Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 21 - Earthshock: Part Three - full transcript

The Doctor and Adric are taken prisoner aboard the freighter after they've discovered one of the crewmen dead. Captain Briggs is upset at the delay the disappearance of three crew members has caused but the Doctor denies having anything to do with that. Meanwhile, the Cyber leader activates the Cybermen they've placed in the ship's hold and sets off to take control of the ship. Unbeknown to anyone, a member of the crew is assisting the Cybermen in their quest but the Doctor finds a way to hold them off, at least temporarily.


Why won't they show themselves?


- What's happening?
- Over there.

- Have you got them yet?
- No, Captain!

- Why not?
- They're out of camera range.

Sound the general alarm. I want them caught!


Doctor! Doctor, over here!

- They're finished.
- Let's go before we're caught and blamed.

I've seen wounds inflicted this way before.

We've got to get out of here.

On this ship, we execute murderers!

Then make sure you kill
the right people. Look at them!

Look at the state they're in.

- Turn that off.

What's the delay? Where's Ringway?

- Bridge.

(RINGWAY) I've apprehended two stowaways.

''Apprehended''! Why can't he say
''caught''? So melodramatic!

- Take them to the brig.
- Bring them up here.

(RINGWAY) Vance and Carson are dead -
murdered by the stowaways.

- That's all we need!
- Their bodies are by silo 941.

Get a stretcher party down there.

You've done well. You'll get an extra bonus.

I'd rather have Vance and Carson alive.

- Which one is the Doctor?
- (LEADER) The tall one with fair hair.

Even under the threat of death
he has the arrogance of a Time Lord.

Now that he is a prisoner,
we must secure the freighter.

Indeed, but the Doctor must be taken alive.

He must suffer for our past defeats.

- I should go and look for him.
- Wait. You might spoil things.

The Doctor's quite capable.

Nyssa's right. A show of force
might ruin everything.

I hope you're right.

There's no hurry.
They're quite dead, aren't they?

How can we convince you
that we're not stowaways?

You can't.

Let me show you how we got here.
We have a ship of our own.

Stowaways or pirates,
you're still murderers. Keep moving!

- Activate my personal guard.
- Will that be enough, Leader?

The crew is small.
They will offer little resistance.

You've caused me a great deal of trouble.

You have the wrong people.

- Don't answer the captain back!
- I can fight my own battles, thank you.

I suppose you know nothing
about the disappearance of three of my crew?

No. We've only just arrived on your ship.

- Someone's responsible.
- It isn't us.


A power surge.

Is this your work?

I don't understand this.
There's a strong electromagnetic field nearby.

So what?

- It's massive!
- Could it harm the Doctor and Adric?

I can't tell until I know what's happening.

- Receptors fully charged.
- Excellent. Activate.

- Reaction readings steady.
- Continue.

A bomb on Earth, controlled from this ship?

- It's all true!
- Every word.

- At least it's original!
- Are you making a fool of me?

- I wouldn't dare.
- He's just wasting time.

Things have occurred you can't explain.

It doesn't follow
that conspirators are on the ship.

Your missing men
may have discovered otherwise.

That fool will say anything to wriggle out of it.


It's happening again. A power surge.

- We've waited long enough!
- The lieutenant's right.

- The Doctor could be in trouble.
- I'm concerned, too, but we should wait.

- Why?
- Things don't feel right.

- The electromagnetic field?
- Yes.

I want things to settle down before we go out.

- The power loss is enormous.
- How often has this happened?

A few times, but never on this scale.

- The power loss is in hold number four.
- Get a squad down there.

- Can't you isolate the power line?
- No, it's a main cable.

- It's the only way to stop them.
- Who?

I don't know, but I have the feeling
that they want considerably more

than control of this ship.

- Personal guard fully activated.
- Excellent.

The captain will see
that his power lines have been tapped.

Why did you not jam their instruments?

Our demand on their electrical supply
was too great.

