Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 5 - Four to Doomsday: Part One - full transcript

Trying to transport Tegan to Heathrow airport on present-day Earth, The TARDIS accidentally lands on-board a alien spaceship traveling to Earth which will arrive in 4 days. Where the Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan encounter the frog like Monarch, ruler of the doomed planet Urbanka. Only to find Monarch has abducted generations of humans from different cultures and converted them into cyborgs. The Doctor and Tegan discover Monarch's true goal is to travel faster than the speed of light, and traveling back into time where he will meet himself and wipe out the human race, repopulating the Earth with his own race.




Oh. We've stopped. We're there, Nyssa.
Get the Doctor, will you?


-ADRIC: We've arrived.
-Oh. Bit ahead of schedule.

-When was your flight again?
-A778, 1 730 hours.

February 28th, 1 981 .

Oh, you'll have time for a cup of tea.
It's only 1 61 5 hours.

Doesn't look much like Heathrow to me.

Last time I was there, they were doing
strange things to Terminal 3.

-Oh. No, you're right. It doesn't.
-Well, don't look at me.

I set the coordinates as you instructed.

6 309 in the inner spiral arm
of Galaxia Kiklos.

But Heathrow is on the M4, not Corfu.

Oh, Adric's just showing off.
He means the Milky Way, your galaxy.

Ha! Massive magnetic field shift.

Looks like some kind of a control room.

I suppose it could be part
of the Piccadilly Line.

-Good, then I can catch a train.
-No! No, no, wait, wait, wait.

-The atmosphere's wrong.

Diminution of oxygen, nitrogen,
traces of mercurial compound,

intense proton activity.

I thought Earth
was meant to be primitive.

-Oh, did you?
-Their instrumentation is very advanced.

That looks like a resonant stroboscope.

-What's that when it's at home?
-But it is home.

Um. I'm gonna take a look around.

Now, none of you is to leave here.
Is that clearly understood? Good.


Spaceship or laboratory?

MAN: I would look at
the intrusion again.

MAN: Well?
WOMAN: It is not in my memory.

MAN 2: Nor in mine.
MAN: I would look again at the humanoid.

TEGAN: He's taking his time.

ADRIC: Yeah. I've never known him
hurry anything.

-Is there another space pack?

-He told us to stay here.
-Well, perhaps he's in trouble.

Oh, he's always in trouble, Tegan.
Haven't you noticed? It amuses him.

Well, it doesn't amuse me.

He promised to get me back to Heathrow.
He'll lose me my job.

-No, he won't. Be patient.

After all I've been through
since I came through that door.

My aunt reduced to so long.
You must be joking.

Look, we're fifth dimensional
in this thing,

he'll get you on your flight
if he's out there a week.

And what do we do in the meantime?

-You could always read.

Yeah, there's a fascinating book
on maths through there

-by a chap called Burt Russell.

That's the trouble with women.
Mindless, impatient and bossy.

-You chauvinist, I heard that.
-You were meant to.

I heard it, too.
You mean this? Mindless.

-Well, yes, but you're not a woman.
-I'm not?

No. You're only a girl.

MAN: He now knows he's observed.

WOMAN: What an enchanting smile.

-Still no sign of him.
-Can't be far.

How do you know?

By the look of things,
there's not really very far he can go.

You don't know that either.
Just look at that.

-What does that thing do?
-I thought you knew all about it.

-It increases density.
-What for?

-To reduce matter, of course.
-What matter?

-The Doctor's, perhaps.
-That's ridiculous.

Is it?

MAN: Control, report on the
molecular structure of that artefact.

Well, we're in motion,

so we can be pretty sure
it's a spaceship.

So much for promises.
You've lost me my job.


And it appears to be unmanned.
Adric, through there, space packs.

-No need to bother with the visors.
-Yes, Doctor.

There's a lot to interest you out there,
young lady.

Highly advanced innovative stuff.

That's a resonant stroboscope, isn't it?

Yes. There appears to be nothing
but machinery out there,

but we are under scrutiny.

