Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 17, Episode 15 - Nightmare of Eden: Part Three - full transcript

Hiding out from arresting authorities in the electronic zoo's inhospitable Eden exhibit, the Doctor and Romana discover a man reported dead. Meanwhile, the monsters, called mandrels, start attacking and killing passengers, much to the amusement of the ship's captain.

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Ah, Doctor. This is Officer Fisk and Officer Costa,
of the Azure Customs and Excise Serviqe --

Good, good. Now listen.

- Galaxyans identity plaque.
- Can't I just...

Let me see, now on this ship.

The plaque, please. And yours, please.

I haven't got one.

Neither have I.

That's a serious offence for a start.

Drugs! Vraxoin!

Names and dates of birth. Come on, come on.

- Romana.
- Romana who?

When you please, listen, ***** drugs.

Names and dates of birth?

Where I have *****.
I haven't even found out who it is yet.

Your name and date of birth.

Oh, no, well. I'm the Doctor. As for my date of birth,

it's difficult to remember. Sometime quite soon, I think.

I would advise you not to play the fool with us.

Will you please listen to me for a moment.

Vraxoin is the most dangerously addictive drug
in existence, and is on this ship.

All in good time.

There is no good time. These criminals must be caught.

- Costa.
- Right.

We'll start with you.

It's clean.

You're wasting your time.

What it's it?

Vraxoin. Traces of it in his pocket.

So, the criminals must be catch, Doctor?

Oh, for heavens. *****

You're under arrest.

All right. May I just say one thing this moment?

- Well?.
- It's... Look.

Quick, Romana, *****, quickly.

**** it.

Get me in.

Now, what do we do?

Just find me Eden. Come on.

No, we can't. It's too unstable.

Come on. We must, we must.

We could get torn apart!

We'll have to risk it.

Come on. Come on.

Well. Have you like think?

I don't.

No, but we might find a few answers here.

Which way?

Let's go east.

How do you know that way's east?

Well, I don't. Let's go that way and call it east.

Why not call it north?

All right, well call it north.

Call me go, please.


Come on. You must ***** yourself up.

You must be another where *****.

I don't no.

It's got to be. What's that?

It's the door.

*****. Get Tryst.

How did you know we could get into the projection?

Same way I know I can get into the TARDIS.

Tryst doesn't realise what he's stumbled
on with that ramshackle machine of his at least.

I don't think he does.

Relative stumbled dimensional field?

Yes. All this is recorded on laser crystal.
When it's played back.

It's restructured on an intra-dimensional matrix.

Yes, well. Roughly speaking.

Without a dimensional osmosis damper,
everything got mixed up together

and we can just walk straight into the projection?
- Yes.

And anything else can just walk straight out?
- Yes.

It wasn't for those idiotic customs men.

Idiots! They're worse than idiots, they're bureaucrats

that exist tangle people up in red tape.

Wrap them round and round until they can't move.

- Romana?
- Yes.

I can't move!

Neither can I! No, don't wriggle.

The more you struggle, the more it'll think it's dinner.

- Dinner?
- Yes.

This particular plant is a man-eater! Quick. Root! Root!

Are you all right?


You know, that thing didn't taste at all bad!

***** off. The select is go. It's difficult *****.

The man is a criminal. That's *****.

I don't see the logical connection.

The criminals is like that.

*****. Can you open it?

*****. The Doctor ***** open it by personal kit.

It's the only way...

***** the Doctor is in serious travellement.
It's a Pity. It's a brilliant man.

- Doctor!
- Ssshhh!

It's waiting for mechanical sound.

On we go.

Now, take care.

What that's?

I don't no.

Hello, dear. Thank you, very much.

You seem to have saved our lives.

Who are you?

My name's Stott.

- Stott... Stott of the Tryst expedition?
- Yes.

I think this belongs to you.

I'm the Doctor and this is Romana.
We're travellers and --

This way.

I know somewhere safe, follow me.

Not bad, not bad at all.

How long have you been here?

Someone shot me down from behind.

Left me in the jungle to die.

