Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 7 - Four to Doomsday: Part Three - full transcript

Monarch shows his true plans for the humans when he sends Adric to ask the Doctor for a tour of his TARDIS while he sends Nyssa off to be relieved of her "flesh time." Meanwhile Tegan, in a...


Bring the children to me.

So you were right.

Four visits, every 4,000 years or so?

No. The first visit was over 35,000
years ago when Kurkutji was taken.

It took 20,000 years for the Urbankans
to reach Earth.

Monarch's doubled the speed of the ship
on every subsequent visit.

So you last left Urbanka
1 ,250 years ago?

How can organic life endure that long?

The only organic life aboard
is in the Flora Chamber.

This compound is not me.

This is me.

This is my memory of 2,555 years,

linked to that, which is my reason,
my intelligence,

linked to that, which is my motor power.

Incredible engineering.

This compound is a polymer,

stretched over
a non-corrosive steel frame.

-It's wicked. Evil.
-Not in itself.

As with all technology,
it is the use to which it is put.

Exactly. Just three silicon chips.

My reasoning chip contains more circuits

than there are synapses
in your brain, Doctor.

Each linked by lines
1 00 nanometres thick.

-What's a nanometre?
-Oh, a thousand-millionth of a metre.

No. I'm sorry, I can't believe that.

Well, like it or not, Tegan,
you're looking at a fact,

if not a fact of life.

This ship contains
the entire population of Urbanka,

nine billion silicon chips.

No, not so many.
Some are slaves. Robots.

They have but one chip,
the motor circuit.

Those are they that wear the disks.

So the Aborigine, the China man
and the Mayan are...

All as I, yes.

The leaders of four ethnic groups.

So, you see, I mean you no harm.

-You're androids.
-Oh, no, girl. Don't irritate me.

And above all, don't disappoint me.

I hold you to be intelligent.

I've already explained
simply and succinctly

No, no, no.
There must be a class system.

It is absolutely essential
for good government.

Now, these are second-class citizens.
You could call them assisters.

Or slaves.

If you will, girl.
It is, however, a very emotive word.

-Very flesh time.
-Flesh time?

It is the name Monarch gave
to the primitive time. In your terms,

the time of the chickenpox,
of hunger and heart disease,

arthritis, bronchitis
and the common cold.

I have overthrown the greatest tyranny
in the universe.

External and internal organs.

What about love?


The exchange of two fantasies,
Your Majesty.

Ah, thank you, Enlightenment.

Oh, my children,

I would like to have held you captive
by my words, not by assisters.

-But you have, Your Majesty.
-MONARCH: My boy?

What you've done
is almost beyond belief.

You've performed a miracle.

Did you hear that, Enlightenment?

We have been receiving messages
from Earth for 50 years.

Have you ever heard
a more intelligent statement?

Release them. Release them at once.

You will be invaluable to me
in my crusade.


To come to the aid of the Earthlings.
To save them from themselves.

They're not as intelligent as you.
They war amongst themselves.

They make more weapons than food
and two-thirds of them are starving.

It is all a problem of the flesh time.

We come to rid them of it.

Perhaps they don't want to be rid of it.

Well, that's silly, Nyssa.
How can anyone want to live like that?

-He's right.
-Think, girl. Think.

I am thinking.

-We have been made immortal.
-So it would seem.

As long as you have spare parts,
you can go on forever.

All you need is the raw materials.

The reason
for Monarch's invasion of Earth.

The visits established its suitability.

Of course, that's it!
He's after the silicon.

-One of the biggest components

of the Earth's crust is silicon.
All the chips he wants.

-And the fossilisation.
-Oh, yes. Carbon, too.

First, he intends to replace
the population of Earth with his own.

-Three billion people?
-He can do it.

The landing will be peaceful.
He has prepared a message of peace

and will offer them the help
of his advanced alien intelligence.

That is why he will want your help.

To convince the people of Earth
that he means them no harm.

He'll get no help from me.

Don't be too sure.

In the Mobiliary
there is a deadly poison.

The deadliest in the known universe.

The Urbankans secreted it in a gland.

It causes organic matter
to shrink in on itself.

One-trillionth of a gram would reduce
you to the size of a grain of salt.

With this he will conquer Earth.

We bring enlightenment.

-And persuasion.
-That, too.

Just think of it, Nyssa.
A whole new technology.

No more hunger. No more wars.

-Fine school, fine hospitals...
-Fine tyranny.

You should guard against the arrogance
of the scientist, Nyssa.

As a bio-engineer, you more than most

should marvel at the might
of our Monarch.

He led us from the Urbankan slime

first to conquer the land,
then the elements,

to develop the greatest technology
in the universe.

You mustn't be too hard
on the child, Enlightenment.

She has spirit and courage
and a fine independence.