-There's a monoptican out there.
-What's that?

Well, I suppose
it would be best described

as a sort of mobile black eye
with a hypnotic stare.

Whoever or whatever is running this ship
knows we're here,

so we'll have a little scrutiny
for ourselves.

Should we meet anyone,
you take your cue from me.

Spare key. Should we be separated,
we come back here.

-But can't I stay here?
-Yes, if you like, stay here.

-No. I'll come.

Hello again. You must be having a ball.

DOCTOR: Er, friends of mine.

CONTROL: Molecular structure
of intruding artefact

consistent with destination Earth
and its solar system.

DOCTOR: Amazing work!
Worthy of Gallifrey.

Non-corrosive alloys,
saturated polymers, highly advanced.

Look at that.

DOCTOR: Yes! An interferometer.
ADRIC: What's that?

NYSSA: This one's
for measuring gravitation waves.

But you could use it
on the time curve circuits.

-Look, a graviton crystal detector.
-What's that for?

-Same thing.
-Belt and braces.

Except on Traken, the interferometer
superseded the crystal.

Yes. That's what's interesting.

See if you can get it going.

MAN: I would again look closer
at the tallest.

He would appear to be the senior.

Ah! Magnetic shield.


I mean you no harm.

I wonder,
could you tell me who or what you are?

And where we are?

MAN: They appear to be Earthlings.

And this one not without intelligence
or technological education.

I know we're trespassing,
but I would like an opportunity

to explain the circumstances
if you'd be so kind.

-Doctor, don't we have some sort of...
-So, your lips are sealed.

Well, would it be in order for you
to take me to your leader?

-If you have a leader, that is.
-TEGAN: Look!

-TEGAN: A door!
-Well, that's a friendly gesture.

Thank you.

Uh, perhaps one of us should stay
with Nyssa, Adric.

-DOCTOR: Good man. Come on.

We'll see you both later.

Ah, a twib.

DOCTOR: Thank you.

Look, just go away, will you?

Calm down. It won't bite.

-How do you know?

I don't know why the Doctor
made me stay here anyway.

Come over here.

You know I'm no good with my hands.

WOMAN: Her attire is interesting.

It obviously reflects
a different culture.

MAN 2: How can Earthlings
have penetrated us?

WOMAN: Can they have learned
the error of their ways?

Are they now pacified and cooperative?

Is our arrival to be simpler
than expected?

MAN: More.

Can their technology now be
as advanced as mine?

TEGAN: How much further?


It's no good. We'll have to take
the readings out here.

You know where
the time curve circuits are, don't you?

-Of course.
-Well, fetch them. I'll set up.

DOCTOR: Here we are.
TEGAN: At last.


-I am Monarch.
-You look as if you might be.

-And this is Enlightenment.
-DOCTOR: Enlightenment. How do you do?

How do you do?

-And this is Persuasion.
-Friendly, I hope.

-MONARCH: And you are...?
-I'm the Doctor.

-A doctor? Of what?
-Of everything.

-How modest.
-An Earthling.

A Gallifreyan. Tegan is an Earthling,
Adric is an Alzarian

and Nyssa there is from Traken.

-You come in peace?
-Of course.

And inadvertently, as a matter of fact.

Control, release full
life support atmosphere, please.

Remove your encumbrances.

Thank you. May I ask who you are?

I am the supreme leader
of the people of Urbanka,

in the solar system of Inokshi
in the Galaxy RA 1 489.

Goodness me,
you are a long way from home.

As indeed are you. You must be tired.

Control, refreshments for our guests.

-You're very kind.
-I'm merely civilised.

Is that what the best-dressed
Earthling women are wearing these days?

These days?

It's 2,500 years
since we were last there.

2,500 years?

Yes, our planets are rather far apart.
We come as often as we can.

Control, isolate the girl.

I drop in from time to time myself

and nothing on Earth changes
quite so often as the fashion.

You wouldn't believe the way
some people look.

-Some of them even wear safety pins.
-Safety pins?

-A defence mechanism?

