Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 25 - Time-Flight: Part Three - full transcript

The Master commandeers the Doctor's TARDIS, leaving the stranded Time Lord time to work out the mystery of the alien sanctum he's been trying to enter. Inside lies an immense power - the entire Xeraphin race, thought long lost but distilled into a single living essence, ready for rebirth but now suffering a dual gestalt personality, good versus bad, thanks to the Master's meddling with it. As the two Xeraphin halves enter into a struggle for dominance of the whole, the Doctor works for a favorable outcome before the Master can succeed at turning them into his new power source.


-The power's gone.
-Look at Kalid.

There's got be a perfectly simple
orthodox explanation.

Bioenergetic powers.

Intellectual garbage.

You won't find what you're looking for.

Won't I?

You come and look at this.

Psychotronics was it, Doctor?

I call it electronics.

I don't understand.

No, Doctor,
you never do understand.


You never do.

So you escaped from Castrovalva.
I should have guessed.

As gullible as ever, my dear Doctor.

Magic, as in lantern.
There's some alumina performance.

Sophisticated and terrifying,
I do not dispute.

How you love the company of fools.

Hold on a moment. This crystal,
there's no connection, no radio link.

The crystal is simply a point of focus,
the communication is purely telepathic.

And what's all this equipment for?

What indeed?

These components are from your Tardis.

You're stranded here!

The time contour you generated
was a desperate lifeline to the future.

It accidentally converged with Concorde.

You are right, Doctor.

I need your Tardis
to penetrate the sanctum.

For a new source of power?
I think you're too late.

It seems to have expended itself.

The recuperation will be swift.

Your companions
have entered the sanctum,

they've disturbed the neuronic nucleus,

but they will have paid
for the incursion with their lives.

Nyssa and Tegan dead?

Well, they're as likely to have been
protected as destroyed.

The power works against
as well as for you.

I shall soon have total control
of the force.

The Tardis key, Doctor.

No, heroics. Please, gentlemen.

The Master will eliminate you
without a second thought.

Very wise, Doctor.

Good heavens. That's never the Tardis.

Unfortunately it is.

So typical of the Doctor's
predilection for the third-rate

but it will serve my purpose.

What does the man want
with an obsolete Metropolitan...


Oh, no.

We're hallucinating again.

Is that how you travel, Doctor?

Not exactly the first-class
end of the market

but a serviceable vehicle, Captain.

Some kind of miasma.

I do not wish to believe,
therefore I hallucinate.

Is that the philosophy
of Darlington men, Professor?

What I've just seen isn't possible.

Try telling that to Tegan and Nyssa

when the Master materialises
in the sanctum.

Have you any idea where the sanctum is?

What about behind that wall,
where the passengers were working?

-Could be.
-But if it is,

-how did the girls get in there?
-The power source in unstable.

Sometimes it works for the Master,
sometimes against.

-But why?
-I don't know, but I intend to find out.

-Let's go.
-No, no. Just the Professor and myself.

You'll need all the help you can get.

You've seen the hallucinogenic effects
the power source can have,

the closer you get, the stronger it is.

-You wouldn't be able to resist.
-The Professor is the same as us.

The Professor has shown
stronger resistance than most.

By the way, if the Masters turns up
again, don't be surprised.

It may take him
a little time to discover

I left the coordinate overrides
switched in.


The Master was so desperate to penetrate
the sanctum he resorted to brute force.

-My fellow passengers?

I'll say one thing, Doctor,
for some of them

it will be the first day's honest work
they've done in their lives.

Let's hope they still have enough
strength to break down the wall for us.

-How long before the power returns?
-I don't know.


Doctor, they've stopped hallucinating.

That's not necessarily a good thing.

-How do you mean?
-Are you any good at explanations?

Oh. Yes, I take your point.

-It is Professor Hayter?
-That's correct.

Thank goodness for a friendly face.

I'm Angela Clifford.

This is the Doctor,

he's here to help us.

Are your passengers unharmed?

Those I've seen are.

Do you know where we are?

Not exactly.

Do you know what's happened
to Captain Urquhart

and the rest of the crew?

My dear young lady,
it's no good asking me.

The Doctor's the expert here.

In all my years as a flight engineer
I have never seen anything like...



I've got an idea.
Roger, you wait here for the Doctor.

Andrew, come with me.

-It's not possible.
-Quickly, Andrew.

You're never going to try and take off?

Of course not, but somewhere here there
must be a control for these doors.

-I wouldn't have thought it was that.

So we lock the Master out of the Tardis?

Well, maybe not out of the Tardis,

but we should be able to keep him
off this flight deck.

Always assuming this is the flight deck.

Here goes.


-I hope you know what you're doing.
-I haven't the foggiest.

Ah, that's more like it.

Now, if we can hold up the Master
long enough for the Doctor

to get through to Nyssa and Tegan...


He's going to try and take off again.
We've got to get out of here.

We're staying where we are. The Tardis
is our only link to the 20th century.

Where it goes, we go.

Now you heard what the Doctor said,
we've got to get through this wall.

