Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 10 - The Powerful Enemy - full transcript

On the planet Dido, the monstrous Koquillion terrorizes Bennett and Vicki, the only survivors of a crashed spaceship. When the TARDIS lands, the Doctor, Ian, and Barbara team up with Vicki to discover what Koquillion is hiding. (Originally broadcast in two parts.)


Bennett! The rescue ship's landed!

Bennett, let me in!

Come in.

Bennett. The rescue ships landed!

It's arrived.
We're being taken back! Isn't it marvellous?

Can't be the ship.

Its quite clear on the detector - listen!

Must be a fault, must be.

Did you talk to them by radio?

No. I was going to but I?

I thought I'd tell you first.

I thought you'd be pleased Bennett.

The rescue ships not due
for another three days.

It can't even find Dido unless
we guide it down. You know that.

But its showing on the screen!
Come and look. I'll help you

Did you hear it land.

N?no?no, I didn't but it?

The rescue ship can't land silently.

It must have done.

It's just got here early that's all.
It is here.

It's as plain as anything on the screen.

What's its location?

I don't know.
Somewhere on the mountain.

Look, Vicki. I know how badly
you want to get off this planet.

We both want to get away
but its no good building up our hopes.

Go and radio the rescue ship.
You'll find your mistake?

And Vicki, watch out for Koquillion.

I?I haven't seen him today.

He'll be around somewhere.

And remember he knows
nothing about the rescue ship.

I?I know.

So be careful.

If he finds out,
he'll kill both of us.

Planet Dido to rescue ship.

Planet Dido to rescue ship.
Come in please. Over.

Rescue ship to planet Dido.

Receiving you on strength two.

Is it true? Have you?

Have you landed? Over.

Landed? We're still sixty-nine
flying hours away.

We're proceeding on a
normal course. We shall?

But you?you can't be. I mean?

Now don't worry. We'll be there.

Try to hold on just a bit longer.

We'll contact you for directions
in seventeen hours from now.

Repeat, seventeen hours.
Breaking contact now.

Over and out.


Dido to rescue! Dido to rescue!

Sixty-nine hours away?

Who's landed on the mountain?

...and you know how the ship has a?

a faint sort of trembling
while we're moving?

Well, I suddenly realised
that it had stopped.

I believe you're right?Barbara.

I think we have landed.

But the Doctor's never slept
through a landing before.


Wake up!

Hmm? What's the matter?

What is it? What is it?

Oh good gracious me!
Don't tell me I went off to sleep!

Yes you did!


And at a very critical time. Ah well!
I suppose it did you a world of good.

Deep in the arms of Morphius, eh my boy!

Well, I feel a bit sticky.
I must go and have a wash.

Oh, but Doctor, the trembling's stopped.

Oh, my dear! I'm so glad
you're feeling better!

No not me - the ship!

Oh, the... oh my?I'm so sorry!

Doctor, we appear to have landed
while you were asleep.

What? Oh, I say! I must never allow
this sort of thing again now.

Must we? No!

Well all we have to do is to
turn the power off.

Then we have landed.

Yes?er, excuse me, materialised,
I think, is the better word.

Well now, lets have a look
and see what's doing.

Yes, the airs very good. The temperature.

Yes, wh?wh?wherever we are,
I think its nice and fine.

Oh, pardon me! Forgive me! I'm so sorry.

Yes. Well, I must say,
this looks most promising.

Now, lets have a little look shall we?

Very dark. Can't really
make out anything at all.

It looks very rocky whatever it is.

Yes. It does somewhat. Might be a cave,
or?even perhaps underground.

You mean we could be trapped down here?

Oh. It doesn't necessarily mean
anything my dear Barbara.

We can of course, always travel
through?solid matter?in flight?

and all, again, we can, we can
take off again quite easily,

no I do think we ought to step outside
and have a look. I will too. Susan, er j?

Doctor, why don't you show
me how to open the doors?

Hmm, y?y?yes, yes, yes,
my dear of course, yes,

er how silly of me, yes, er,
number four switch.

Very good! Very good!

But you won't of course try
to do that during transit will you?

It is a cave. You were right Doctor.

Strange funny smell.
Doesn't smell like anything on Earth.

No, it doesn't my dear, no no,
but I?I do know that smell.

Recognise it?

Yes, yes. More or less. Hmm. Hmm.

Oh, er, have a look round,
I should, but don't go too far away.

Remember we haven't had much
luck with these caves during our travels.

Well what are you going to do?

Oh, I think I'm going to have a nap!

A nap! Huh, well that's a new one isn't it?

He's usually the first one to be
up and dashing off for a look.

Oh maybe we're going to see
a new side to the Doctor.

Yeh, well he isn't getting any
younger is he?

You know, it's the first time he's been
to sleep during a landing.

