Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 27 - Logopolis: Part Three - full transcript

With Nyssa from Traken unexpectedly rejoining the group, Adric aids the Monitor of Logopolis in trying to save the Doctor before time runs out. The Master, at liberty to prepare, is finally ready to reveal his true target, which unknowingly sets off the biggest catastrophe of all time.

-What's the matter?
-A transfer instability.

It may be only temporary.

Something's wrong.
Yes, you're right.

It's getting smaller.

-Can't you do something?
-I don't understand.

I don't understand.

But the Doctor's in there!

-It's your codes that are doing this.
-This is unheard of.

-Well, how do we get him out of this?
-A fault in the computation.

But there must be something you can do
to put him right.

Take the machine to the Central Register.

What're you going to do with it?

The Central Register, quickly.

There may still be time.

The honour of Logopolis is at stake.

Must dematerialise.


Nothing working.


Will he be all right, Monitor?
-If we can trace the error in time.

At last, Doctor. At last I've cut you down to size.

Hold on, Doctor, the Monitor is going to help you.

What's he doing?

The fault is in the dimensioning routine.
We can trace it, if there's time.

Well, can I help?

Perhaps you can.

This is the machine code
of the section that contains the error.

I must check the external registers.
Read it to me as we go.

It is a copy of an Earth machine, so I'm afraid
we have to make do with their clumsy symbols.

The Doctor taught me to read Earth numbers.

-Where are you off to? There's work to be done.
-We're doing it.








I'm sorry, I thought we had found something.

It's somewhere in the subroutine, somewhere.

Monitor, I still don't see why
you need all these people.

Why can't it all be done on machinery?

For many uses machinery is unsurpassed,
but Logopolis is not interested in such uses.

Block transfer computation
cannot be done with the computers.

-Why not?
-Our manipulation of numbers

directly changes the physical world.

There is no other mathematics like ours.

You mean the computations themselves
would affect a computer?

Of course. Change its nature,
cause it to malfunction.

Only the living brain is immune.

But you had a computer out there,
you were using it.

To record the code, yes,
to prepare new algorithms, yes,

but we must not use it to run our program.

Now, we had reached 0-4, 0-7, A-0, 3-0, 3-8.

There are no errors in the registers.

We must search the streets.

-Sonic projectors.
-What are they for?

They must be creating a temporary zone of stasis
around the Tardis.

-But I don't really understand their science.
-That goes double for me.

Fourth block begins. ''A-3.


-Sorry, E-8.
-It is difficult, I know.

But accuracy is of a vital importance.


You can tell they're exploited.

-These people are scientists.

I've seen that look of dedication
on my father's face.

Well, it doesn't seem to be doing any good,
does it?

At least the dimensions are stabilised.




Sorry, E-9.

''2-3...'' Wait! Wait! Did you say E-9?

Look, it says E-7 there.

You're right.
And the next three numbers are wrong.

This way.

The Tardis isn't much use to anybody that size,
stable or not.

-It gives us time.
-Time to do what?

We don't even know if he's alive in there.

They've arrested the dimension spiral.
Things are looking up.

This is the street.
The error should be somewhere here.


Interfering with the working of Logopolis.

The most dangerous crime in the universe.

An error in the dimension subroutine.
Somewhere here.

I will not be beaten. I simply will not be beaten.

But I could certainly do with
a little more help from outside.

We must return to the Central Register, quickly.

The Monitor's done it. He's found the error.

The Doctor must reprogram block 4
of the dimensioning routine.

Those numbers are the ones
that have to be changed.

-If I show this to him, will he know what to do?

Leave it to me.


-The Master's out here somewhere.
-I came here to find the Master.

-I must know what's happened to my father.

-This could be very dangerous.
-I'm coming with you.

''The cheese board is the world,

''and the pieces the phenomena of the universe,''
as my old friend Huxley used to say.

Cheese board? Chess board.

''And the opponent makes no allowances
for mistakes,

''nor makes the smallest concession to ignorance.''

I'm an ignorant old Doctor.
And I've made a mistake.

There's only one direction
help can come from now.

I'll just have to sit here and wait.

Ah, yes! Something along those lines.

The mark of the Master.

He must have added his own voice to the numbers
and corrupted the Doctor's code.

But he's still here somewhere.

-I saw him. He's been following us.
-The Master?

I think so.

Come on!

-I hope he's seen it.
-I'm sure he has.

And with those figures, he will be able to
restore the Tardis. It won't take long.

Well, while he's sorting that out, perhaps you
wouldn't mind explaining something to me.

Back home in Brisbane, we call that a sweatshop.

This street.




Nyssa, my dear.


They don't smile,
they don't talk to anybody.

Their language
is the language of numbers.

And they have no need to smile.

No need to smile?

We are a people driven not by individual need
but by mathematical necessity.

The language of the numbers
is as much as we need.

Now, it is important that we do not disturb them.

But if they don't talk to each other...

You've done it!

Yes, there does seem to be
some positive development.

But what is this mission of yours, Father?

You're so changed by it.

You look younger, but so cold.

Logopolis is a cold place.

A cold, high place overlooking the universe.
It holds a single, great secret, Nyssa,

which you and I must discover together.

-And the Doctor. The Doctor can help us.
-Oh, yes, the Doctor can certainly help us.

You must return to him.

-Father, I... I don't want to be parted from you.
-No need to, my dear.

Here, wear this.

It will keep us in mind of one another.

Remember to tell no one that you've seen me yet.

-My dear Doctor.

-I can't thank you enough.
-There is no need.

You, too, Tegan. You, too.

-Where are the others?
-Adric and Nyssa went to look for the Master.

What? They should know better than that.

There's been enough unnecessary deaths as it is.

