Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 10 - Full Circle: Part Two - full transcript

As the humanoid community takes refuge in their crashed spaceship, venomous marsh spiders begin to hatch from the local fruit while bestial marshmen emerge from the waters to walk the land. It is quite apparent that the marshmen desire entry into the spaceship. Meanwhile, as a curious marshchild shadows the Doctor, a group of teen rebels decides to take over the TARDIS.


What do you make of this fog, K9?

Unfamiliar composition.
Initial analysis indicates non-toxic.


I must go back and warn the others.

Um, you'd better take this.

Oh, a homing device.

Yes. To help you find your way
back to the Tardis.

- How's the knee?
- Healed.



Master, alert!


- They've stopped moving, K9.
- The observation is correct.

Come on. Let's get out of sight.

Slow movement is advised, master.

- Decider Draith is dead?
- Well, leader?

All right, all right, maybe I was wrong.

- You'd better not be lying, Adric.
- The Doctor believed me.

- He is lying.
- No, I'm not.

Look, they gave me that.


It's a homing device
for locating the Tardis.


They've sealed the Starliner.

The mist is getting thicker.

- The Tardis.
- No.

- We can't stay here.
- Why not the Tardis, Adric?

- It's too small.
- That's not what you told us.

- You said it was huge...
- Well, I can't remember where it is.


It's as if they are trying
to acclimatise.

Which they seem to be doing
rather quickly.

Follow them, K9.

- Master?
- Let me know where they settle.



How odd. I usually get on
terribly well with children.


Negative coordinates.

Doctor, I've calculated that...

We're taking over your ship.

Nefred, I must speak with you.

Nefred, is something wrong?


- I have seen the system files.
- As is your right.

Garif... If you could but guess.

Well, only you are entitled
to those secrets.

But such secrets, Garif.

Such secrets.

You're right about Login.
We must have him with us.

He's probably
the most respected man in the community.

After yourself.

After no one.

What if he refuses the post?

I shall be very afraid.

- Deciders.
- Ah, Login.

- Have you made up your mind?
- I have.

- Do you accept the post?
- I do.

- And your daughter?
- Keara?

Keara was a disruptive element.

And what is your first concern?

The welfare of the community
and the work toward the embarkation.

Well done. And welcome, Decider Login.

- Where is the Doctor?
- On his way back.


Watch out.

Your knife.

I'm sorry. This is my fault.

- What do you want?
- It's Mistfall.

The Doctor.

How did you do that?

I'm not quite sure.

- What's happening?
- ADRIC: I don't know.

Something has picked up the Tardis.








Even as our ancestors journeyed
from Terradon

and even as our descendants
will one day return there,

so we are once again

enclosed within our Starliner.

This great ship brought us far
from our own shores and long ago,

damaged and departing from its course,

landed our forebears in this alien land.

Citizens, we are not of this planet.

Therefore we will lack nothing,
though we have lost its suns,

its waters and its rich fruits.

For generations,
the Starliner has been our shelter

and a reminder of our true home.

But we will not falter,

rather we will redouble our efforts

towards the embarkation.

ALL: Towards the embarkation.


Continue the work of maintenance.


Let's get out of here.

We don't know what's out there.

I'm not staying here.

I don't trust her.

What about Mistfall?

- We'll go back to the Starliner.
- The Starliner is closed.

Adric, is there any machinery on
your planet that could lift the Tardis?

How heavy is it?

Um, 5 times 10 to the 6 kilos
in your gravity.

- No.
- (SCOFFING) Deciders' talk.

When Mistfall comes,
the giants leave the swamp.

- The marshmen.
- You're trying to scare us.

You're suggesting the marshmen
carried this thing.

ROMANA: Let's have a look.

- That's not Alzarius.
- No, it's still Gallifrey.

If the Doctor's theory's right,

we'll need a local image translator
to see what's out there.

Or we could just look out
through the door.


MAN OVER PA: Maintenance unit 9,
to level 7 into section 13.

Maintenance unit 9,
to level 7 into section 13.

Peripheral maintenance units 17 and 22
to level 10.

Peripheral maintenance units 17 and 22
to level 10.


A creature from the marsh.


Get back.


Gently, gently.
Can't you see it's terrified?

What do you mean, it's...

- Who are you?
- A visitor.

But how did you...

- You unsealed the entrance.
- Yes, but I sealed it up again.

I try to leave things as they are. Shh.

Come on. Come on.
You're all right. Come on.

Everything's gonna be all right.
You're quite safe with me.

CITIZEN: Intruders, Decider.
This one unsealed the entrance.

LOGIN: What?


- GARIF: That creature. A marsh creature.
- It's docile. Totally harmless.

GARIF: We've waited a long time
to examine one of these.

Take it to Dexeter.

DOCTOR: No, no, no, no, no.
Leave it alone. Leave it alone.


I am Nefred.

I am Garif.

- I am Login.
- And I'm the Doctor.

We have questions to put to you.


Do not be afraid. I am non-hostile.
Operating in data acquisition mode.

Explain your...



That was your computer?

Oh, he can be repaired.

In fact, we always
seem to be repairing him.

- Senseless creatures.
- I don't think so.

They're adapting very fast.
That's intelligent behaviour.

Intelligent? Trying to kill us.

But they probably don't even know
there's anyone in here.

To them
the Tardis is just a big boulder.

- Why did they choose this cave?
- Yes. Why our cave?

Why did you choose this cave?

To keep an eye on the Starliner,
of course.

It looks straight down into the valley.

Huh. Of course.

- The momentum.
- Yes.

If the Tardis is as heavy as you say...

- What is it? What momentum?
- Accelerating down the slope.

- How far, Adric?
- 5,000 metres.

I think we're about
to become a battering ram

to smash in the Starliner.

You witnessed
the death of Decider Draith?

Look, I'm sure this ceremonial's
all terribly impressive...

Please answer the questions, Doctor.

Decider Draith.

Well, Decider Draith was dragged
into the swamp.

What have the marshmen got against you?

We're investigating that question.

They seem to resent
our presence as aliens.

Why can't people be nice
to one another, just for a change?

I mean, I'm an alien, and you don't want
to drag me into a swamp, do you?

You do.

How do you know this about Decider
Draith if you did not witness the event?

Well, I have a very reliable eyewitness

and then when I went
to the scene of the crime...

- You went to the marsh?
- Yes.

The mists. How could you breathe?

Well, an odd smell, I agree.
But definitely non-toxic.

Clearly the witness is lying.
The manuals say the mists are fatal.

- Not necessarily.
- Not necessarily?

As First Decider,
I am now keeper of the system files.

The truth is known to Nefred. We must
simply accept the inconsistencies.

It is fitting that the citizens believe
the mists are dangerous.

It stops them from straying
when Mistfall comes.

- LOGIN: But if that is so...
- It is for the good of the community.

My daughter may still be alive.

Citizen Dexeter,
you have examined the marsh child?

The specimen is useless. Nothing.

No aggression, none of
the characteristic traits. Useless.

Oh, come on.
Depends on your point of view.

- I'm speaking scientifically.
- So am I.

- You're a scientist?
- Nice to meet you.

Useless, you say? Listen,
would you care for a second opinion?

You can't take off from inside a cave.

Well, I'd explain, but I don't think
even your maths is good enough.

- I'm shutting the door.
- Wait. They're leaving.


So that's what frightened
the marshmen off.

More of them. Look.

ROMANA: They're only spiders.

ROMANA: They're only spiders.

The door. Shut the door.

- Adric?
- What are you doing?

Romana's out there. Open the door.

I think I've pulled the wrong lever.