You people stay here
and the rest of you come with me.

Do you really think the rest
of the crew are all right?

Oh, I'm sure of it. Either they've
been press-ganged into other work,

or they're locked up
safely out of harm's way.

It's incredible, we were doing this
without realising it.

-What sort of power could do that to us?

We won't know that till we get
to the other side of that wall.

Well, won't that be dangerous?
What if the force returns?

-Fight it, it's perfectly possible.

Focus your mind on something
you're very sure of,

your family, fish and chips.

Concentrate on that one thought
to keep the dream images out. All right?

Now, come on everybody,
we haven't got much time.

We're nearly there, Doctor.


-The Master's Tardis.
-That pillar?

Of course, that's where
he's hidden the other passengers.

But it's not big enough.

Something else for me to explain later.

This revolutionises the whole concept
of relative dimension.

Oh, Doctor, if only I were a younger man

and had the time
to make use of your knowledge.

-The time. Yes, that's another thing.

What's this?

I want to see where this goes.


An induction loop. So that's how
he generated the time contour.

-Don't you see what this means?
-I certainly do not.

He's already harnessing
the power in the loop,

in the chamber, in the sanctum!

But, Doctor,
aren't we going into this Tardis thing?

The wall is much more important.
Tegan and Nyssa are behind it.


-Engine trouble.
-That's a bit of luck.

I'm not so sure.
If there's a fault in the Tardis,

we could be marooned
in this wilderness forever.

Be careful now.

Now, you don't have to come in
if you don't want to.

I'll learn nothing waiting for you here.

Good man. Rest of you, stay here.

-How are they?
-They're just stunned.

-Are you all right?

I think so. There was an explosion.

-Oh, my head aches.
-Oh, you rest a while.

-They willed us to come here.
-Who are they?

Look in the sarcophagus, Professor.

It's alive!


Keep your eye on the screen, Andrew.

-What are you doing?
-A trouble shared is a trouble doubled.

I only hope the Doctor knows
how to put all this back.


What is it?

An immeasurable intelligence
at the centre of a psychic vortex.

All seeing, all knowing.

I certainly never seen
a living organism like this before.

-Why did it want me to destroy it?
-It didn't.

-That's why it deflected your attack.
-That explosion?

A massive burst of psychokinetic energy.

That must be when
the creature evaporated.

The power diverted to defend itself.

But why work against itself?

Two aspects of the same personality,

-the good and the bad.
-Jekyll and Hyde.

But why should half the creature
want to attack us anyway?

Oh, not the creature itself,
the power was being used by the Master.

The Master's here?

Well, at least we got
half the force on our side.

Perhaps more.

The power that led us here
was very strong.

-How did you get in?
-Well, the wall just opened.

Part of the benign intelligence must
have triggered a hidden mechanism.

-Is that what happened to you?
-We had to force our way in.


The blocks have been put back.

We're trapped.

Well, that should put paid to any plans
the Master has to take off in this.

I thought after Concorde
you could fly anything,

but I can't make head nor tail of this.

I'm sorry the Doctor's not here
to explain the controls.

Well, you seem to be having a little
difficulty with Tardis yourself.

It's no longer important to me.

I now have all that I require.

The Tardis, for what it's worth,
is yours.


Bon voyage, gentlemen.


I don't understand it,
the entire wall's solid.

-The power must be returning.
-But if you physically broke through...

-Well, someone filled in the hole.
-The passengers? Why?

Whatever part of the intelligence
is now controlling them

-wants us walled up in here.
-We are trapped?

Until the Master turns up
with the Tardis.

Doctor, come and look at this.

It's some sort of figurine.

There's another one and another.

Could they be some
sort of a votive offering?

In which case,

this chamber might have
some religious significance.

-The Xeraphin.
-You've seen one of these before?

A legendary race, long since extinct.

The Xeraphin?

They're supposed to have
lived on the planet Xeriphas

before it was devastated by crossfire
in the Vardon Kosnax war.

Oh, Doctor, please,
on top of everything else,

not little green men from outer space.

There's nothing green
about the Xeraphin, I assure you.

Highly developed creatures,
beings with immense mental power.

Doesn't it remind you of something?

The work of
a tissue compression eliminator.

-What are you talking about?
-It's a little toy of the Master's.

It's the weapon I warned you against.

If the Master used it on you,
you'd end up just like this.

They must've come out of the casket.

But the thing in there is alive.
And there's only one organism.

No wonder the animus is so strong.
Apart from the Master's victims,

the entire race of the Xeraphin
is in this sarcophagus.

So much for sabotage.

I thought I'd tampered with enough
bits and pieces to ground anything.


That's the citadel.

If that's the case, the Tardis
has turned into a helicopter.


The whole race physically amalgamated
into one organism

with one immense personality.

That's why the Master came here,

that's why he laid this loop
around the chamber.

He wants this
at the centre of his Tardis.


Must've exhausted
his own dynomorphic generator.

Of course.
The nucleus is the perfect substitute.

And infinitely more powerful.

The power's returning.

