Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 19 - Warriors' Gate: Part Three - full transcript

While Biroc leads the Doctor to a view of the Tharil's lordly past, Romana learns more about the damaged freighter and the coldheartedness of its crew. Meanwhile Commander Rorvik, confounded by the time mirror inside the universal center gateway, ignores evidence that it's no simple mirror and decides to blast it, imperiling the lives of everyone.

Come on, K9, nearly there.

Orders, master.

Access required. Immediate priority.

Biroc, how did I get through the mirror?

Time winds touched your hand.

- It will be healing now.
- What?

I'll go down that way,
you have a look in there.

Come back, it's in here.

You first, then.

They're looking for you. Hide.

No, no brute force.

This needs some thought.

Angle of incidence equals
angle of reflection.

Thought, I said.

But what about K9?

The time winds positively blasted him.
Can he pass through the mirror?

When the time is right.

Newton"s third law of motion.

Action and reaction are equal
and opposite.


If we can get him through the mirror,
will it repair him?

You have in your pocket a memory wafer
you took from the Gundan.

What? That's right. Yes, I have.
Look, look.

K9 will be restored in the same way.

Then we must get him here.

That will happen.

But your hand is living matter,

and will remain healed when you return
to the other side of the mirror.

So K9 can only be revived
on this side of the mirror?

Where he must stay.

No, don't go, don't go. Please.

Where is this place?
Where have you brought us?

You are where you were.

What? The gateway, still?
But that's nowhere.

The Tharils and those with us.
It opens onto a whole universe.

I see.

I see. E-Space. That's right.

Yes, for you people

it's a jumping-off point for E-Space,
but for non-time sensitives...

Biroc, Biroc, I...


He's gone again.

It's like talking to a Cheshire cat.

He's not in here.

Her mind's gone. She's dreaming.

I knew she couldn't take that voltage.

Yeah, that must be it.

There's nobody here.

How long she gonna be doing this?

I mean, we can't keep checking up
every five minutes.

Plug her up again.

- Give her another dose.
- You're very generous with the amperage.

Do you think we should?

Who's to tell?

Come on, let's get on with it.
We'll never get through here.

What are you doing to those creatures?

She's talking.

That's right. I'm talking to you
and I want some answers.

She did see something.

What did you see?

Time sensitive. A Tharil, wasn't he?
How many more of them are there?

Where is he?

Answer it.

- Who's that? Royce?
- Aldo here, sir.

Break up the MZ.
I've sent Packard and Lane back for it.

He wants the MZ.

Not the MZ. What's he up to?

At the double!

Well, at least he doesn't
want us out there.

Well, that's something.

- Sagan here. Aldo?
- Royce, sir.

Right, you can bring
the lunch over here.

- Orders, master. Orders.
- Vanish.

- Orders, master.
- That was an order.

- The MZ will do it.
- Can't be sure.

Why not?

I can't be sure of anything
in this place.

These readings don't make sense.

How can it be a shorter distance
coming back than going?

Is that what it says?

All the machinery is packing up.

It's bad luck having that girl onboard.
That's what it is.

Reference order, quote, vanish, unquote.

To vanish, to cease to exist,
to become zero.

Present environment
fulfils this condition.

This unit awaits next order.

There's our bad luck.

Must be crossing the striations
of the time lines.

Orders, master. Orders.

This thing is getting heavier.

I don't know.
We made that trip back fast enough.

Mass instability anomaly.
Further data required.

Yeah, seemed like that to me, too.

Not as far coming back
as it was going out.

Imminent decision necessary.

Microcosm universe system,
unbalanced and contracting.

Draith, close the doors.

Packard. Oh, yes, sir.
Yes, the MZ's ready.

No, no, no.
It's bound to do the trick. What?

- The girl's gone.
- Shut up.

No. Not you, sir.

It's Rorvik. Yes, sir.
Right. Soon as we can.

- What?
- She got out of the harness.

Well, she must be here somewhere.

