Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 17, Episode 20 - The Horns of Nimon: Part Four - full transcript

While the Doctor endeavors to amend putting Romana in great peril, she experiences a foretaste of Skonnos's fate on the ravaged planet Crinoth, and a shocked but undeterred Soldeed gets a glimmer of how he's been used by the Nimon.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Doctor, there's someone coming!

There, that should do it.

-I said there's someone coming!
-I said that should do it.

Come on.

A-ha! Romana? Ro...

Where is she?

She must have been inside the capsule.

What are you going to do?

Well, I'll have to switch the whole
thing back. Let's hope we've got time.

You, Doctor!

It's all right.
I can explain everything.

-Leave that alone!
-No, when you see what happens...

-You meddling fool.

You shall die!

Seth, well done!

-Is he dead?
-No, just knocked out.

Right. Now, let's see
what the damage is.

Oh, I don't like the look of that.

Sorry, Romana.

Doctor, I...


Doctor, where are you?


Stop! Pursue her!

-Is it very bad?
-It's very bad.

I might just be able to fix it,

if I can cannibalise
one of the other circuits.

-Is there anything I can do?
-No, no.

You've done enough.

It's K9 I need now.

Oh! My gravitic anomoliser.

-Will it help?
-It might help.

Though, you see,
it's an entirely different system

but it just might be compatible.

Will it work?

Well, if it's compatible
it'll work better than the original.

On the other hand,
if it's not compatible...


...there'll be a bang so big
you won't even hear it.

Oh, Doctor, look!

He'll warn the Nimon!
Quick after him!

Come on!

Down there. Come on!

-Who are you?
-I am Sezom.

You just saved my life.

-Are they dead?
-Alas, no.

But they will be
unconscious for a while.

Who are you? Why are you here?

I'm Romana. I'm here by accident.
Where are we?

This is Crinoth. What's left of it.

-Why? What happened?
-The Nimons happened.

They have destroyed everything.

Everyone... Everyone but me.

Are you all right? You look awful.

My...time is almost up.

-Here, sit down.
-Thank you.

-There, how's that?

-You're very kind.
-You did just save my life.

But I have caused the death
of so many others.

The total destruction of our planet
and all its people.

-I am to blame.
-Why? What did you do?

I allowed the Nimons to come here.

I worked for them,
became their creature.

They promised us technology,
peace, prosperity. It...

Go on.

It seemed so easy, such a small price.

Did you have to provide them
with some sort of tribute?

How did you know that?

I've seen something similar.

There was only one of them
to start with.

I never knew what was to come.

I swear,
I never knew what was to come.

It seemed...such a small price to pay.

It always does.

You stay here. I'll check it.

Yes, come on, it's this way. Teka.



Seth? Seth!


So, you have power, do you?

Power that even Soldeed
cannot understand?

They are like a plague of locusts.
They seem harmless enough...

-Till they start to swarm.
-Yes, from planet to planet,

sucking each one dry, then moving on
to another and another and another.

-Their numbers are multiplying.
-I've got to get back to Skonnos.

-Where is Skonnos?
-It's their next victim planet.

-I've just come from there.
-Then you must get back and warn them.

It could be easier said than done.
Can you help me get back to the capsule?

I will try.

Teka! Where are you?

Welcome back, Romana!

Oh, my prophetic soul!

This is Crinoth.
We have not moved.


What is this place?
-It's... You can speak!

Affirmative. What is this place?
-It's Soldeed's laboratory.

What am I doing here?

Soldeed brought you here.

Kindly remove me from this surface.

First, give me a demonstration
of your power.

That was merely a warning.
Kindly remove me from this surface.

Wait a minute!

Something has gone wrong on Skonnos.

-The way is blocked.
-Prepare the final contingency plan.

That is too dangerous.

There are too many of us
still on this planet.

If it explodes too soon...

We have no choice.

The great journey of life must continue.

What do they mean,
''final contingency plan''?

There is no energy left here.

They rely on the power plant
on the next planet to pull them through.

-So if anything goes wrong there...
-The only way they can escape

is to convert the matter
of this planet itself into energy.

-Can they do that?
-Yes, but it's a chain reaction.

Once it starts
there's no way of stopping it,

and the whole planet will explode.

After they've gone, presumably.
Poor Crinoth!

-I wonder what's gone wrong on Skonnos?
-Don't worry about that.

If I know anything
about the one who caused it,

he'll find a way of undoing it.

Then you'll be able to get back
and warn them?

Well, first,
I have to get back to the capsule.

How are we going to deal
with the Nimons?

-I have my staff.
-Can you kill them with that?

No, I can only stun them.

And they let you keep it?

It couldn't do them any harm
when they gave it to me.

But they overlooked the fact that
I might be clever enough to modify it.

I discovered that jasonite
increased the power considerably.

-It's a type of rock

which carries a powerful
electromagnetic charge.

I've been experimenting
with possible uses for it for years.

I even tried to get the Nimons to help
but they weren't interested.

Can I have this?

Yes, of course.

-How are we going to get past them?



Alarm! Alarm! Crinoth is being invaded.

The complex is in danger.

Well done!
Now, quickly, into the capsule.

-I... I'm done for.

-Come with me!
-No, it's too late for me.

Listen. More Nimons.

-Hurry, then! Hurry!
-I can't leave you!

Get into the capsule.
It's your only chance.

Give me my staff.

I'll try to hold them off
as long as I can.

-Hurry, now!
-Thank you, Sezom.