Barbara, I've got an idea he's
getting a bit...

Remember I can hear what you're saying.

Pick up that stone for me would you?

Er, th?this one Doctor?


Er, certainly.

Thank you.

All the old associations are still in
the ship.

You can't expect him to say goodbye to Susan
and then forget about her the next minute.

No, I suppose not.
I wonder what she's doing now?

If I know any?anything about David,
she's learning to milk cows!

Yes, he's a nice chap David.

Mmm. Come on.

There may be a way over here, you know.

Yes but I think the sun is coming
through that way.

Ah, so it is.

Barbara! Look.

It's a spaceship!

Yes?broken in two.

Can you see on the side! A flag!
It's from home!

Yes! You know it must have crashed.

Yes, although you see those buildings?

It might have been destroyed at the same
time as they were on the ground.

There's no movement. No sign of life at all.

No, no there isn't, is there?

Well, there must be people or?
things on this planet.


Are you going to tell the Doctor about this?

Well yes, why not?

Well, knowing the Doctor,
he'll want to go down there and investigate.

Well, for once, I'd agree with him Barbara.

If there any of those crew members
left we should get in touch with them.


You are strangers here?

Answer my question. Do you come from Earth?

Er, yes. Yes, we do.

Where is your rocket ship?

You've just come out of the cave.

You must have seen it?

You landed here?in that box?

Well I know it sounds fantastic but?

we have no reason to lie to you.

Well, obviously you've had a
good look around.

Did you see any sign of another
ship having landed?

Are there any other crewmembers?

Yes, there is o?

One more?he's back in the ship.

I would like to meet him.

Go and fetch him.
I will take you all to the city.

Coming, Barbara?


Why are you frightened?

Keep away.

I am your friend. You can trust me!

Can I?

Hmm, hmm yes?yes, yes. Oh?

My writing gets worse and worse!
Dear dear dear dear dear.

Well, undoubtedly, we've landed on
the planet Dido.

Hmm. How remarkable.

Well, I must say.

I'll be rather nice to meet these friendly
people again after all these years.

Fancy landing back here again. Hmm!

I wonder if I were to tell Ian that it
was deliberate, he'd believe me or not?

Oh no, of course, I was asleep! Oh

Pity! Pity! Pity!

Chesterton! Chesterton! Where are
you, my dear boy?

Oh, I can't, Oh, I can't see anything!


My dear fellow! Are you alright?


What? Where is she?

Barbara?I thought she was with me.
I?I heard her scream?

Steady, steady, steady?

I went back and?an explosion.

Come on, come on, get your breath back.

Now, now then, you alright?


well, lets try and look for her shall we?

Yes?yes?this way?

Be careful now, be careful.

Oh, good gracious, the whol
roof's fallen in!

This blocks the cave! Barbara!

Oh I hope we shan't get another fall.
I don't think the TARDIS is likely to?

No use?Doctor!?this wasn't an accident.

Wh.. wh.. what are you talking
about, my boy?

Oh it was a?thing, repulsive thing
with a?hideous face.

With hands and feet like claws?

Yes, that's it? How do you know?

Well this is the planet Dido.

I've been here before,
I know them very well.


They're very friendly people.



Oh, it certainly wasn't friendly to us!

Must have kept Barbara, that?

that scream! Barbara!

Oh don't for heavens sake start
scratching there.

Try and find another way out.
This thing, was it armed?

No, no, it wasn't. Wait a minute,
it was carrying?

some sort of jewelled club?about so long.

With a big head, resembling a spanner?


I don't know why you bother to ask.

Yes, that may account for this.


When I was here last time,
if I remember rightly,

they'd just perfected this thing.
It's a ray, used in construction work.


Now look here, what about Barbara,
are you alright? Are you capable?

Yes I'm not too bad.

Come along! Don't just sit there my
dear boy, stand up, stand up

Come along, that's it, mind your
head, it's only dust,

No bones broken? Eh?

Thank you Doctor, the most
thorough going medical I've ever had!

Yes, it's a pity I didn't get
that degree, isn't it!

'scuse me.

You say these people were friendly?

Really. Very friendly people.

If that's a sample, I'll take
the Daleks anytime.

Now look here, you take yourself off there
and try and find Barbara.


Come along and be careful.

Yeh, we need to be careful.
These people are dangerous..

But why?why?

what could have happened to changed them?
I wonder?

You have been outside. Stand up!

What were you doing?


In future, you will go no further
than fifty yards from this ship.

You understand?

You were dragging something. A sack?

Ohh?just some stones, I?I, I collect them.
They're very beautiful.

I'm going to talk to Bennett.

Remember you both owe your lives to me.

I?I heard a sound

?from the

a, an explosion.

A space machine has arrived.


