Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 11 - Desperate Measures - full transcript

The Doctor and Ian reach the crashed spaceship and meet up with Barbara and Vicki, where the Doctor uncovers the truth about Koquillion.

Doctor? I?

Don't go any further!

What?I can't go either way!

Doctor, They're pushing me
towards the edge!

Doctor, they're razor sharp!

Take your coat off my boy and
throw it over the blades.

Hold the... torch for me please.



Now swing yourself round.

Give me a hand.

Come on, come on, come on.


I thought I'd had it.

What do you think this is for?

I've no idea. I've never seen it
before in my life.

I suppose this operates the knives.

Yes, quite so.

Then we've got to get this
thing back in its place.

The executioner sounds disappointed.

Yes, never mind about all that.
Come on, give me a hand.

Barbara's still outside, she might
be in great danger.

Is he... is he dead?

No, it must have been the strain of
walking out here made him collapse.

How do you feel?

This is Barbara, Bennett.

Koquillion told me of your arrival.

He's killed your friends.

I don't think so. I'm sure they're alright.

Koquillion doesn't make mistakes.

Well, he did about me.

You know the next time he visits us,
we might be able to surprise him.

He doesn't know I'm here does he?

So we could set a trap and overpower him!

No... no..

It's a marvellous idea isn't it Bennett?


Well surely it's worth a try? You
wouldn't be any worse off than you are now.

The Mir rescue ship is due to arrive.
Well, hasn't Vicki told you that?

We have to sit still, do as he says.

Maybe we'll have a chance
of escaping back to earth.

We could still go.

You're just a child, you don't know
what you're talking about.

We get rid of Koquillion, we gain nothing.

If the plan fails, he kills us.

Bennett's right Barbara.

Of course I'm right.

Just because I lie on that bed all
day doesn't...

doesn't mean I've lost the use of my brain!

Help me to my room, please?

You will do as Koquillion says, won't you?

Now you do understand the consequences?

Thank you.

I'll help you to your bed.

I'm alright.

I said I'm alright!

I can manage.

I'd better go and collect the water,
it... gets... dark early on Dido.

Will you lay the table, Barbara?

Er... yes, yes, alright.

I'll show you where the things are.

I think that's got it back.


Yes! You've done it, Doctor!

Ah, there they go.

Well, lets hope there aren't any more
surprises like that waiting for us, come on.

Well come on, Doctor.

Daylight Doctor! We must be nearly there!

Yes, I think you're right


Look out Doctor, don't go too near the edge!

look, there's a door


Now that must lead somewhere.

Yes, but they'll be no time to get a...

to open that, come on, lets go
the obvious way.

Go on, go on!

Now mind this edge.

Just so long as nobody starts...
creeping up behind us.


No! No don't! No!

What was that?


What is it?

Come on.

You killed Sandy, why? What made you?

He was almost on top of you!

How could you do it? Sandy only
wanted some food.

But he was going to attack you!

Sandy only ever eat plants.
I trained him to come here for food.

Well... I didn't know that did I... I,
I mean how could I?

I shouted, you wouldn't listen.

Look, all I could see was its jaws.

Anyway it suddenly started
screeching I thought...

You killed him!

You killed him!



My dear Barbara!


Oh Doctor, you're alright!

Oh, I've never felt better in my life!

That's better, that's better. Now
blow your nose and wipe your face.

That's it.

I don't like saying it my dear but you
do look a bit of a mess you know!

Yes, cheer up, Vicki!

And don't forget, if old Kokilikin comes
round, I've always got this!

Oh, you mustn't, Ian.

I keep telling you why we
did what he said

you'll spoil it, you'll spoil everything!

Now, now, now. It's going to be alright.
We're not going to jeopardise your safety!

Or your rescue! Now, first of all

I'd like to have a talk with this
Mr. Bennett of yours.

Oh I keep,

Will you take... take me to him?

I keep telling you, the rescue ship's
on its way.