Such qualities will be useful.
She'll come round in the end.

Never to tyranny.

I can never forget that my father
was killed by a tyrant.

Well, now you're being
unreasonable, Nyssa.

One simply can't compare
His Majesty to The Master.

Who is this Master?

A Time Lord, Your Majesty.
And the Doctor's greatest enemy.

Unless he is stopped,
he will eventually destroy Earth

just as he destroyed Urbanka.

I thought he said
Urbanka's sun was a supernova.

A lie. He exhausted the planet
of its minerals

and then polluted it
with his technology.

The pollution destroyed the ozone layer

and left ultraviolet light
to scorch Urbanka.

-And all this for what?
-His great plan.

For him to travel faster than light.

-Monarch is obsessed

with solving the riddle of the universe.

Absurd. So he believes
that to travel faster than light

would mean going backwards in time?
Back to the Big Bang?

And beyond.

Monarch believes
he will meet himself there.

He believes he is God.

I grieve you, my child, that your father
should have met such a fate.

So, this Doctor of yours
is also a Time Lord, eh?

-Yes, Your Majesty.
-Whence comes his power?

From other Time Lords.
He speaks of the one called Rassilon.

There is a galactic legend
about Rassilon.

He who found the eye of harmony.

You know very well, Enlightenment,
I regard such tales as superstition.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Yes. Now tell me more about
this Time Lord Doctor.

He seems to be a very agreeable person.

-He has a powerful mind.

-Yes, yes.
-Yeah, I like that.

Has he any power outside his machine?

-Well, he has two hearts.
-Oh, poor fellow.

That must make him very vulnerable.

And he has the ability to go into
a trance that suspends life functions.

Well, that must be useful.

But I'm interested in this, um,
machine of his.

The Tardis. Short for
Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.


It's very small.
I mean, is it not uncomfortable?

No. The interior's in
a different dimension.

-Yes. It's quite large...

Why don't you shut up?

Oh, mind your manners, my dear.
Go on, boy.

Oh, well, it's got a power room.
It's got a bathroom.

It's even got cloisters.


A covered walkway, Your Majesty.
An architectural feature

of ecclesiastical and educational
establishments on Earth.

-All that inside this Tardis?
-Yes, Your Majesty.

I should love to see all this.

Well, I'm quite sure the Doctor will be
only too pleased to show you around.

He's the only one of us who really
understands it and how it operates.

Oh, I like that.
Could you ask this Doctor now

if I could look inside his Tardis?

Of course, Your Majesty.

Not you. Stop her.

-I have other plans for you, child.
-What are you going to do?

Oh, don't be afraid.
One only harms that which one fears.

He must be stopped at all costs, Doctor.

If you feel this way,
why have you not acted before?

I am powerless alone. I have free will,

but built into my circuits
is a fail-safe mechanism.

Any aggressive intent is immediately
signalled and blocked.

Well, the only course of action
I can think of is to go along with him.

-Appear to cooperate.
-There may not be time.

Sooner or later he is bound
to make you as I am. All of you.

-No! Kill us?
-It is not death.

First you are hypnotised.

Under hypnosis,
you are made to recall your whole life.

This is recorded and micro-chipped.

Your body is then disposed off
and you are remade as I.

-No, no, no, no, no!
-Now, it's all right.

-Just leave everything to me.
-I'm sick of leaving everything to you.

Could you perhaps show me the ship
that controls the population?

-All the information you can?
-Yes. But we must hurry.

-This is mad.
-Just keep calm.

How are we going to get out of here?

We've got to get to the Tardis
and get out of here.

Not yet. Please will you
stop thinking of yourself for once?

I'm not thinking of myself.
We've got to get to Earth and warn them.

Of what? Who'll believe us?
We'll be laughed at.

-We can try.
-Yes. Another way.

-Ah, yes. Just coming.

Now stay here. You'll be perfectly safe.
I won't be very long.

-I won't stay here.
-Yes, you will!

In here you can't be seen.
Out there you can. You stay here!

Go a little in front of me.
That will tell them not to confront me

and I can surprise it.

-Don't leave me please...

You reversed the magnetic field?

Yes. And that's the way
we'll deal with them all. Come on.

You'd better put that on.

Your eyes are getting heavy.

They are getting heavier.

And heavier. And heavier.

Now you are asleep.

Soon you will recall all past life

and then you will be relieved
of the flesh time.

Take her to the Mobiliary.

The monopticon in link way 7
has a fault.

The magnetic field has reversed.

Then it's the Doctor who's reversed it.
He'll be dealt with.

They will all be dealt with.
My patience is not inexhaustible.

Now he's in the library.

Much good may it do him,
unless Bigon is there.

I've not seen Bigon for some time,
Your Majesty.

-It need not concern you, Persuasion.
-The boy appears lost.

MONARCH: He'll find his way.