Can't you feel it?

We must find a way out of here.

Don't be afraid, Doctor.

-No. Nyssa, you'll be absorbed.
-The Xeraphin is calling us.

-The Xeraphin is very close.
-No, stop!

Nyssa, talk to me. Explain it to me.

The Xeraphin contains
the wisdom of the universe.

Without the knowledge, you cannot
escape from the sanctum.

-But the knowledge will consume you.
-The sacrifice is required,

for your survival, Doctor,
and the future of the Xeraphin.

Stop! I shall talk to the Xeraphin.

DOCTOR: No, Professor.

I'm a scientist, Doctor.

The chance of inheriting
the wisdom of all the universe

is an opportunity I cannot ignore.

It will destroy you.
You don't understand what you're doing.

Precisely, Doctor.

But soon I shall know everything.

The Xeraphin welcomes you, Professor.

Professor Hayter, get back from there!





-Are you all right?
-I can't resist for much longer.

-What are you talking about?
-The dream world.

-Professor Hayter explained.
-Are you still hallucinating?

I'm trying to fight it. I feel so tired.

Help me, Roger.
I can't always control the illusions.

Angela, don't give up now.
You mustn't let go of your mind.

The Professor said
to think of something real.

Think of it, then.
Just don't let them take you over.

I don't see how
you can resist so easily.

The Doctor destroyed the illusion
as soon as we landed.

The Doctor...

-Was the Doctor with you?

-The Doctor...
-Did he break through into the sanctum?


-We broke through the wall.
-Come on.

We must be
in a perpetual holding pattern.

I'm gonna have a go
at flying this thing.

-Are you sure?
-What other chance have we got?



-Where did you break through?
-Somewhere along here.

Oh, this can't be it.

The power returned.
They sealed up the wall again.

You mean the Doctor's behind this lot?

-I tried to stop them.
-We've got to get him out of here.

He's our only link with the real world.
Come on.


The molecular structure
has completely broken up.

He's become a Plasmaton.

I think the Xeraphin
is trying to materialise.

I am Anithon,
of the race of the Xeraphin.

It's no good.
We have to find some tools. Angela...

Go into my Tardis.
I am the Master, you will obey me.

I come in this shape
as ambassador of our people.

What are the Xeraphin doing
on Earth, Anithon?

Our homeland was laid waste
by barbarians,

so we travel to this deserted planet
to build a new home for our people.

That explains the spaceship we saw.

But the sickness followed us.

DOCTOR: Radiation poisoning.

Using our psychic power,
we melded into a unity.

You achieved the absorption of a whole
race into single bioplasmic body?

Yes, Doctor.

In that shape we planned to rest
until the contamination had passed.

Then we could regenerate.

What went wrong?

At the moment of regeneration,
the Time Lord came seeking our power.

The Master.

Those who were first reborn
were destroyed.

We've seen their remains.

We were forced to retreat
to our resting place.

How did the Master gain so much control
over your psychic power?

Through the projection of his mind,
he communicated with our bases.

But surely there's more good
than evil in the Xeraphin.

And the good is controlling the power
that helped Tegan and Nyssa

and is still resisting the Master.

The schismatic affected
the Time Lord's intervention.

We are infinitely divided.


Listen carefully, together we must
secure the safety of your friends

and yourself,
and the regeneration of our race.

We'll have to deal with
the Master first.

It is possible. I will explain...


I am Zarak, of the race of the Xeraphin.

My brother has misled you, Doctor.

We need no help.

-The Xeraphin has a new destiny.
-No, Zarak.

The ambition of the Time Lord
will destroy our race.

For the new to be born the old must die.
The new order of the Xeraphin has begun.

-No. Zarak...
-You're in the new power.

The force that binds and shapes us
shall be feared and adored.

Nations will prostrate themselves
before us.

-We shall be divinity.

That's just a dream.

The Master will use the power
for his own evil purposes,

he'll never allow you to regenerate.

Zarak, do you not yearn for shape
and touch and feeling?

My brother, our true destiny
is the becoming of ourselves.

All our power must be combined
to work with the Doctor

against the rebel Time Lord.

-I think we're winning.
-Winning what for heaven's sakes?

The argument, of course. The debate
between black and white Xeraphin.

Whichever Xeraphin wins
will control their combined power.

For good or for evil.

You talked me out of my purpose,
brother Anithon.

But other counsels will prevail.

-It is forbidden...
-In the new order nothing is forbidden.


Come forth, Kalistoran.

-Come forth, Vaan.
-What's happening now?

Zarak is summoning other evil Xeraphin.

Come to me, Mordal.

Help me, Doctor.

-How can we help you?
-With our minds.

We must will the dark Xeraphin
not to appear.

-I can't keep this up much longer.
-You must.

Zarak, embrace again the eternal truth
of the Xeraphin.

Too late, my brother.

The Master is ready for us.

The Master's perfected
the induction loop.

What's happened to the Xeraphin?

Transferred to the centre
of the Master's Tardis.

What does that mean?

It means the Master
has finally defeated me.