Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 28 - Logopolis: Part Four - full transcript

With the universe collapsing, the Doctor forms an uneasy alliance with the Master to save it. In case all does not go well, the Watcher takes the Doctor's companions to a safe place, but ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-Look, we want to help you...
-It's impossible.

My friend in there will look after you.
I'm collaborating with the Master. Now, go on.

-Battle stations.
-The man's a murderer.

Come on, Nyssa, he means it.

-One last hope.

Monitor? He's gone.

You do realise he has no chance of survival
without our help?

The Monitor wouldn't abandon us.

He's trying to salvage the research team's work.

He must have gone to the Central Register, yes?

Yes, maybe. It was the last addition to Logopolis.

He might be the last one to survive.
We need his knowledge. Come on.

We all want to help the Doctor,
but we've got to do as he says.

Listen, the Doctor's my ticket
back to London Airport, so I'm going after him.

-Have a nice trip.

The rot is spilling outwards into the universe.

After aeons of constraint.

Come on.

Let's collect the Monitor and get out.

-In my Tardis?
-There's no other way.

-You're assuming a lot, aren't you, Doctor?
-Yes. Aren't I?


-Logopolitan maths on a computer?
-Monitor, the stability...

This is the program we were developing
to take the burden from our own shoulders.

A series of data statements, to keep the Charged
Vacuum Emboitments open of their own accord.

What, do you mean the advanced research project?

The computer holds
a complete log of the research.

Then the answer's here.

Take care! The research is far from complete.

Monitor, were you on the right track?
You must tell us about the project in every detail.

There is nothing to tell.
It's all there for you to read.

Now, I must get on with my work.



I've done what I can, with the Registry in ruins.

We must now re-align the aerial,
beam the program out to space.

There was a CVE close by.
We might still be able to re-open.



-Tegan, I told you to get out of here.
-No, thanks, Doctor. I'm staying with you.

You're the only insurance policy I've got.

Doctor, we must form a plan.

I propose, one, we withdraw
to a position of temporary security.

Two, we reconfigure our two Tardises
into time cone invertors.

Three, we create a stable safe zone
by applying temporal inversion isometry

to as much of space-time as we can isolate.


-Hardly more horrible than shrinking people.

No. Do what you like, Doctor.

Logopolis is yours.

Doctor, stop him. He's getting away.

No, no, no, no. Listen. Reconfigure the two
Tardises into time cone invertors, it would work.

What a brilliant mind.

And what a waste of two more brilliant minds
if we don't do something soon.

The Monitor's program. You can help me.

-I can?

I want this in pieces.

-As I thought.

-Bubble memory.
-Bubble memory?

Yes. You realise what this means?

-No. As a matter of fact, I don't, Doctor.
-Well, bubble memory is non-volatile.

Remove the power and the bit patterns are still
retained in tiny magnetic domains in these chips.

The research team's final project is still here.

Which would be great
if we had a computer to run it on.

I have an idea where we could find one.

-On Earth.


The Master's Tardis. Come on.

He's unsetting the coordinates.

He's disconnecting
the entire coordinate sub-system.

But he can't do that.

-What's the matter?


What's happening?

We're being taken
right out of time and space.

One good lift deserves another, don't you think?

-I'm very grateful.
-Earth, please.

-We're hovering.
-Outside space and time.

-But the Tardis isn't supposed to do that.
-We seem to be safe.


-Yes. The Doctor told the Watcher to look after us.
-I'd rather be with the Doctor.

-The Pharos computer room.
-Yes. I envy you your Tardis, Master.

Excellent, Doctor.
Envy is the beginning of all true greatness.


-It's the light-speed overdrive, Doctor.

You'll need that to accelerate
the signal from the transmitter.

-I'm so sorry. I thought you meant to shoot him.
-Oh, Doctor.

-You can explain.

Good morning... Good evening.

-He's unconscious.
-Never mind.

I feel we've been spared
a very difficult conversation.

When all this began,
the Doctor wanted to reconfigure the Tardis

so it'd work like the Master's.

-What's wrong with it?
-It's getting old.