I survived though, managed to crawl back here.

Then I got caught up in the Event Transmuter.

How did you get those marks?

A Mandrel, one of those things I chased off just now.

Mandrel, Doctor, who Mandrel?

*****. ***** 3 days here?

Yes. I thought I was trapped in here
for the rest of my life.


The hardest thing was being able
to look out and see Delia.

Yes. *****. *****.

When did you first discover you could get out
of the projection?

Just after the accident.
Something must have gone rrong with the CET machine.

- The edge of the projection was shimmering.
- Realy?

I discovered I could walk right through it
and found myself on the Empress.

Why did you go sneaking
about the ship disguised as a passenger?

Why didn't you tell anyone
when you realised u could get out?

Because of what I am and what I'm doing.

I'm a Major in the Intelligence Section
of the Space Corps, on a special drug running.

And you thought I was the one you were after?

Well, I overheard you two Romana talking in the lounge.

Tryst told with you and ***** Delia.

Tryst is fool. It's nothing.

He didn't realise his expedition was being used

to transport Vraxoin and I haven't found it.

If you store it inside a projection on the CET machine,
it doesn't show up on a scan.

The smugglers will have arranged for a pick-up
somewhere along the line,

if the Vraxoin's here in the Eden projection
and pass it on.

Yes. You get the stuff out?

Just a tiny sample. Seeker must have found it.

They made him an addict and paid him off with the drug.

Yes. But more important,
where the main supply is hidden.

He only had a little though,
you took the last phial from me.

I need to know where's the new source?

The first thing to do is to get this projection
safely sealed off again.

Which means we've got to you.


Separate the ships. Tell me.

Can we get out of the projection somewhere near
the Empress power units?

Yes. You can leave the projection at any point.

Good, good, then let's get moving. Come on.

Well, come on.


Look out Doctor!

It's all right, is mine.

What is it?

Well, perfectly normal electronic dog.

Master? I have look it the power unit.

Good, good. Now listen K9.

This is Stott, he's a friend. All right?


Good. Let's get on way.

Liquid-hydrogen pump, turbo-pump exhaust,
reactor, core, pressure shell. Right.

Doctor, do you really think you can get this thing going?

I can start anything from a steam engine to a TARDIS.
Got a match?

- Whatever for?
- No, but I need to jam this switch down.

- What *****?
- Perfect.

Master, During your absence,
my sensors detected a alien creatures in this area.

- Mandrels K9!
- It's noted, Mistress.

You'd better guard the door, K9.
How many were there?

Five units, Master.

Five! We'd better get a move on all over the ship!

Shouldn't we try to deal with them now.

No, no, no. As long as the projection is unstable.

Mandrels can enter the ship from Eden whenever they like.
It'd be like trying to bail out a small boat...

- Sieve?
- Yes.

I assure you we're doing everything possible.
The Captain's got an expert --

We should have been on Azure hours ago.

My fellow passengers have asked me to represent them
and I insist on taking our complaints to the Captain.

You must understand is very busy in emergency
his doing everything possible to get you to Azure.

I take it you're the Captain?

Oh, nothing much.

What's happening? What are those things?

A judgement on us all!


I'll have you shot for this, Captain.

Bridge here. Emergency!
Passengers in section sixty-seven are under attack.

All members of security guards proceed
to area sixty-seven immediately.

I shall be charging you with gross neglect of duty.

The passengers should be-your first concern,

and here you sit looking
on while they're attacked and killed.

Oh, what?

They're only tourist passengers after all.
What's all the fuss about?

*****, Romana?

- Romana, what that...?
- Mandrel!

K9! Quickly!

Doctor, they're coming from both sides.

I've got to get this job finished.
Romana, you check the cable to the reactor?

It's interrupted, I was.

Check it again, I need to be absolutely sure!

It's all right. It's quite dead!

If you say so.

Was it the right one?

No, I'm sorry, it was the one below.

There could have been a rather spectacular explosion.

Are we ready to go yet?

Two things, I need to be the power to bridge
at maximum to switch on the demat gun in the TARDIS,

all at the same time as I start up
this nuclear gas-oven here.