It's going to take us back to Earth.
Can't you understand?


Look Vicki

I know you've been here a long time

but you're underestimating what
Koquillion can do.

Yes! You're right!
I've been here a long time.

I know what it's like here!

You've only just come and you're
trying to ruin things!

It was alright before, it was!

The rescue ship's coming and...

nobody asked you to come here,

Now Vicki...

Go away!

Vicki, my dear...?

Sit down.

You don't mean that do you?

Well? Do you? Mmm?

Good, good!

Now, I've listened to all you've said and
I've thoroughly understood.

We're here to help you.

This is all we're going to try to do.

You know, we're not going to ruin
things for you.

Bennett says that when we get back

we've got to tell them on Earth what
they did to us here.

He thinks this planet should be wiped out...

Yes, I...

He says Koquillion shouldn't be made

to get away with what he's done to us.

I think I agree with Bennett

at least about er, Koquillion

but don't you think there's
just a chance

a little chance that my ideas might
prove the better ones?

Hmm? Good, good!

Now, I'll go and have a talk with
Mr. Bennett

and I promise you, I'll listen to
everything he says. Hmm?

I'll take you to him.


Ah, well now, I don't think you need
to wait my dear.

You go back with Ian and Barbara. Hmm?


Oh, now now now, You mustn't be like that!

You're not giving her much of
a chance are you?

She's nice you know! You'll like her!

She killed Sandy.

Yes, well, so might I have done!


Well, you haven't got the sort
of face that...

kills things

And Barbara has I suppose? Eh?

You know she was frightened,
frightened for your safety.

She thought you were going
to be hurt.

Good gracious me, you mustn't
behave like that!

Now, look here, er, erm

I think the best thing for you to do

is to pop along back there, don't you, hmm?

Eh? You must believe what Barbara did

try and understand my dear

and why she did it!

Just for me, eh?

Mr. Bennett!
You can't come in.

I want to talk to you!

Oh... ah dear...

The Doctor gone to see Mr. Bennett?

Yes, I took him.

Good, good.



I'm sorry. Really I am.

I'm sorry too... about Sandy.

Well, you didn't know.

I'm afraid I've got rather used to
being on my own.

We know how you feel Vicki.

We felt the same way ourselves at first.

At first? I don't understand.

You're from Earth too aren't you?

Yes, but it goes a bit deeper than that.

How do you mean?

Well, erm

what was the year when you left Earth?

2493, of course.

My mother had just died and

Daddy wanted to get away so he took
a job on the planet Astra.

You were on your way there and

you crashed here?

Yes... but why did you ask me the year?
What year did you leave?

Well, you see Vicki, Our space ship, er

well isn't like this one.

It... it travels through time.

We left in 1963.


But that means you're about...

five hundred and fifty years old!

Why, yes, I suppose I am... yes

it's a way of looking at it, but I'll try
not to look at it too often!

They didn't have time machines
in 1963

they didn't know anything then!

Oh, we weren't entirely ignorant,
young lady!

Even the Doctor thought it was
worth paying us a visit.

That's how we got mixed up with
him in the first place.

The Doctors from a different age,
a different planet altogether.

I don't believe you at all,
you're joking with me!

The Doctor, a time traveller!?


What have we here?

Tape recordings for what?

You can't come in.

Oh yes I like the Doctor...

...its funny but as soon as he walked in,
I... I felt that... you could trust him

but why does he wear those funny clothes?!
And that long white hair!

Vicki, I've told you the Doctor
comes from another time.

Oh, don't start that again!

Hmm! Silly child! Silly child!

Intercom systems, tape recordings,
now, I wonder what else? Hmm?

Yes, I see

an easy way to get out of a
locked room!

They're taking a long time aren't they?

I don't think we should disturb them.

Well, they can always tell me to go away.

Doctor? Mr. Bennett? Can I come in?



They've gone!

But where could they have gone to?