What do you know about it?

- Not me.
- Not us.

- I haven't seen anything.
- Typical, typical.

Come on, get the MZ outside.
Come on, move.

Rorvik's thinking of giving it
a back blast if the MZ doesn't move it.

- The warp motors might just stand it.
- Might?

We'll have to do better than that, Lane.

Never a moment to yourself on this ship.

You pull, I'll push.

I don't like the sound of that.

All right. I'll push, you pull.


Right. Search the ship.

When was the last time we had this out?

Oh, the Tharil hunt on Shapeer.

Either we're getting old
or this is getting heavier.

Bit of both, I reckon.

We're outside.

Pity. I want to be on the inside.

But I've just rescued you.

Thank you. But I have got to find out
what they're up to in there.

- Do you know what a Tharil is?
- No.

Well, there's one loose on this ship.
And they're all terrified of it.

It's like Biroc, but horribly burnt.

Where's the Doctor?

I have seen him.

What is it?

I'm not sure.

That machine they put me into,
it projected an image, a gateway.

The Doctor might be there.

Come on, let's follow him. Follow.

So it wasn't just a trick.
There really is warp damage.

No chance of taking off
with the motors in this state.

Should be good for a back blast, though.

What's that, Lane?
Lane, I'm not getting you.


There's something wrong
with the electrics.

I'll go and check the main cables.

We can get back into the ship this way.

No, it's just a breach
in the outer skin.

The hull's sealed.

- That's funny.
- What is it?

Those warp motors are huge.

Three times what they need
for a ship this size.

Lane again.
I'm worried about these main cables.

A few more inches,
we'll lose all our drive power.

I'm going up to check the main routings.

Hello, Packard?

Wait here.


It's dwarf star alloy.
The whole hull's made of it.

Dwarf star alloy?

Dwarf star molecules are compacted
under enormous gravitational force.

That's why the alloy is so heavy.

No wonder they need big motors.

Alert. Danger. Warning.
Present mass anomaly increasing.

Dimensional contraction
of microcosmic system. Orders.

Urgent request for orders.

Imminent danger of
mathematical vanishing. Orders.

Mass conversion anomaly.

This microcosm subject to
imminent dimensional instability.

Shh. K9.

Alarm. Warning. Danger.

Stop him.


That damn machine again.

Get K9 back to the...

Go to the gateway. Go to the gateway.

The gate...

Put her in the hold.

Who's that boy?

He must be another one
from the blue box.

He's somewhere out there now.

Do you get the feeling
it's closing in around you?


It's time we got back.
Get the mass detector.

Get the mass detector.

If it's not too much trouble.

Right. We're here.

They're here.

That was quick.

Very odd.
Seemed no distance at all this time.

Now, I want your complete attention

for the next couple of minutes.

This is going to be a nasty job.

The MZ isn't something
to fool around with.

You all remember
what happened to the last...

Right. Lunch up, lads.

My goodness. You live like kings.

We are kings.

Now listen,
I'm only going to say this once.

We're stuck here with no warp motors
and no navigator.

Now, in practical terms,
that means we stay here forever

unless we do something about it.


And that means the mirror.

There's a way through.
You've all seen it.

That's why we brought up the MZ.

Will you listen to me when I'm talking?

This is very serious.
We are in a terminal situation.

A dead end.

Such variety.
Where did it all come from?

The universe is our garden.


So this is what it was all like?

At the height of our empire,

before the Tharils became
the slaves of men.

I noticed you don't
do too badly for staff.

This garden of yours, the universe.
How do you manage it?

We use our power for those
who travel on the time winds.

Vastness of space is no obstacle.
Everything is ours.

Including her.

They're only people.

So you're the masters
the Gundans spoke of, hmm?

The enslavers.

The weak enslave themselves, Doctor.

You and I know that.

Yes. Yes.

This is no way to run an empire.

Danger. The Doctor's in danger.


Well, Doctor.

This is a surprise.