- All right?
- All right. - Good.

Captain? The ship is a disaster area.

I'm placing you under arrest for gross dereliction of duty.

That's really nice under arrest.

Now, we've got to deal with these Mandrels.
We must seal hunt and destroy.

I shall send down for heavy-duty blasters.

I'd rather they weren't all killed if it's possible?

Those things are killing people out there!
What do you suggest we do with them?

Some kind of tranquillising dart?

We haven't time to pussyfoot around.
I can't see why you concern yourself about the filthy things.

The Mandrels are conservation.
Kill these species and there will be very few left.

I'm in charge here now, I shall do as I think best.

Level bridge, two Mandrels attacking this section!

Then kill them!

We'll try, but we're afraid of damaging the fuel tanks.

Keep them surveillance and anything movement them, destroy.

Yes, sir.

- Has the Doctor been any sign in this sector?
- No, sir.

Yes, well. Pass the word arround.
He's to be arrested on sight.

If he offers any resistance, he's to be shoot down.

Shoot down, sir?

- It's a criminals, aren't they?
What else do you do with criminals? - Sir.

Stott, I want you guide Romana back through the jungle

and K9, I want you to go back the way you came.

Negative, Master. *****.
It is unsafe to pass through matter interfaces...

Do you let me please?

Stott and I got through all right.
All you need is a little determination.

- Affirmative. Determination, Master.
- Good.

Now, when you get through,
I want you to go back the CET machine ***** the TARDIS.

And when I blow this, you switch on, right?

- Affirmative.
- Good.

What about you? You're not going to be down here
when the power unit comes on, are you?

No, no. I shall rig up a little timing device before I go.
Could I borrow your watch, please?

- Surely.
- Good.

It's set to ship's time? Right.

Now, ***** twenty-twenty five ***** power room.
I set my device ***** good time.

What about the Mandrels? You won't have K9 with you.

Then I shall have to use my wits.

Ah, off you go take care.
Look out for excise they like us very much. Off you go?

Twenty ***** one.

I want this ship searched from top to bottom.
If you see the Doctor and his companion, arrest them.

If they resist, kill them!

Now, get look them.


*****, no. We'll just have to see how things develop.
I'll be in touch.

Look out!

Oh, prety time.

You go ***** the Doctor *****.

- What about this man?
- *****. - Right.

No, no.

Vraxoin! Of course. So that's it.

How much longer will we have to stay the ship?

Until the job's finish. How many casualties so far?

Twelve dead, twenty-nine injured.
Enough for a small war.

- You know what this means?
- What?

- On my set promotion!
- Promotion?

A disaster as big as this.

It's be the ones who sorted it out in
the end will have two elements aspects,

the Doctor and the girl.

We'll be the golden boys of the day.

We don't know anything about this.

You found traces of Vraxoin in the Doctor's pocket?
What more you want?

In position. Waiting.

Twenty-twenty one. ***** it.

The Doctor's going the power unit. - Good, good.

We're going to try and separate the ships now.

You've got to give me something... something I need.

I must put full power. Please, ***** Captain.

I *****.

- I must have something.
- You lie.

***** this.

Please, let me set the controls
and I'll help you. Now, let me go.

I don't care about the stupid ship, woman.
I want something to stop me feeling like this,

something to give me that wonderful feeling
of happiness again..

Just let us get the ships in operation again
and we can get you medical help.

*****. I not go it. Let me have some, or I will kill.

I haven't got anything.


Thank you. I think he would have killed me.

It wouldn't have mattered much.
You're going to die anyway.

Traffic in drugs is punish fault by death. *****

Whereas bureaucratic murder is rewarded
by promotion?

I didn't invent the rules,
I just enforce them.

Don't touch those controls.

You don't understand.
The Doctor's in the power unit.

We're going to try to separate the two ships now.
I must ***** drive.

I don't know what you're up to,
but I intend to stop you.

Touch those controls I and I'll shoot!

You're going to kill me anyway.

Don't touch them!