A warlike people! They wanted
to pillage the ship!

I could not save them
from my people

as I do Bennett and yourself.

They're walled up in a cave.

If they're not dead already,
they will die of hunger and thirst.

bet you never gave them a chance,
you could have?

I'm sorry!

Remember, I am the only one who
can save you from my people.

You should be grateful!

I am your only protection!

You can't come in.

It is Koquillion! Open the door.

Koquillion has just seen me helping
you here.

I knew he would. I knew. He knows
everything. Everything!

Well, tell me?

Shhh! He'll hear you!

Oh, alright!

Please stay there. He might come back.
You don't know him like I do.

Yes, but listen, what's your name?


That short for Victoria?

No, just Vicki. V,I,C,K,I.

I'm Barbara, look,
tell me more about this Kokillion

He just keeps us here, Bennett and me.

There's a rescue ship on the way.

He doesn't know about that. But he'll
find out. I know he will.

But why does he keep you here?

They?they killed all the crew.

We?when we landed we,
we made contact here.

Everyone on board was invited to a
grand sort of meeting.

I couldn't go, I was ill, a fever
or something.

I stayed here that night.

I remember waking up, a thunderstorm I
thought, but is was an explosion.

Bennett?dragged himself back.

I was ill for days, I didn't know
about it 'til later.

I came around and?found Bennett.

He can't walk. We just wait and
then Koquillion.

Well, if his people killed all your

We don't know. My father was
taking me?

my father?

Your ship, is your ship still here?


I've just remembered.
He told me tha?didn't you hear him?

Th?they killed all your crew too.

Ahh, I wonder how much further Doctor?

Oh, I can't understand it.
I just can't understand it.

Violence is totally alien to people
on this planet.

Oh, people change, Doctor. New
leader, different set of circumsta?

No no no, my dear Chesterton, no.

All the more reason for people on
this planet to hate death and destruction.

My dear boy, when I was here before, the,
what, the total population amounted to,

a handle of people, merely a hundred.

Is that all?

Yes, exactly, all the more reason
for holding onto life.

Oh peace, friendship, happiness.

This means everything to the people here.

Yes, yes, I see what you mean. Well,
you ready to carry on?

Me? Carry on? My dear fellow,
it was you that stopped!

Sorry Barbara, I forgot all about
your cuts and bruises.

Oh it could be worse. It's the arm mainly.

I must have strained it catching
hold of that tree to break my fall.

There. How's that?

That feels much better.

Wonder if Koquillion 's gone?

what are the other people like?

Mmm? Oh, he's the only one we see.

They live quite near here I believe
but, well, I don't know.

This fires a flare.

Is that for the rescue ship?

Yes, I always keep it ready.

There's room to land round here you know.

It'll all be ending for you soon then?


Well, you don't sound very sure?

There's always Koquillion. He could stop us.
He could keep me here?.forever

What are you looking like that for?

Like what?

You're sorry for me aren't you? I'
perfectly alright, you know.

I don't care if nobody ever comes,
I'm fine. I'm perfectly alright.


Ah, Bennett!

He's gone. I tried to get things out
of me but I didn't tell him.


I didn't tell him about the rescue ship.


He told me about the people on the mountain.
He's killed them.

We've got to stick together Vicki.
He's killed them!

No he hasn't Bennett!
Not all of them anyway.

The ledge is narrowing out now Doctor

What's that, my boy, What? What's that?

Oh, oh, careful!

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!

I say, look, have you noticed the ledge?

It's narrowing out!

Yes, Doctor!

Wait, wait!


Point the torch, shine it down there.

You see that? It's quite a chasm.



Certainly is. Not very much to
hold onto here either.

Just have to keep ourselves?
pressed against the rockface.

if I pressed myself any harder
I'd do myself an injury!

What was that?

Well, it's not me, is it!
Shine the torch down there!


What's that nightmare?

Isn't it sufficient that it?it's down
there and we're up here? Hmm?

Yes?it's got eyes! I saw them, Green!

Hmm, used to daylight. Must have
come in from the outside.

Oh. Very good, yes.
Very intelligent reasoning.

So good?I might have said the
same thing myself!

Gotta get out of here.

What we need are some good handholds.

Oh, here we are, all provided.

Right Doctor, somebody's
been this way before.

Well now, be careful.

Yes I will, just hold onto that.

Try this. It's alright.

Yeh? Give me the torch.

Swing yourself over.

Alright? OK?


Watch this one. It's loose. Oh!

?hurry up, I've pulled it out!


Oh I'm over. Can you manage?

Chesterton. Its oil, it's got oil on it!

What's that noise?

Come back here! They've trapped
you into pulling this thing out.

What's that noise Doctor? I?

Don't go any further!

What?I can't go either way!

Doctor, They're pushing me towards the edge!