Perhaps Koquillion came.

No, we would have heard him, anyway

the Doctor would surely have warned us.

He wouldn't go off without telling us.

What do you think we ought to do?

I think we should stay here.

No. Go back to the TARDIS.

In the end,
the Doctor'll make for that.

Come on. Quickly.

Come in, come in, won't you?

I've been waiting to talk to you.

This used to be the peoples'
hall of judgement.

Fitting in the present circumstances
don't you think? Hmm?

Mr. Bennett, May I remind you

that masks and robes such as
you are wearing

are only used on absolutely

ceremonial occasions, hmm?

Are you finished?

Yes, I had hoped that you would continue.

This elaborate plan...

must have been conceived for some
reason, what? Hmm?

To save my life.

I killed a crewmember on the
spaceship to Astra.

I was arrested. The ship crashed.

My crime hadn't been radioed to Earth.

I knew if I could get rid of the other

...get rid of the other crewmembers
and blame...

their deaths on the Dido people, hmm?

When we crash landed,

the inhabitants invited us all to a
grand meeting.

It was simple.
I just arranged an explosive

using the ships armaments.

The whole thing went up.
All the inhabitants

the crew, the whole race.

You destroyed a whole planet to
save your own skin.

You're insane!

The girl didn't know I'd been arrested.

When we get back to Earth

she'd support my story.

I dressed up as Koquillion to show
her how terrible the people here were.

If that happened

your guilt would have been hidden forever?

If it happened?

Nothings changed.

There's only three more people for
Koquillion to kill, that's all.


I thought I'd killed all of you!

He's coming round.

Oh, Barbara

Ian, We're back in the ship, eh?

Yes, I... took the liberty of
borrowing your key.

Doctor, we found you outside.

Yes, that's?they left me outside.

They? Who?

Oh, er, two strange

er, er, yes, Bennett's dead.

Bennett was Koquillion, you know.

What? Bennett, Koquillion?


What, well, why, why, Doctor?

No, no, no, no, not now Ian

He's in no condition to answer questions.

The girl, Vicki, now, did you

did you bring her?


She's waiting outside.

Oh, I must get some fresh air. Yes, I...
I want to have a talk with that child.

You alright?

Yes, now don't fuss especially, I'm...

I'm quite alright my boy, I'm quite alright.

Ian, what about Vicki?

I wish we could take her with us. Hmm?

Well, we can't leave her here, can we?

Er, that's about... what happened,
and that's all.

Then... Bennett murdered my father?

Then I've got nobody.

My dear, my dear

why don't you come with us? Hmm?

In... in that old box?

We can travel anywhere and

everywhere in that old box as you call it!

Regardless of space and time.

Then it is a time machine?

And if you like adventure, my dear

I can promise you an abundance of it!

Apart from all that, well you'll...

you'll be amongst friends. Hmm? Well?

Now, suppose I leave you here for
a moment to think about it. Hmm?


We were talking about Vicki and we
were wondering whether...

Yes, do you think er, Vicki, er...

Yes, yes, yes, I can see that we've
all reached the same decision.

Now, I suggest we try and get the
answer from the child, hmm?

Vicki! Vicki, my dear! Come in.

Well, its huge!...

and... well... the outside is just... well..

Vicki, are you going to come with us?

Oh I, I'd like to...

yes, if you'll have me.

Rescue ship to Dido.
Rescue ship to Dido.

Come in please.

This is rescue ship calling Dido.
Rescue ship calling Dido.

Come in please. Dido, can you hear
me? This is rescue ship calling...

So there were survivors on Dido?
Bennett didn't kill them all?

They have their planet back
to themselves again.

And somehow, I don't think they will
allow that rescue ship to land.

That isn't why you brought Vicki
along with us, is it Doctor?

No, Chesterton, no, it wasn't the reason.

We shall be materialising quite soon.

Perhaps we shall be able to get a
rest this time.