Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 24 - Time-Flight: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor's TARDIS is stolen, and tracking it down reveals the existence of an alien named Kalid controlling events in the past. While the Doctor challenges Kalid's motives for being there, Tegan and Nyssa discover the source of Kalid's power - an even greater threat for the Doctor.



Doctor, those creatures
have taken Bilton and Scobie.


Tumal tumal.

-Are you sure it wasn't an illusion?
-They were real, all right.

-Behind you!

Stop! You mustn't fight it.
The Doctor will be all right.

-But how could he possibly...
-I just know!

STRANGE VOICE: Doctor. Help. Help.


What's happening now?

-Captain Stapley, are you all right?
-Am I all right?

Those were the creatures
that got hold of Bilton and Scobie.

-What creatures?
-Those blobs.

-Oh, you mean the Plasmatons.
-Whatever you want to call them.

Protein agglomeration, random particles
assembled from the atmosphere.

Quite harmless, I assure you.

Doctor, there's no technique that can
make matter like that out of thin air.

Oh, isn't there?

What about the energy
that telepathically generated

the idea we were at Heathrow?

You think that can't operate
on a physical level?

-It's simply a form of psychokinesis.

You mean like
that spoon-bending nonsense?

So it seems.

Doctor, those people
were taking away the Tardis.


Didn't you even bother to look
to see where they were taking it?


-Are you from the other Concorde?

Captain Stapley, British Airways.

Professor Hayter,
University of Darlington.

You must be from Flight 192.

Where are all the other passengers?
What happened to you?

-You're not hallucinating.
-Certainly not.

You've no idea what it's been like
resisting alone.

-Who are these people?
-Oh, this is the Doctor.

And this is Nyssa and Tegan.

You're all with Captain Stapley?

Yes, I'm sorry if we seem like
an unlikely rescue party.

Oh, yes.

Well, don't worry,
you're not imagining us.

If it hadn't been for the Doctor,
we would never have found you.

At least you're here.
How did the Russians let you land?


Well, aren't we behind the Iron Curtain?

Well, not exactly.

Then where are we?

You will return to your other work.



-To your work!



That's it, rope trick!

Ram sharaa, inoora xuror.

You will proceed with your work.



Speedbird Concorde 192,
clear for takeoff.

I must have passed out
during the hijack. I think we all did.

The next thing I knew
we were in this mausoleum.

They'd got everybody
under some sort of hypnosis.

At Darlington, that's my speciality
so I was able to conscious-adjust.

Not easy, I can tell you.

Hyperstimulation of eidetic images.

The most powerful hallucinatory
induction I've ever come across.

-They must be using ultrasonics.
-Who are they, Professor Hayter?

I don't know.

-Even the guards are disguised.

-Oh, you mean the Plasmatons.
-The what?

It doesn't matter.

At least you managed to get away
without alerting these guards.

Look, I want you to show us
the way to this mausoleum.

-You're not serious.
-I've got to find my crew.

-And I've got to find my Tardis.

Without it we'll never get back
to the 20th century.

-What did you say?
-She's absolutely right.

We've all travelled 140 million years
down a time contour.

-They're both hallucinating.
-It's true.

Your aircraft got caught in a time warp.

-Unless we get them...
-There's no time to explain, Hayter,

I need you to show me
where I can find my crew.

And the Doctor has to
get back

If you insist, Captain.

The prison centre is somewhere
on the other side of that hill.

What is this equipment of the Doctor's?

Well, it's a... You wouldn't believe me.


Verram verram. Xarak namaan.

There it is.

How did that get built
in this wilderness?

-HAYTER: Slave labour, I expect.
-Come on, then.

(GASPING) Doctor! No!

Something's happening. I can't...
I can't...

-What's happening to her?
-It's the radiation.

I said we should keep away
from this place.

-Keep still!
-We must help her.

Do not approach the citadel.

Return to your ship.

There is great danger.

-Who are you?
-What's happening to her?

The intelligence,
it's using Nyssa as a medium.

More like hysteria
triggered by ultrasonics.

Be quiet.

Who are you? What do you want?

We are...

We are...

The control divides us.

But the control shall be resisted.


She thinks too clearly, my child.

There's so little time.

You must resist.


Look. It's happening again.

Resist. Resist.

It's the same stuff as the Plasmatons
are made out of.