-How barbaric!
-Yes. A lot of it about.

-Are you fashionable, Tegan?
-This is my uniform.

What is your manner of dress
when not in uniform?

It's difficult to explain.
Have you got a piece of paper?

Thanks. Pen, pencil?

That'll do.




Nyssa! Nyssa?



Where is she?

I said, ''Where is she?''

Is this one of your
drop-in times, Doctor?

-Drop-in times?
-Your visits to planet Earth.

Yes. I promised to put Tegan
on her plane.

Her astral plane?

Yes, in a sense.
They go from Heathrow Airport.

-This is not Heathrow Airport.
-No. Not even the quarantine area.


Forgive my curiosity
as to how your craft came aboard.

An error. My assistant
miscalculated the coordinates.

Too right, he did.

Or it could have been
your dense magnetic field

causing a fluctuation
of my artron energy.

What energy is that?

You possess an energy
you do not understand?

Yes. Silly, isn't it? Only my professor
at the academy seemed to understand it.

Just goes to show
how academic everything is.

Ah! The boy who got his sums wrong.

-No, I didn't. I'm a mathematician.
-MONARCH: Mathematician, eh?

Well, what do you understand by e=mc2?

-Come on, Adric. Explain the formula.

Doctor, where's Nyssa?

Energy equals mass times
the speed of light squared.

You grasp the theory of relativity?

-Doesn't everyone?
-No. I don't.

And if we don't get back to Heathrow,
I'm gonna lose my job.

Study maths
and you might get a better one.

I don't want a better one.

Come along, children,
not in front of our hosts.

You will be escorted
to your refreshments.

-Thank you, Monarch.


Well done, Enlightenment.

These will eliminate the need
for tele-micrographics

and may prove to be more reliable.

I would inspect their craft.

-ADRIC: But... Look, Doctor.
-I'm sure she's all right.

Oh, thank you.

What did I tell you?

-Are you all right?
-Just about.

Ah, there you are. That's reassuring.

Laser key.

Directional cobalt flux.

This artefact is too primitive
to defy my technology.

Doctor, I tell you, it was a humanoid.

-Welcome. My name is Bigon.
-DOCTOR: Hello.

I'm the Doctor.
This is Tegan, Adric and Nyssa.

-We've met.
-Are you an Earthling?


-What are you doing here?

Will it please you to eat and drink?
A simple meal. Vegetarian.

Citrus fruits, apples, nuts,
avocado pears and grape juice.

-Oh, a small river fruit.
-Avocado pear.

ADRIC: Uh. Could anyone pass
the sodium chloride, please?

-Sodium chloride?

If you're an Earthling,
how do you come to be on this ship?



-You speak the dialect?
-He's an Australian aborigine.

Well, I know that. What's he saying?

Well, he's welcoming us
in the name of peace.

-What's he doing here?
-I was asking.

Sorry to interrupt.

He says he's going walkabout
to the time of the dreaming.

-The dreaming?

He says he's going to heaven.
We're all going to heaven.

As I've always said,

''Out of the mouths
of primates and primitives.''

When does he expect to get there?

-I'm frightened.
-NYSSA: So am I.

-Is that where you're going?
-I'm not a believer.

No, of course you're not.

Allow me to introduce Princess Villagra.

How do you do, Your Highness?

The princess has vowed not to talk again
until she is reunited with her people.

-Who are her people?
-The Mayan people of the Americas.

DOCTOR: Goodness!
That's going back a bit.


I am Lin Futu.

Well, I'd never have guessed it.
You look in the best of health to me.

Thank you.

You are all Earthlings.
What are you doing on this ship?

Are you hostages? Is that it?

DOCTOR: Well, Bigon?

Tell them nothing.


-You have not been told by Monarch?

Then we must be silent on this.

His Majesty commands me to tell you

that we arrive on planet Earth
in four days.

He invites you to complete your journey
as his guests.

Well, that's very civil of His Majesty.
Who are you?

We've already met.

This is Enlightenment
and I am Persuasion.