-What deaths?
-The murder of innocent Logopolitans.

And the murder of innocent Earth people.

-Earth people?

-Aunty Vanessa?

I'm so sorry, Tegan.

I'm so sorry.

The Master is already at work on Logopolis.

I'm going to stop him if it's the last thing I do.


-Did you find him?

We'd better go back to the Doctor.

-Where did you get that?
-It's too small for me.

-What is it?
-It's a present.

-I've been trying to get it off.
-Who from?

-I hope you haven't broken it.

Adric, Nyssa, come on.


I don't want you two chasing after
the Master independently.

You, Adric, should know how dangerous he is.

-That's the man who brought me from Traken.

He said he was a friend of yours.

-But he's the man on the bridge.

-You said to be prepared for the worst.
-Indeed I did, and I am prepared for the worst.

Why are you prepared for the worst, Doctor?

Because he's here.

Please remain where you are. I have it
in my power to bring Logopolis to a complete halt.

There's much more to this
block transfer computation than we thought.

Yes, that's how they built a replica
of the Pharos Project.

Yes, yes, but why? Hmm?

Why build a replica of the Pharos Project?

Central Register.


-I don't...

- I can't hear anything.

Logopolis has stopped.

And I was vain enough to think
it was me he was after.

Logopolis is his target.

Turn that machine off.
You have no idea what you're doing.

Merely emitting a sound-cancelling wave, Monitor.
Logopolis is now temporarily suspended.

The silence gives us an opportunity
to discuss its future.

There will be no future.
You are eroding structure, generating entropy.

An absurd assertion.

I know the power of this device
down to the last decibel.

But you do not know Logopolis!

But I shall, shan't I? When you tell me
of the secret work you're doing here.

I cannot tell you.

Why have you created a copy
of the Pharos Project?

Hmm, the time has come
for you to share your secret with me.

No! No one must know.

That has been our firm decision.

Very well, we'll wait until you change it.
Patience is a particular virtue of mine.


That's not your father. Tremas is dead,
murdered by him, the Master.


You killed my father?

But his body remains useful.

-Without it, I could not have conquered Logopolis.
-This is not conquest. It's devastation.

It's nothing more than a blanket of silence.

Which is killing the Logopolitans
and turning them to dust.

-You expect me to believe that?

You are destroying everything.

It may already be too late.

You exaggerate, Monitor.
Logopolis is not the universe.

But it is! Logopolis is the keystone.

If you destroy Logopolis,
you unravel the whole causal nexus.

Causal nexus? You insult my intelligence.

You're interfering with the law of cause and effect.

Nyssa, Nyssa, let go.

That is a demonstration of the causal nexus.

You revolting man!

The electro-muscular constrictor
gives me complete control over that hand.

Please replace the screen.

I wouldn't take orders from you
if you were the last man in the universe.

Very well,
one of your young friends will eliminate the other.

You understand.
Logopolis is crucial to the whole of creation.

This could mean the end of the universe.

I've never been persuaded by hyperbole, Doctor.

Then come into the streets
and see what's happening.

No need for that. I can demonstrate
the continued functioning of Logopolis from here.

This device only creates temporary silence
and can be switched off.

You will hear nothing.

Local disruption of structure is now irreversible.

Logopolis is dead.

They've done this deliberately.

You've done this deliberately
to deprive me of my prize!

Nothing is solid now.

Entropy has taken over.

What's he done?

Everything began to waste away
when he interfered. But why?

-The numbers were supporting the whole system.
-I don't believe it. My biomechanism's untouched.

-The degradation is random.
-No, Monitor.

This is some crude defence mechanism.
A device to delude me.

Come, Nyssa.


The entropy you released
is eroding your systems, too.

Entropy absurd. The power is weak.
Some freak interference.

-Increase the power.
-More power would simply speed the collapse.


From this point, the unravelling will spread out
until the whole universe is reduced to nothing.

So it's true.

Yes, Doctor, you were right.

Our numbers were holding the fabric
of the universe together.

But how?

Surely in a closed system like the universe,
entropy is bound to increase.


The universe long ago passed the point
of total collapse.

-Passed the point?
-If it had remained closed.

But we have the means to postpone the time.

So that's why you adapted the Pharos Project.


We opened the system
by creating voids into other universes.

-The Charged Vacuum Emboitments.
-We passed through one of your voids, Monitor.

It all depended on our continual endeavours.

A temporary solution, while the advanced
research unit worked on a more permanent plan.

But nothing will come of that now.

Our labour's wasted. The voids will be closing.

There must be something we can do.

This will teach you to meddle in things
you don't understand!

We are beyond recriminations now.
Beyond everything.

Not quite.

We must pool our resources.

-The creature that killed my father...
-I can't choose the company I keep!

-An alliance with you, Doctor?
-In the circumstances, yes.

If we do cooperate, there'll be no question
of you ever returning to Gallifrey.

If we don't cooperate,
there'll be no question of Gallifrey.

-Doctor, what are you doing?

As Time Lords,
you and I have special responsibilities.

-Together, then?
-But, Doctor...

I've never chosen my own company.

Nyssa, it was you who contacted me
and begged me to help you find your father.

And, Tegan, it's your own curiosity
that got you into this.

And Adric, a stowaway.

-The Tardis!
-It's followed us from the Central Register.

-How can it get here when there's no one in it?
-Did I say there was no one in it?

It must be the man who brought me to Logopolis...

I don't want any further argument. One, two,
three of you into the Tardis. Quickly. Go on.

-Look, we want to help you...
-It's impossible.

My friend in there will look after you.
I'm collaborating with the Master. Now, go on.

-Battle stations.
-The man's a murderer.

Come on, Nyssa, he means it.

-One last hope.