-Someone wanted to stop her talking.
-We've got to get her out of there.

I'm afraid we don't have
the right kind of energy.

We can't just leave her.

If we could find the source of
the power, we might be able to free her.

You go on, Doctor, I'll stay with Nyssa.

No, you're more use to the Doctor.

I'll stay with her.

Going on is madness.

If we don't get the Tardis back,
we could be stuck here forever.

Tegan's right.

Look, she'll be perfectly all right.

As soon as she's free,
you both go back to the Concorde.

You bet. Good luck.

And don't try and follow us.

Captain, Professor.

Don't you realise we've got to
get away from here?

The effect will only get worse

the nearer we get
to the centre of the radiation.

Is that a reason for abandoning
your fellow passengers?

If the intelligence is trying
to contact us, who is trying to stop it?

Something with the same
resource of psychokinetic energy.

Another intelligence?

Could well be.


Can you hear me?



Place is deserted.

Don't you believe it.
Those guards appear from nowhere.

Those guards, as you call them,
are fully occupied with Nyssa.

What do you mean?

The creatures you saw are particles
of protoplasm bonded by psychic energy.

The essential protoplasm
can take any shape.

Such as the shield round Nyssa?

Yes, but I suspect the power
and raw material is limited

-so as long as Nyssa is trapped...
-No Plasmatons.

I've never heard
such an extravagant explanation.

How else do you explain
what happened to Nyssa?

Some form of projection.

Maybe part hallucination.
Scientifically speaking, even...

Scientifically speaking,
I think we should find the others.



Can you hear me?

There's Bilton and Scobie!

I wonder if they know
where the Tardis is.

I doubt if they can
even remember their names.

-They're in a state of trance.
-But it can't be far away.

If we could separate them...

-Look out for the guards.
-The Doctor's theory is...

-Where is the Doctor?
-Forget him. Let's get out of here.


I don't know what
this Doctor's qualifications are,

but if you ask me, the man's a lunatic.

I don't believe I did.

So, you are here at last, Doctor.

-What's behind that thing?
-Another thing, I shouldn't wonder.

It's called hard labour.

The Doctor's theory is that this is
a hijack in time rather than space.

This isn't the Soviet Union, Professor.

This Doctor needs his head examined.

So you're the conjurer.

I am Kalid.

You say that as if you expect
a round of applause.

Have a care, Doctor, you were not
summoned to my domain to play the clown.

Your domain?

Here, Kalid rules.

Well, I apologise for my levity.
Not to mention my curiosity.

What troubles your mind, Doctor?

What you're doing
in this time zone, for a start.

Shall Kalid not travel
where the spirit leads him?

Would the spirit have anything to do

with the ruins of that
spaceship out there?


Space is within us, Doctor.

Ah! Then exactly how do you travel?

By the power of the Great One.

In the deserts of Arabia
I learnt all the magic arts.

Magic? Arabia?

Oh, come on,
you can do better than that.

You mock me, Doctor.

But do not doubt that I can
summon furies and demons,

a company of cherubim
or Lucifer himself.

Oh, yes, yes. You're surrounded by
a lot of powerful bioenergetics, Kalid.

But I can't help feeling
there's something

a great deal more mechanistic
about all this.


What are you doing sitting at the end of
a time contour like a spider in a web?

And what do you want with my Tardis?

My familiar spirits have told me
of your miraculous cabinet.

The spirits have told me you would come.

Your spirits are very well-informed.

I hold the whole genius of night
bound to my will.

And now the great elemental
has summoned you, Doctor.

Not just me, Kalid. What do you want
with all these passengers?

-Slaves are required in my domain.
-You have the Plasmatons.

They have other uses.

You mean you need the psychotronic
energy for something else.


Kalid shall be resisted.

Who are you?

The power shall be used for
the great work we shall do together.


Together we shall scourge
the entirety of space and time.

You can exclude me from your wizardry.

(CHUCKLES) You cannot resist, Doctor.

In this place, all things obey Kalid.



Vixara vixara, zener minaz.

You see your friend?

Vixara vixara.

Your Captain Stapley
and his fellow mortals.

Very impressive, Kalid.

But your incantation is just triggering
someone else's energy.

You're not in control here.
You're just as mortal as anyone else.

I wish the Doctor wouldn't wander off.

I thought you were in charge,
Captain Stapley.