Entropy again. You can't get away from it.

He wants to talk to us.

To you.

What makes you think this program
of the Monitor's is going to work, Doctor?

Oh, I don't know. It's a sort of vague faith
in the nature of things, I suppose.

It's in the very nature of things for entropy to win.

Yes, well, it's the age-old battle, isn't it?
Entropy versus structure.

Still, while there's life,
it's six of one and a half dozen of the other.

Woolly thinking, Doctor.

Yes, it's very comforting
when worn next to the skin.

Well, what did he want? What did he say to you?

It's as if he knows what's going to happen.

But what did he say to you, Adric?

Come on. We've got work to do.

-But where are we going?
-The Pharos Project on Earth.

Now, I've got to set the exact coordinates.

Earth is in sector 802 3 of the third quadrant.

The temporal settings are laid in on this panel.

It always looks so easy when the Doctor does it.

Adric, the scanner.


The whole universe.
Of course, we're beyond space and time.

That must be the entropy field.

Where's the Earth?

I can't see it.

It's there.

Earth's galaxy has a few more hours left.


I can't see Traken.

Traken should be...

I can't even see Metulla Orionsis.

The Master killed my stepmother
and then my father.

And now the world that I grew up in,

blotted out forever.

The dawn's coming up.
There are security guards outside.

Any good?

It's still not running. The program's useless.

It's time to abandon this line of reasoning.

Of course.
The program's not been fed into the core.

-We start again.

Right. Hold on. We're going back.


Just like Logopolis.

The Earth people use it
to beam messages to the stars.

The Doctor calls it reiterated invitation
to alien intelligences in deep space.

And that's us.

So they'll be very pleased to see us.

-It's running.
-If you call this alien gibberish a program.

We'll just have to wait
till the data reaches the CVE.

First we must reach the transmitter
and connect up the light-speed overdrive.

-What about the guards?

-I suggest we use your Tardis.

The light-speed overdrive's disconnected.

We've still got to get across
to the antenna control room.

-I agree.
-I agree, too, for what it's worth.



After them!

Sentimental fool.
Thanks to you, we're now weaponless.

Nyssa and I have heard your message
across the universe

and have come to answer your call.

Message? What... Now, who are you?

We are the alien beings...
Listen, here.

You've got this all totally topsy-turvy.

From here, Charged Vacuum Emboitment
is in line with the constellation Cassiopeia.


I decided to use my Tardis after all.



You see, Doctor, I overlook nothing.

You overlooked the light-speed overdrive.

-I gave you this to demonstrate my trust.
-Thank you.

-But I don't take foolish risks.

The real light-speed overdrive is here.


And powered up, I see.

We have only to connect this cable
from the computer room and the job is done.

The aerial's now aligned to the CVE.

As you devised the plan,
I think the honour should be yours, Doctor.

Peoples of the universe, please attend carefully.

The message that follows
is vital to the future of you all.


The data's reached the CVE. It's stabilising.

So it works. Congratulations, Doctor.
I always knew you would do it.

-You did most of this.
-Oh, no. I was little more than a humble assistant.

But I have learnt a great deal.

And now I think it's time for you to go and explain
the presence of your friends.

There's quite a hubbub outside.

You're quite right.
One mistake now could ruin everything.

I know that, Doctor. And it could happen so easily.

What do you mean?

The universe is hanging on a thread.

A single recursive pulse down that cable
and the CVE would close forever.

-Even a humble assistant could do it.
-You're mad.

Peoples of the universe,
please attend carefully.

The message that follows
is vital to the future of you all.

The choice for you all is simple.

A continued existence under my guidance,
or total annihilation.

At the time of speaking...

-No, Doctor,

I'm merely reporting the state of affairs.

I have it in my power now to save them
or destroy them.

You're utterly mad.

Back, Doctor,
the proceedings must not be interrupted!

It's mine. The CVE.

It's all mine.

Only while that cable holds.

Predictable as ever, Doctor.






Doctor, you shall die for this!










It's the end.

But the moment has been prepared for.

The Watcher.

He was the Doctor all the time.