Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 26 - Logopolis: Part Two - full transcript

With the threat of doom ever-present, the Doctor and Adric press on for Logopolis, where the muttered mathematical incantations of its people can completely overhaul the TARDIS. En route ...

-I think you'd better come along with us.
-But he's still about somewhere.

-''He'', sir?
-Yes, the Master.

Now just a minute, Officer.
You don't realise what's going on here.

No, sir. And I don't want to have to go into detail.

You want to think yourself lucky
that I don't have to be the judge.

Me lucky? You don't think that I... You do think.

I'm not paid to have opinions, sir.
I'm paid to do my duty.

Well, I do have opinions.

This is the calling card
of the most evil genius in the universe,

and I have to tell you gentlemen
I've got to get after him.

Now if you'll just help me
to create a diversion, hmm?

I think you just better come
along to the station with us, sir.

-I'd love to.
-Just to assist us in our enquiries.

Would you mind awfully
if I stopped and telephoned my solicitor?

You can do that back at the station.

It seems we're going to be
awfully busy at the station.

-Isn't that a telephone box?
-That's a police box, sir, not for...

-That would do fine, don't you agree?
-Look, sir, if you want a formal arrest...

Anything? No.

Help! Help me, please, quickly! Help!

Please help!


-Davis, get him. Davis!

Not that one, you fool. The other one!

-The box is gone.
-It could be anywhere in the Tardis.

Battle stations?


Come on now, sir.

-The Cloister Bell.
-A choice of emergencies.

We'd better dematerialise first.

-What's the matter?
-The Tardis is very sluggish.

We may not have any choice at all.

Get the key.

It's dragging us back.

We'll have to find
some more power from somewhere.

-The Cloister Bell.
-Shut the door, then.

There must be some way of simplifying this.

-Architectural configuration. That's the one.
-What's that?

Interior allocation of space.

-Adric, I'm going to jettison Romana's room.
-Are you sure?

-This is life. Nothing's sure.
-I'm sorry. I just...

-Do you want a quick decision or a debate?

You see. There's no need to shout.

-We're moving.

-So that other Tardis really has gone.
-Somehow I rather doubt that. Come on, Adric.

-But aren't you going to answer the Cloister Bell?
-Why don't you answer it? Go on.

Go on.

There's got to be a trick to this, Davis.

This place is unreal.

-Doctor, it stopped.
-Yes, so now we know.

Know what?

The message was very faint. It was from Traken.


-How's Nyssa?
-Nyssa's all right.


The Master must have had
a second Tardis hidden away somewhere.

The Master's escaped from Traken?

-But why take Nyssa's father?
-To renew himself.

He was very near the end
of his 12th regeneration.

-He's taken over Tremas?

-Can a Time Lord do that?
-Well, not just a Time Lord by himself,

but with some of the powers of the Keepership
still lingering, and I was so sure, I was so sure...

He must've known
I was going to fix the chameleon circuit.

-He read your mind?
-Well, he's a Time Lord!

In many ways, we have the same mind.

-Are we still going to Logopolis?
-No. How can we with the Master in the Tardis?

They're retiring people. They like a quiet life.

There's no telling what a creature like that
would do on Logopolis.

So how do we flush him out?

And there's no saying what that might do
to the Tardis systems.

Can you swim?


Materialise the Tardis underwater

and open the door.

That's the River Thames.
We'll put down there.

And water sluices in
and floods out the whole Tardis.

Yes. Adric, shut down everything.

Fold back the Omega configuration.

-Folded back.

-Exponential cross-field?

Good. Pathways to conditional states 7 to 17?


-Main and auxiliary drive?


Now, we're partially materialised
so there'll be a slight jolt.

-Are you ready?
-If you are.

What? Well, I'd feel more confident
if you just said yes.

-Good. Here we go, then.

This is too much!

A gentle splash-down.

-We must've touched bottom! Yes...
-Touched bottom?

Good thing that the water
was there to break our fall.

Crazy idiot of a pilot.
Wait till I have a word with him.

Who's that?

Careful now.
The water pressure could send us both flying.



That's odd.
There's no pressure on those doors at all.

-Perhaps we aren't down very deep.

Ah, I thought there'd be
a perfectly simple explanation.

-Nearly got it right.
-Nearly, but not quite right.

There's something not quite right about all of this.

The Master.

Nothing like this has ever happened before.

I've got to get to the bottom of this.
You stay here.

I definitely came in...

this way.

So this must be the way out.

Round and round like a hamster in a cage!
Somebody must be in charge here!

We'll just have to give it one more go.


Who was that?

-Doctor, who was that?

-Where are we going?

-I've just dipped into the future.

We must be prepared for the worst.

-So that was the Master?

-How do you deduce that?
-I just guessed.

Never guess. Unless you have to.
There's enough uncertainty in the universe as it is.