I am, but I happen to
respect his judgement.

You also came here to rescue your crew.

Or do you need to ask
the Doctor's permission for that?

Don't provoke me, Professor.

Your crew is in front of you.
Haven't we wasted enough time?

All right.

-Hello, Captain.

I've got the met report.
We'll clear those thunderstorms.

Wake up, Bilton!

You must listen carefully to what I say.

Will you please sit down, sir,
and fasten your seatbelt?

-We're about to take off.
-Listen to me!

The bar will be open
as soon as we're airborne.

We're not at Heathrow.

Oxygen check, flight-control
inverters on, anti-stall systems on...

Stop it, Andrew. No.

Altimeters checked.
Navigation radios set.



-Throttle masters?


Speedbird Concorde 192 to Tower.
Request permission to start...

Wake up, man!


What about the Doctor, Captain Stapley?


The Doctor, and my crew! Bilton. Bilton?

Remember what happened at Heathrow?

-What's that, Captain?
-Remember the Doctor!

Remember Nyssa and Tegan.

Remember Tegan?



Together with your box,
the power will be absolute.

We shall command the whole universe.

I've always found domination
such an unattractive prospect.

Shall I be forced to compel you, Doctor?

There is no power that will give you
control of the Tardis.


Shirea shiraa, kazaan.

-Come on, Roger, wake up now.
-Look out!

-Nyssa, are you all right?
-Of course.

-What happened?
-The power dissolved.

It was needed elsewhere.

What are you talking about?

I don't know.

I keep getting this intuition.

Shirea shiraa tumal.

Nazeem nazeem.

Come on, Roger, you're coming with us.


We promised the Doctor
we'd go back to Concorde.


-But, Nyssa...
-We must go to the citadel.

-We'll only get caught.
-The Doctor's in danger.



-Who is this man?

Are you responsible for the abduction
of my passengers and crew?

Is it you who authorised
mass hallucination?

Your questions are irrelevant.

-I don't think so!

-What's happening?
-He's thrown up a barrier.

I did try and warn you.

-Where are we going?
-To help the Doctor.

-Is this your intuition again?
-Yes, can't you feel it, too?

-We must find the centre. Trust me.

Why not? It's a dead end.

We must continue.

The freedom of yourself
and your fellow passengers

-is in the hands of the Doctor.
-You're wasting your time, Kalid.

-I require the key of the Tardis.
-I've already told you...


Arogogorah abrao, abelatha.


-No, Adric's dead.
-Well, how can we be sure?

Go back, Tegan, or you will destroy me.

It's only imagination. It's the only
power Kalid has left to stop us.

If you advance, you will kill me, Nyssa.

We can't take that risk.

-The badge.

Adric's wearing his badge.

But it was shattered when the Doctor
destroyed the Cyber leader.

-Come on.


I must prevent all mortal advance.

Out of bounds, are they, Kalid?

Not even I have dared penetrate
the heart of the citadel.

You mean you've not been able to.

You will watch them suffer for this.

Shamsherah, sherahsham.

-What is it?

What comes from it killed my father.

-I don't believe in you.
-Come on.

Well, Kalid, it seems a power greater
than yours is protecting them.


You're not real.

-They have entered a sanctum.
-It's your powerhouse, is it?

Doctor, you will give me
the key of the Tardis.


Then you will see your friends here
destroyed and you yourself annihilated.

I don't think so. We've all got quite
good at resisting your sorcery.


-Not again.
-You will not resist my combatant.

These things have proven
themselves harmless.

I'm not so sure about this one.

Why, it's just a ball of cotton wool.

Kalid is drawing
on deeper reserves of power

and that thing is bonding
itself into something

far more dangerous than a Plasmaton.

-Well, Doctor?
-The answer is still no, Kalid.

The Tardis key, Doctor.


Please, Doctor!

Do you really want to see
your friends die?

(GASPING) The Doctor.

Help me.

-Just help me.

-It won't budge.
-We must.


What are you doing?


-The power's gone.
-Look at Kalid.

There's got be a perfectly simple
orthodox explanation.

Bioenergetic powers.

Intellectual garbage.

You won't find what you're looking for.

Won't I? You come and look at this.

Psychotronics, was it, Doctor?

I call it electronics.

I don't understand.

No, Doctor,
you never do understand.


You never do.