell you.

I think I've poisoned Nero!



Well I... I didn't actually do it.

But his wife was going to murder
some poor slave or other

and I didn't see why that should happen,
so I thought...

For heavens sake, child! Keep quiet!

What did you do?

Well, I.. I swapped the drinks round.

And I told you not to interfere
with history!

Come along, quickly, quickly child!

You must wait upon me personally at
the banquet tonight, my dear. I...

You must excuse me.

Caesar Nero! Don't drink!

Why not?

I have every reason to believe that
drink is poisoned!

Yes, thank heavens I got you in time.

My dear Maximus...

you've probably saved my life!

If only I could lay my hands on
whoever was responsible.

Quite so! Quite so!

And now, if you'll excuse us, er,

I have to practice

a great deal of practice before
tonight's recital.


He was right!

I wish you'd sit down.

There must be something we can do, Delos.

We can. Wait!

When we get out of here

I'm going to comb all the slave markets

question everybody.

Someone must remember her.

Ian, you've got to worry about yourself.

Otherwise, it's the arena and then...

You stupid fool!
There's no answer to failure!

But I would have sworn...

I feel tired of your feeble excuses.

Guards! Guards!

Take her!

You can save your screams for the arena

now take her away. Get her out!

If he goes on eating, there won't be enough!

More wine, Maximus?

Everything's set for tomorrow. Be ready.

Of course, of course.
But I must ask you if...

What does he mean, Doct... Maximus?

I've no idea what he's talking about, child.

Well then, how are you going to get out
of the concert this evening?

Oh, I'm not!

You can't play the lyre, Doctor!

Can't I, child?

You can't possibly do.

She isn't here, dearest.


The new girl. I'm keeping her very busy.

Ah... new girl? Oh, her!

Oh, my dear,
she was miles from my thoughts.

I was looking to see if everybody
had finished.


There will now be a further feast...
of music.

I give you
... the great Corinthian lyre player..

Maximus Pettulion!

Thank you! You are all so kind.

With, er, Caesar's permission?

I would like to play my new composition
in honour of this occasion.

The music is so soft,

so delicate that only those with keen
perceptive hearing,

will be able to distinguish this melodious
charm of music

He's all right but he's not all that good!

Doctor, it was wonderful! Wonderful!

It's the old fairy story child
The Emperor's new clothes

Yes, I gave it as an idea to Hans Anderson!

How dare he! How dare he make a fool of me!

He must know that I am the greatest
talent in the world.

No one gets applause like that except me!
I'll teach him a lesson.

It's a wonderful idea.

Hardly surprising - I have a creative mind!

I'll put it into operation at once. Guards!

Tell my wife, tell Poppaea that I have
gone to the gladiatorial school.

No, better than that! You come with me!

But I... I..

No! No arguments!
I won't have any arguments!

Tell me, have you ever seen a fight?

Er, no I haven't.

Then I will arrange one while we're there.

I feel like seeing someone hurt
myself tonight.

Come! Quickly!

What's this for?

Caesar Nero wants you to put on a fight
for him.

Fight? Against what?

Each other.

And if we refuse?

He'll have you killed.
This way at least, one of you has a chance.

A good winner sometimes earns his freedom.

I'm going to fight you, Ian.

Are you, Delos?

You're my friend. Remember that.

But as he says, at least this way

one of us has a chance.

By killing the other.

I promise you one thing. If I win

I'll make it quick for you.

The real reason for this visit, Sevcheria

is for you to arrange an appearance for
Maximus Pettulion in the arena.

The lyre player?

Yes, he's at the court.

I wish to arrange for him to appear in
the circus for the people of Rome.

Oh, they'll appreciate that, Caesar Nero.

Yes, they'll appreciate it even more

when you set the lions on him in the middle
of his wretched performance.

The lions?

That's what I said - the lions!

He humiliated me - that's what he did.

He humiliated me!

Maximus Pettulion?

They all applauded as though it was me.



Well, commence the fight!

Cut off his head!