Go! Go and warn Skonnos
and the rest of the universe!

Come on, Doctor! Come on!

-Leave those controls.
-Ah, hello there. I was just...

Stand aside.

Kill him.

But not yet.

We need to know who he is
and what he is doing here.

Well, really, I was just standing here
admiring the view...


Later you will be questioned,
tortured and killed.

Well, I hope you get it
in the right order.

Come on, Doctor! Come on!

There is an alien creature
inside the capsule.

Very well.
Prepare to blast it open.

He has reversed the flow of the tunnel.

Yes, you see. Well, that's what
I was trying to explain when I...

Silence, Skonnon!

Did you imagine you could prevent
the great journey of life?

-No. But what I thought was...
-Switch it back.

Thank you.

Doctor, I don't know what you think
you're playing at but...


Another of the creatures. Kill her!

-Doctor, I've lost Teka...
-Seth, catch!

-jam it between the prongs!

-Now shoot it! Shoot!

What's going on?
-Thank you, Seth.

The invasion started from Crinoth.
Doctor, switch it back.

I'll do better that that.
I'll lock it off for good.


I think we're going to be all right.



you took your time getting here.

Never mind, now you're here
you can make yourself useful.

-What is it?
-What do you mean, what is it?

-It's my dog.

He's called K9. K9?

I want to modify the controls,
I want to divert the space time tunnel

and send the Nimons
back into the middle of nowhere.

-What do you think?
-Affirmative, master.

-Good, good.
-What about Teka?

Well, if the Nimons got her,
she'll be in the larder.

-The room with the nuclear furnace.

I'll meet you both there.
Go on, off you go!

Right. Come on, Seth.

K9, this is going to be a bit sticky.


You, you meddlesome hussy!
Do not touch the sacrifices.

It's all over, Soldeed. You're finished.

No. The Nimon will fulfil
his great promise!

-The Nimon be praised!
-The Nimon be praised?

-How many Nimons have you seen today?
-Don't dare blaspheme the Nimon!

-How many?
-Skonnos will...

How many Nimons?

Three. I have seen three.

Well, I've just seen a whole lot more
rampaging down the corridor.

-Face it, Soldeed, you're being invaded.
-He said he was the only one.

The last survivor of his race.

He told you what you wanted to hear,
promised you what you wanted to have.

So this is the great journey of life?

They're parasitic nomads

who have been feeding
off your selfishness and gullibility!

My dreams of conquest!

You have brought this calamity upon me!

You've brought it on yourself!

You will die for your interference!

Stop him!

You fools. You are all doomed.



-Get the others out of here.
-But they're dead!

No, they're not, they're just paralysed.
K9, get them out quickly.


The controls, they're jammed.
It's gone critical.

It's turned into a bomb
and there's nothing we can do about it.

I knew you'd save me, Seth.
I knew it.

We aren't saved yet.
Come on, let's get out of here

before the whole place explodes.
Come on!



You defeated the Nimon, Seth.

-Not entirely.
-I knew you would.

Now you'll get us out of this maze,
won't you?

Doctor, how are we going
to get out of this place

if no one else
has ever managed it before?

Ah, but they didn't have a brilliant
tracker dog like K9, did they?

He can follow the scent
all the way to the exit.

Come on, K9.

Come on.

Pursue them!

-What is it, K9?
-Configuration has changed.

It will be necessary for me to compute
a suitable route as we proceed.


Come on, K9. You can do it.

Pursue them!

There he is. There.

-What is going on here?
-We don't know.

This is the exit, Master.

What? But it can't be.

Try pointing the staff.


In the name
of the second Skonnon Empire!

-We're trapped.

K9, what do you make
of that wall in front of you?

-Question not understood.
-There! There! In front of you.

-That is the exit, Master.
-No, no! The wall!

-Come on, Doctor, hurry up.
-Shh! just a minute. K9?

-Is that a wall in front of us?
-Negative, Master.

Off you go, then.

Ah! A very clever illusion!

Quick, everybody through, quick! Quick!

This is not possible.
Where is Soldeed?

-Soldeed's dead.
-And the Nimons are finished.

Seth defeated them, I knew he would.
He's the hero of Aneth.

-Teka, please.
Get away, everybody! Get away!

Everybody take cover,
the whole place is about to explode!

Oh, no. Not again.

Well, I never finished the modifications
to the conceptual geometer.

Immobilised again?

Yes, well,
what could possibly go wrong out here?

-You said that once before, remember?
-I've said it hundreds of times before.

-And how many times have you been right?
-Oh, four or three.

What do you think Skonnos
will be like with Sorak in charge?

Oh, not much better.
Nasty race of people.

Still, they're too busy
fending for themselves

to bother anyone else now.



And the end of the Nimons.

Hmm. Good job, too.

I hope Seth and Teka and the others
get back to Aneth safely.

I should hope so.
I made Sorak give them a ship.

Look, there they are.

Poor old Seth.
-Poor old Seth?

Yes, well,
just imagine the legends

Teka is going to build up around him.
He'll have to spend the rest of his life

trying to live up to them.
It's terrible.

-I suppose that's how legends are made.

I'm glad this time I reminded them
to paint their ship white.

Last time anything like this happened

I completely forgot.
Caused quite a hoo-ha.

-What are you talking about?

Oh, other times, other places.

Well, come on, old girl.

There's quite a few millennia
left in you yet.

Thank you, Doctor.

Not you, the Tardis.