- The ship's computer was alerted.
- We will take the bridge at once.

Continue the reactivation.

(CAPTAIN) Ringway! Stand fast.

- We must come out of warp drive.
- No!

Our engines could misphase.

I will not risk losing my bonus
for a few miserable stowaways!

She's right. You must listen to her.

- No!
- Why not?

If we deviate from flight schedule
and Earth IS on red alert, we will be stopped.

We haven't got time.
If I'm late delivering my cargo,

I not only lose my bonus,
I have to pay a heavy fine.

The story about the bomb is true.
Whoever planted it is in your hold!

I will not stop this ship!

You've got clearance through to Earth.
That's where they want to go!

Position your men on the high walkway.

What's down there, stays there!

- You must listen to the Doctor.
- Why should I believe either of you?

Then, believe your own instruments, Captain.

We will go on.

The magnetic field is reducing.

- It should be safe to go out.
- Right. We're moving out.

- I want to come with you.
- No, it could be rough.

- I'd find it rougher waiting!
- Are you sure?

- You're not even dressed for it.
- Are you going out?

- No.
- Then, lend me your overalls.

- (SCOTT) Er...
- Don't bother to argue!

If the Doctor returns, call me.

I don't want to be out there
any longer than I have to.

Bring some more down here.

Down here.

Is there nothing positive we can do?

Try not to worry.

- Power loss has stabilised.
- Can we hold warp speed?

Just about.

I knew it. We'll make it yet.

Do you remember what you said
after we'd deactivated the bomb?

Why a bomb and not some other device?

Well, with the Earth on red alert,
a missile wouldn't get through.

Hmm... We still don't know
what they're really after.

Captain, look.

This could be it!

- Ringway.

Stand by. The security cameras are on the blink.

- Perhaps I could help?
- Stay where you are!

- We should secure them in the brig.
- No. I want them where I can see them.

To your positions. Take cover.

We've regained full power.

- On your feet, you two.
- (DOCTOR) About time!

Be quiet!

It's vast! We'll never find them.

- You wanted to come.
- I know. I'm just a mouth on legs.

- (RINGWAY) Something's on the move.
- I can't see anything yet.

(BRIGGS) Are these your friends?

Definitely not.

What are they?


- Are they robots?
- Far worse. Withdraw your men.

- They don't stand a chance.
- Neither will we if they get up here!


- Could that be the Doctor?
- I hope not.

Guns are not his style at all.

All right. Set weapons on kill.

I'm not taking any chances.

Slowly now.

Our defences are crumbling.

- We must help!
- We can't leave these two.

- We'll take them with us.
- No. You'll stay where you are.

- Ringway!
- Yes, Captain?

The enemy's outside, mister! You're pointing
your gun in the wrong direction!

- I'm relieving you of command.
- Oh, come off it!

Shut up! I'm tired of your bullying ways.

You haven't seen anything.
Wait until the Cybermen start!

- You know them?
- Oh, yes. We go back a long way.

(DOCTOR) This slaughter is pointless!

Your crew is redundant.
The Cybermen will soon be in command.

- You traitor!
- It's the Cybermen's way.

They must have paid you a lot for this.

- I bet it isn't in gold!
- Shut up!

- It brings Cybermen out in a cold sweat.
- Why?

Clogs up their chest units. Suffocates them.

Keep talking. When the time comes,
killing you is gonna be a joy!

- Where are these Cybermen from?
- Originally Mondas, but it was destroyed.

I'm surprised they didn't mention me.

Perhaps you overestimate your importance.

I doubt it, especially as I confined them
to a frozen tomb on Telos.

Did they forget to mention that?

- What's that?
- A badge.

- What's it made of?
- I don't know.

It's gold.

Only the edge. It couldn't do any harm.

Trying to hide it from me, were you?

- (DOCTOR) The firing's stopped.
- Where's Berger?


- The shields won't last.
- They will until we get to Earth.

- And then?
- There's only a few of them.