You can take that off to conserve it.
The life-support system is on.

That red light indicates it.

-Is the course controlled from here?
-Yes, but it is an automatic control.

-What are these doing?
-What they've been doing for centuries.

Attempting to find power formulae
to move faster than the speed of light.

And having some success.

Perhaps 1 ,000 years hence, Monarch
will indeed be going backward in time

to a rendezvous with himself,
The Creator.

Leave her.

Five minutes.

-Tegan, where's the Doctor?
-I don't know.

What's the matter?

We've got to get off this ship.
We must or we'll all die.

What utter rubbish!

Monarch has no reason for harming us.
He wants our help.

Tegan, the Doctor was right
about these Urbankans.

They're light years ahead
in their technology.

Oh, silicon chips!

-You know?
-Yeah, and a lot more than you.

Now, out of my way.

-Where do you think you're going?
-To the Tardis.

-To try to get out of here.

Somebody's got to.

You're being very silly.
And anyway, you can't even work it.

Well, I'm going to try.

But I don't see what
you're in such a state about.

Look, can't you understand?
These Urbankans are benefactors.

-And Monarch is charming.

He just asked me very politely if
he could have a look around the Tardis.

Adric, you can come with me or get out
of my way. What's it going to be?

But everything is all right, I tell you.

And anyway,
you can't get into the Tardis.

Oh, can't I?

You forget I was given this
when we left it.

-Well, I'll take that.
-You will not!

Adric, I'm warning you.
Get out of my way!

No! Now look, I'm not going
to let you do anything silly.

Two minutes.

He's now in the Flora Chamber
and I saw Bigon with him.

As he was in the library. Your eyes
have been elsewhere, Persuasion.

Our friend Bigon
is giving the Doctor a guided tour.

Is that wise, Your Majesty?

Oh, my other minister
questions my wisdom?

-I beg Your Majesty's pardon.
-And I should think so indeed.

Intensified ultraviolet
for photosynthesis.

This is all that was saved from Urbanka.

-And now it's a source of oxygen.
-For those who need it.

Point taken.

And this is the graveyard
of all those taken from Earth.

-There were others?
-Many. After the experiments,

only the highest intelligence
was allowed to live on. As I.

And the frogs?

To ensure a supply of the poison
with which Monarch will conquer Earth.

The girl Tegan.

-Action, your Majesty?
-None. She can do nothing.

No Earthling could possibly
have the capacity.

MONARCH: The guided tour continues.

They're now in the Mobiliary.

The girl Nyssa is there
in the first stage, Your Majesty.

What did you do to the monopticon?

The Doctor was trying a small
experiment. No harm has been done.

Monarch commanded me to show the Doctor
the ship. I hope we do not intrude.

No. If you will allow me
to continue with my work?

Of course.

This is where the metamorphoses
are performed with him in charge.

Here, in these drawers,
lie the Urbankans.

The future inhabitants of Earth.

DOCTOR: An appalling thought.
BIGON: All must be destroyed.

DOCTOR: It's a tall order.

This was once my prison
for over 1 00 years.

The penalty
for my one and only attempt at revolt.

Here is the poison.

This is how the process works.

The subject is hypnotised
and their memory recorded.

The subject is then terminated

and their body used
to fertilise the Flora Chamber.

By Zeus! One of you is already in there.

Nyssa, wake up.

-Doctor, thank you.
-Are you all right?

I'll be all right in a minute.

-They were going to kill me.
-Yes, the devils.

Where's Adric?

I think he's all right.

They sent him to look for you.
They want the key to the Tardis.

Oh, do they?

Your Majesty, they were plotting

the deliberate destruction
of the Urbankan people.

You've done well.

Bigon will be de-circuited
and the Doctor destroyed.

-Persuasion, see to it.
-Your Majesty.

So perish all who threaten my mission.

Could we expect support from the others,
Kurkutji, Lin Futu?

No. They have been corrupted by power.
They have been promised, as I was,

dominion over their ethnic groups
on Earth.

-Yes. Difficult to resist.
-Not for me.

In a civilised world,
there is no substitute for democracy.

Is there nowhere we could hide ourselves
to get a plan together?

-No weapons?

The armoury is in the throne room.

Then our only hope
is to get to the Tardis and warn Earth.

Might these be of any use to us?

Not as they are.
Perhaps I could alter their circuits.

Doctor, may I have
your sonic screwdriver?

-What for?
-I'd like to try something.

This has an electric charge, hasn't it?

-Now, may I borrow your pencil?

ADRIC: Doctor!

Doctor, it's Tegan.
She's trying to move the Tardis.

Oh, good grief!

Take them.

Ah, yes...

So it goes.

So any fool can operate it.

So much for the Doctor's technology.

So be it.

De-circuit that.

And kill him.

No! No!