But I can help you, can't I?

In the ordinary way, yes.
This is something far too serious.

What sort of something?

A chain of circumstances that fragments the law
that holds the universe together.

-Yes. That aerial's a recent addition.

-Are we going to be staying long?
-You are.

-You and I have to part company.

-Look, if you're going after Nyssa, I'm coming, too.
-Adric, don't argue.

I demand to see whoever's in charge of this ship!

Tegan Jovanka.

And I'm not answering any more questions
until you tell me exactly who you are.

I'm Adric. That's the Doctor.

Who is she? Where did she come from?
What are we going to do with her?

You can take me right back where you found me,
Doctor whoever-you-are.

My aunt's waiting in the car
to take me to the airport.

Your aunt? Woman in the white hat?
Red sports car?

-You've seen her?
-Well, a little of her.

That settles it. She's got to come with us.

Settles what? Now wait a minute, Doctor!

My dear Doctor,

Logopolis is honoured by your visit.

Well, it's very nice of you
to put it like that, Monitor...

-I demand to know what's...
-Shh, shh. We're all very honoured to be here.

- Where's here?

Time has changed little for either of us, Doctor.

You continue to roam the universe,

while we persist in
our simple existence on this planet.

Yes. The antenna's new, Monitor.

Occasionally our researches require
what is sometimes called technology.

But for the most part,
our computations are enough.

If your computation can help solve a problem
in my Tardis, I'll be eternally grateful, Monitor.

You have recorded the dimensions
we need as data?

Yes, all the data, Monitor. I don't wish to press
you, but my problem is now extremely urgent.

It will only take a moment.

-Why don't we proceed to business immediately?
-Yes, yes.

-But all this is new, Monitor, and vaguely familiar.
-This is purely for our advanced researches.

-I thought you said they didn't use computers.
-That's right.

May I have the dimensions?

-Yes, historically, the Logopolitans do everything...
-The dimensions, Doctor.

This will only take a moment.

What's he doing?

The numbers. He's recreating the Tardis.

-The code is being compiled.
-Thank you, Monitor.

I'm certainly looking forward
to having a properly functioning Tardis.

You mean those people we saw in the streets
were working it out themselves?

-What, without technology?

Block transfer computation is a complex discipline,
way beyond the capabilities of simple machines.

It requires all the subtleties of the living mind.
Is that not so, Doctor?

Oh, indeed, Monitor, indeed.

When am I going to get
an explanation for all this?

-Do you really feel up to an explanation?
-I'll try.

Well, Adric, you explain.

Well, it's not the Doctor's fault
you wandered aboard.

Wandered? Listen, that ship was
deliberately disguised as a police box.

-I just want to know who you are and where I am.
-Look, I'd better explain...

This will restore your chameleon circuit, Doctor.

Splendid, Monitor.
I've really been looking forward to this.

Of course. The Pharos Project!

But this is a near replica
of the Pharos computer room.

-It is a perfectly logical copy.

I always thought you underestimated the
possibilities of block transfer computation, Doctor.

You see, structure is the essence of matter,
and the essence of structure is mathematics.

What? You can model
a Pharos Project mathematically?

Of course, and supply the necessary raw energy.

What? You can model
any space-time event in the universe.

That is true. Now shall we implement
the solution to your little problem, Doctor?

Yes, yes.

What's a Pharos, Doctor?

-Ancient Greek for lighthouse.
-What's a lighthouse?

A famous Earth project,
transmits signals to remote planets.

I understand they're trying to get
intelligent life to respond.


-Monitor, I must ask you a very special favour.
-My dear Doctor, of course.

Adric and the girl,
would you look after them for me?

-You don't want them with you in the Tardis?
-No. What lies ahead is for me, not for them.

I hate farewells.

There is a chance the computation
may produce an instability.

The Doctor's in danger?

A simple precaution.
There is very little that could go wrong.

-In fact, nothing at all.
-He said he was expecting danger.

I must confess, I misled the Doctor
in order to have the pleasure of your company

while he engages in this mundane task.

Now, perhaps you would like
to see more of Logopolis.

I'd prefer to see a lot less of it.

Can you give me some idea
how long we're going to be delayed here?

-I'm sorry. She's upset.
-Too right I'm upset. Wouldn't you be...


I've got a job to do.


-How did you get here?
-A friend of the Doctor's brought me.

-He's here somewhere.
-Who's Nyssa?

She's the friend who helped me on Traken.

-Is the Doctor here?
-In the Tardis.

Hi, I'm Tegan. Did they hijack you, too?

-What's the matter?
-A transfer instability.

It may be only temporary.

Something's wrong.
Yes, you're right.

It's getting smaller.

-Can't you do something?
-I don't understand.

I don't understand.

But the Doctor's in there!