- Security will cope.
- They're an invasion force.

There are considerably more
than a few on board.

- How many silos are you carrying?
- 15 thousand.

No. It's not possible!

- Have you tested the defences?
- Yes, Leader.

- We are able to break through them.
- Excellent.

Prepare to break through the bulkhead shields.

- Is the Doctor on the bridge?
- He is.

He must be taken alive.

- (TEGAN) I'm exhausted.
- Ssh! Keep your voice down.

(SCOTT) He's dead.
(TEGAN) It's a massacre.

- The Doctor and Adric?
- No.

- Look!
- (SCOTT) Take cover!

Get back!

(BERGER) We could pump
all the air out of the hold.

Cybermen don't need it. Is there
any way you could jettison the hold?


- I think Mr Ringway is recovering.
- Pity.

I've just composed
a particularly nasty epitaph for him.

Whatever they are,
they're going to be difficult to kill.

You haven't tried yet.

Look at those bodies. Same rifles as ours.


Have you seen any of those silver things dead?

Would threatening to kill him stop those things?

- Not at all.
- Why don't you surrender?

Not yet. There may be a way to neutralise that.

- Do we go on?
- Past them?

Is there another way?

- Ready?
- Yes, Leader.

Then, activate the thermal lance.


They've started. I see the ship
is powered by antimatter.

- How is the antimatter contained?
- A stabilized vessel.

- Could we tap the stabilizing device?
- Yes. The machinery's here.

- Are we going to stabilize the shield?
- Yes.

- Will it work?
- It might. It's worth a try.

- (KYLE) Shall we call them?
- No.

I'm sure everything's all right.

(ADRIC) Explain what you're doing!

- We are under attack, Adric!
- Well, tell me quickly!

All right. What is the square root of 3.69873?

About 1.92321.

- (BERGER) That's not possible.
- Oh, he's very good. And almost right!

- What are you doing?
- Antimatter powers the ship.

It has to be contained in a vessel
with a stable molecular structure,

- otherwise it would blow to bits.
- No such material exists.

Computer-controlled electronics can simulate it.

So that machine readjusts the molecular
structure of the antimatter vessel?

Right. However destructive the antimatter,
the vessel is stable.

But will the device work to stabilize the shield?

If it doesn't, we're dead.

- Can you cope with the two of them?
- I hope so.

We've got to get a clear shot at both of them.

This shield won't last much longer.

- I'll tell the computer what we're up to.
- Right. Hurry!

- Now?
- No!

I want that second one just a bit closer.


Come back!

Don't take risks like that again!

One of them got away.

- We should get back to the Tardis.
- Not without the Doctor and Adric.

- Ready.
- Right.

- Hurry, Doctor!
- Just a second.

The shield is now soft enough. Break through!


- (ADRIC) It worked!
- Well done, Doctor!

You are right, Leader.
The Doctor is a formidable opponent.

I anticipated as much. Activate the charge.


He has been damaged by gunfire.

There is still resistance.

According to the Earthling,
there were only ten crew members.

- They have all been accounted for.
- Then, he has lied.

Order the activation of reinforcements.

- Charges primed?
- Yes, Leader.

(LEADER) Fire!

I should have realised!


So we meet again, Doctor.


He deceived us.

You never change. Always the perfect guests (!)

What happens to us
if the Doctor doesn't come back?

- It depends where the ship's going.
- You can't fly the Tardis?

- I understand some of the principles.
- Could you get us back to Earth?

Not without difficulty.

Our records indicate
that you have a fondness for Earth.

Fondness? I'm surprised your emotionless brain
understands the word.

It is a word like any other,

and so is ''destruction'',
which is what we will do to that planet.

- You've tried before.
- This time we shall succeed,

and you will live just long enough to witness it.

- Reactivation completed.
- Excellent.

Now you will see our strength.


- Let's move!

Whatever it is, it's between us and the Tardis.


(SCOTT) Take cover!

My army awakes, Doctor!